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1. End heavy bookbags in our schools

Primary school students are generally required to carry all of their books to school every day. The short term effects of which are shoulder, head, neck and backaches, and general discomfort which can snowball into irreversible spine and nerve damage, not to mention resultantly high medical bills and insurmountable emotional costs.
Medical experts agree that our children's  still developing spines can only safely endure 10-15% of their body weight and personal  research has revealed  that what our children carry by far exceeds that figure.
We must end this NOW.

Please refer to the links below :

2. FEAR OF A BLACK FEMINIST NATION...Call for transformative change in Black organizing and intellectual communities

Since 2012, we have been working to make our homes and communities in Montreal safer, more accountable, and more love-filled for Black women and our children. Being consistently asked to witness and share platforms and stages with known Black men who rape and harm our sisters, has compelled us to issue this statement. Sadly, even in Black activist and intellectual communities, sexual assault remains the issue that folks are unwilling to challenge.

We ask Black folks and people of African descent who are committed to creating and affirming values and practices within their organizations and learning spaces that resist abuse and oppression, and encourage safety, support and accountability to sign the statement bellow.

We are committed to the ongoing development of all members of our communities, and our varied organizing communities, to transform the conditions that reinforce oppression and violence within these spaces. Please contact us if you want us to assist you in thinking through this statement, and putting together an action plan.

With Love,
Third Eye Collective

3. Domestication of Freedom of Information Act in Oyo-state

Freedom of information, specifically access to information held by public authorities is a fundamental element of the right to freedom of expression and vital to the proper functioning of a democracy. It is an act that makes provision for the disclosure of information held by public authorities or by persons providing services for them (Robert, 2000). This means that the act enables one sees a wide range of public information because it gives the right to ask any public body for all the information they have on any subject. According to the Media Rights Agenda (2011)

This Act makes public records and information more freely available, provide for public access to public records and information, protect public records and information to the extent consistent with the public interest and the protection of personal privacy, protect serving public officers from adverse consequences for disclosing certain kinds of official information without authorization and establish procedures for the achievement of those purposes and; for related matters.

In a democratic world, the public is expected to have access to information (particularly through the media) not only on how they are governed but also on anything that is of interest to the individual or group. This is what the Act is all about. Until recently, the right to Freedom of Information in Nigeria has been overlooked.

The breakdown in the flow of information impairs the democratic process and slows economic and social development as citizens are unable to participate effectively in the process of government, make informed choices about who should govern them and to properly scrutinize officials to ensure corruption is avoided. Government officials themselves also fail to benefit from public input which could ease their decision making or improve their decision. Also, without accurate information on matters of public interest, citizens must rely on rumors and unconfirmed reports with the obvious danger this presents for accurate and objective reporting by the media.

Excerpt from Ayodele Afolayan

4. RSU Refunds and Responsibility

As Ryerson students, we deserve elected representatives in our Ryerson Student Union who have integrity and exemplify the best in us. We don't have that right now.

The 6Fest concert went significantly over budget, was not transparently managed, and left hundreds of students requesting a refund. Many students are still waiting for their money back even today. And now it's been revealed that Harman Singh, VP Student Life & Events, snuck $80,000 of this money owed to students into personal bank accounts - including of RSU employees who were his friends.

This is beyond shady and is absolutely unacceptable, and as a student body we can't let this go unaddressed!

If you or anyone you know is still owed a refund for 6Fest, was angry about how 6Fest played out, or is just outraged at the way this years' RSU have treated student money, please take action here and then share this around!

[ for those who haven't read it already, here is the article from our campus paper that broke the story -> ]

Also, unbelievably, Harman Singh - as well as Ali Yusaf, one of his friends who received money supposed to be refunded to students - are currently campaigning with the "Spark" team to run the RSU next term. Let's stop this kind of sketchy abuse of position and hold our elected representatives to a higher standard! Please consider voting for candidates with greater integrity and respect for students than these two have demonstrated.





6. Make All Votes in the Georgia State Senate Recorded Votes

Not all votes in the Georgia State Senate are recorded.

Current rules in the Georgia State Senate allow for recorded votes on floor amendments only under these specific circumstances: A Senator requests a recorded vote and five additional Senators raise their hands in agreement.

These rules result in many unrecorded votes.

Without recorded votes it is impossible to hold elected representatives accountable.

7. Protect All American Citizens from Police Violence and repair the bonds between American citizens and police

Over 1,800 Americans were killed by police within the last two years Compare that to the 78 Americans executed by death penalty, between 2014-2016, after a trial by their peers as mandated by our Constitution, and it’s clear that use of force on the streets of America is happening at an alarming rate. The number of Americans killed by police every year even exceed the number of soldiers killed in Iraq each year. And while statistics alone cannot convey the circumstances behind all police and citizen encounters, video evidence has shown there is an urgent need for police reform. This is an issue that affects all Americans.

