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The first place to start regarding increased knowledge and education of drinking and driving as a problem with significant consequences rests before the college years. Middle school and high school administrations only minimally touch the surface in educating young children. For example, Students against Drunk Driving (SADD) is an organization in which students join and sign a written contract stating that no matter the circumstance, he/she will phone home for a ride rather than drive, if intoxicated. It has been argued by parents and educators that such types of organizations essentially promote underage drinking. However, the fact of the matter is that the contemporary mentality among many school age children is that drinking is cool and getting behind the wheel after having a drink can inevitably be observed across the country. Thus, organizations such as SADD serve as accident prevention rather than drinking promotion.

A severe limitation of such programs is that they are optional. SADD is an extra-curricular club that students may opt to join. Having compulsory meeting times in which social issues such as drinking and driving are addressed can help increase awareness among school age children and better prepare them for responsible decision making in college. Additionally, a student petition by students at the University of Texas-Austin would aid in alerting school officials of the need for greater education in middle and high school age children, in preparation for college and its increased liberties.

We, the students of the University of Texas at Austin and concerned citizens everywhere, are petitioning for increased alcohol awareness education in schools and mandatory alcohol awareness education in secondary schools in hopes of better preparing students to make responsible decisions when alcohol is involved; possibly saving their lives and the lives of others.

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