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1. Stop Herkimer County's use of eminent domain for the jail.

The property on the northern portion of NYS Route 28 (often referred to as the old P&C site) is a highly valued commercial property that has been under a dark cloud for a decade due to the interest by the Herkimer County Legislature to place a jail on that property. Because of that dark cloud of uncertainty, several businesses have expressed interest in purchasing or leasing the property from the owner but fear that the investment will be undermined by the actions of the Herkimer County Legislature.

The Herkimer County Legislature is NOW attempting to TAKE that property from the owner through the use of “eminent domain” because the owner wants to keep its use as a commercial property and does NOT want to sell it to the Herkimer County Legislature.

A public hearing that was held on October 11, 2017 at the Herkimer County Legislature chambers where “the public” from the Village of Herkimer and surrounding municipalities SPOKE OUT AGAINST the proposed action of the Legislature – stating that the use of eminent domain to TAKE the P&C property would NOT BENEFIT THE PUBLIC. It was also stated that there is a number of alternative properties, such as the state approved land on Route 5S whose owner ATTENDED the meeting and requested that the Legislature begin discussions of acquiring the land for placement of the jail on that property.

Eminent domain is defined as “the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use, with payment of compensation.” However the justification of the use of eminent domain is most often qualified as those actions necessary to “benefit the public”.

2. Limit Employment tax to your own town/city for its overall budget

I believe this will allow each community to tackle its issues head on.

3. Galvestonians Request Fair Taxation (GRFT)

1. The residents of Galveston are the city’s largest, and most efficient, economic driver and pay local, state, and federal taxes.
2. The Port of Galveston (PoG) is a municipal entity that pays no local, state, or federal taxes.
3. Galveston voted to buy the PoG in 1945 with the promise, by city leaders and the Daily News, that payments (property taxes) to the city would continue as they had in the past.
4. In 1942, PoG payments to Galveston represented 13.2% of the PoG’s gross revenues.
5. In 2014, the PoG payment to the city represented 0.58% of the PoG’s gross revenues.
6. If PoG payments remained at 13.22% of gross revenues, they would have paid the city $3.7 million in 2015. Actual 2015 PoG payment was $188,076.
7. Since 1975 Galveston taxpayers have had their property taxes increase, on an annualized basis, by over 10%.
8. Since 1975 PoG payments to the city have increased, on an annualized basis, by 0.40%. [Note: Taking inflation into account, the actual rate of increase for PoG payments is negative.]
9. PoG revenues have increased with inflation since 1945.
10. If PoG payments to the city had kept pace with inflation, they would have paid the city $2.7 million in 2015. Actual 2015 PoG payment was $188,076.
11. By Charter, the Wharves Board and the PoG do not answer to Galveston’s City Council. Any lasting, permanent change to the PoG’s payments can only be accomplished through a Charter change.


As a Wartime measure, the Federal Government gained sole control over Australian Income Tax. Labor Prime Minister ( Ben Chifley ) introduced three bills to establish the National Welfare Fund, to be financed by a Compulsory Contribution (levy) of one and sixpence in the Pound (20/- ) on all personal income. 1946 Opposition Leader (Robert Menzies) stated that the Compulsory Contribution (levy) should be kept completely separate.

That it should be shown separately on the Taxation Assessment and paid straight into a “TRUST” account and not mixed with the General Revenue. Menzies said “The stigma of charity should be removed from the Age Pension.” ”It should be an entitlement earned by the person’s personal contribution to the fund.” Prime Minister Chifley agreed and established

The National Welfare fund as at 1/1/1946. A “Trust” Fund with the Parliament as “Trustee.” The Compulsory Contributions (levy) commenced as at 1st January 1946. It was shown separately on the personal Tax Assessments for 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949 and 1950 And the compulsory levy was properly paid straight into the Special “Trust” fund And Welfare claims were paid out of the fund. The balance in the fund in 1950 was almost 100 Million Pounds. 1949 Robert Menzies became Prime Minister and he introduced Bills to amend the acts governing the National Welfare Funds. The Compulsory Contributions (levy) was then grouped with the Taxation Assessment and appeared as one amount on the Taxation Assessments and was paid as one straight into the Consolidated Revenue Account. 1951-1985

The Compulsory levy of 7.5% now included in the tax continued to be collected and placed in the Consolidated Revenue Account treated as General Revenue and spent, until 1985. 1974-1975 Labor Prime Minister (Gough Whitlam) abolished income test for all persons 70 years of age and over and paid pensions to all people over that age.

