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Why are we giving away $$87 billion+?

Why exactly are we giving away 87 billion to Iraq this time and who knows how much in the future in the form of a gifts instead of a loans? Would such a kingly gift be better appreciated our elderly in the form of healthcare and prescription drugs? Perhaps OUR electrical grid could be repaired for a paltry 50 billion?

These large gifts add to the deficit so in effect we are taking out a loan to give away with little hope of repayment.

It has been said business will prosper when the Iraqi infrastructure is repaired and improved. Business in Iraq will not necessarily benefit the US. There is no longer a mandate that we use US corporations or company's to re contract the rebuilding of Iraq. How would we benefit from for example; Spending 2 billion restoring Iraq's oil production so an offshore Oil Corp. can sell oil to France?

The potential for abuse is far less with a loan. Loans would encourage individual accountability and curb a "spend it because we got it" mentality among "gift" recipients. Loans greater accountability factor would discourage influence buying and enhance efficient competition among contractors.

The petitioners strongly encourage elected officials to ensure any funds earmarked as post war aid for Iraq be allocated in the form of loans as opposed to gifts.

Iraq is among the richest countries in the mid east in natural resources and should be able to repay any funds that American taxpayers are asked to send in the form of aid. Allow the Iraqi people the dignity of a loan to rebuild Iraq's infrastructure as opposed to US charity. Aid in the form of loans encourages accountability, where and what our tax money has been spent on and who will pay it back. Gifts receive a lower level of scrutiny as no one expects the money back. Reconstruction loans will help encourage cooperation among nations, giving other nations from around the world a stake in the future peace and prosperity of Iraq.

Please require any further aid to Iraq to be in the form of a loan and ensure that every penny of the taxpayer's funds are accounted for and re-paid.

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