The fear of challenging the behaviors of our government institutions have led to abuses that have destroyed public trust and harmed millions time and time again. We only need to look as far as Flint, MI to see the dangers of ignoring the pleas of citizens.

Why do we wait to do what we know is right?

In the last two years, we’ve seen a growing divide in our nation over the issue of police conduct towards American citizens. This isn’t the result of media hyperbole or some political agenda; this is a culmination of repeatedly documented events of police misconduct throughout American history. The advancement of portable technologies and the advent of social media have made this a lightning rod issue, and rightfully so. Each year, police misconduct cost cities and states millions in legal fees and lawsuits, draining cities of financial resources that could help cities prosper.

The effect of these behaviors extends to the federal government’s budget. Every year, police departments across the nation seek federal funding through programs like C.O.P.S. to supplement funding of department operations. Americans should not be forced to supplement departments through federal tax dollars that do not adhere to a code of conduct that reflects the values of American citizens.

We recognize that the use of force by police is a necessary component of the job but it is evident that there is a clear need for reform and training in the application of police tactics. Americans agree that a well-trained police force is vital to the stability of any nation. Americans also agree that if the representatives of law enforcement are not held accountable for their actions—like most Americans are in various professions—then we risk jeopardizing our nation's trust in the rule of law.

8. Cease and Desist the Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability Commission Report

STAAR WAS BAD but is the Federally aligned Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability Worse?

The citizen drive to abolish the STAAR and end annual standardized testing in Texas has been in part a boon for the TEA, Texas State Board of Ed and the Texas Education Commissioner.

Commissioner Mike Morath and the handpicked Commission on Next Generation Assessment and Accountability have set the stage to look like knights in shining armor to teachers and kids around the State when they announce the conclusions of their Commission in September, as it pertains to assessment and accountability, aka testing and measurement.

Morath has said that Texas will move toward "real time," "any time" assessments of our teachers and kids in the classroom. Not only will these mini “monitoring” assessments build a profile of our children, they will be assessing emotional responses to stimuli in the classroom, not just academics. This will be too extensive to ensure that proper parental notification is given in advance.

In fact, this push for socio-emotional assessment will require that standards are in place for the students to meet certain socio-emotional mindsets as deemed acceptable by this consortium of government entities. An emotional profile will be established for your child, without your prior consent or knowledge. How does this work with the mental health services that have now been introduced into the school system? What potential state or federal agencies does this open your child up to for evaluation?

All of this "assessing" results in millions of metrics of data... where does the data go? who will see my child's data? to what entities can it be sold? who is responsible for storing and disseminating it? who is responsible for protecting it? how will it be protected? how will the profiles be used to educate my child? how will the profiles follow my child when he leaves the public school system? All of this data creates significant privacy concerns for our teachers and students, as well as establishes very subjective measurement of our teachers' performance.

Please see the petition below. We are calling upon Governor Abbott, who also personally appointed Commissioner Mike Morath, and the Texas Legislature, who established the Texas Commission on Next Generation Assessment and Accountability, to stop this compliance with federal government mandates and end this intrusion in our classrooms.

Tell these people that have been elected to act on our behalf to restore academics to the classroom and provide a sound, quality, public school education, to the millions of Texas students who have been constitutionally given this right.

Thanks for joining the fight!

