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1. Stop Credit Card Processor Companies From Infringing On Legal Businesses Rights Based On Their Political Beliefs

The Obama Administration teamed with credit card processing company such as Paypal, Square, and to passively restrict the sale of firearms and ammunitions by prohibiting these items for approved vendors to sell. These companies are imposing "Jim Crow Law" tactics that denies the protected rights of legally registered businesses by creating a terms of service that specifically targets these legal businesses due to personal political beliefs.

Gun dealers in the United States that are legally licensed, registered, and follow all legal restrictions and protocols should not be discriminated against as a means to bypass the United States Constitution. This type of targeting would not be accepted if the selective denial of services pertained to other United States Constitutional Amendment guaranteed categories.

The "Jim Crow Laws" argument that denial of services based on personal choice and preference were found to be illegal in the terms of racial issues that are also protected under the United States Constitution and if one constitutional right is to be supported by the protections of this discriminatory practice then all constitutional rights must be upheld equally.

Denial of services to select segments of a demographic is a violation of the individual rights of that person and should not be allowed. If a business owner is operating in a legally registered, federal government certified business then it should not be allowed to be discriminated against by individuals or companies based on personal preference or politically based beliefs lest we rescind all individual rights as null and void.

We hereby ask the Congress of the United States of America to take actions against these businesses that are illegally denying the rights of the legal business owners of the United States to prevent their discriminatory practices as a bypass to the processes of our national government.

2. Please respect vegetarians and vegans

I am completely meat-free and I am very nearly vegan. I love France. However, I have to admit that one of the downsides of France is that, as a country, it does not hold a vegan friendly climate. There is a law now that requires all protein in school meals to be of animal origin. There has also been a crackdown on veganism since a child died due to being given a poor diet by their vegan parents. I would say that the child's death was more likely to have been the fault of the parents not providing the correct nutrition for them, not veganism in general. It is possible, I believe, to have a healthy vegan child. If this were a case of omnivores not providing the correct nutrition for their child and child dying and/or getting ill because of this, would the French Government start cracking down on the omnivore diet/omnivores in general?

3. Protect the Ability of Children to Compete in Spaniel Field Trials

Members of the 2017 Field Trial Committee ("FTC") are determined to adopt rules at the National level for American Kennel Club Spaniel Field Trials that would bar the children of professionals from participating in AKC field sports as amateurs.

No one should be discriminated against by virtue of the circumstances of their birth, or their parents. No one is a better ambassador of the sport than a young person who has grown up learning about and participating in it. It will be the next generation that is charged with growing, expanding and extending the sport of dogs in the field. They should be supported and encouraged, not subject to the insecurities and inadequacies of those who seek their exclusion.

The impetus behind this rule change under the thin ruse of "leveling the playing field" is the threat the success of a 15 year old minor posed by winning an AKC field trial earlier this year. After this child's win, people on the FTC, many of whom were also competing at the field trial where this child won (and they did not), want to prevent this child, who is now 16 and any other like her, from beating them again.

We wrote to the American Kennel Club and they agreed that this child should never have been treated by the hosting club so badly, just because she won. The impact their hostility and intimidation had on the 15 child was unconscionable. How she was treated was after her win, the hosting club banned her from competing two days later by falsely threatening AKC rule violations. The American Kennel Club demanded the club in question apologize to this child and her parents for their unscrupulous conduct and take measures to ensure the conduct is never repeated. Now many of the the same folks are at it again. Yes this is a gifted young child, but the awful experience she endured for being talented must not be visited on any more children, not even her-ever again.

Most children who participate in AKC field trials are the children of professionals or have worked with a professional. The FTC's proposed rule change would bar most all of these children (effectively most children in spaniel field trials) from participating in AKC field trials unless they decided to compete in the Open Stakes.

There are far more obvious ways to "level the playing field," if this actually is a goal. One way would be to prevent adults, who accept compensation for the training and boarding of dogs, from running in Amateurs when they are for all practical purposes, acting like professionals. Another way would be to allow only exclusively amateur trained dogs-dogs that have never been trained by a professional. We invite the FTC to look inwards on this-of course they will not want to because the two changes above would affect them. For the record we are not advocating either of these as rule changes, but they are at least a more honest attack on an arguably manufactured issue.

