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1. Banish alcohol time restriction

Guaranteed reduction of crime and homelessness if granted.

2. Bolton's Tobacco alcohol license

This is to allow us to sale beer and wine.

3. Bring Tubi 60 to BevMo in California!

Tubi 60, Israel's national spirit brand is now in California! Tubi fans in California are looking for Tubi on BevMo shelves! Help us ensure that Tubi is available throughout the state of California on BevMo shelves so we can enjoy Israel's favorite spirit anytime we want!

4. Re-vitalize and Re-Construct the Nightlife of Buffalo, NY (716)

Buffalo NY, has long lived up to its legacy as a bleeding rustbelt city, pause, that was the case...however it is becoming increasingly noted for being a major attraction for "millennials" that being said, the environment in Buffalo has a long way to go before it maximizes the conducive properties it has that makes it a "millennial" magnet. This means the needs AND desires of this generation need to be taken into account and guess what...we like to get schwifty! This means there will be an active nightlife around the city. If this is true it is imperative we make sure that the scene promoted by the businesses that compose the profit of that nightlife is not only positive and healthy but doesn't negatively influence the culture in the city...sadly this is not the case in fact I turned twenty-one only thirty days ago and have already witnessed and been exposed to some off the after hour atrocities these "bars" commit...for instance, "hey are you guys (or gals) into not treating women with respect or even levregeing her certain "liberties" because they have a pretty face and one more pair of lips than us men...also are you into being a sexist piece of shit that sorts and organizes the dichotomy of gender and the respect one receives from the gender they come off as, not even what they identify with. People like this make me fucking sick man they're usually for the most part bald huge piles of shit that can't stand up off the stool they sit on while they are bouncing at frizzy's (140 Allen St. Buffalo, NY). I ran into a dirty lump of shit like this one outside of this said establishment after trying to go out drinking with my girlfriend and her two gal pals. When we got there he let my girlfriend and her other white friend walk in after giving the ol "one two up and down these girls like they could bring a crowd round" then when my black roommate tried to walk in he put his arm in front of her blocking the door and made her show ID...when it was my "turn" to go into the establishment I brought out my papers aka my birth certificate, this might sound corny (it is) but regardless it is a federally recognized document for obtaining federal benefits (like the benefit of enjoying the business of vendors that pay federal taxes), or joining the military, and even applying for a passport so I guess I can use this piece of paper for serving my country and going half way across the globe but I can't get into a bar with it after the bouncer just let in my 24 year old girl friend who looks like a dumb little 12 year old ...that's not ish though the ish is how many women has this guy pick and choose to let in with out id because of a pretty face when in fact it didn't matter if she had ID with her face or not in fact when a girl hands him a ID he prolly puts his thumb over the picture and glances are the "stats" and if he sees what he likes checks out the age and then memorizes the address, fucking pervert...I read all these articles about Buffalo being a millennial magnet however we can't maintain a positive club/bar/night environment...this isn't the first experience if had with poor security management at bars n shit the boys at thirsty buffalo told me to get out of the way because I was making a scene after I was directing traffic in front their bar in my socks after I ran out of my shoes after hearing a drunk driving accident...changing the last call time ain't gonna do a damn thing man you gotta promote a health party culture that is not choosing who comes in and out by a sexist mysogisnistic dirt bags." that is the raw unedited review I left at the bar known as Frizzy's (140 Allen St)...this is the kind of behavior that businesses are accepting. PLEASE HELP MY GOAL IS TO IMPEDE THE CASH FLOW OF THESE VENUES UNTIL THEY COLLAPSE IF YOU KNOW ANY OTHER PLACES THAT FAIL TO TREAT HUMANS CORRECTLY I WILL ATTACK THEIR CASH FLOW TO0 HELP START A GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT START A DISCUSSION ABOUT PARTY POLITICS

5. Support Craft Beers and Specialty Wines/Spirits in Twin City Plaza

Woody's Liquors in Somerville is looking to move to Twin City Plaza as Liquor Junction, where a new store with an expanded selection would offer craft beers, specialty wines/spirits, and other quality selections to the area. This move will add new jobs and improvements to the location.


Weernjjj niiuu

7. Please Brew an Imperial Millionaire (and Barrel Age it)

Wild Beer have many devoted fans of Millionaire, the 4.7% Chocolate & Salted Caramel Milk Stout, but we believe that this beer can be taken to the next level.

We would love to see an Imperial version released, ideally with a subsequent barrel aged variant - perhaps Oloroso or Marc de Borgogne?

The UK Craft Beer Forum bring you this petition on behalf of craft drinkers everywhere!

