Pennsylvania fish and boat commision
United States of America

In pennsylvania, and probably many other states, we have a very fun hobby. We go on canoe trips. The rivers we usually float on are very slow rivers(about 3mph) such as the Allegheny river, Juniata river and many other slow rivers. The law says that a canoe is a "boat" just like any other boat that has a motor. They say that they can arrest a person for D.U.I. and take away his drivers license if he is found to be over .10% blood alcohol level in a non powered canoe.
This has been a hobby of mine for many years... It is very fun to float a slow river and drink some beer and camp at night. You can not hurt anyone in a non powered canoe and i believe that it should not be treated the same as a boat with a motor.

We ask that a non powered canoe not be governed the same as a powered boat in relation to the consumption of alcohol on that vessel.

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