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1. Petition to Stop People Liking, Sharing and Signing Petitions


This is a Petition to Stop People Liking, Sharing and Signing Petitions

Why? . . . . .Because, they are very annoying!

Use your democratic right and vote, complain to the council, the major, your commune leader, your prime minister or your Mum and/or Dad. But please don't feel the need to tell the world your high and mighty opinion and then tell everyone to sign a petition to agree with you.

Have you too had enough of TheCopyandPasteLikeandShareifyouAgreeBrigade? Most people copy and paste the message out of guilt. Enough of the guilt, stand up and say 'No', I'm not going to share your stupid petition anymore. There are way too many petitions now. Lets face it, what are you after? Likes? Real Change? Woo Hoo! Now you have a list of a 1000 names to take to 10 Downing Street , but guess what? They ain't gonna read it out in the house of commons, in parliament or in an important committee because that is still a tiny number.

Please sign this petition, to make a pledge that this will be the last one.


AfricaRastasMovement Letter to the {Africa Religious peoples}
(Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Sabbatarians).

We invite you to come and join us {Spiritual people}, in Worshipping of (JAH,God,Allah) in Truth and Spirit.

We testified that JAH is only One worthy to be Worshipped.
We believe in all Allah prophets.
We accept Jesus son of blessed Mary to be Christ (the Messiah), spoken by all the Prophets.

We believe in God first.
Africa second, and Religion last.
We deposes every political and Religious orders that permits Black against Black DISCRIMINATION.

It will be of good interest for our Community (African) that you accept our invitation.
Allah loves Community that love one another.
Know that we (Rastas) are true believers of Oneness of JAH.

Ras Dominic Chima Ntodonke.
-servant of JAH-apostle of Christ Jesus-Emperor Selassie1 frontline Battle Commander-5*.🇪🇹 ~17/04/2017.
On behalf of AfricaRastasMovement.

3. Aboriginal Children in Canada Do Not Belong to the Government!

Goal: My goal is for our government to acknowledge and bring awareness to this situation and, for them to at least educate our public and promote awareness on the issue. My ultimate goal is for the government to develop culturally appropriate parenting programs so that these children are raised without neglect and have the same opportunities as any other child.

I have a strong personal connection to this because, I firmly believe that this type of situation should not be happening in our country. Our government needs to address this issue and fulfill it's promise of producing real changes for the Indigenous people of our nation, beginning with the children, our future generation of this country.


On top of the seeming failures in her constituency, Lisa Hanna's failure in the Ministry of Youth and Culture is disappointing because I thought that she would bring more to the table from a policy perspective.

Frankly speaking, she has failed the youth of this country. She has not been able to create the atmosphere in Jamaica that will deter certain acts against our youth. The campaign to be the youth's keeper has reached the common man and, therefore, no one feels empowered to do anything for the youth of this country. In my view, people have dropped their collective responsibility to protect the youth because they do not see leadership in Hanna.


5. #obama2016 - President Obama for another Term

It is time we the people, the future of this world take a stand for the right change.

Time we use our power as the nations of the world to keep the greatest president and friend to all nations in the White House for another term.


Let's be the difference. Let's be the world peace. Let's be the people of the world.

6. Stop Litter Bugs and Save our Environment

Recycle or Die-cyle?

The purpose of this petition is to create meaningful connection between human interactions, the environment, and animals that are affected by littering.

We desire changes in laws and littering management that are conducive in developing a stricter law against littering in Texas, and in other states.

7. Save The World School of Rock and The 7 C's

People and passion vs power and money.

Sandy and Aldie have poured their passion, love and conviction into the creation and development of the 7 C's Foundation.

Mike Cilliers is leading a breakaway group to take the dream away from the originators. This breakaway group does not have the passion or the commitment to the 7 C's to even apply them! In fact, one of the first things they have removed is communication and they continue to do so.

The goal of this petition is simply to get the rock school tutors, the trustees, Mike and Lee to get together and discuss about the best way for the 7 C's to move forward, bearing in mind the events that occurred at the last board meeting.

To avoid distortion of the facts from both parties, we wish the meeting to be recorded on video.

If the petition brings this goal about then it can be considered a success.

Please, please sign, otherwise Sandy and Aldie are going to lose their dream.

