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1. Stop Wolf Hunting

Wolf hunting is a hateful, barbaric practice that can involve shooting the wolf and, perhaps frequently, missing and injuring the poor animal or even setting dogs, a distant relative of the wolf, onto them. It can also involve trapping the poor wolf.

If the animal is lucky, the hunters will actually be "responsible" and go back to check the trap and find him/her and then kill the poor creature. If the wolf is unlucky, however, they will be left to suffer in agony, often with a broken leg and, usually, with torn skin and/or flesh before eventually dying from thirst, blood loss, starvation, attack by other animals or from being killed by the hunter.

Wolves are one of the world's most misunderstood animals. They are not the savage, vicious beasts that many people think they are. Wolves are, in fact, highly sociable, intelligent animals, and wolf attacks on humans are actually quite rare. In fact, more people are attacked by domesticated dogs in the USA than by wolves.

There have even been a few cases of people being saved by wolves. Also, without wolves, there would be no dogs. Can you imagine a world without dogs?
Yes, wolves are generally very vicious when they attack prey animals, but then so are lions, African wild dogs and human beings. Also, when wolves attack their prey, that is just nature, and the wolf, unlike human beings, does not kill for fun and they do not kill with hate or prejudice. They kill in order to survive.

One of the main reasons why wolves attack livestock is because they are oppurtunists. They do not think "yum, a good little lamb". Instead, they merely see prey and follow their instincts. They also often have no choice but to do this in order to survive because of the fact that humans have wiped out and chased away a lot of their natural prey.

Wolves can be kept out of areas by the use of electric fences and the employment of guard dogs and even human guards. They can also be kept away by bullets being fired to frighten them off.

2. Boycott Casinos - Support Local Businesses & Green Jobs

Dear Friend,

The leadership on Beacon Hill is attempting to open the door to predatory gambling in Massachusetts. They have refused to conduct a proper study of the pros and cons of their proposals. The House passed its casino bill without holding public hearings.

They claim casinos will create jobs. But the facts show that casinos are jobs killers and community-busters. They drain so much money from the local economy that they kill 1.5 jobs for every one they create. And they saddle us with social problems that cost taxpayers $3 dollars for every $1 dollar in tax revenue.

Casinos are not part of the solution. We can create more jobs by investing in the energy-efficient green economy of the future. Casino jobs create addictions. Green jobs give us reliable energy, clean up the air, improve nutrition, reduce chronic disease, health costs, and avert the threat of climate change.

Sign our petition to ask the Massachusetts legislature to say NO to casino gambling.

3. Review Australian Federal Government Allocation of Tax Dollars to Community Television

Since the early 1980s, media enthusiasts set out to establish what was labelled "Public Television" services. The US, UK and Canada have had their main public television stations, and numerous satellite station affiliates spread out across their countries during this same period and to date.

Denied by the federal government at the time, the local television industry was authorized to create a community access television service for each metro area’s public, but these stations later dropped the “access” from their branding.

It was in 1994, that this third-tier industry in Australia began using commercialism that to date have increasingly encroached with each station, where it has become more stylized like commercial and public television rather than maintaining the philosophical principles of what a community broadcaster should be. On 4 Nov 09, the federal government gave your publicly owned digital spectrum and $2.6 million dollars to launch another commercial-style television network. Did the federal government seek the public’s opinion prior allocating your public ownerships?

Please sign this Petition and let the Australian Federal Government, under Senator Stephen Conroy know that the public should have been consulted on whether or not current community television stations met their philosophical principles as a community broadcaster, and let the public decide their faith and change for a newly designed television service that can live up its principle intentions.

4. Demand Those Responsible Pay Back The Missing Education Dollars


Audit: Willingboro school officials faked financial reports in 2005.

TRENTON - Senator John H. Adler today asked State Attorney General Stuart Rabner to launch a criminal probe to punish those responsible for misappropriating millions of taxpayer dollars in the Willingboro Township School District.

"As we tell our children, there have to be consequences for wrongdoing," said Senator Adler, D-Cherry Hill. "Taxpayers need to know we will dig down to the root causes of wrongdoing and punish those responsible."

