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The United States of America was created upon the basis of a eurocentric philosophy dripping with white supremist ideals. From the very beginning, America has been the number one terrorist in the world. It has institutionalized racism as well as supported and encouraged mass genocide of entire nations of peoples.

Contrary to popular belief, the first holocaust did not take place in Germany; rather, the first holocaust took place right here in the contegious United States. Hitler can be quoted as writing that his nazi regime had much to gain from studying how the Americans exterminated whole nations of native american peoples. The nazi concentration camps were based off of American indian reservations and the extermination and mass slaughter of over 100,000,000 native individuals. Our government signed treaties with these nations of peoples and continually turned around and broke nearly every single one of them. Native children were kidnapped and sent to boarding schools where they were forced to live their lives according to the strict Protestant ethic, taught to march and punished if they uttered a word of their native language. The popular justification at that time for the destruction of these children's ties to their native culture/way of life was "kill the savage to save the man." History books teach Americans to think of Indians/Native Americans as savages, when in reality, the Americans were the savages. Scalping is commonly associated as one of the savage behaviors native american's displayed. This is inherently false. Scalping came about when the federal and state governments offered a reward for native american scalps. Americans were the scalpers, not the native americans. In some instances people would get money for a native's head, then turn around and scalp the same head to receive even more money. Only long after Americans had instituted scalping as an acceptable, profitable practice did certain tribes begin to do the same to other tribes they were in conflict with--which, by the way, the government pitted against one another in order to ensure it would continue to have the upper hand in exploiting the natives and stealing their land.

People who live in the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Utah and parts of Colorado do not actually live in the United States; this land is in reality Mexican territory which the United States acquired without Mexico's consent after invading Mexico, leading to the war of 1812. Hence, many educated individuals refer to these areas as occupied Mexico, as they are truthfully not part of the United States. Therefore, "illegal immigrants" from Mexico who live in these areas are not illegals at all; rather, AMericans living in these areas are the illegals.

These are just a few of the endless facts regarding our country's history, and we need to stop teaching children false information in our schools. Publishers of history textbooks should be legally forced to provide the truth about our country's long history of savage, brutal, dishonest and racist behavior. In light of current global events, knowledge of the truth abut our country will help us all better understand why the rest of the world does not like or is fearful of our country. Sugar coating the harsh reality of American imperialism in history textbooks perpetuates the continued discrimination and marginalization of only breeds racism, ignorance and stupidity.

History textbooks should educate American school children of the atrocities our country is responsible for regarding imperialism and the discrimination, dehumanization, expolitation and etermination of entire nations of peoples not of European decent. Only then will we all be able to grasp why America is either feared or held in contempt by the rest of the world. This is not the land of the free , and there is no such thing as liberty and justice for all, nor has there ever been. Stop the lies and false facts our children learn every day. Stand up for the truth about our heritage--anything less is morally unacceptable.

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