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Toledo City Council
United States of America

The petition contains common sense reforms of our local government proposed by Toledo Citizens Organized to Bring Reform and Accountability.

These reforms will improve accountability, streamline government and empower the citizens of Toledo in their government.

To: The Elected Officials of the City of Toledo.

We the undersigned support the proposed City Charter changes proposed by Toledo COBRA:

Provide better, more direct representation of the citizens of Toledo through the reorganization of Toledo City Council by reducing its size and structure to improve representation.

Assure that the will of the voters will be maintained by changing the appointment method requiring Council to appoint to a vacancy to someone from the same political party as the vacating member or the next highest vote getter in that last election for that seat.

Make the citizen referendum and initiative process less stringent by reducing the number of signatures required and increasing the amount of time to do so.

We also support legislation or rules changes to:

Provide more online access to city documents, such as meeting minutes and budgets.

Implement more nightly meetings so more residents have the ability to attend.

Provide internet web streaming of council meetings, as well as archiving meeting videos on the city's website.

Implement online reporting of campaign finance reports and ethics disclosure forms.

Allow public comment at city council meetings.

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