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1. Stop the Banning of the Confederate Flag

The confederate flag has been banned in many places, including battle grounds and cemeteries which may have once contained the soldiers of the Confederacy. The flag is also not allowed to be sold in many stores including; Walmart,, etc..

This ban is not only in states that were considered part of the Union but also in states which consider themselves a part of the Confederacy.

Virginia is no longer allowed to sell license plates with the emblem on them and Mississippi, a state which prominently incorporates the flag was told change their flag as to no longer contain the emblem.

This petition is to stop the banning of the battle flag because it stands for more then the negative allegations people have put onto it.

2. Ban Cigarettes in Mississippi

Cigarettes kill millions yet they are still legal. Our state is basically selling poison.

By signing this petition you can make a difference!

You can help stop this poison!

3. Free Mississippi from the Union

The United States of America is crumbling under corruption and it is making Mississippians lose their values and way of way of life at this point and time we must seperate from the union we have our kids and their future to think about.

The United States are not suppose to negotiate with terrorist they have been when they released the 5 Taliban terrorist you must be a U.S citizen to be president we are suppose to up hold our constitution the U.S government is trying to pull the 2nd amendment they are not up holding our values.

4. Allow Simpson County Citizen to Live on Her Own Property

Linda Calderon is a citizen of Magee, MS. She has lived in Simpson County practically all her life. She was deeded the property on 1st Street NW, Magee, MS, in 2009.

On December 2, 2011, she invested in the purchase of a mobile home by making a down payment and has been awaiting the arrival of this new home. The seller of home has promised to have the home moved to this property this week. In the meantime, Mrs. Calderon has had the property cleared of trees and the lawn maintained.

To her utter dismay, she was informed by the Mayor and Mr. David Dunn on May 21, that she is not to move any sort of home onto her property.

5. Return Due Process to Mississippi

“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal."
~The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

With the NDAA's indefinite detainment without due process clause, (meaning legally, the Federal Government can arrest anyone for anything at any time secretly) It is time to recognize that Mississippians could lose their right to a fair trial.

With new bills being introduced to take away our first amendment rights, we should be worried about the consequences of disagreeing with any legal policies the government wants to implement.

If there is a suspected terrorist or protester, they should have the right to a fair trial by a jury of their peers to determine if their actions were illegal, and to determine the extent of punishment under law.

6. Place Speed Bumps on Peach Place

In the last year two kids were hit by speeding vehicles traveling on Peach Place which has a speed limit of 25 mph. On this road are two churches and a neighborhood park which is located on a hill. I have been living on this road for over twenty years and I've witnessed a high speed chase and a four year run over by a truck, on New Year's Day.

I have a nine year old son who rides his bike to the park with his friends and I have a fear that one day a car would come speeding over that hill and injure more children.

7. National Safe Seafood Council's Petition for Testing

Since the BP Oil Disaster, America's Gulf seafood has been in question. As Americans watched the millions gallons of oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico in horror, those businesses and families that depend on the Gulf for their livelihoods held their breath.

While the people of the Gulf had seen oil spills before, the BP Oil Spill would change the environment and their lives for generations to come. It seems that Washington DC thinks Americans are simply naive and that be issuing a few press releases and some commercials that everything will be fine. Well Mr. President, I for one can say that is not good enough.

More needs to be done and it needs to be done right now before these hard working people, who want only to work for their money, become another statistic in what history is sure call America's worst nightmare. Do you feel safe Mr. President feeding this seafood to your children and what it may do to them on a cellular level? Do you fear what it may do to your grand children because that is what "we the people" fear the most!

There seems to be only one organization that has made a commitment to any kind of stand on this issue. The NationalSafe has been created by some of the same people effected by this disaster and they are committed to see this through until funding is provided for proper long term testing.

8. Time to Become a Sovereign State

Go read for your self what is going on in this nation.

The facts are in now the decision must be made.

9. Properly Regulate Alcohol Sales and Brown Bagging

This is our present city ordinance.