Children are the future of all AKC events. Everyone who enjoys any AKC event, be it conformation, tracking, agility or hunting, should encourage and foster the participation of children in AKC events, not drive them away if they are perceived as being too big of a threat to the ability of adults two to four times their age. This impetus is a disgrace, and the purpose of this petition is to shed light on it.

All of those who enjoy this sport should be looking for ways to mentor young people into dog sports and to encourage outsiders to participate. Narrowing the field of entrants just to allow a few adults a better chance to win, is a bad policy for the future of the sport, it is very poor sportsmanship, and it goes against the interests of the American Kennel Club.

4. Make tattoo discrimination illegal in UK employment

For the last year I have been employed and directly discriminated against for having tattoo's by a private employer.
My tattoo's are not aggressive , political or unsightly but a reflection of my individual personality.
I work outside in all weathers but was told to cover my arms as my tattoo's were on view which was deemed to be unsightly by my employer.
I do not have any contact with the general public but as my employer is "old school gentry" it was forced upon me to wear long sleeves. My employer even supplied me with a uniform to cover my tattoo's even though it is different to the other employee's which has alienated me within my employment.
Subsequently I have made the decision to leave this employment.
Please help me make tattoo discrimination in the workplace by employers illegal in the UK.

5. Stop "Shop n Saves" Racism

Over the past couple of years I've been observing a few new employees at the Shop n Save on MLK in Des Moines Iowa.
Alden (tall older white guy) and his son a heavy younger mexican with glasses. They mainly work evenings.
Now I've lived in my house for 6yrs which is less then half a block away from this business and I've shopped there daily sometimes 2-3xs a day. Over the past 6mo I've sent several other people to the store for me so I don't have to deal with the stupidity of these two.
I've seen these two accuse assassinate characters and kick black males females and kids out of the store and off the property. But has never displayed any evidence or when they ask when they did it they can't tell the customer. If you stick up for them and ask to speak to the owner and to take your number to give him then you will get told your kicked off the property too.
But will let the neighborhood drunk Mexicans and whites pan handle in their lot daily and pee behind their building return daily. I have been to 6th ave location and left a message and my number for the owner to call over a month time period. So now I'm taking it to the next step kinda crazy the owner would allow this when 75℅ of there customers are African Americans. Try it go there see for yourself how they treat people of many shades of black vs others it will make u sick to your stomach. I've had several people in the neighborhood agree.

6. Accessible Green Roof at Bergeron Centre

This petition is to be given to the Dean of Lassonde at York University, Janusz A. Kozinski, for the purposes of making the existing green roof on the Bergeron Centre accessible to students. As of now, there are 2 existing green roofs on the Keele campus, both for stormwater management. With such wonderful benefits of a green space to students in education and health, there are many rewards we are missing out on. The presence of green spaces while studying increase attentiveness, memory retention and has been proven to help children with ADD. It also helps to ease stress, anxiety, and depression. Keele campus is heavily urban, therefore providing easy ways for students to commute to and from school, however, is proven to increase mental health disorders. With the green roofs we hope to bring to campus it will also incorporate ways in which they can positively affect the urban environment of campus by increasing comfort, convenience and green space which contribute to sustainable growth. Green roofs also allow for environmental benefits as well, including, providing a habitat for migrating species to meet in divided urban spaces, increasing biodiversity, and decreasing air pollution. The implementation of green spaces, in specific green roofs allow for more job opportunities in fields such as manufacturing, design, and maintenance. It also allows a new medium for research projects and studies. Furthermore, this place is a ground of community for the students as well as the surrounding North York area, combatting discrimination and oppression. This space will be a place of relaxation intended to increase productivity and mental health. There are many possibilities such as an event space and a community garden that can benefit both student, faculty and community members alike.

7. Support People With Pets

As people with large dogs, we know how hard it is to find housing that allows pets and doesn't kill you with fees. We feel discriminated against by home owners and apartment owners. They allow children! To us our pets are our children, part of the family. We are just supposed to 'Get rid of them' when hard times come? We think there should be a law against charging people with pets so much and just being able to flat out say no. It is discrimination. Pets are family and have no one besides us.

8. Stop homophobia and discrimination

We are trying to get recognition from the government so they know that homophobia is a REAL issue that people have suffered and are still suffering with.

Therefore we need as many signatures as we can so we can get recognition.

Thank you!