8. Close down Betting Shops Opened near Schools or Children's Playing Areas

I started this petition to raise the attention from government and law makers. In the recent years our High Streets have become overflowing with the number of betting shops.

Not only that they have the permission to also be opened near pubs, children's playground, schools and other public places. Ladbrokes is one of the leading betting shops in the UK with at least one shop opened on every High Street in the UK.

Why is it that the government gives itself a permission to open a betting shop near a children's playground or a s school? It should clearly raise number of concerns here. I live in East London, Newham, Little Ilford. With no underground station, neither any High Street near by, but the area has a Ladbrokes opened right opposite the pub, right behind the betting shop a playground and a groceries shop and post office next door to it. This is absolutely immoral to me.

I am concerned with the number of drug and alcohol addicts hanging around outside the shop daily. With the youth around them. Awful.

Please sign this petition so we can fight the rights that our kids deserve. Let's fight for a better and safer neighbourhood together.

9. Legalize Sunday Alcohol Sales in White County, GA

Businesses in the unincorporated areas of White County deserve the right to compete on an even playing field with neighboring businesses in Helen and Cleveland and counties that have already repealed their outdated blue laws.

Consumers across White County deserve the right to shop when it’s convenient for them – and for many people that’s on a Sunday! Repealing this outdated law won’t force anyone to make a purchase, or any store to be open. It just allows for the possibility. It allows for CHOICE!

Sunday retail alcohol sales in stores were prohibited by the Georgia General Assembly up until 2011. On April 28, 2011, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed legislation allowing local communities to vote on whether to allow alcohol sales on Sundays. Sales are still restricted on Sundays before 12:30 p.m.

Help bring White County out of the dark ages. Legalize the sale of alcohol on Sunday.

10. Say no to Aldi Byron Bay Liquor License

Do you care about the direction that our beautiful town of Byron Bay is heading?

We as a community can steer our own boat and have a say in its direction.

Does Byron Bay need a cut price alcohol seller?

Our community has already fought off Dan Murphy's. We have the right to object and say no.

If Aldi is having a petition to say yes then our community can have a petition saying NO!

11. Petition to End Cardston Liquor Sales Prohibition

This petition is requesting the support of all individuals in the Town of Cardston, and the Cardston County Area, to sign this petition ending the prohibition of liquor sales in the Town of Cardston and surrounding area.

Our intention is not to start any fights, or show any disrespect for anyone's political aspirations, or religious beliefs, but to simply ask the people of Cardston to listen to this "voice of reason", and support the currently inhibited growth of Cardston's economic infrastructure.

Currently there is a (relatively) large population of residents in Cardston, and surrounding areas that are forced to travel out of town to purchase alcohol, and these trips to other towns are driving money right out of the hands of business owners, in Cardston and surrounding area.

It is everyone's individual right to decide if they want to drink alcohol, (or not), and we would like to ask that the residents of Cardston respect the rights of their fellow neighbors, and support them in being able to exercise their own rights and choices, freely, (and without judgement or prejudice).

To make things clear to those of you who do not support alcohol sales in Cardston: By refusing to sign, and support this petition, you are not preventing the consumption of alcohol in Cardston, you are only forcing people (who choose to consume alcohol), to drive up to 45 minutes from town, and spend their money in support of someone else's towns, and businesses.



Everyone is entitled to a choice, and even entitled to their own opinion, however, making a decision to force your neighbors to follow your beliefs, and/or your opinions is offensive, unfair and unjust, and we are hoping that we can reach out to the Cardston Community and get them to pull together, and petition the local government to change their outdated laws to include business operations that allow the sale of liquor.

This eliminated prohibition would make it possible for investors to start any of the following alcohol sales based businesses in Cardston, Alberta: Retail liquor stores, lounges, bars, licensed restaurants, and door-to-door retail liquor delivery service.

12. Save the Boozebulance and the Drink Doctor

We are a small compliant running for 10 years and a single complain in 10 years is going to close us. When other companies are flouting the law and selling illegal substances.

Booze Manchester, Dial a drink, booze doctor (name stolen from us) are all owned by Adam Thompson who is in prison for attempted murder, this is a massive breach of his personal licence, however the company still trades.

I have a little marketing that was both funny and loosely based on the old english term 'what's your medicine' adapted by Damian Hurst in the famous Pharmacy bar and the ASA want us to change everything.

Dr Pepper, Rug Doctor, Food Doctor and Drain Doctor are established companies which are for some reason exempt from this clause.

We never state, suggest or promote the fact of alcohol having ANY therapeutic qualities and unlike the 'Guinness is good for you' campaign of the past we state its not good for you and 'in moderation', not serving MANY we believe have a problem with alcohol or are clearly too drunk when we go to deliver.