In a report by State Auditor Richard L. Fair, it was disclosed that Willingboro officials approved a grossly under-funded budget for the 2005 fiscal year and then falsified reports to cover up the shortfall, causing a crisis which was abated only after the Legislature sanctioned a $10 million bailout loan.

"It is unconscionable that New Jersey taxpayers should be asked to tolerate and to subsidize what very well may be criminal behavior," Senator Adler said in a letter today sent to Attorney General Stuart Rabner. "As a taxpayer, I am appalled. As a State Senator, I appeal to you for a corrective remedy."

The Auditor's report noted that the Willingboro School Board said its vote to approve the budget was based on "falsified" information supplied by district staff. In July of 2005, the board suspended School Superintendent Alonzo Kittrels.

In the wake of a school district deficit set at $5.9 million, three Willingboro schools were shuttered in the district of 5,600 students.

The State audit found that the district's 2005 budget set aside $13.6 million for teachers' salaries when the actual cost was $17.7 million and that a monthly report on the district's financial activity consistently understated expenses.

"Children should see that grownups who abuse taxpayers are held accountable," Senator Adler said. "Otherwise, we're all complicit."

Senator Adler served as co-chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Public School Funding Reform which recommended tighter fiscal accountability procedures for districts throughout New Jersey.

5. Seniors of Buffalo County, Nebraska Pushing for more than a $10 Food Stamp Supply

People in Buffalo county that are disabled or of the age of Senior acceptance only receive ten dollars in food stamps on a monthly basis.

This can't be accepted, because of the fact that seniors and people with a disability consume more than ten dollars of food in one month, and people who are in this age or disability range may not be able to work for themselves in an income manor.

6. Make Music not War

War propaganda threatens to corrupt U.S. media. Why waste time, money and our men?

Those men can be anything they want to be and they are using their time to defend our country.

Billions of American dollars have been used to fight this war. The money can be used here in the U.S. for greater things.

So, I fell that if you want to invest money into something effective, make music, not WAR!

7. Saturday Door-to-Door Delivery by Canada Post Corporation

Ms. Moya Greene, Canada Post Corporation's most recent President and CEO made some statements at Vancouver Board of Trade meeting.

She spoke of spending billions of dollars to improve the infrastructure at Canada Post, but was silent on what, if any, services at Canada Post would be improved for customers.

Canada Post has been profitable for the last 11 years, posting a profit of $190 million last year and Ms. Greene expects revenue this year of $7.2 billion.

Ms. Greene does not expect to use any of the billions of dollars to expand door-to-door delivery to Saturdays. In fact, she claims that "customers are not asking for Saturday delivery".

As a customer of Canada Post I have never been asked if I wanted Saturday delivery.

Do you want Saturday door-to-door delivery?

Answer YES or NO and the results will be sent to Ms. Greene upon the closing date of this petition.

Customers in Canada and Quebec must have their voices heard.

8. Minimum wage should increase to 10 dollars an hour

The minimum wage at the moment is not realistic for an individual in Canada to survive with such utilities as, rent, groceries, transportation, and other bills.

9. Spend less on war and more on education

August 8, 2006

Tell Bush to stop spending billions of dollars on war and start seriously funding inner city schools that are failing such as in Los Angeles, CA and Buffalo, NY.

10. Where are Our Tax Dollars Going?

July 22, 2006

Parents work, Parents Pay Taxes, Where is that money going?

I feel that the schools are not getting what they need. Our tax dollars need to be going toward our schools. Instead of Teachers and Parents buying everything.

How can parents pay for 3-4 kids to go to school with this school supply list? How can teachers, pay for their kids and plus pay for her or his classroom supplies? IT CAN'T BE DONE!!

That's why the government that has been promising us free education needs to MAKE IT FREEEEEEE FOREVERYONE!

I have a petition started already, I have sent it in email to at least 100 people, some of them have sent it back to let me know how its doing, and some of them sent itout to family and friends until it reaches to 100 then they send it back to me.

I already have at least 50 signatures right now. And I have about 30 more that I know first hand that wants to sign it too. I plan on taking apetition around town, getting people to sign it. I might even hold a sign petition party. Something needs to be change about our school system lets make a difference.