9. Review Veterans Affairs Canada Denying Family Caregiver Relief Benefit to Eligible Veterans and Families

Eligible Veterans and their primary caregivers are being denied benefits by Veterans Affairs Canada. It was 2016 when a Veteran applied for the new Family Caregiver Relief Benefit soon to realize that he and his family would not be eligible for this benefit. They were not even given the opportunity to be considered for this benefit because of conflicting policies between the old and new charters. Not only this family, but several other families are being denied these benefits as well.

Veterans who received a disability pension and received a disability award do not qualify for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit. In this case an individual must apply for the Attendance Allowance. In order to be qualified for the Attendance Allowance a Veteran must have received a disability pension (old charter) of at least 1% or more. The individual must have a physical disability which requires a need for assistance or supervision with bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, feeding and medication administration. To be eligible an individual must require assistance or supervision for a least three of the conditions mentioned above. The Attendance Allowance was created solely for those with physical injuries and does not accommodate individuals with mental or cognitive conditions. So what happens to these Veterans who suffer from a mental or cognitive condition, and do not have a physical impairment. What happens to these Veterans who have a mental/cognitive condition, and a physical impairment, but the physical impairment does not meet the eligibility criteria for the Attendance Allowance. These Veterans will be denied both the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit and the Attendance Allowance. If you look at the Veterans Bill of Rights it states that a Veteran will “Be treated with respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy”. It is clear that these Veterans are not represented fairly, which questions the integrity of the "Bill" and how VAC views it.
The new Family Caregiver Relief Benefit (FCRB) provides eligible Veterans with a tax-free lump sum grant. This benefit ensures Veterans continue to get the support they need when their informal caregivers are temporarily unavailable. It allows an informal caregiver to take time off and recharge or attend to their own health and well-being, while the Veteran's needs are still being provided for in his or her absence. In order to be eligible for the FCRB an individual must have received a disability award (new charter) of at least 1% or more and not have been awarded a disability pension. The FCRB was created to provide necessary care of an individual who is in need of such support due to a physical, mental and/or cognitive condition. The FCRB is very much the same as the Attendance Allowance, however unlike the Attendance Allowance the FCRB also covers individuals who also have a cognitive and mental conditions.

for the protection, confidentiality and privacy of this Veteran we have replaced their name and rank.

In 2004 Corporal Harry had sustained a foot injury in a training accident and was awarded a disability pension under the old charter for 2%.. In 2013 Corporal Harry received a disability award for 55% under the new charter for having PTSD consequential from a special duty area. Although Harry met the eligibility requirements when he applied for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit, he was denied. Veteran Affairs Canada told Harry that he did not qualify for the FCRB because he had received a disability pension in 2004. Veterans Affairs suggested that he may apply for the Attendance Allowance but was advised that this allowance was only intended for individuals with physical impairments not mental or cognitive conditions. Harry decided to apply anyway, he thought maybe they would take special consideration in his case because he didn't qualify for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit. Unfortunately he was wrong and was denied the allowance because his physical injury in 2004 was not significant enough to meet the eligibility criteria for the allowance. Due to Corporal Harrys mental and cognitive condition, him and his family would have been eligible to apply for the Family Caregiver Relief Benefit if Harry not received a disability pension in 2004.

Veterans Affairs Canada certainly draws a fine line between the old charter and new charter when it comes to disability payouts and awards, so why is VAC not drawing the same line between the Attendance Allowance and Family Caregiver Relief Benefit. Hypothetically speaking; if VAC has grandfathered these Veterans under the old charter for collecting Allowances, then why aren't they grandfathered for collecting disability pensions as well; The vary same pensions Veterans are Battling in court today. The policy needs to be changed to accommodate these Veterans and their families. Veterans Affairs Canada should determine which program he/she would benefit from, not deny them for both.

Veterans like Corporal Harry who are involved in this situation are clearly being discriminated by Veterans Affairs Canada. These Veterans are not treated equally, do not have the same opportunities as other Veterans, and stigmatized for their mental and cognitive conditions. Veteran Affairs Canada has also violated the "Veterans Bill of Rights" by treating these Veterans unfairly. It's really an unfortunate situation for these Veterans. They deserve the same opportunity as everyone else.

We have contacted the Veterans Ombudsman’s office about this issue. Unfortunately at this time there is not enough cases to move forward. We have created this petition on behalf of Veterans and their families to raise awareness with the effort to encourage change in this flawed policy. Please help by signing and sharing this petition. Also we invite you to visit our Facebook page and share your thoughts, stories or experiences.