Texas Constitution, Article 7, Section 1: SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE OF SYSTEM OF PUBLIC FREE SCHOOLS. A general diffusion of knowledge being ESSENTIAL TO THE PRESERVATON OF THE LIBERTIES AND RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE, it shall be the duty of the Legislature of the State to establish and make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of an EFFICIENT system of public free schools.

~~~~ For questions regarding the petition, contact Alice Linahan at or Dr. Patrick Huff, PhD at or Steve Swanson, P.E. (inactive) at ~~~~


Way too many recent suicides (one is enough) as a result of relentless bullying, has prompted us to take further action. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

Therefore, Don't Bully are petitioning the Australian Government for harsher and more serious penalties for the BULLIES who TAKE A LIFE, through continual intimidation, harassment and Bullying in all it's forms.

We are asking for Accountability and Responsibility for the Bullies actions through penalties which are serious enough to be a deterrent for their unacceptable behaviour towards others.

*** We need OVER 250,000 Signatures *** So we are taken Seriously. When we receive over 250,000 signatures we will personally take this petition to parliament wearing our Don't Bully Gear ! HELP US TO SAVE A LIFE NOW - If not you? Then Who?

10. Petition to Deny Maritime Washington National Heritage Area

Maritime Washington National Heritage Act would create a Heritage Area of the entire coastline of Washington State. The unelected National Park Service and an unelected quasi-governmental Private Trust Organization would be in charge of administering and distributing tax-payer and private monies in the Maritime Washington National Heritage Area.

Many of the counties of Washington State are already suffering at the hands of governmental regulation. Many, especially on the Washington Peninsula are extremely cash strapped due to Federal Land Ownership and loss of income from banned, burdened, and curtailed industries.

In these cases, the management of additional land by the National Park Service will entangle the counties in additional lost revenues and associated cuts and for schools, and municipal services. This kind of planning results in social injustice for rural citizens already paying the price economically for federal decision making.

These once proud and industrious citizens are now reduced to watching the former source of their livelihood go up in smoke resultant of forest fires due to the heavily mismanaged park in their midst.

Access and uses are severely limited in many areas of the Olympic National Forest which has meanwhile been designated as a World Heritage Site which encumbers the area further by requiring it to meet the standards of United Nations favor in promoting parks on it's worldwide list of Areas.

This organization promotes buffer zones around these parks, and would most likely result in the entire Olympic Peninsula falling under the control of the National Park Service, the National Park plus buffer zones plus the Maritime Heritage Area would result in little if any private property remaining unencumbered. It is difficult to imagine how this scenario would result in enhancing tourism or local economic growth, considering the restrictive management in evidence today.

Similar impact to private property could be expected throughout the Straight of Juan DeFuca counties. The remaining counties mapped into this Heritage Area can expect an additional layer of regulation and bureaucracy in addition to the many levels of county, city, state, and federal regulations and policies, plans, and projects that are interfering with economies and harming agricultural lands and industry.

The Maritime Washington National Heritage Area purports to enhance economies via tourism dollars, yet if this were the case, the communities effected by the management of National Parks would be swimming in dollars and have no need of further enhancements via the National Park Service laying claim to additional management of private properties, and businesses within the mapped area of the Maritime Washington Heritage Area.

While the tourism industry is to some extent profitable to property owners and counties, it is not and should never be intended to be a main industry capable of sustaining the tax base and economic needs of the thousands of citizens in these Washington Counties.

As is the case in considering the designation of National Heritage Areas in the State of Washington there remain concerns about the possible direct or indirect effects of such designations on local communities and private property, including regulatory or bureaucratic interference with private properties.

11. Wouldn't it be nice if you could 'unelect' bad politicians?

In British Columbia and most states in the USA, they have a mechanism called 'Recall' whereby 'bad' politicians can be removed through a formal petition process.

In the 2010 municipal election in Durham there were a few candidates who took a specific position against the construction of a garbage incinerator in Courtice. They even accepted money and help from people on the basis of that position. However, within weeks after the election they reversed their position.

It is that sort of behaviour that Recall is intended to stop. If Durham region had had recall in 2010 these politicians would have been removed from office. However, more likely they would have realized the consequences and not reversed their positions.

In the absence of Recall, DurhamCLEAR has created a facsimile which is based on contract law and public pressure. DurhamCLEAR is asking all candidates for the October 27 municipal election to pledgethat they:

1) Support the principle that citizens should be able to ‘Recall’ their elected representatives;

2) If elected, they will introduce a motion during my first year of office to ask the provincial government to bring forward legislation to enshrine Recall for municipal politicians;