Stand up for what is right. Taxes should pay for our schools and their needs.

We pay enough of them, where is it going, Oh yeah Their wallets is where our money going.

11. Lower Gas Prices in the U.S.A

July 18, 2006

Has anyone noticed that a gallon of unleaded gas is almost as much money as a gallon of milk? Why is that?

People are enraged at the inflation of the gas prices. Parents who need to drive their children to soccer games or baseball games can't anymore, causing their child to miss out due to this rise in gas prices.

Our country has basically invaded a land with high amounts of oil in it, then why do our gas prices rise and rise??? Pretty soon unleaded gasoline is going to cost us around four dollars a gallon if we do not act fast...

Research studies want us to believe things like this,
"Gasoline may seem expensive, but a recent study by the research firm John S. Herold puts gasoline prices in perspective. The study points out, for example, that a popular soft drink sells for the equivalent of about $2.85 a gallon, and a brand name beer about $9.75 a gallon and Visine eye medication about $895 a gallon."

This just wants people to stop wining about gas prices... Who's gonna buy Visine eye medicine by the gallon? Or mouth wash? or prepared coffee? Sure when gas prices by the gallon are compared to these things it makes it seem like gas prices are low but you don't need $40.00 worth of Visine to fill up your car tank do you? No! It's different for gas.

You don't stop every couple of days to fill up on another 20 gallons of Soda, or Beer.....

12. Support Oil Drilling in ANWR

May 24, 2006

Energy, economy & national security go hand-in-hand. ANWR represents nation's best geologic prospects for major new onshore oil discoveries, and only the 1.5 million acre (8 percent) on the northern coast of ANWR is being considered for development.

The remaining 17.5 million acres (92 percent) of ANWR will remain permanently closed to any kind of development. If oil is discovered, less than 2,000 acres of the Coastal Plain would actually be affected - or less than half of one percent.

Please take a moment to help secure our nation's energy independence by signing our petition. When you are finished, visit us on our website,

13. Develop Patch for Older Games

I've created this petition to try to get Microsoft to create a patch to allow older (Windows 95/98) programs workable.

As almost all computer owners are aware, there are many games, as well as other applications, that were made before Windows XP was released, and will not work with Windows XP.

Countless dollars have gone into buying computer games, with the idea that you will always have the game to play. As time went on, Windows 95 turned to 98, and that evolved into ME. My first computer was a Windows 95, which I upgraded to 98, and all of my games worked. I soon bought a new computer with Windows ME on it, and many of my games still worked just fine. Then came Windows XP.

Upgrading to XP is pretty unavoidable, as all new programs are mainly manufactured for XP use. With upgrading to XP, you are losing the ability to play older computer games. I presonally have over 150 games that I am unable to play now. I probably spent an average of $10-$20 each on them, so that is alot of now wasted money.

I am now hesitant to buy any games for my new computer because they may not work in the next version of Windows.

Please, sign this petition to help me in my struggle to get Microsoft to develop a way to play older games on the computer.

Thank you for your time, and your support.

14. Warroad Warriors

Saulteaux Tribe of the Anishinabe in Warroad

This is our petition for federal recognition as an injustice was done to our Tribe on June 24, 1905. Instead of getting federal recognition we received individual allotments.

We were fully functional as a Government with our own Chief and Council. Chief Aye-Ash-A-Wash signed a treaty to keep Buffalo Point, which is part of our territory and now is in Canada just five miles from Warroad, Minnesota. He was recognized as Chief and as an Indian in Canada. The United States Government did not recognize him as an Indian or Chief. When the patents arrived in Warroad, Nah-May-Puck was our Chief.

We need federal recognition because it would be the right thing to do. We need to correct an injustice that took place here in the United States. Our Tribe was called the Saulteaux Tribe of the Ojibway Indians.

Please help us get the much-needed recognition, as federal recognition would bring millions of federal dollars into the surrounding communities including Warroad, Roseau and Baudette in Minnesota.

Federal recognition would also bring Indian Health Services, Economic Development and education dollars for all of it's members.

The following will receive the petition: Senator Mark Dayton, Senator Norm Coleman, and Senator Collin Peterson.