13. Mandatory Drug Testing for those receiving State Financial Aid

I think we have more then enough evidence to prove many people receiving state help are using the funds for drugs and other illegal items.

We don't need evidence to prove this.

14. No to Alcohol and Drug Rehab House in Emerald Hills Neighborhood

The Alcohol and Drug rehab house in our neighborhood is very disruptive with the numerous cars and very concerning with the number of people under the influence who come and go through out the day.

We have had the police and the ambulance out to the neighborhood numerous times due to the Rehab House.

As citizens and taxpayers of Redwood City, we are opposed to having any alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers in our neighborhood.

15. Stop Crime in Geraldton NOW

We, the citizens of Geraldton, W.A., are afraid for our families, our homes, and our businesses. While we have contacted our state and local government on many occasions, we feel we are being ignored.

Our local politicians seem to pass the blame, yet one thing continues to grow... crime.

Crime in Geraldton has been rampant and increasing steadily. Drugs are out of control, children are being trained by adults to commit crimes, vandalism of schools is happening on weekends only to be found by staff on Monday mornings.

Car thefts, arson, breaking and entering, shoplifting, public displays of indecency, public drunkenness, bullying, and truancy by children who are "working" at night to aid parents with their next "fix" are all centre to the problems here.

We need help now to regain control of our city and eliminate drug trafficking via our port city.

16. NO Alcohol for our Kids

The goal of the Youth Alcohol Use Awareness Campaign, which focuses on our youth and their health, is 3-fold.

1. To create awareness amongst the youth on the risks and dangers of alcohol use at an early age and substance abuse in general and creating awareness amongst parents on the moral responsibility that they have when it comes to their children using alcohol and other substances;

2. To create awareness amongst the general public, and parents specifically, of the fact that many youngsters on our St. Maarten drink and/or smoke at a very early age, and/or use or experiment with drugs.

3. Our campaign aims at adjustment of the law by raising the legal drinking age from 16 to 21, creating repercussions for businesses that sell to minors and

In the past the St. Maarten Lions Club ran a successful drug-awareness campaign with its signature slogan: ‘Say NO to drugs’ and ‘Drug-free Body’ Now the focus is not on drugs, but Alcohol abuse and on the Youth specifically.

Too many of our children are dropping out of school or failing their classes due to reasons usually related to substance use and abuse. Alcohol use in the Caribbean is an overall growing problem however, it is up to us, the adults of our community to protect our children and provide them with every opportunity, including knowledge, to be able to develop into healthy adults with a fair chance of success in life.

As it is, the St. Maarten Lions club currently sees that a large group of our youth is not (sufficiently) being offered this chance because the community in general is not totally aware of what goes on with them, because the youth itself is insufficiently aware of the dangers of substance use, and because the law in place does not offer the right protection by allowing them to drink alcohol at 16.

It is for these reasons that the St. Maarten Lions club has decided to start their focus on the youth and their substance use and abuse in this 2014-2015Lionistic year.

The entire community of St. Maarten, the youth, the adults, the schools, the SMMC (where the youth come in regularly due to alcohol poisoning), the KPSM (local police force), government’s Collective prevention service/youth health care, social services and the court of guardianship.

17. No Micro-brewery/distillery by our elementary school!

The Town of Apex has re-zoned lands adjacent to Olive Chapel Elementary School (Kindergarten through 5th grades) to business sites. Now they want to broaden the zoning to include micro-brewery/distillery in land adjacent to the Hwy 540 bridge/the school zone where children walk to and from school, buses enter the school, and students who are entering and leaving east side classes can easily view the business area.

The influence of an alcohol outlet is not welcome in this previously (until 2014 business re-zoning) 100% residential and parkland neighborhood. Alcohol outlets increase the incidence of drunk driving, violence and assaults, illegal drug use, disturbing the peace, public urination and nuisance, and expose children to advertising or promotions that increase their risk of teenage alcohol use. The school is also used in afternoons and evenings for chess and running clubs, YMCA, movie nights, choral nights, etc.

This elementary is the largest of 7 public elementary schools in Apex NC with 1031 students in 2014 so far. We are the 'walking school' and the sidewalks along Olive Chapel Road were built by a grant our gym teacher obtained to encourage walking and biking to school. We won an AHA STAR fitness award for 2014. The children will not be able to avoid exposure to this business, it's signs and clientele.

18. No to forced blood checks

Police in Eugene plan to do a no option blood check setup on the 4th of July this year. I see this as unconstitutional.

No one should be allowed to hold down a human and take there blood without permission from that individual.