10. Stop "Self Identified Target employee" discrimination

We are seeking Target to give equal treatment to ALL "Identity disorder" sufferers, by either allowing "Self Identified Target employees" to receive the 10% employee discount WITHOUT proof of employment or to start asking "Gender identity disorder" sufferers to show proof for using the bathrooms that does not match their actual gender and identity, as we feel this is only fair and equal. Favoritism to one identity disorder while ignoring the other identity disorders is very wrong and is called discrimination. We are asking everyone to sign this petition to help us fight for equal treatment in this matter.

Currently Target employees receive 20% wellness discount and 10% team member discount, however currently "Self Identified Target employees" do not receive any of these discounts without showing "Proof" of emploement. Yet they allow "Self Identified women" to use the Women's bathroom without question, without "proof". We feel this shows discrimination to customers which "self identify" as a "Target Employees" or could be seen as discrimination towards "Dissociative Identity disorder".

Many target customers suffer from "Dissociative Identity Disorder" which can cause them to "self Identify" as a "Target Employee"...just as "Gender identity disorder" can cause customers to "self identify" as the opposite sex, yet Target clearly shows favoritism toward "Gender identity disorder" while looking down upon OTHER "Identity disorders". Both disorder sufferers can receive "proof" from a local doctor's office yet Target does NOT require this proof for "Gender identity disorder" even though people have had safety concerns over this and there is no one standing at the bathroom asking for proof, yet "Dissociative Identity Disorder" sufferers are met with ridicule and embarrassment while other customers stand behind them watching, all because Target wishes to save 10% rather than give EQUAL treatment toward "Dissociative Identity Disorder" sufferers, 10% of 10 dollars is 1 dollar, 10% of 20 dollars is only 2 dollars yet the Target corp makes around 38 BILLION dollars in sales, many people with "Dissociative Identity Disorder" receive disability income due to the disorder which puts a financial hardship on them.

Dissociative identity disorder. This type of dissociative disorder is formerly known as multiple personality disorder. Individuals with this disorder often feel there are different people living inside their head and may switch into these alternate identities in times of stress. Each identity is different in personal history and characteristics, including physical qualities.

The multiple personalities may be one or many, and are usually severely different from each other. These different personalities usually have different names, gender, mannerisms, personal stories, memories, and even different physical attributes, such as one personality needing eye glasses and another not.

11. Add lack of credit to "no discrimination" rules for landlords

A landlord or property management company should not be allowed to deny renting to you for lack of credit history. So long as they have good rental history it shouldn't be an issue for them to rent a place.

I know several people who are low income and in the lower-side of the middle class that get discriminated against because they don't use credit. As long as they aren't late with rent or have evictions on their records.

Lack of credit shouldn't enter into the picture. Also if the renter has references from previous landlords that should be taken into consideration before lack of credit. Also if a late payment or collection notice on utilities is more than 3 years old it shouldn't be used to not rent to a prospective tenant.

12. Stop Government Assaults on Music

(To keep the petition short and concise we have posted our fully referenced, extended Preamble on our website )

To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

We are a group of Australian Residents, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Family Members, Organisers, Promoters, Business Owners, Musicians, Artists and Young People who are opposed to the alienation and marginalisation of youth in Australia, in the form of Government 'crackdowns' on music events.

The petition of the undersigned shows:

The current attack on Electronic Dance Music events (specifically) has caused community wide witch-hunts to shut down anything and everything that youth find even remotely entertaining or interesting - thus driving them further towards unfulfilling and deeply depressing lives where drugs and/or alcohol fill the void.

Fuelling community vexation, NSW Premier Mike Baird, NSW Police Minister Troy Grant and numerous Police Commanders and Commissioners have all repeatedly impressed on the public that the 'nature of the entertainment [EDM] is intrinsically linked to illicit drug use', commonly labelling EDM events as 'a breeding ground for wild behaviour, sexual assaults, violence and underage drinking' among other derogatory and Ad Hominem attacks.

As any loving family member well knows, consistent negative dialogue can only serve to CAUSE anger, resentment and mental health issues in young adults, as does reducing quality of life and choices of entertainment.

Additionally, Australians are being prevented from privacy and undisturbed use of their own homes and many tax-payers (promoters, organisers and venues) are loosing business and/or going bankrupt due to forced closures for no other reason than hosting dance parties for youth.

