Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia

Currently under Anti-Discrimination Law it is virtually impossible to even criticise Islam or Muslims. Muslims in Australia, including fire-brand clerics abuse the tolerance and protection given under Australian law by calling for the very destruction of the democratic institutions that allowed them into the country in the first place. Under the guise of religious tolerance, mosques are being used to train, brainwash and incite hatred against any non-Muslim.

We are at war against terrorism. Yet even "moderate" muslims become strangely silent when innoccent civilians are killed in atrocities committed by Muslims in the name of Islam. Where are Muslim Australians when Sept 11, Bali and Madrid and many other atrocities happened? If they sympathise with the enemy then they ARE the enemy. Mosques should not necessarily be treated as places of worship but as terrorist training camps.

To ask the Federal Government to destroy all terrorist training facilities within Australian territory.

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