1975 Liberal Prime Minister (Malcolm Fraser) cancelled the Witlham achievement of abolishing the test for all 70 years of age and over.

1977 Liberal Prime Minister (Malcolm Fraser) with Treasurer Philip Lynch) transferred the balance in the Welfare Fund Account (approximately $ 470.000.000) to Consolidated Revenue Account.

1985 The Hawke Labor Government repealed acts No. 39, 40, and 41 of 1945 (The National Welfare Fund Acts). Thus the funds finally ceased to exist yet the 7.5% levy continued to be collected as a proportion of the Income Tax revenue. It also introduced the (much maligned) Income and Asset Tests, thereby excluding millions of levy and tax paying Australians from receiving Social Services Pensions.

This money these self-funded contributions paid as a percentage of the total income tax collections are today worth far more than the amount of means tested pensions paid out. Actuaries have calculated the non-means tested entitlement due to each retiree, today is in excess of $ 500 per week. This surely debunks the politician’s claim that the generation are paying a proportion of their current taxes to cover the payments made to pensioners.

The obvious short fall has been swallowed by the government’s Taxation Black Hole. The historical summary above highlights the fact that politicians of opposing political parties each contributed to the agenda to destroy the entitlement as it was intended why? When it clearly would not have been the will of the people. While Party Politicians are controlled by a few people who are hidden from public view yet are open to Manipulation and Outright Corruption, there can be no certainty of the payment of pensions. Only a majority of truly Independent representatives can bring about a change from Government under corporate control, to Government for the People, of the People, by the People. Just because a cabal of political miscreants become so GREEDY and they change the way a tax looks in the Ledgers.


5. Tell Albany We Are NOT An ATM for the MTA

"It’s an absolute affront to the hard-working businesses and local governments that have to cough up the money because the state and, in this case, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority can’t be more creative and efficient....

This tax slaps businesses in the MTA region with a 34-cent tax for every $100 of payroll if their annual salaries exceed $1.25 million, regardless of the number of workers. Certain levels of government, including counties in the MTA region, have to pay up as well. This is a regressive policy, especially when you consider the MTA gets money from all sorts of sources, including user fees, other taxes and major subsidies from higher levels of government."

Poughkeepsie Journal, 3/4/17


Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat announced a new tiered tax system for motorcycles on 20 Feb 2017. Under the new system, the 15% Additional Registration Fee (ARF) will stay for motorcycles with an OMV of up to S$5000. The subsequent S$5000 of its OMV will incur an ARF of 50%, and the remaining OMV above S$10000 will come with an ARF of 100%.

What is the rational behind this move?
If Singapore's goal is to curb road congestion shouldn't we encourage mode of transport such as motorcycling by reducing the taxes?
Motorcycles do not contribute as much to congestion as cars so why are motorcyclist subjected to the same tax amount as cars?

7. Stop Trudeau's Carbon Tax & Use Taxes We Already Pay To Fund Cleaner Resources

Justin Trudeau took 10 vacations last year including the use of a private jet. He is passionate about climate change but instead of using the Canadian people's tax dollars to build the infrastructure needed to start using renewable energy and using fossil fuels more cleanly, he has been using the Canadian people's tax dollars to serve his own agenda and sending most of it overseas for other countries and governments to benefit from racking up a massive spending debt for us and our children to shoulder. Now he wants you to pay a carbon tax in addition to the taxes you are already paying. This tax will affect everything manufacturered and shipped - it will affect everything. Everything you buy; groceries, gas, heat, everything. So his plan is to punish us for the use of carbon.. not actually provide our country with what we need. For the Canadians who remember that the government's money is actually our money and that the government is supposed to serve us and not the other way around.. Justin Trudeau: stop vacationing and schmoozing and use our tax money to help us. Stop using our tax money like it is your own personal schmooze fund and get to work. No to carbon tax, no to more vacations, yes to building and improving energy infrastructure.