Hence, we beg the Honourable President and members of the Senate to recall, throughout history it has been proved time and again that assaults on entertainment and music are ineffective in addressing drug-culture. And to please also consider those who are being adversely affected, some to devastating degrees, by the current assault.

13. Collectif Coalition des Algériens de l'Etranger

Non à la médiocrité politique.
Non à la discrimination institutionnalisée!

Il suffit de lire la Constitution proposée au peuple algérien pour avoir une idée globale sur l'intérêt réel accordé à la Communauté Algérienne établie à l'Etranger et une idée précise sur celles et ceux qui tiennent entre leurs mains le destin de tout un peuple.

14. Ban the Anti-Marriage Equality ad Australia

I have put forward this petition in the hopes that this TV ad will never see the light of a television set again! It needs to be banned. Teaching children of same sex families that they "are not a real family".

In this ad it states that allowing same sex couples to marry will "force a child to miss out on a mother or a father" it also shows the president of the Australian marriage forum saying "that's not equality for the kids who miss out. That's not marriage." In this day and age there is no room for such carelessness.

It is 2015 and we do not live in the dark ages where the LGBTI ( lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) community is shunned. This ad is discriminating, degrading, offensive, damaging, a horrific step backwards and not to mention it's a way of putting fear into the minds of those who already hide their sexuality for these very reasons... This is bullying, abuse of power and a complete waste of money that could have been used in much better ways.

15. STOP giving TGF "Hairstylists" your business

To all clientele of TGF Hairdressing studios,

Please see the attached video portraying a brilliant, beautiful and accomplished woman. She is a professor at Prairie View A&M University and serves along side me on the Board of Directors of the Linda Lorelle Scholarship Fund.

It is heartbreaking to see how an employee of TGF treated her today when she went in for simple services: shampoo, blow-dry and straightening iron.

Please take the time to watch this heinous treatment. It truly is a travesty.

I would ask that you sign the petition and take your business elsewhere.

Respectfully submitted,

~ Cynthia Fodell Mott

16. Canadians against discrimination of men and boys in government funded programs

On October 3, 2014, Kellie Leitch, Status of Women Minister, announced that $1.1 million has been allocated to fund eight programs dealing with cyberviolence against women and girls. Last month, another $25 million was committed over a five-year period to combat violence against Aboriginal women and girls. No funding has been committed to address cyberviolence against men and boys, who are just as susceptible as being victims as women and girls.

A common trend and norm that seems to be thriving is that only women and girls are victims, while men and boys are not. The office of the Honourable Kellie Leitch acknowledged that women can be just as culpable to violence as men. The fact that eight men to two women commit suicide in Canada each day is another ignored issue facing men and boys.

Stop a Bully, a Canadian registered national charity founded by Trevor Knowlton in 2009, has published bullying statistics that show it is not just females who are bullied, but also males, according to a 2011 Ipsos Reid survey of 416 Canadian teenagers:

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms forbids gender discrimination. Is the Government of Canada guilty of violating the Charter by not providing equal funding and protection against cyberviolence to males? Canadians should ask themselves, “Why are men and boys not treated equally to women and girls, where gender equality is the expected norm?”

17. Stop discrimination against Veterans

I am starting this petition to have the law changed so that all veterans get fee waivers, not just veterans out of the military within the last five years (60 months).

18. Florida doctors are legally getting away with murder! Change the wrongful death act 768.16-768.26

The statute gives only doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers virtual immunity for negligently killing some of the most defenseless members of our society!

According to the Florida Wrongful Death Act, Doctors can commit malpractice and not be liable. The State of Florida's Wrongful Death Act states that if you are over 60 and have no dependents under the age of 25 and you are not married, your life is worthless. A doctor could essentially kill you through gross negligence/medical malpractice and you/your family, etc. do not have right to sue for malpractice! The doctor is not held liable for his negligent actions!

This needs to change immediately to protect Florida's Residents! Our seniors are most affected by this statute! We all have mothers, fathers, grandparents, let's prevent them from becoming "guinea pigs" of the medical industry and put value back into their lives! This began when a dear friend's mother died at Morton Plant due to gross negligence and malpractice on behalf of the doctor and surgeon. She went in for a routine/elective heart surgery. She was on blood thinners and a weight loss medication and any surgeon NEVER should have operated on her while on those medications. The hospital and surgeon were aware of the medications! To make matters worse, an expert medical opinion suggests that the surgery was unnecessary anyway and the minor heart murmur would have went away simply by taking her off the weight loss medication. The surgeon was young and inexperienced and should have been given guidance by the hospitals cardiac division. She should be alive today! Help protect the rest of our Florida seniors by changing this statue so doctors will be held accountable for malpractice!

