#Children's Rights

May 26, 2006

This Petition will be mailed to All Australian Members of the Senate in Parliament.

Child abuse is way out of control and it is time to turn the light on these sex offenders who have been getting away with the most Unacceptable... Who have been interfering with the rights of others, who have denied and exploited their responsibility as role-model and guardian.

We must All make ourselves accountable… it is time to face this front on, together!

What's needed is Prevention and Zero tolerance!!!

What's needed is Greater public awareness through Education!

CONSIDER THIS: The word Victim should not be used. We do not want to encourage victimhood; 'Fear' This word implies one person is victorious over the other who is helpless, this word gives power away. The word predator should not be used...it promotes domninace to one side and instills fear and helplessness to the other side. Instead the abuser should be understood through description... as very sick, deeply immoral, deeply selfish, out of control, deficient in remorse therefore completely untrustworthy, sly, manipulative, unpredictable, harmful, violent... this would help avoid manipulation.

We can no longer function from fear...and we can no longer remain ignorant as ignorance is the greatest breeder of fear.

We are no longer victims when the so called predator sees we are the ones watching them...When what we say and what is done speaks the message that abusive behavior will not be tolerated the dominator will loose his power.

To the Honorable the President and Members of the Senate in Parliament:

The Petition of the undersigned requests you take full responsibility and utilise the powers you possess and do what ever is required of you to ensure the continued protection of the community from child sex offenders.

PLEASE our children, our community's children, the future generations are being increasingly abused and psychologically damaged - there is no greater human cause than to protect them, it is our only true duty…to STOP THE CYCLE!

To ensure the continued protection of the community from child sex offenders... What's needed is Prevention and Zero tolerance!!! What's needed is Prevention and Zero tolerance!!!

1.We request mandatory deep-background checks and a polygraph test on teachers, religious organisations, lifesavers, scout leaders, sports club organisers, counsellors, welfare workers, child minders, dance teachers, charity groups, foster parents, adopters, school cleaners, and the like, and ongoing examinations of behavior to create accountability.

2.We request more government funding is allotted to the prevention of sexual exploitation.

3.We request courts are given the discretion to detain indefinitely anyone considered a continuing danger to society...ONCE A PEDOPHILE ALWAYS A SEX OFFENDER. Its far safer and cheaper to keep an offender in jail. Finding new ways to offend without being caught is what pedophiles do! Jail is the best therapy they could wish for; an offender is denied access to their addiction and their support network and jail forces upon them opportunity to eventually face their demons and hopefully if they find the courage...come to a full realization without which change can not occur..

4.We request he names/alias's, addresses and car registration of child-sex offenders made public to increase public awareness and safety and to encourage a potential offender's accountability.

5.We request that it is publicly known via the media which recently released offenders are living in the neighborhood to increase public awareness and safety and to instill offender accountability.

6. We suggest that in all schools children are made more aware of their rights, their god-given personal boundaries, are better prepared to make safe choices, and are aware of what to do if feeling uncomfortable or under threat. Children deserve and need these tools. Children need to know that they are allowed to say No to an adult around whom they feel uncomfortable, nervous, scared, that there are times when they shouldn't do what an adult tells them to do. Children need to know that ultimately they have the freedom to choose based on their feelings of safety.

7. We want well thought out, tastefully presented advertisements promoting awareness so that parents may better protect and educate their children, and advertisements that help potential offenders develop an empathy with what their victim feels and help create the awareness of how violently it changes their victims entire mental landscape for ever and that they are also damaging those close to the abused; as a means to awaken the conscience of potential offenders.. to break the cycle. And encourage the abused to heal… to break the cycle.

8. We want increased, non-dramatised, media coverage on pedophilia to encourage the abused to come forward as a means to uncover abusers and increase accountability.


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