Governor Bob Riley, President Bush
United States of America

July 22, 2006

Parents work, Parents Pay Taxes, Where is that money going?

I feel that the schools are not getting what they need. Our tax dollars need to be going toward our schools. Instead of Teachers and Parents buying everything.

How can parents pay for 3-4 kids to go to school with this school supply list? How can teachers, pay for their kids and plus pay for her or his classroom supplies? IT CAN'T BE DONE!!

That's why the government that has been promising us free education needs to MAKE IT FREEEEEEE FOREVERYONE!

I have a petition started already, I have sent it in email to at least 100 people, some of them have sent it back to let me know how its doing, and some of them sent itout to family and friends until it reaches to 100 then they send it back to me.

I already have at least 50 signatures right now. And I have about 30 more that I know first hand that wants to sign it too. I plan on taking apetition around town, getting people to sign it. I might even hold a sign petition party. Something needs to be change about our school system lets make a difference.

Stand up for what is right. Taxes should pay for our schools and their needs.

We pay enough of them, where is it going, Oh yeah Their wallets is where our money going.

If you feel that Our tax dollars that we already pay should go (where the government claims all along its going) towards our School System, If the Government says there's not enough money, then they need to consider other options for funding.

Please Sign My Petition.

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