8. Untax Early Retirement

Currently early retirement is TAXABLE. Our government will take 32% of our retirement pay which we earned hard. Why not untax early retirement so that we employees will be encouraged to retire early, to become ENTREPRENEUR and not be a WORKER until the age of 60? Kababayans, this is a worthwhile goal.

9. Stop Taxing People For Their Periods

There are both pleasant, and unpleasant things about periods.

However, there is one thing in particular that is beyond unpleasant, it is vindictive, unfair, and - dare we say it - a touch sexist.

That is the fact that a physical necessity - a sanitary product to deal with the perfectly natural occurrence of the menstrual cycle - is taxed.

That's right,

We live in 2016, and people are being TAXED for having a period.

This is something which should really be heavily subsidised, or free, like condoms, and instead, our government is taxing people for it.

We needn't explain why this is beyond a joke, the simple fact that around HALF OF ALL NEW ZEALANDERS HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO MENSTRUATE should highlight why the taxing of these products is unfair, and something which needs to change.

So we, the signatories , petition the John Key of the National Party to make this change. Show some decency, and some respect, to the same part of life to which you owe your own.


For any country to survive and thrive, the government is dependent on the support and co-operation of tax-paying businesses and individuals. The obligations of taxpayers is to pay their taxes honestly and on time.

In return the obligation of government is to utilize these taxes in a responsible manner to provide the delivery of government services to all of its people (both rich and poor).

The South African population is becoming increasingly frustrated with the wastage of huge sums of taxpayers money as a result of government inefficiencies, mal-administration and corruption. This is prevalent in most tiers of government as well as the various SOE's (state owned enterprises).

Essentially taxpayers are becoming frustrated as they believe they are not receiving "value for money" on their "hard earned taxes".

11. IRS Commissioner, Investigate Sanders for Tax fraud

It is tax day and Sanders has still not released his taxes suggesting tax fraud.

12. Review motorcycle COE in Singapore

To review motorcycle COE in Singapore, which has burdened the lesser income who need motorcycles for transport and work.

A) Some background stats:
1. If 10% of vehicles are replaced by motorcycles, travel time for ALL other vehicles reduces by 40%.

2. Car population has grown 51%.
Motorcycle population has only grown 7%

3. 1 car space is equivalent to 3 motorcycles on the road. Known as PCU (Passenger Car Equivalent or Passenger Car Unit).

B) Price of motorcycle COE over the years
In 2005, motorcycle COEs cost $500 on average.
Motorcycles made up 19.19% of vehicles on the road.

In 2015, motorcycle COEs cost upwards of $6500.
Motorcycles make up 14.94% of vehicles on the road.

Motorcycle COEs has increased 1300.6% for the last 10 years (from $500 to $6503).

C) Lower income is hit hardest.
Many lower income people need motorcycles for commercial purposes, like dispatch and delivery riders. They earn about $8 an hour, or $1300 a month. A $500 motorcycle now cost $7000 thanks to this system. Which hits them very hard.

D) Conversion to Open Cat
Motorcycle COEs are converted to open category COEs which are bidded by cars. Lesser supply of motorcycle COEs equals a higher price.

Unfair and illogical!

E) Motorcycle traders start to benefit from high COE prices, as majority of motorcycle buyers take a loan from the traders. What used to be a loan for a $2000 motorcycle is now a $8500 loan.

1. Stop senseless conversion of motorcycle COE to open category COE
2. Stop allowing motorcycle traders to buy and hold COEs, and allow only the buyer to bid for COE himself


13. Senator Sanders release your tax returns

You claim to be transparent yet you have not released your tax returns. Are you hiding something?

America demands that you release them now.

14. Demand Bernie Sanders release his tax returns

You pay taxes, I pay taxes, we all pay taxes but we don't know if Bernie Sanders has paid his taxes because he has not released his tax returns like Hillary Clinton has on her web page.