It shall be unlawful for a convenience store, service station or other type of retail establishment holding a permit authorizing the sale of beer and light wine for off-premises consumption to:

(1) To sell beer or light wine to any person between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. on Monday through Saturday, and between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. on Sunday.
(2) To permit consumption of beer or light wine on the premises of the store or retail establishment.
(3) To sell, give or furnish beer or light wine to any person visibly intoxicated or to any insane person, or to any habitual drunkard, or to any person under the age of twenty (21) years.
(4) To permit on the premises any lewd, immoral, or improper entertainment, or conduct or practices.
(5) To permit or suffer gambling or the operation of games of chance upon the licensed premises unless otherwise allowed by the Mississippi Gaming Act.
(6) To receive, possess or sell on the premises any beverage of any kind or character containing more than five (5) percent alcohol by weight.
(7) To display or sell beer or light wine from an ice tub or similar container, other than a mechanical refrigeration unit.

This is our present city ordinance. There are some people in our community that would like to change the ordinance due to the fact they say we are losing much needed sales tax revenue to the county and Louisiana, where beer and light wine can be purchased all day, every day.

10. End World Wide Hunger and Make a Difference!

Did you know that 1 child dies every 3 sec. 30000 African children under the age of 5 die every day and one of the main reasons for that is from hunger. In America, teenagers spend about $101 a week and the average person spends a billion every year eating out. Kids in other countries, even in America, that are less fortunate than others, are shocked by this. When they hear that most people eat 3 meals a day, that's a huge deal. More than 1 billion people suffer from severe hunger, and another 2 billion are malnourished. In American there are 691000 children that go hungry in the U.S-statistics. It is a very serious thing and we need to make it aware and do something about it.

What can we get here for a $1? A Mickey D's Sweet Tea?...nope not even that...But it takes just a $1 to feed kids 3 meals a day in countries like Ethiopia and Africa. That's a big difference compared to how much most Americans, that have the money, spend on 3 meals. "If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man how to fish he will eat for a lifetime" We also need to teach others ways to survive and learn how to adapt to what they have and how to use it.

Most people think "Well if I can't do EVERYTHING then I just won't do ANYTHING at all" or "What difference will it make it just do a little and not make a huge impact?" You can make a DIFFERENCE, "the DIFFERENCE" by doing all that you can! Changes like standing up and speaking up for them, Sponsoring a child, donating, blessing people with needs, even just praying. Prayer is a powerful tool, the most powerful tool! God says "When you help the least of those, your helping me.-2 cor. 9:13

You are SET APART for God's purpose! We all need to use our gifts and talents God has given us. God intends it to be that we help others and treat others the way we want to be treated. So make the change and don't let anyone starve. The main goal for this petition is to make the Global Food Security Act a law globally. The law will reduce the hunger by investing in nutrition and agriculture.

11. For Freshman Nursing Students to have Fridays off next semester like sophmores

A petition for freshman students.

12. Help Free Jeffrey Havard

Mr. Havard, accused and convicted of murdering the six-month-old child of his girlfriend and who has been incarcerated on death row at the Mississippi State Prison in Parchman, Mississippi for the past several years.

You will find that this particular case is a classic example of the "good ole boys" injustice that continues to dominate the political structure of Mississippi. The incompetence of the unqualified officials responsible for the young man's death sentence is beyond belief. The coroner in this case was not a medical doctor. His prior employment was that of an ambulance medic and had received only forty hours of training for his elected position.

The pathologist who testified for the state, it was learned, had never been certified. The defense provided for the accused presented no expert testimony, and the actual defense attorney was later indicted on serious illegal drug charges. The circuit court clerk who recorded and published the findings in this case was indicted for stealing funds from the state.

The initial charge for which Mr. Havard was convicted was shaken baby syndrome with an underlying felony of sexual battery. His appeal to the Mississippi Supreme Court resulted in the refutation of all charges excepting the underlying felony, leaving it up to the accused and his defense to explain the 1cm bruise supposedly found on the infant's thigh at the time of autopsy.

The defendant had admitted from the beginning that he had accidentally dropped the child in the process of giving her a bath. In a frantic effort to revive the child, both the defendant and the child's mother attempted vigorous resuscitation. Logic would suggest that either could have been responsible for the 1cm bruise.

I implore you and your associates to thoroughly review Mr. Havard's case. By doing so, I feel certain you will want to employ your influence towards preventing the wrongful death of an intelligent, delightful and innocent young man who has much to offer his family, friends and society.