In fact, ANYONE who has no dependents under the age of 25, is under-employed, disabled, or otherwise a defensless memeber of society, and is a victim of medical malpractice or negligence, Florida law deems them worthless and cannot bring a medical malpractice suit!! This is wrong that Florida Law gives doctors, hospitals, health care providers, etc. immunity from being held accountable for their negligent actions!! How can a statute make killing someone through malpractice legal?!

Florida's hospitals are full of unmarried adults with no children under 25, and full of retired people without spouses. Young people are putting off marriage longer than they used to and we have a huge elderly population who have lost a spouse, divorced, or never married. Why does Florida law allow them to be killed by medical negligence without recourse? The answer is simple. It's because the medical, hospital, and insurance industries in Florida are very politically powerful. They lobby and they donate and they are given what they want in the name of "tort reform" and the false battle cry of eliminating frivolous lawsuits. As with most so-called "tort reforms," such legislation is not really aimed at "frivolous" cases but at legitimate cases.

Keep in mind these discriminatory provisions only apply to medical malpractice cases and not other types of negligently caused deaths. For example, if that same 60 year old described above were killed by a negligent driver, her children (even though over 24 years old) would be allowed to bring a claim to recover for their emotional damages. And the parents of that 25 year old unmarried child could recover for their emotional damages if he was run down by a motorist. You might think of it this way: if someone like you were to accidentally cause the death of someone in these socio-economic categories you could be held responsible for these types of damages to the family of the deceased person. The statute elevates only doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers to this exalted status of having virtual immunity for negligently killing some of the most defenseless members of our society, i.e., the elderly, the disabled, and the underemployed!!! Help us change this statute!

We have started a petition and a foundation after Norma Cook, The Norma Cook Foundation for anyone who would like to support this cause. ALL donations will be used to picket, petition, and change this statute to protect Florida Seniors. The Norma Cook Foundation c/o Mike Perez 24701 US HWY 19 N Ste. 102 Clearwater, FL 33763. Please call Mike Perez @ 727-639-1918 if you have any questions.

19. Please don't ban Staffordshire bull terriers

Staffordshire bull terriers are an English breed of dog that has recently gained a really bad reputation. They are popular with irresponsible people who get them just to look tough and are thus used as a status symbol. Thanks to partly to people who get them and don't train and/or socialise them properly, they have gained a reputation for being vicious and aggressive dogs who attack and sometimes kill children.

However, if raised properly, Staffordshire bull terriers (or staffies, as they are often referred to as) can become very loyal and loving dogs. In fact, there has even been at least one report of them saving a child's life. I have also heard about one staffie who helped find a missing dog, and I am a firm believer that, when put into the right hands, even non-hero staffies can become very affectionate, loyal and obedient dogs.

The fact is that ANY breed of dog can be aggressive if not trained or socialised properly, or if tormented. I feel that a law requiring dog keepers to train and socialise their animals properly, as well as a law requiring that children be taught how to behave around dogs, would be much more effective than breed-specific legislation.

20. End workplace bullying

Workplace bullying is dangerous, more needs to be done to prevent it.

The psychological effects of workplace bullying can be devastating.

Are there certain disciplines in employment contracts that constitute bullying? If so, what are the offending disciplines and why or why not should companies implement new anti-bullying policies?

21. Stop WCB corruption

I have uncovered evidence of fraudulent activities committed by the WCB while investigating my claim.

Looking further into this matter I find that there are many claims by people of this happening. Workers are helplessly forced to deal with the WCB with little recourse to their questionable actions and decisions.

We must bring about reform.

22. Stop the Intolerance for Lactose Intolerants!

We the people will not stand for intolerance against lactose intolerants!

Did you know that 30% of Americans are lactose intolerant? Did you also know that the intolerance disproportionately impacts African American, Jewish, Mexican American and Native American people? That's right, a whopping 75% of those mentioned above are lactose intolerant.

FACTS you should know:

23. Home Office Employee Injustice

My husband was an Immigration Officer based in Paris. In 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My husband supported me throughout my treatment. He applied for leave to travel with me to the UK for surgery.