Please sign this petition and demand that Sanders release his taxes for the sake of honest transparency.

15. Stop an Increase in the GST

In Australia, we currently have a GST of 10%. At this level it has been a complicit failure. We were led to believe implementing a GST would give our government the ability to reduce other so called hidden taxes and ultimately benefit our economy as a whole. Here we are 15 years later and currently in the worst economic health we have ever been in, even though we have just had the benefit of a 13 year plus mining boom.

An increase of 50% (10% to 15% is a 50% increase) will give your incompetent government another 30 Billion plus a year to squander in the same way our incompetent governments have in the past.

The real unemployment figure would be closer to that of reported youth unemployment around 25%. Add in the homeless, the people shifted from the Newstart allowance to the Disability Support Pension and the unemployed with too many assets to be listed as unemployed. This government is not creating any real jobs, simply screening Centrelink with a greater vigilance to remove them from receiving benefits. This is giving false figures.

There are several alternatives, we need to stop any suggestion of increasing the current failed tax and start debating the viable and sustainable alternatives.

16. Keep Jobs at HMRC Porthmadog & North Wales

Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has announced plans to close all tax offices in the UK & replace them with 13 regional centres. Just one centre will remain in Wales-in Cardiff. Staff in North Wales are expected to move to Liverpool.

We call on HMRC & the UK Government to re-consider their plans & keep a regional centre in the North whilst maintaining the Welsh-language call centre in Porthmadog.


Mae HMRC wedi cyhoeddi eu bwriad i gau holl swyddfeydd treth y DU a chreu 13 o ganolfannau rhanbarthol. Dim ond un canolfan fydd yng Nghymru-yng Nghaerdydd. Mae disgwyl i staff y Gogledd symud i Lerpwl i weithio.

Galwn ar HMRC a Llywodraeth y Deyrnas Unedig i ail-ystyried a chadw canolfan rhanbarthol yn y Gogledd a chynnal y gwasanaeth Cymraeg ym Mhorthmadog.

17. Keep HMRC jobs in North Wales

Her Majesty Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced the closure of all its tax offices, to be replaced with 13 regional centres. Just one will remain in Wales - in Cardiff. Staff in North Wales are expected to move to Liverpool.

We call on HMRC and the UK Government to re-think its plan, to keep a regional centre in the North and maintain the Welsh-language callcentre here.

Mae HMRC wedi cyhoeddi y bydd yn cau'r holl swyddfeydd treth a chreu 13 o ganolfannau rhanbarthol. Dim ond un fydd yna yng Nghymru - yng Nghaerdydd. Mae disgwyl i staff y Gogledd symud i Lerpwl.

Galwn ar HMRC a Llywodraeth y Deyrnas Unedig i ail-feddwl y cynllun, i gadw canolfan rhanbarthol yn y Gogledd a chynnal y gwasanaeth Cymraeg yma.

18. Stop Injustice and Unfairness in Taxation Law! 100,000+ CANADIANS IN CRISIS!


The CRA Causes More Bankruptcies than anything else in Canada!

Every day in Canada people are subject to a unfair rules of Law that can Destroy them and their family's! And it is Responsible for Homelessness', Suicides , immeasurable Pain & Suffering ! 100,000+ CANADIANS IN CRISIS!

Revenue Canada, uses the 90 Day Rule to reply to a reassessment. The Rule is if you where sent a assessment it is classified as received regardless to the facts of if you actually received the Documents! And the Time Starts from the Day Revenue Canada sends Notice .

This puts thousands and thousands of Canadians at a serious disadvantage! The CRA Knows this!

After 90 days, you cannot Appeal to the Federal Tax Court and have your Day in Court because of the 90 Day rule! Countless Canadians have Appeals Denied because Parliament has Not protected Canadians Charter of Rights and Freedom's!

Revenue Canada use's this totally unjust and unfair Law every day against Canadians to extort people for Taxes even if they don't owe any money .

Then Revenue Canada issues a R T P, or Requirement To Pay And can and will take Everything you have!

