#Human Rights
President George W. Bush
United States of America

What began as a drive to hold Big Tobacco accountable for its perceived "sins" has become a war on one in four American citizens who choose to smoke. With vilification, ostracization, demonization and oppressive taxes, we have been selected for discrimination based on lies and shoddy science. It must stop.

We, the fifty million smokers in the United States, believe we deserve equal protection under the law. In the current climate of fanatic extremism, we have neither. We are burdened with punitive taxes and discriminated against in employment, medical care, property use, and our homes and families, with the blessing of our government. We reject the label of "addict," which validates the desire to vilify, ostracize and demonize us by those who think it's their right to dictate how others live. We are not weak, selfish, ignorant or stupid; we are not murderers or child abusers; we are one in four of your friends, neighbors, and family. We deserve the same respect and dignity afforded every other American. The War on Smokers must be stopped now by defunding the hate-filled anti-smoking movement that is built on lies and arrogance. We demand a return to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution with inclusion of ALL Americans, including smokers, in our anti-discrimination statutes.

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