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Why don't we have the right to do as we please within our own homes? Why are substances scheduled as illegal? If someone wants to use one of these substances why can't they? The only person they are hurting are themselves. All of the less dangerous 'drugs' are illegal, yet alcohol and tobacco are sold every day and are far more dangerous and have a higher addiction rate than most illegal drugs. The government wants to make money by selling addicting products and these non addicting products would just ruin their business.

People should be allowed to do what ever they please within their own homes, except for murder and such of course. If these substances were legal, not only would crime go down because people arent getting in trouble for what they are going to do anyway, but then a whole new feild of business would open. The only reason "drugs are bad" is because thats what the government teaches you to believe. alcohol and cigarettes are just as much drugs as acid and extacy, so why are some legal and some not?

We, the undersigned, say, Abolish Substance Scheduling!!

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