3) Prior to, such legislation, they pledge to resign their Council position if a constituent conducts a petition and gets the properly validated signatures equivalent to 25% of the votes cast for all candidates for their position.

For further information and to see the list of those candidates who have signed the pedge, please visit

12. Nominate Fraser

We have some significant concerns that have not been addressed by the Conservative Party of Canada.

At the founding meeting in November, we believe there were multiple breaches of the Conservative Party’s Constitution in sections relating to the operation of an Association meeting and the election of a Board to represent the Conservative Party members.

The result was that an illegitimate board was formed without following due process or adherence to the Conservative Party’s own constitution.

Breaches in the Constitution at the founding meeting are:
5.4: individuals elected to the board that were not present, thus they could not have shown photo ID

6.3: The meeting did not adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised – as 29 individuals presently on the board were not nominated or seconded.

7.2.3: There was no “Affirmation of Office” form completed by the members present OR by those absent. This affirmation is required by all wishing to serve on the board – whether present or not.

7.3.3: This section indicates that the:
Member of Parliament , Retiring Member of Parliament and/or Nomination Candidate must serve as a board member. Neither Tom Lukiwski, nor Ray Boughen are on the Board of Directors.

It is important to note that in attendance at this meeting there were: three current Members of Parliament and the meeting was chaired by an operative from the Political Operations division of the party.

The constituents of Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan want and deserve a fair, open and transparent process.

Every constituent who has paid their hard earned dollars to be a member of this great party deserves an opportunity to engage the process. To date, they have been robbed of this opportunity.

Immediate action was taken to have these concerns addressed at the following 4 meetings: I met with the Saskatchewan Caucus Representative on November 24th in Regina, November 27th in Saskatoon, January 25th in Kenaston and again on March 13 in Moose Jaw.

On April 3rd an official letter of complaint was sent to the Caucus Representative.
This is in addition to numerous phone calls.

No action. No resolution.

Due to the fact that our concerns regarding the legitimacy of the “elected” board still had not been addressed, I did not send my nomination package to this illegitimate entity.

A copy of our paperwork was completed and sent by Purolator to Ottawa on May 27th – before the stated deadline (received in Ottawa on May 28th). On May 30th an officer of Political Operations sent us an emailed and notified us that my application would not be considered.

On the advice of a former Party organizer an email was sent on May 27th to the Chair of the Secreatariat committee giving a chronological outline of the events and bringing to his attention our concerns.

The Chair’s investigation of our concerns included a phone call to the party officials that chaired the founding meeting in November. We believe that a proper investigation was not conducted.

No action. No resolution.

We believe that the constituents of this new riding of Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan want a fair, open, and accountable process. Furthermore, we are confident that the Conservative Party will do the right thing – hit the reset button, go back to the founding meeting and address these significant concerns.

13. Truth and Honesty

Hon. Ameen Salifu, a member of parliament has opened the Pandora box for for his own crucifixion!
He has listed schools on his CV which offers none of the courses he stated are run in those schools.

- University of Westminster has only two programs in the Urban and Housing Planning Dept;

- London School of Economics do not have any masters program in "International Housing";

- University of East London as well to not have any course in NGO Development and Management!

So the question is, where did he obtain his chains of degrees?

I urge the speaker of parliament to investigate this matter and if he is found culpable - as i believe he is - he must be sacked from parliament.

14. Citizens Complaint Review Board

Whereas, citizens of Greensboro want, need, and will support a police department that provides for public safety, crime prevention, and acts within the rule of law; and

Whereas, citizens of Greensboro want and expect police department employees to be racially and ethnically diverse and to be well trained to ensure equal protection of the law for all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender, economic status, immigration status, sexual orientation, or religious orientation; and

Whereas, allegations of Greensboro police unaccountability, unprofessionalism, discrimination, abuse of power, and excessive use of force have been raised for decades and such allegations are currently reflected in the existence of 45 pending lawsuits, several Title VI federal discrimination complaints, and the termination under questionable circumstances of five upstanding police officers; and

Whereas, our State Constitution reads: “All political power is vested in and derived from the people; all government of right originates from the people, is founded upon their will only, and is instituted solely for the good of the whole;” and

Whereas, citizen police oversight bodies exist in approximately 80% of the large cities in the U.S., including Charlotte, Durham, and Winston-Salem; and

Whereas, it is in the best interest of our city and all people for there to be public confidence in the independence and integrity of investigations and resolution of complaints against employees of the police department;

15. Justice pour la mort de Ayoub Madni