19. Prevent tragedies resulting from driving after drinking alcohol in public places

According to Traffic Safety Facts in 2007 an estimated 12 998 people were killed in alcohol impaired driving crashes.

Top percentage is related to bars, pool halls, and restaurants over night hours.

20. Lowet taxes on alcohol and tobacco in Singapore

The increase in taxes for alcohol and tobacco in Singapore has gone too far.

We want the government to decrease the taxes and also know that they have no rights to stop people from drinking and smoking which are human rights.

21. Punish Thugs Not Pubs

Barry O'Farrell has announced his intention to change State Law so that Sydney City venues will be forced to close at 3am, and have a 1:30am area wide lockout.

This is a law that punishes the good behaviour of the majority for the poor behaviour of a few.

22. Demand Sunday Sales In Newton, Kansas

Newtonians have to drive outside of Harvey County to make their purchases taking tax money out of the local economy.

The potential tax revenue (~$700,000 over 10 years) could pay for things like sewer treatment plant upgrades or schools to offset the cost to the consumers.


Keep our streets safe.

Laws and consequences should be designed to deter unprovoked violence and hand out harsh penalties to the instigators.

24. Key's Monday Night Bartending

Key's Monday Night Bartending.

Woman bartenders are better for the male patrons.

25. Bring back the 6pk Jim Beam

I, like many others love to have a refreshing Jim Beam/Zero can with friends and family (quite often) ;) so I was REALLY annoyed when I went to grab my usual 6pk of Jim Beam Zero, and what do you know, they had shrunk to a 4pk!

NOT HAPPY JIM!! So we are now paying more per drink!

We want the 6pk back.

26. Increase the legal drinking age to 21!

For my social psychology assignment we've been told to start a petition to raise the legal drinking age to 21!

27. STOP 1000's Job Losses caused by Potential Late Night Alcohol ban by Northampton Council

1000s of People will Lose there jobs in bars pubs, nightclubs, emergency services and the police force plus it will have a knock on affect on the towns economy if Northampton Council Restriction on banning the sale of alcohol in the early hours of the morning is introduced.

All the People on this Committee are Not Under 30.
Therefore Are Not In-touch with the views of Young Clubbers and Social Drinks.

!!!Save Jobs and Help the Economy!!!!

28. Copeland Aftercare - Help us to remain operational and sustain the benefits to our local community

Copeland Aftercare is a unique organisation that specialises in supporting people with addictions in Alcohol & Drugs to enter into Recovery/Aftercare.

We are a group of ex- substance users who completed mainstream services and identified how easy it is to relapse back into addiction at the most critical time in our lives; we were 100% determined not to let our brains re-program our minds and choose addiction so we supported each other in finding a long-term solution, one that we designed through consultation of service users, one that works.

We have a fine group of Directors made up of professional people and the ex-services users who founded Copeland Aftercare, and are passionate about helping people recover from drug and alcohol dependency. We know from experience that with the right support, people can change. Everyone is different: some people will make a full recovery; some will get there in the end after several relapses to lead healthier and happier lives.

We work closely with partners in the statutory, voluntary and private sectors to give people the support they need to recover. Service users often need to use a range of services from health and housing to benefits and employment agencies. By working together, we can overcome the hurdles and offer joined-up solutions. We work closely with the NHS, police, job centre plus, and the Workers’ Educational Association to ensure that new and existing members get the care and support they need to reintegrate back into society.

We provide living proof that addiction can be beaten while offering an alternative to the revolving door of statuary services and addiction? We have a weekly menu offering members safe relationships and a range of social, diversionary, training and development activities, pre & post weekend support sessions. We offer peer support, one to ones and group life skills sessions for our members to help and encourage them to relearn their life skills that addiction cruelly took away from them.

Support Steps:
• Examination of substance use and its consequences
• Re-examination of lifestyle
• Maintain positive developments that members have made in their structured treatment
• Promotion self worth and resumption of responsibility
• Identification of strengths and weaknesses and practice of coping strategies
• Setting of realistic and obtainable personal goals and strategies to achieve them
• To have structure through a programme of activities and training to promote constructive use of time
• To improve interaction skills and make relationships in preparation for a return to society and work
• Programme of support for members as they move to a future in society and employment.


Due to Local government funding issues, the CYRENIANS has lost their bid for funding.

This petition is to try to keep this agency open.

30. Increase the Age Limit to 21 for Legal Buying and Drinking of Alcohol

There have been many accidents in Australia due to young adults consuming too much alcohol, whether it be in a car crash, a street fight or other issues such as brain damage or death.

Pushing the age of legal drinking up to 21 years of age would benefit the whole of Australia and save many lives.