Your Bank accounts, Cars, Home, Farm, RRSPs, Everything! Even if you can prove beyond Any Doubt you do NOT owe $ and CRA Auditors Failed in Duty of Care! your Life is completely Ruined by a Bad Audit and there is NO Protection By Law!

This a huge Collateral Attack on thousands of people who can least afford it , and there are currently thousands of Canadians having their lives Destroyed! It is complete disregard to Due Process and Justice to put people at a complete disadvantage in protecting their Rights and Freedom's! Total Injustice!

All the people in Canada are subject to this and Parliament should be strongly Petitioned to stop this financial attack by Revenue Canada on Thousands of Canadians!

19. Save the Force Farm!

To whom it my Concern,

Please sign our petition and help us in our litigation with Ostego County New York and their unconstitutional use of article 11 foreclosure procedures which infringes on the rights of landowners. There is a stay on the deed of our three properties which consists of 111 acres in Butternut Valley.

We paid our taxes in 2012 and were told that we could not pay our 2011 taxes. We could not pay our 2013 taxes due to surgeries and illnesses. On July 16, 2014, we tried to pay all of our back taxes including our taxes for the current year of 2014. What triggered the foreclosure and auction of all three properties was less than $600.00 of tax money owed in 2011. Ostego County has our back tax money that we owe them in escrow. When in court on Monday August 18th, 2014, the Attorney for Ostego County could not even answer Judge Burns as to why they would not let us pay our back taxes before the August 20th, 2014 foreclosure auction.

I am a Veteran and I am still serving in the Air National Guard with 17 years of service. My wife was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 17 years ago and her health is affecting her memory. The message Ostego County is sending to its citizens is that if you become ill or lose your job, you will lose your property.

20. STOP the MANDATORY Phase 2 of the NB Drug Plan

New Brunswick is in need of a catastrophic drug plan. In response to this need, the PC government lead by Premier David Alward created the NB Drug Plan.

The problems with the plan are numerous:

1. Phase 2 makes the drug plan MANDATORY for uninsured New Brunswickers.
2. The premiums are HIGH! ($134 a month for families earning $25k/year & $234 a month for families making $50k/year)
3. There is a 30% copay.
4. The plan excludes all other health coverage (dental, vision, etc.).
5. As it only effects New Brunswickers without employment benefits (insurance), it in essence is placing an additional financial burden on our most vulnerable citizens: small business employees, entrepreneurs, contract workers, those working and living hand-to-mouth.

As it stands right now, all the major political parties are in support of Phase 2. Our voices need to be heard on this important issue. These politicians work for us, and their policies should reflect the needs and realities of the citizens of New Brunswick!

The PC party has promised no tax increases. This plan will be a 3-6% tax on our families! The plan is being touted as a benefit; mandatory Phase 2 makes it another tax.

Please sign this petition and spread the word. New Brunswickers deserve an option, not a tax disguised as a benefit.

21. Stop taxing Pensioners over 70 if our Pensions are under £12,000 a year

Let us call on the Government to STOP TAXING our Pensions if we get less than
£12,000 a year.

22. Australians for a Better Budget

Companies are the biggest earners in Australia, earning billions of dollars a year.
Currently their top tax rate is 30% and about to drop to 28.5% whereas the top tax rate for people is 45%.

This is unfair and one huge source of untapped revenue for the government.

Companies are separate legal entities from their shareholders and are taxed that way.

There is no reason why individual voters should be taxed at a rate 50% greater than companies.

Companies need all the money they can get, but so do individuals and government.

It is fair for companies and individual voters to pay the same, progressive, tax rates starting at 19% and going to 45% for the higher income earners.

This taps those businesses making millions and billions out of Australian consumers. It helps smaller individual Australians and smaller companies.

23. Drill more North Sea wells!

Last year in 2013 we began with 22 rigs drilling in the North Sea and by the end of the year there were 10. It resulted in the lowest level of exploration drilling in the UKCS since 1965!

The North Sea market is key to the economic health of the UK in a number of ways. However, what is often overlooked is that a thriving and dynamic home market is absolutely core to innovative technology development in the UK. This mostly results in export income, increased jobs, and ultimately in value creation by cashing in on the global potential of these new technologies.