15. Improved education standards for Allentown

In years gone by we have had an excellant standard of eduation. However, this is decling rapidly.

Our taxes keep going up, yet the quality of our educational institutions keeps declining. The people of the city of Allentown would like to have a guarentee that our hard earned tax dollars will go toward the improvement of the future of our students.

Instead of dividing the money between all the school, lets focus our attention on one school per year. We want to see some real results or else there is no reason to raise our taxes again. We do not want to continue to allow Section 8 housing to drain the economic funds of this city.


The Marvel comic turned movie Elektra (2005) deserves a sequel! It was made with 36 million dollars, and has grossed 44 million and counting, and it still has to open in over 40 countries. Jennifer Garner and Rob Bowman said more then once that In order to have a sequel, it had to make 20 million dollars more than its budget.

It only has 12 million more to go, and 40 more counties. (One million per country) Also, the movie can still make money on DVD sales. It deserves a sequel because of how well it has done, and because the fans deserve to let their favorite superhero/assassin have another chance.

With a little bit better writing, and with it also showing it's Daredevil roots, this could be as good as the X-Men movies, and also the Spider-man movies.

17. Reduce School Lunch Prices

JT Lambert (aka JTL) as well as other East Stroudsburg area schools, keep raising school lunch prices by as much as 5-10 cents a year! At this rate, lunches may soon cost a good 2 dollars, and this doesn't include the snack bar! Many kids can hardly afford lunch, because there parents are unwilling to give them the increasing price for the food.

I ask that this is stopped and decreased. Lunch should be something everyone can afford and enjoy, not something that costs 9 dollars a week!

The current price is $1.80, almost two dollars! I did the math, and its nine dollars a week spent on a school lunch! In one month, you spend $36 dollars on cafiteria food, so thats $324 dollars a year! That is way too much money to be spending on a school lunch! You do the math. It's crazy.

18. Deny wages to U.S. Senators and Congressmen

While now we are hearing of how many times John Kerry has not been present to vote on certain issues; we must not allow our Senators and Congressmen to collect their salaries if they fail to show up to vote.

Our tax dollars pay these people. No American company would continue to pay employees who did not show up to work.


We tax payers demand our Reps to do their jobs. If you fail to show up to vote three times, you must be fired, recalled or whatever it takes to get you out!

19. No Respect, No Relationship


This petition of certain citizens of Australia condemns the Howard Government for refusing to run the anti-violence campaign "No Respect No Relationship" that was designed to educate young people that violence in relationships is wrong and must be stopped.

Your petitioners ask the House to ensure that the Government releases the campaign material that was developed over the last 2 years at a cost of millions of dollars to taxpayers so that it can be used by others in
the community to send a strong message to young people.

Public money paid for the development and production of this campaign and we urge the House to demand its release for public use.

20. Divide Large Lottery Jackpots Into Smaller $1m Draws Ontario Canada

Hats off to the OLGC as its gaming proceeds support Ontario's hospitals, amateur sport, recreation, education, charities and non-profit organizations through the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

However, with some lotteries reaching huge amounts and the high odds of winning the jackpot, many people have expressed their desire that the lottery corporation divide the amount into smaller lottery draws which would generate better odds of winning. For example, the odds of winning the Lotto 6/49 jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816. With 10 draws of 1 million dollars your odds are 10 times better.

21. Stop Wasting Tax Dollars On BareBackers

Our newly elected Government, the Ontario Liberal Party, is currently in crisis due to a MAJOR Deficit left upon them by the former Government, The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. One of the Policies of the former Ontario Government, (The Conservatives), was to spend BILLIONS of Taxpayer's hard earned dollars funding Medications for Homosexuals to have WILFUL UNPROTECTED sexual intercourse thereby, BLATENTLY AND PURPOSELY perpetuating the spread of AIDS, which is a disease that affects ALL Human Beings be they Straight, Gay, Male, Female, Child, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or anyone else. AIDS has no race hangup-it will kill ANYONE it touches-PERIOD!