Le 12 Août, Ayub Madni, un jeune homme de 19 ans est mort dans la piscine du Diamand Vert à Fès, Maroc parce qu'il n'a pas reçu l'aide nécessaire en temps voulu. Certain nageurs et témoins ont avertis les maitres-nageurs qu'ils ont perçu l’existence de membres d’un corps humain au fond de la piscine, mais ceux-ci n'ont pas pris leurs dires au sérieux. Il a fallu que l’un des amis d’Ayoub insiste v raiment pour que les gardes prennent la peine de vérifier. Mais c’était trop tard: Ayoub était déjà mort. Ce n'est pas le premier cas de mort dû à la négligence du personnel dans cette piscine. D’autres cas mortels se sont produits au cours des années récentes. Le Diamant Vert est l'une des piscines les plus coûteuses à Fès. Pourtant, elle est toujours surpeuplée la nuit à l'occasion du Ramadan et de la vague de chaleur inhabituelle de cet été. Or, les conditions élémentaires de sécurité, comme la lumière ou un nombre suffisant de maîtres-nageurs, ne sont ni respectées ni appliquées.

Les morts précédentes n’ont pas reçu beaucoup d’attention de la part du public. Faisons que celle d’Ayoub- catastrophique et injuste- ne soit pas une occasion tragique supplémentaire vite, tombée dans l’oubli.

Aussi, nous, les soussignés, demandons aux autorités marocaines et aux autorités locales de Fès de tenir l’établissement le Diamand Vert, responsables de cette négligence mortel et de veiller a ce que ses tenants répondent de leurs négligence.

16. Justice for Ayub Madni

On August 12, Ayoub Madni, a 19 year-old young man died in Le Diamant Vert swimming pool, Fès, Morocco, because he did not receive the vital help on time.

Swimmers and witnesses reported they told lifeguards they could feel parts of a human being in the bottom of the pool, but the guards did not take it seriously.

One of Ayoub’s friends had to insist agonizingly on the guards to take action when it was too late: Ayoub had already died. This is not the first case that happened in this swimming pool. Other deadly negligence occurred in previous years. Le Diamant Vert is one of the most expensive swimming pools in Fès, overcrowded by night on Ramadan and during the uncommon heat wave of this summer. However, basic conditions of safety, such as providing enough light poles and a sufficient number of lifeguards, are not respected nor enforced. If previous youngsters’ deaths went unnoticed, let us make Ayoub’s an opportunity- however tragic and unjust- to prevent other catastrophic deaths out of the negligence of this organization.

We, the undersigned, call on the Moroccan authorities and local authorities in Fès to hold, Le Diamant Vert, accountable for their negligence.

17. I Support Honesty in Government and the rights we were granted under the Constitution and Bill of Rights

Our forefathers established this country with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that are supposed to provide us with fundamental rights. Every candidate for political office, every elected official, and every government employee should be willing to commit in writing to always defend our fundamental rights. Sadly, many do not -- people in all parties and people in no parties.

GRIP, the Government Reform & Integrity Platform, is a non-partisan coalition of organizations and people who simply seek honesty and our fundamental rights from government. This all that we stand for, and getting signatures from our fellow Americans will be used to send a message to every candidate, elected official, and government employee.

GRIP is also asking every candidate to sign a contract, and we ask every American voter to vote only for candidates who sign the Contract agreeing to always be honest and protect our fundamental rights.

We ask you to vote only for people who say they will be honest and remain accountable - regardless of party. Dishonesty is the fundamental problem with government today. We must all do something about it, and signing this petiiton is quick, easy, and important.

18. Political Candidate Contract with the Citizens of the United States

Every candidate for political office, every elected official, and every government employee should be willing to commit in writing to always be honest.

Our forefathers established this country with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that are supposed to provide us with fundamental rights. Every candidate for political office, every elected official, and every government employee should be willing to commit in writing to always defend our fundamental rights.

This is what this petition provides. GRIP, the Government Reform & Integrity Platform, is a non-partisan coalition of organizations and people who simply seek honesty and our fundamental rights from government. This all that we stand for, and getting signatures on this petition is our mission.

Everyone should be willing to sign this petition, but dishonest candidates and government officials will be unwilling to sign because the contract provides that they may be removed from office if they violate the petition contract.

GRIP will ask every American voter to vote only for candidates who sign this Contract. Platform First - Party Second. Let's vote only for people who say they will be honest and remain accountable - regardless of party. Dishonesty is the fundamental problem with government today. This Contract can make a difference.

19. Hold Judges Accountable for Denied Restraining Orders

Temporary Injunctions must become Restraining Orders to protect the victim from a life threatening situation. This is usually for Domestic Violence but can also be seen in Stalking cases.

The order must be granted by a judge who decides if the victim/petitioner needs to be protected based on their story, which they've prepared for the judge.

Once in court, the judge has a workload of many other injunctions to read through on that same day and depending on each individual case, they can be lengthy. This assembly-like system will ultimately dehumanize each case presented, obstructing the careful consideration needed for delicate issues and complex situations. It is easy to miss vital information that can make the difference between life and death for these victims. But the workload is not the only problem.

Some judges make the wrong decisions.

These judges should be held accountable when their choices cause bodily injury or death to a victim who asked the courts for protection that failed them.