George Osbourne is proposing another tax swoop which will hit directly at potential drilling activity in the North Sea. It is short sighted and could become the straw that breaks the camel's back.

24. Petition for cyclists to pay road taxes/fees

If cyclists want motorists to "share the road" with them, and put up with their ridiculous riding techniques and stupidity, then why not make them pay fees and taxes like we do?

25. Jamaicans Against New Bank Tax

The exorbitant taxes paid needs to stop.

Let's nip this new tax in the bud before it commences on June 1, 2014.

26. Block Denbighshire Chief Exec's Bumper Pay Rise

Staff at Denbighshire County Council have received a measly 1% pay-rise. Denbighshire are looking to cut services and make savings of £8.5m.

Denbighshire Chiefe Executive, Mr Mohammed Mehmet is in line for a rise of between 5% and 12%!

27. Abolish the Goods and Services Tax in Canada.

This is a petition to Abolish the Goods and services tax in Canada.

28. Time for Tax Reform in the US

It has long plagued our country. Everyone who is a lawful citizen knows of this service. A service... almost a comical name for such debauchery. The IRS. The Internal Revenue Service. How does one group decide who is exempt from what programs? Who decides who owes more money than others on which events?

This is what I would like to know. An E-4 in the Marine Corps, Rank of Corporal, with a young wife who is a college student and works at Subway owe money back to the IRS even though she doesn't claim any exemptions, and he claims but one on their respective W-4's. So how is it that they could owe the IRS back taxes of almost 700 dollars at the end of the fiscal year. This occurred in the tax year of 2013. A young Marine who fights for his country, considered a junior enlisted. Combining his income with his wife after the standard IRS deduction of 6,100 dollars their adjusted gross income is 20550 dollars, which is only 5000 dollars more than the poverty line. Just living above the poverty line, and a service member, with a young wife who works at a subway, how can they owe money back to the IRS.

My fellow brother and sister Americans, long has how much our taxes owed been prescribed for us. I say that we demand answers, an in depth audit of the IRS itself as well as demand that we look for new improved ways to do taxes. Most notably in the form of the Fair Tax.

29. Stop Bristol VA Debt

As concerned taxpayers in Southwest Virginia, we have watched while Bristol Virginia City leaders have borrowed millions of taxpayer dollars without any guarantee of return on OUR TAXPAYER investment. The time has come to cut our losses before the city of Bristol Virginia maxes out the Taxpayers credit card.

• Huge Gamble: Private Development is risky. The city of Bristol should not use our tax dollars to try to get into the private development business.

• Maxed Out (to the Limit): The city of Bristol, Virginia has a $100 million credit limit. (1) The city council has already borrowed $35 million dollars to fund The Falls risky development scheme. (2) The city of Bristol, Virginia is nearing their debt ceiling and what do the taxpayers of Bristol have to show for it?

• Misguided Priorities: According to city leaders, there is no way the city can finance a $20 million dollar school now.(3) Why do the taxpayers of Bristol have to build a new mall just to have money to build a school? The city leaders should use our tax dollars to build schools not shopping centers.

• Approaching Bankruptcy: Currently, the city of Bristol, Virginia general obligation debt is $79 million. (4) In October, the city approved another $10 million dollars in borrowing for The Falls, which brings the total debt to $89 million. (5) Citizens of Bristol know the leaders in Washington can’t control their spending. Now, the city council wants the state of Virginia to bail them out.

1. Bristol, Va., plans to issue big bucks in bonds for The Falls Bristol Herald Courier October 19, 2013.
2. City of Bristol Virginia Financial Summary 12/31/13 Preliminary.
3. City backs school concept in spirit, but financing in question Bristol Herald Courier December 10, 2013.
4. Bristol, Va., plans to issue big bucks in bonds for The Falls Bristol Herald Courier October 19, 2013.
5. Bristol Virginia City Council Meeting October 8, 2013.


We Malaysians will be bombarded with another increase in toll fees.

The toll concessionaires reported profit every year in their audited annual returns. Therefor there is no reason for a hike.

We hope that with this petition we can send a message to our Malaysian government.