I ask everyone to write to the governor and let him know that Jeff should be free.

Go to his web site and all the information will be there, facts and documented proof. There is no witness, no physical evidence, no motive other than the attorney for the state wanted to make a name for himself.

Write to:
Governor Haley Barbour
P.O. Box 139
Jackson, Mississippi 39205
1-877-405-0733 or 601-359-3150

Please pass this on to everyone you know that can help. By doing so, I feel certain you will want to employ your influence towards preventing the wrongful death of an intelligent, delightful and innocent young man who has much to offer his family, friends and society.

Or you can email:
The email will be sent.

Visit his web site:
and under "Friends Comments " leave your information and it will be sent.

13. Rescuing Recess In Mississippi

CHICAGO Oct 9, 2006 (AP)— Here's some soothing medicine for stressed-out parents and overscheduled kids: The American Academy of Pediatrics says what children really need for healthy development is more good, old-fashioned playtime.

14. Pit Bull Terrier Ban in Florence MS City Limits

May 13, 2006


15. Investigate health effects of Modern Line Products' production processes

January 27, 2006

To detemine cause of employee health problems at Modern Line Products.

The mortality rate for former employees is very high in comparison to other manufacturers in the Mississippi delta.

Modern Line Products used Asbestos, Silicosis, Manganese, Lead Paint, Paint removers, Asbestos & Mesothelioma, Tooling bits known to cause cancer and Oils that cause cancer.

All the abovementioned items are in the courts all over the country. What we are asking is that an investigation be done in a speedy and efficient manner to determining what health effects these chemicals and other hazardous materials had on the
Janaury 27, 2006

Employees and what the effect would have on their offspring in the future.

We also concern about how Modern Line Products disposed chemical and other hazardous materials.

This Petition applies to those who have lost a family member who once was employed by Modern Line Products.

16. Country & Western Saloon in Gretna

West Jefferson Parish of New Orleans, La. (Gretna) has no place to go line dancing, and doesn't have a comfortable place for adults 30 yrs and up to let their hair down and have fun, or meet new and old friends.

17. Mississippi Infertility Insurance Mandate

Most insurance companies refuse to cover infertility diagnosis and treatment because they consider pregnancy and parenthood "unnecessary" and "optional".

It is our belief that every person should have the opportunity to be a parent.

18. Boycott Mississippi Coast Coliseum

The Mississippi Coast Coliseum is not handicapped accessible according to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Many complaints have been made and nothing has been done to fix the problem.

19. "No" to Mississippi Education Budget Cut

Mississippi is voting to cut the education budget by $16 million. As we are number number one in illiteracy, highschool drop-outs and teen pregnancy in the country, how can the government consider trying to cut education?
The State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Henry Johnson states "In order to move Mississippi forward, education must be our first priortity. Today's children are the workforce and leaders of tomorrow."

20. Build Soccer Fields for Vicksburg, Mississippi

Vicksburg, Mississippi is a town of 25,000+ that presently has no soccer fields within the city limits. The local soccer organization has 600+ players. City residents are forced to drive ten miles outside the city limits for practice and games. Youth
Development of the sport therefor struggles within the city. This has been an issue for many years now. Please sign the below petition for the good of our youth.

21. Keep Student Initiated Events At NEMCC!

The purpose of this petition is to keep student-sponsored events a part of the Northeast Mississippi Community College campus. Ray Scott, head of the Student Government Association and the Director of Housing for the community college, said that starting next year (effective Fall Semester 2003) all student sponsored events would be canceled, and even events planned with a campus faculty advisor would be extremely restrictive. This is a definite blow to students' rights, the First Amendment, and the college at large. Since there are less than five college-sponsored events on-campus per month (on average), this also means less time for the students to spend on-campus. This move is unwarranted. Students should not be regarded as something to be controlled. Students are customers; Those who attend college pay for it themselves, and expect something in return. If you owned a business, would you do everything you could to please potential customers, or would you regard every customer as a shoplifter and make them so uncomfortable that they would have no other choice but to leave? That is our problem, and through your help, you can be the solution. Thank you. It is not fair to limit others' freedom of speech because they do not agree with your own.