20. Support Government Expense Transparency

Government Expense Accounts exist to fund MPs' and Senators' travel, hospitality, and other expenses directly related with their work. It's funded by Taxes and therefore should be spent responsibly, and the money spent should be transparent to the tax payers.

There was already National Public demand for this; on May 14th, 2010, the Auditor General Sheila Fraser was denied access to the expense account, MPs denied using the expense account beyond its intended purpose, but their defenses brought up more suspicion of irresponsible spending.

All four parties voted against allowing the auditor general access to the accounts. This happened in the wake of a scandal involving British MPs whose expense accounts had revealed irresponsible spending.

Testimonials from Liberal MP Michelle Simson, while she was a guest on the Roy Green Show, reveal that the expense accounts are not being used responsibly; most notable was an NDP MP who charged a parking ticket to their expense account. She has made her expense account spending transparent, and is alone in the crusade for all MPs to do the same, being silenced by her party for it.

21. Prompt Media and Journalistic Reform

The photo that televised global media news networks used on the announcement of Osama Bin Laden's death yesterday has been confirmed fake, originally reported by the Guardian news paper Monday 2 May 2011 12.03 BST.

This finding prompts the need for news media reform geared toward responsible journalistic principles.

22. In the Public Interest: Demand Fair Play for Canada’s Foreign Trained Engineers!

This petition is open to the public. Please sign this petition if you support it.


Recognizing the conflict between self-interest and the public interest, the Professional Engineers Act (1922) gave self-regulating associations the power only to register engineers in Canada and not the right to control who could practice engineering.

However, in the interest of their members these associations lobbied governments for 14 years to control who could practice of engineering! Eventually, the Professional Engineers Act was amended in 1937 so these associations could introduce mandatory licensing processes.


These provincial self-regulating associations designate who is qualified to use the title Professional Engineer (P.Eng). This legislated control over the title of Professional Engineer (P.Eng) means new immigrants possessing engineering qualifications, including those who have received a professional engineering accreditation overseas, lose this accreditation when they arrive in Canada.

In order to practice engineering in Canada, immigrants must navigate a foreign credential recognition process fraught with barriers to success. Applicants must undergo an individual-by-individual peer review of their credentials and must acquire twelve months of Canadian experience under a licensed Professional Engineer (P.Eng). However:

• Engineering associations do not publicly document what criteria constitute Canadian experience. An applicant doesn't know what s/he's going to be judged against. This is a fundamental problem.

• Applicants do not have access to an arm’s length appeals process to question how someone has interpreted their acquired Canadian experience. This is a fundamental right.


In a 2007 case Tchou-San-Da v. Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC) BC SC 1403 and BC SC 1815, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that engineering association’s Bylaw 11(e)(2) was invalid and struck it down because the Bylaw failed to explain the nature and extent of the work experience required by APEGBC for licensing engineers in British Columbia.

Therefore, immigrants face a highly subjective process of Canadian experience evaluation that is not accountable, objective or transparent. For CAPE’s 3,300 immigrant members from 120 countries, all of whom seek to practice engineering in Canada, this requirement is a major barrier to licensing and employment. As a result, only 12% of our members work as engineers in Canada.


This situation negatively impacts Canada as well. In a 2006 report, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found Canada’s regulation of the engineering profession highly restrictive of competition.

Canada is also a signatory to the two major international regulatory agreements:

• As per the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) (article 1210), Canada has agreed to liberalize engineering services by making licensing requirements fair, objective, transparent, and no more burdensome than necessary.

• As per the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATTS) (TN/S/23), Canada has agreed to reduce and/or eliminate discriminatory licensing or registration procedures in engineering services.


In the Conference Board of Canada's annual scorecard:

• Canada earns a “C” grade with a Labour Productivity Growth of negative (-) 0.9%.

• Canada earns a "D" and ranks last among the 17 peer countries in graduating PhDs. CAPE members are six-times more likely to hold a Masters in engineering, and twice as likely to hold a PhD, than an engineering graduate in Ontario!

• Canada earns a "D" grade and ranks 14th out of 17 countries in innovation. The Canadian economy remains a below-average performer on its capacity to innovate.

This lack of competition and opaque licensing processes are a severe problem for our economy.

23. Rethink the Horizon School plans

A plan is proposed by BSF and Hackney Council to demolish Horizon School and replace it with a significantly enlarged school on the existing site. The proposals are at the Planning stage with Hackney Council.

It will mean:
•significant reduction of children's' outdoor play area
•destruction of thirty mature trees, currently covered by a tree preservation order
•a new access road running through the playground, which will exit onto Prince George Road
•a new drop-off point for children and deliveries on Prince George Road
•a significant increase in traffic, resulting in congestion and noise
