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Election Day. For many people this was a chance to voice their opinion, be a part of their country, and decide the future of their country. But for many, election day was a day their voices were not heard, their opinions were not counted, their votes were thrown away. As most of you are aware, there were several thousand votes in dispute, many because people did not understand the voting card. Racial discrimination might be a factor, and also Jeb Bush, George W. Bush's brother, and governor of Florida, might also have had an impact of how the votes were counted. In any event, by signing this petition, you are stating that you are dissatisfied with the election turnout, and you beleive that George W. Bush is the illegitimate winner of the presedential election. Even if we cannot undo the damage already done to our country, we can let the government know how unhappy we are. By taking a more organized approach to this matter, they will listen far better than yelling and screaming with picket signs and strikes.

We the undersigned all agree that George W. Bush is the illegitimate winner of the 2000 Presidential Election and took unlawful or underhanded means of winning the election. We agree a petition is better at getting our voices heard than striking and using picket signs, and would like our voices heard loud and clear, like they should have been heard on election day.

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