He was told by his line manager that he should take time off to resolve the immediate problems and to keep in touch. My husband intended returning to work, but was instead suspended and accused of going AWOL (for 2 days), and being dishonest over my breast cancer. In fact they said I did NOT have breast cancer.

After months of investigation this was upheld by the investigating officer, and my husband was dismissed. We were evicted from the property provided by the Home Office, just a few short months after the end of my treatment. It was an intensely harrowing time for us all, we all suffered emotionally including our son. We then lost our home in the UK as we could not pay the mortgage.My husband was very ill with depression. We took the matter to tribunal which cost us the last of our money, and apparently the wrong issues were argued.

The Home Office admitted they had been wrong to believe that it was untrue about my breast cancer and accepted that my husband had not been dishonest. The judge's verdict was that the Home Office genuinely had believed that my husband was lieing and upheld the dismissal. Everyone was astounded at the result.

Our barrister said afterwards, well you didn't expect one government department to award 500,000 against another government department did you? This is not justice, this is evidence of a closed shop and the old boy network still going strong, no matter what cost to the individual, we cannot be the only ones being penalised in this way!

24. Justice for Dalit mass killing in Bihar, India

On a chilly December night 16 years ago, 58 villagers of Laxmanpur-Bathe in south Bihar’s Arwal district were murdered in cold blood by Ranvir sena the militia of the upper castes, Brahmins. All the victims of the massacre were Dalits and many among them children, the youngest being a one-year-old, and pregnant women.

The incident shocked the nation. Former Indian President late KR Narayanan called it a ‘national shame’. Now it seems no one killed the villagers. October 2013 the Patna High Court acquitted all the accused for “lack of evidence”.

The 26 accused let off were earlier convicted by a lower court. Sixteen of them were awarded the capital punishment while the rest were given life imprisonment.

25. Release Sheikh Nazif Yunus

An illegal arrest of sheikh Nazifi Yunus is an assault and battery. The state government has intensified its efforts to crush Muslims for a long time.

We must or may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested by any Government.

26. Stop Theresa May from making immigrants homeless

In what has been widely condemned as a desperate attempt by the Conservative's to secure the anti-immigrant vote for the 2015 elections, the recent Theresa May sponsored Immigration bill includes plans to require landlords to check the immigration status of would be tenants, imposing a fine of up to £3,000 on any found letting to illegal immigrants.

Details of the bill can be found here

There are widespread concerns that this will lead to discrimination against non EU immigrants as a whole, as Landlords would prefer to err on the side of caution

BBC's Inside Out programme of Monday 14 October provides evidence that there is current practice of discrimination amongst landlords and letting agents against Afro-Carribean people, confirming fears that this would lead to further discrimination which could effectively prevent black and other minority groups from renting. Please see link to documentary

This law will only serve to foster further discrimination and untold hardship for the individuals and families that will be affected by it, and seems such a hefty price to pay to further a political agenda.

27. Protect 2014 Olympians From Russia's Anti-Gay Law: Urge the International Olympic Committee to Keep Athletes & Participants Safe

Urge the International Olympic Committee to condemn Russia's anti-gay law and take strong and definitive action to protect all 2014 Olympic athletes, participants, and spectators from anti-gay harassment, discrimination, violence, and arrest at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

According to the Olympics’ official website, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the “supreme authority of the Olympic Movement.” When it comes to dealing with Russia’s anti-gay law and the 2014 Russian Olympics, there is nothing supreme or authoritative going on.

Like the Ostrich, the IOC is using a “head in the sand” approach when dealing with Russia’s “gay propaganda” law. Rather than exerting its considerable influence to support gay rights, they’ve made excuses for their lack of involvement, ignored their own Olympic Charter’s discrimination policies, given false statements about its history of prior involvement in political activities, and failed to take proactive action to protect US athletes and participants at the Sochi Olympics.

Rather than making excuses for its inaction, it is time for the IOC to focus on what it CAN do to support and protect the 2014 Winter Olympic athletes and participants. Here are but a few actions the IOC must take:

• Recommend that each country participating in the Olympic Games delegate a high-profile citizen to serve as an LGBT Olympic Ambassador or Diplomat (as New Zealand has done.) Have this person be the top liaison between Olympic athletes/participants/spectators and Russian authorities. Have them be the “go-to” person for any/all Olympic-related anti-gay incidents.