•loss of parking spaces.

24. Save Local Democracy in Oxford

The Executive Board of Oxford City Council proposes to abolish or downgrade Area Committees and/or remove their local planning powers.

We want to keep our area committees because:

-they are held in our communities and are easy to get to;

-they allow us to raise local issues and get problems fixed;

-they give us the chance to tell our local councillors what's important to us, and debate big local issues;

-we can use the backing of area committees to help us with campaigns for better services;

-the councillors who make planning decisions about where we live and how developments will affect us must be people who know the area and understand our needs.

25. Accountability Now!

In an effort to take advantage of the momentum towards accountability that the report of the Fact Finding Mission on Gaza 2009 [Goldstone Report] created in Palestine and the international community, Students at Al-Quds University launched the Accountability Now! Campaign.

The purpose of the campaign is to collect signatures from students around the world on a letter addressed to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, urging him to take action forwarding the recommendations of the Goldstone Report.

The campaign hopes to raise awareness about Gaza, the plight of the Palestinian people, and efforts towards accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Palestine. Additionally, the campaign aims to contribute to efforts around the world to establish an honest rule of law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory [OPT].

A significant step towards accountability for the war on Gaza was taken when the Goldstone Report was adopted by the Human Rights Council in 2009. It is now the time that accountability begin, through compensation for the victims as recommended by the Goldstone Report. Human dignity lies in justice, and accountability is the people's means to establish a world regime of human rights.

[The following Letter can be found in English, Arabic, Turkish, French, and Spanish on our upcoming blog, the web address will be added in the next few days.]

26. Record all votes in the Nova Scotia Legislature

In 2008 Nova Scotia celebrated 250 years of democracy, making it the oldest democracy in Canada. However this venerable democracy is threatened by a lack of transparency and accountability.

In the past 6 years, spanning the 59th and 60th General Assemblies, 853 bills have been introduced, debated and voted upon in the Nova Scotia Legislature. Only 12 of those votes were recorded in the official record so 98.5% of the bills were voted on anonymously, with no indication of which MLAs were present, who voted in support and against.

Without a voting record Nova Scotia citizens cannot hold their Representative and the House accountable for voting done in citizenry's name on crucial issues affecting their families and communities.

Visit us and take further action:

27. Join the Revolution

Truth is not always the easiest road. Look at politics. Look at individual human choices. Many would rather ride the wind of emotion and popularity than Truth-filled conviction. It's time for accountability and honor in the hearts of man. It's time for a revolution.

28. Petition on Nova Scotia FOIPOP Act Fees

The Right to Know Coalition of Nova Scotia

Advocating, Educating, and Mobilizing the Citizens of Nova Scotia to Exercise Their Rights to Information.

The Right to Know Coalition of Nova Scotia (RTKNS) is a non-profit organization. Through advocacy and education, RTKNS encourages the use and development of freedom-of-information legislation to foster a better informed and more politically active electorate in Nova Scotia and to improve the quality of public and private decision making in the province.

Reduction or elimination of the fees associated with accessing government held, public information is one of the foremost goals of the Right to Know Coalition of Nova Scotia.

**** Please note that those signatures labelled 'Anonymous' on the petition are by people who have chosen to not display their names on the web. Their names are available for the printed petition. ****

29. Human Rights in the United Nations Administration of Justice

To sign the petition, please go to the bottom of this page.

[English]: Call on the European Union to ensure that the laws and practices of the United Nations internal justice system are fair and consistent with international human rights standards.

[Français]: Appel à l'Union Européenne pour assurer que les lois et les pratiques du système interne de la justice des Nations Unies soient équitables et conformes aux normes internationales des droits de l'homme.

[Български]: Покана за Европейския съюз да гарантира, че законите и практиките на Организацията на обединените нации вътрешната правна система, са честни и съобразени с международните норми за правата на човека.

[Čeština]: Přijet k Evropske unii, aby zajistila, že zákony a praxí ve Spojených národů pro interní systém soudnictví jsou spravedlivé a jsou v souladu s mezinárodními standardy lidských práv.

[Dansk]: Opfordrer Den Europæiske Union til at sikre, at lovgivning og praksis i De Forenede Nationers interne retssystem er retfærdige og i overensstemmelse med internationale menneskerettighedsstandarder.

[Deutsch]: Fordern Sie die Europäische Union auf, sicherzustellen, dass die Gesetze und Praktiken des internen Rechtssystems der Vereinten Nationen fair und im Einklang mit den internationalen Menschenrechtsstandards sind.

[Eesti]: Abipalve Euroopa Liidule, et teha kindlaks, kas ÜRO siseõiguse praktika ja süsteem on õiglased ning kooskõlas rahvusvahelise inimõiguse standardiga.

[Ελληνικά]: Πρόσκληση για την Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση να διασφαλίσει ότι η νομοθεσία και τις πρακτικές των Ηνωμένων Εθνών και η εσωτερική δικαιοσύνη είναι δίκαιη και σύμφωνη με τα διεθνή πρότυπα ανθρωπίνων δικαιωμάτων.

[Español]: Hacemos un llamado a la Unión Europea para garantizar que las leyes y las prácticasn en el sistema de justicia de las Naciones Unidas sean justas y coherentes con las normas internacionales de derechos humanos.

