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Blue laws, such as the one in Georgia restricting the sale of Alcohol on Sundays, are being repealed around the nation. You may have different reasons for signing this petition, but the important thing is the voice of those governed by outdated laws. Whether you have an inability to plan ahead or believe in the separation of church and state, this law, as it is currently written, does not suit your needs.

It is time to stop allowing special interest to govern your lives. Sign the petition and be a voice for change in Georgia.

We the constituents of the great state of Georgia, USA ask that our representatives repeal the outdated blue law that restricts the sale of alcohol in our state on Sundays to restaurants. This law is unconstitutional in regards to separation of church and state and only benefits special interest. We believe that grocery stores and liquor stores should also be able to sell alcohol on Sunday to the citizens of Georgia. It is our state representative's responsibility to hear our voice and act accordingly.

To sign this petition you must be a resident of the state of Georgia, USA.

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