#Human Rights
Prentis Goodwin vote700billion@yahoo.com
United States of America

Go read for your self what is going on in this nation.



The facts are in now the decision must be made.

Hi, many people do not know me but many of you do. My name is Prentis Goodwin, and I like many other American people have decided congress has come to the end of their rope. Now with that being said, I am wanting what is best for my family and myself as I am sure you do to.

The only way you and I are going to get what's best for each of us will be to work together by standing up for our God given rights. I created this petition in an effort to free myself and anyone else that feels the same as I do and wants there GOD given right to be free from the congressional system called Federal government. Remember these four simple words, they are very powerful
"National Sovereign Law Referendum".

The state I am fighting for is Mississippi. There are 2,951,996 people living in Mississippi right now. I am asking for your help not only by signing but also by sending this link to all your friends and have them do the same. We need 70% or more of the people to make this happen for the betterment of all the people living in Mississippi. I ask " why send our tax dollars to the people in Washington who have the world so upside down right now" and then sit on our hands begging for a portion of our own money to be given back to us so we can run our state. I want to personally deliver this petition to our Governor at his Office in Jackson, MS accompanied by members of the world free press and all the tabloids on behalf of the Great State Of Mississippi and the true Sovereign people who are showing a pledge to defend their rights as was set in force by our founders of this great nation. Let's work together and make it happen. There once was a great man who said "I Have A Dream" and that dream is for all people to be free no matter what color you may be.

"Become a Sovereign State". Start by adding your name to this petition and click send where you can be counted. Don't worry about standing up for your rights that have been hijacked. The "THEY" everyone always talks about already knows who you are, and where you live.

God Speed to all.

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