[Gaeilge]: Iarraidh ar an Aontas Eorpach deimhin a dhéanamh de go bhfuil dlíthe agus cleachtais chóras dlí inmheánach na Náisiún Aontaithe cothrom agus ag teacht le caighdeáin idirnáisiúnta chearta daonna.

[Italiano]: Appello all’Unione Europea per far sì che le leggi e la pratica del sistema di giustizia interno delle Nazioni Unite siano eque e conformi con le norme internazionali dei diritti umani.

[Latviesu valoda]: Aicina Eiropas Savienību nodrošināt, ka Apvienoto Nāciju Organizācijas iekšējo tiesu sistēmas likumi un prakse ir godīgi un saskaņā ar starptautiskajiem cilvēktiesību standartiem.

[Lietuviu kalba]: Skambink į Europos Sąjungos ,kad galėtum užtikrinti, jog įstatymų vykdymas, Jungtinių Tautų vidaus teisingumo sistemoje, yra teisingas ir atitinka tarptautinius žmogaus tesių standartus.

[Magyar]: Felkeresni az Európai Uniót megbizonyosodni hogy a törvényei és a gyakorlatai az Egyesült Nemzetek belső igazságügyi rendszerének korrektek és megegyeznek a nemzetközi emberi jogok szabvánnyal.

[Malti]: Sejha lil Unjoni Ewropeja biex tizgura li il ligijiet u l prattici interni gudizjarji tan Nazzjonijiet Unitichuma gusti u konsistenti ma l istandards internazzjonali tad drittijiet umani.

[Nederlands]: De Europese Unie oproepen ervoor te zorgen dat de wetten en gebruiken van het interne rechtssysteem van de Verenigde Naties eerlijk en consistent zijn en overeenkomen met de internationale mensenrechtenverdragen.

[Polski]: Wezwamy Unię Europejską do zagwarantowania, że prawa i praktyki wewnętrznego systemu wymiaru sprawiedliwości Narodów Zjednoczonych są sprawiedliwe i zgodne z międzynarodowymi standardami praw człowieka.

[Português]: Chamar a atenção da União Europeia para assegurar que as leis e as práticas das Nações Unidas para o sistema de justiça interno são justas e coerentes com as normas internacionais de direitos humanos.

[Română]: Apel la Uniunea Europeană pentru a se asigura că legislaţia şi practicile interne ale sistemului de justiţie ale Organizaţiei Naţiunilor Unite sunt corecte şi în concordanţă cu standardele internaţionale în domeniul drepturilor omului.

[Slovenčina]: Požadujte od Europskej únie, aby zabezpečila zákony a praktiky vnútorného súdnictva Spojených národov tak,aby boli spravodlivé a v súlade s medzinárodnými štandardmi ľudských práv.

[Slovenščina]: Pokliči na Evropsko unijo, naj zagotovi, da so zakoni in prakse Združenih narodov notranjega pravnega sistema pošteni in v skladu z mednarodnimi standardi človekovih pravic.

[Suomi]: Kehottaa Euroopan Unionia varmistamaan, että Yhdistyneiden Kansakuntien sisäisen oikeusjärjestelmän lait ja käytännöt ovat oikeudenmukaisia sekä yhdenmukaisia kansainvälisten ihmisoikeusnormien kanssa.

[Svenska]: Uppmanar Europeiska Unionen att se till att lagar och praxis för Förenta Nationernas inre rättsliga organ är rättvist och i linje med internationella normer för mänskliga rättigheter.

[Русский] : Обратитесь к Европейскому союзу с просьбой гарантировать, что законодательство и практика Организации Объединенных Наций во внутренней системе правосудия справедливы и совместимы с международными стандартами прав человека.

[中文]: 呼吁欧联盟,以确保在法律上和联合国内部审判系统的实施上公平,符合国际人权标准。

دعوة الاتحاد الأوروبي من أجل ضمان أن تكون قوانين وممارسات نظام العدالة الداخلي للأمم المتحدة عادلة ومطابقة للمعايير الدولية لحقوق الإنسان

30. "Unity In The Community Campaign"

U.I.T.C.C, a 2004 Houston, Texas grassroots 'Community Entity', was formed for one purpose….to visualize, create, design and implement ‘solutions’ to national and international problems.

On September 11, 2004, a call for the organization, mobilization and promoting for participation by municipalities throughout the area to adopt and implement, “Safety and Nuclear Preparedness" measures to nearly 17 million Texas citizens was made on the steps of City hall in Houston, Texas.

Efforts of UITCC were recognized and proclaimed by Houston’s Mayor, Bill White, as “9-1-1 Unity In The Community Day”, the first in the United States to proclaim such a day.

U.I.T.C.C continues to utilize “9-1-1 Unity In The Community Day” as a time to reflect and remember… as well as measure its yearly progression towards "Global Unification".


UPDATE.... MARCH 07, 2009

The U.I.T.C.C petition is now positioned to "quantum leap" world-wide as ‘endorsers’ continue to add their name and send it forward to others.

This one act alone has strengthened and empowered its endorsers. It is well known that anything that has the ability to grow, in time becomes powerful and U.I.T.C.C is no exception. As many around the world become endorsers of U.I.T.C.C…positive changes are inevitable.




Bishop Chesoli is Founder of "Waymarks Self-help Group, a organization dedicated to the betterment and enrichment of life for widows and orphans with HIV and AIDS.


UPDATE: July 14, 2008


Dr. Yadav is petitioning our “World Communities” on behalf of H.H. Panchen Lama, a 18 years old prisoner in China. To read more and become an endorser of Dr. Yadav's online petition go to:


July 1, 2008 - "PETITION UPDATE"

Unity In The Community Campaign Core Members are pleased to announce its transition from a "PEOPLE'S Movement" into a "COMMUNITY Movement".

Let each one.... continue to touch one..... as we UNITE our voices together...GLOBALLY...."being the change, we want to see".


Unity In The Community Campaign is designed to serve as a platform for…. Educators, Politicians, Law Enforcers, Legal Professionals, Religious Leaders, Families, Community Groups/Organizations, Small and Large Businesses, Corporations and Individuals…. as well as other "like-minded forward thinkers", binding together, establishing a movement consisting of many, with one goal and purpose as its destiny…. “TRUTH and JUSTICE”… coupled with “WISDOM” as its chief foundation.

Using the power of “Solidarity” as one of its support mechanisms and “Information” as its second empowering tool, “Unity In The Community Campaign” is actively establishing, promoting and pursuing appropriate changes for "Global Community Solidification".

U.I.T.C.C is independent of Governmental, Political or Corporate Funding.