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The reason why i made this petition is because the current laws are not working, kids still find ways to get alcohol.They have people who are older than them buy it or they have fake ids.What has this law done? Nothing,They say when you turn 18 you become a legal adult but you cant make your own decision wether to drink or not but its ok to become a bartender right at 18 , 19 or 20, but yet you cant drink any, Its okay to join the army and die for you country at 18, 19, 20 but yet they wont allow you to have alcohol.You can get married but yet you cant celebrate with a glass of champagne at your wedding because you know why You havnt reached that magic # 21!!!.You know what thats absurd,And then they tell us oh you cant handle any right you havnt matured enough ,O ya but by law im already an adult, i can get tried as an "adult" ,VOTE, BUY TOBACCO,PLAY THE LOTTERY , WASTE MY MONEY ON GAMBLING SO THE STATE CAN MAKE A PROFIT OFF ME BUT YET IM NOT OLD ENOUGH TO HANDLE ALCOHOL.Thats stupid i think we should make are own decisions and be responsible for are own actions i think they should change the law.
Because if they lowered the law it would take the fun out of doing something illegal.
Do you get what im saying yet?Because if its illegal kids are gonna say ya i wanna do it because i cant buy it, im only 18 , 19 or 20 but yet i cant do it even though im an adult right?.That will make them do it even more. The law isnt working as you think it is , if they lower it to atleast 19 years old i think it would teach us how to drink responsible as young adults.Look at europe they may be a different country but yet not much countrys have a strict law on age .Here its 21,there its under 16 , 18 and 20.And some countrys dont require an age.Who knows if this will work but it doesnt hurt to try.They lowered the law but it failed ,but put it this way they made that decision to drink and drive no one ever said to do it, it was there decision alcohol does affect people and i aint gonna argue about that , it does have different affects on people and sometimes people make the wrong choices when they abuse alcohol but you cant discriminate on age because of that.If you agree with me then sign it if not then thats your opinion.


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