• Recommend that each participating country have a strong security presence in Sochi, to protect and defend its Olympic athletes, spectators, and participants from anti-gay discrimination, violence, and harassment.

• Recommend that each participating country deploy a large, diverse legal team to the Sochi Olympics. Each team will monitor and investigate incidents of anti-gay discrimination, violence, or legal trouble involving Olympic athletes, spectators, and participants. Teams would provide front-line legal representation if needed.

• Demand that Russian authorities submit a written, official interpretation of the “gay propaganda” law as it pertains to the actions and behaviors of all Olympic athletes, participants, and spectators. The document must outline specifics about what it considers "risky behaviors" and "do's and dont's" for Olympic athletes and participants as it pertains to the anti-gay law.

• Require Russian authorities to submit a detailed action plan for keeping Olympic athletes, spectators, and participants safe from harassment, injury, arrest, and deportation as it relates to its anti-gay law.

• Hold Russian authorities accountable if they violate their agreement to protect Olympic athletes, participants, and spectators from anti-gay discrimination, harassment, and violence. Use the power mandated in the Olympic Charter to impose sanctions if any agreements are broken. Publicize the IOC’s own history of political action, like when it sanctioned South Africa for Apartheid and excluded them from Olympic participation for 30 years.

Petition signers: Send a message to the International Olympic Committee urging them to take strong, definitive action by signing the petition below. You can also call, write, or fax the International Olympic Committee using the following contact info.

IOC contact information:

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Current IOC President: Thomas Bach, email:
Past IOC President : Jacques Rogge, email:
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28. Give the pit bulls a chance

To many dog lovers, donating to animal shelter is one of the best things that people can do to help our beloved canines.

Our big donations, as well as the spare change that we donate to some shelters, is being used to give animals food, possibly water, grooming, exercise equipment, toys and treats. It is also being used to pay vets, as well as dog trainers and other workers, and it is being used to pay for other things such as bedding, rescue missions...

And to kill pit bulls as soon as they arrive. Yes. You read that correctly. You may not believe it, but some of the so-called most dog-loving, animal-friendly people in the world are killing pit bulls solely because of their breed.

Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood dogs in the world. Because of their "aggressive", "tough" and strong looks, and their trainability, pit bulls seem to attract the wrong crowd. People who want a big, tough dog to "improve" their own image get these dogs and then either do not train or socialise them properly or intentionally train them to be aggressive in order to make themselves look even tougher.

However, when a pit bull is trained, socialised and, to some extent, bred correctly, they can become very loyal, loving and affectionate dogs. In fact, did you know that pit bulls have worked as therapy dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, assistance dogs and even TV stars before? Petey, from "The Little Rascals", was a pit bull type. Do you really think that the parents of the kids that starred in the TV show would really want their children to be working alongside a dangerous, vicious dog?

In fact, even acts of heroism by pit bulls who have had little or even no special training are not unheard of. Angel the pit bull defended a mother and her child, saving them from a man who threatened them with a weapon. Weela the pit bull saved 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses and a cat from a flood and/or its aftermath. In fact, if you look up about this on the web, you will find dozens of other hero dog stories about pit bulls. I think that, rather than just killing pit bulls as soon as they arrive, you should at least give these dogs a chance first.

Next time a pit bull comes into your shelter, I urge you to actually pluck up the courage to go up and actually meet the dog and take them, on a leash, over to see other dogs before you make quick judgements about them based on their breed/type and urge you to do this. I promise that, unless, of course, the dog in question is obviously aggressive, you will not regret doing this...

29. Stop tattoo discrimination in the workplace!

Help us stop tattoo discrimination in the workplace! Servers should be judged on their service we provide not our body art. It's 2013 why isn't there equality at work?

Why should beautiful ink be covered up just to serve food? It's not right to presume we aren't professional because our skin is inked. Equality!

Art is beautiful, Discrimination is NOT!

30. Give jobs without discrimination to neighborhood residents

Fast food places in our neighborhood of third ward don't give people who live in the neighborhood a chance of employment. These fast food places move into our area, over charge for the food and since we are considered the ghetto they feel or expect us not to be qualified to work there.

Most of these places hire only hispanics and they never give the black people in the community a chance and most of us are qualified to do the job. But I guess there's a barrier that's unfair in this that I feel needs to change.