As most of you are no doubt aware, the recent Tsunami disaster has had a huge impact on Sri Lanka. Thousands have died and many more have lost their homes and livelihood and are now displaced, in need of urgent medical attention and basic food and commodities.

The news of the Tsunami has impacted the world and touched the hearts of many and thanks to the generosity of people far and wide 'Tsunami relief aid' has been flowing into Sri Lanka in the millions. With the money coming in the Government of Sri Lanka should be able to start rebuilding this nation and feeding the displaced.

The Sri Lankan Government is made up of politicians who represent the 'ruling Sinhala class' and have not always played fair. They are more favourable to the Sinhalese Buddhist majority, often denying the same treatment to the minority Tamils, Muslims, Burghers, Indian Tamils.
It is more important now than ever at such a crucial time that the 'relief aid' is distributed fairly and equally to the areas that are in desperate need of help following the Tsunami.
At the same time it is equally important that the money be used to help the people and not for the Governments own use. Purchasing military weapons for example would be a misuse or abuse of the trust and generosity of the contributing countries whom have so generously contributed their hard earned money.

Therefore we think it is imperative that an impartial outside committee be created to supervise the spending of the "relief aid" and that the Sri Lankan Government show full accountability for where the money has been spent and how much has been spent and whether 'the aid' has been equally distributed within the affect areas in Sri Lanka.

We, the undersigned, would like an authoritive UN body to supervise the spending of 'Tsunami relief Aid' by the Sri Lankan Government and for full accounting and proof of spending to be made available to the UN as legitimate proof that the 'Aid' has been spent genuinely within Sri Lanka and on the people who need it the most.

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