Now, why should we as hard working citizens be losing our hard earned Tax Dollars to allow this kind of "Disgusting" behaviour?
Our children go to school hungry, parents now have to PAY for their children's books and school supplies, classroom overcrowding, nurse shortages, Hospital waiting lists, a health care system in crisis, transit systems barely able to operate, roads/highways/bridges in need of repair, seniors and homeless needing shelter and medicines, youth needing job training, housing costs, rent controls, and the list just goes on and on and on......>

And yet, we fund BILLIONS of dollars a year for these sick individuals to continue their disgusting lifestyles.
Here is a quote from a site called ''-(this is just one of THOUSANDS of sites on the internet devoted to this topic of unsafe sex known as "BAREBACKING")

What you are about to read is EXTREMELY graphic and may offend some. BUT I feel it is necessary to show the TRUTH about what is REALLY going on. (And remember-OUR Tax dollars pay to let these guys behave this way!)!!!

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To view, bookmark or otherwise use this site you must agree to the following:
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There you have it!
And that is just ONE of thousands as I mentioned.
Now by the way, there are "Bug Hunters" as you may have noticed.
These are Men who are PURPOSELY trying to get infected so that they can go on Permanent Disability paid for by YOUR tax dollars so they don't have to work and can spend their lives having "Pig Sex" as often as they can while collecting YOUR hard earned money.

I say we put a stop to this unacceptable behaviour NOW and we lobby the New Premier of Ontario, The Honorable Dalton McGuinty to put an end to funding for the Medication of these people AND, if they are healthy enough then they should not be entitled to Disability until they are in a position where they can no longer work.

HIV is NOT a life threatening illness. Many people work knowing they have it, and MANY work for years without even knowing they have it. It is therefore NOT a Disiability and we could save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year if we just "Declassified" HIV as a life-threatening illness UNTIL it DOES become one. Many people live very healthy lives for years with HIV, they can therefore work and pay taxes and support their own medical expenses if they want to behave they way they do.

And on a final note, an HIV infected person having unprotected sexual contact with another person IS a Criminal Offence under the Criminal Code of Canada and they CAN be charged and even jailed for it.

22. Lower the prices on domains!

Thousands of people around the world want a domain for their website. The only thing stopping them is the price! The cheapest price is around $5.99 a month! That equals to $71.88 dollars a year! A lot of people don't have that much, and it only gets worse! Sign this petition to try and lower prices!

23. Help get more people off the waiting lists for organs

There are currently 424 people waiting for organs in British Columbia alone. Every year people die waiting for an organ. THe society right now does not accept direct donations and/or anonymous donations and I want to ask the governement to change that so long distance relatives/strangers can help patients get off the waiting lists and help them to continue healthier lives with their families.

24. Stop Wasting Tax Dollars on Cable, Sattilite TV, and High Priced Meals for Convicted Felons

According to published CDC reports, California spends close to $2 million dollars annually to provide Cable and Sattilite TV to inmates. Further, it costs tax payers twice the amount to feed inmates in Fire Camps than it does the average inmate.

25. End maternal deprivation experiments on primates @ SUNY

This current campaign is seeking to end more than three decades of cruel and unnecessary primate research at the State University of New York (SUNY) Health Sciences Center in Brooklyn. Dr. Leonard Rosenblum, director of the Primate Behavior Laboratory at the SUNY Health Science Center in Brooklyn, has forced monkeys to undergo maternal separation or deprivation in order to "model" human ailments such as panic and anxiety disorders. Mr. Rosenblum has been performing his sadistic experiments at SUNY on mother monkeys and their infants for over 30 years.

Picture this: a young monkey sits terrified and immobile with its head below his knees. His arms are wrapped around himself and its toes are tightly curled. This is the essence of Rosenblum's experiments Deprived of their mothers, these normally playful infants become frightened and withdrawn. Since 1990 he has funded his brutal research with over 2.5 million dollars in taxpayer money. LET'S STOP HIM NOW.

26. No ceasefire in Macedonia

This petition is about the Macedonian ceasfire beween the rebels. Macedonia shouldn't have agreed to sign the ceasefire. It has wasted 300 million dollars and now they agreed to a ceasefire. They should have kept going until they could have. If you ask the people who died for the Former Yuougoslav rep. of Macedonia they sould have fought to the end now that it looks like the Albanians have won. The USA should bombard Albania.