People's lack of representation at G8 and similar world conferences.

World-wide based voluntary pressure groups like: Greenpeace; Friends of the Earth; Amnesty Intl; and others; have no current compulsory representation at all at any world conferences (eg G8 and other) that discuss green issues, human rights, targets for change, and so on.

20th century history (peace time) shows that UK Govts (lab/lib/con) and the rest of the world do not use these conferences properly to set 'proper' targets for change that are good for our planet, only to prefer fudged and watered down targets for change that are far too slow for our planet's good. Recent examples include wholey inadequate reduction in CO2 emission targets worldwide at the previous G8 conference.

This petition demands a new form of alternative world people's representation at these G8/other world conferences attended by deligates in whom we the people of this world have more trust and faith in their personal integrity and motivation than mere career politicans who are ultimately corrupted and compromised by all types of political system and its own internal civil service.

Much of what goes on at these G8 conferences takes place behind our backs in secrecy and we the people of this world only receive a watered down version of the back-stabbing, back-slapping, wheeling and dealing and other related shenanigans that occurs in private behind closed doors.

Deligates from world-wide-based voluntary pressure groups are not brainless muppets of any political system and are free to speak their minds without restraint and constraint for the good of everyone and report back accordingly.

Far too often in recent years targets for change are compromised at these conferences by trade issues. In actual fact it is trade (food, goods, vacations/holidays, emigration/immigration and services) that is at the very epicentre of why our planet is in the mess that it is in.

A glaring example includes: unrestrained and unnecessary transportation of lamb meat into UK supermarkets from half way around the globe in fridges from New Zealand while UK lamb farmers go bust or commit suicide out of economic dispair. This is just sheer madness.

Another source of concern is the unrestrained population growth (egged on by some religons) that is occuring in 3rd world countries who have achieved some of the benefits of a civilised 1st world economy [medicines, transport, etc] in the 21stC without the concurrent reduction in fertility rates that occured during the UK/Europe's industrial & agrarian revolutions starting in 18thC.

It is quite unacceptable that 3rd world country's factories are still belching out unacceptable levels of poisonous pollution but that 1st world economies already have the science and technology to hand to tackle these problems but do so within their own boundaries.

So why cannot 1st world economies share or export such life saving knowledge, equipment, know-how, man-power. To often payment for such facilities is demanded in hard currency instead of alternatives or for free.

All our existing economics-laws needs a huge rewrite to take into account green issues.

Meanwhile our planet's ice caps continue to melt while our G8 politican deligates enjoy their over pampered little 'jolly' at our expense.

Targets for change should be set at maximum values not at minimum values to prevent the possible extinction of all life on this planet. Look what happened to planets Mars and Venus - get the picture ?

We, the undersigned, unconditionally demand that all world-wide environmental and human pressure groups be granted a one-delegate-table-with-normal-seating arrangments-per-world-wide-pressure-group at all future G8 and other world conferences that discuss environmental, green, human issues and economics affecting everyone on this planet.

The future inclusion of such pressure groups at these conferences would act as a postive catalyst for improvement as these deligates can speak freely and can report back to everyone what occured at these conferences without fear of being disciplined.

This petition arises out of accumulated world-wide public mistrust, disillusionment and abuse of privilege that all govts of all political persuasions, both capitalist and socialist, enjoy at these conferences in failing to set sensible targets that must be achieved to save our planet from certain mutual self destruction.

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