#Human Rights
European Commission, HM customs Commissioners and Tony Blair MP
United Kingdom

The stopping of people bringing goods such as tobacco and alcohol into UK from another member state of the European Union is contrary to European law but the government are refusing to comply. As a result thousands of people are having goods and vehicles unlawfully ceased at ports and airports throughout UK every year, and if any of them try to appeal against the decision customs and excise, as an act of revenge are prosecuting them even though they have broken no laws. The result of this is that many people end up paying heavy fines or even end up in prison.

We, the undersigned, call on the European Commission to take steps to ensure that the illegal activities of British customs officers in placing unlawful obstructions and restrictions on people who choose to buy goods, I.E. tobacco products and alcohol are discontinued as soon as possible.

We are aware that the Commission are already looking into this matter and have contacted HM government on many occasions but HM government appear to have little or no regard for EU law and have recently stepped up their activities rather than ceased them.

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