8. Change the British National Anthem

This is a petition to the UK government to change the British national anthem from God save the queen to land of hope and glory as God save the queen was written as the anthem but most people be live that land of hope and glory installs a more national pride.

If the current government is serious about change for the people then let them show it by removing a out dated song and replacing it with one that makes us all proud to be British.

9. Reduce income inequality in Toronto to allow better living standards

We are a group of Centennial College students and we have an assignment that is focusing on advocating a cause of our choice. And we are petitioning our City of Toronto to create awarenesss regarding the difference between high end living and lower class living.

Through this research, our group noticed specific grocery stores that have been placed in certain areas which aren't affordable for lower income families. It is unfortunate that the City of Toronto has also placed government housing condos in a high end area in downtown Toronto while also having expensive grocery stores around that area.

Our group is advocating to help citizens live a comfortable and appropriate lifestyle.

Please help us bring awareness to our issue also address or concerns to the public.


Thank you for helping us bring awareness.

10. Request for sport and recreational activities for physically challenged people

Sport and recreation contributes to the health and wellbeing of all people and helps break down the barriers that once stopped people with disability from participating.

I feel that Physically challenged people should also be able participate in sports, being physically challenged or disabled shouldn't keep them from doing what they enjoy doing or what they want to do.

Physically challenged people should see their challenges as a gift in its hidden mercy or as a blessing in disguise. I would strongly recommend for physically challenged people / disabled people to go out there do what they love, pursue what they want and achieve all of their heart desires just every other normal human being with no disability because if we actually look at it and face reality we will see that we son all disabled in one way or another.

So if doing sports is what a physically challenged person wants to do then why not let them go out there and do it. I strongly recommend we support them in their wishes and let us bold recreational facilities for them.

11. Declare Nepal a Hindu Nation

Sanatan Hindu Dharma has been the religious tradition of Nepal since time immemorial. Renowned ancient Maharshis and King Janak, Sita, and Gautam Buddha were born and lived in Nepal. Modern history clearly states that Hindu sage named ‘Ne’ established Nepal during prehistoric times, and that the word ‘Nepal’ means the place protected by the sage ‘Ne.’ There is no an iota of doubt that this is the land of Sanatan Dharma since time immemorial where the greatest sages spent their time in meditation and created greatest religious scriptures from this place.

Kailash, Pashupatinath, Gokarna, Muktinath, Janakpur, Ruru, Barah, Lumbini, Devghat and hundreds of pilgrimages, shrines, temples, monasteries, dharmashalas and ashrams dating back thousands of years are the testimonies of this fact. The ancient temples existing thousands of years are the clear evidence of the existence of Sanatan Hindu religion. The Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Kirantis and other religious adherents lived together respecting each other for thousands of years. The tolerable Hindu culture of ‘Basudaiva Kutumbakam’ is in the heart and mind of the devotees of this glorious tradition.

Adherents of Omkar family (Sanatan Dharma) constitute about 95 percent people of Nepal, from Mechi to Mahakali and from Himalayas to the Terai. The perfect example of brotherhood and fraternity exist between the adherents of Sanatan Dharma and the followers of other religious beliefs since ancient time. Hindu culture leads our life from birth to death on every occasions and it is in our genes. The greatest Hindu scriptures Vedas, Upanishads and Shreemad Bhagwat Gita and Ramayana and Mahabharata epic are considered to be the supreme creation of the universe. Hindus, Buddhists, Kirantis, Jains, Shikhs and other Sanatan followers have unique cultural identity which cannot be found in any part of the world.

In this context, declaration of ‘secular state’ was neither the demand of popular movement of 2006 nor it was the agenda of 12 point understanding of the political parties signed in New Delhi. Therefore declaration of secular state was undemocratic and against the mandate of people. This conspiratorial declaration of secular state breaking thousands of years old religious, social and cultural harmony, fraternity and unity of Nepal is utterly unacceptable.This is against human rights principles and international values and norms. For that reason, it is hostile to the social, cultural and religious beliefs and harmony of Nepal. Nepali people outright refuse this undemocratic declaration and assume that this was due to external pressure and plot. As a result, the thousands of years’ social, religious and cultural harmony among the people of different ethnic and religious groups and the indivisible entity, sovereignty and unity of Nepal has been dismantled.

There are many nations in the world which are known as Islamic, Christian and Buddhist countries. There are about one billion Hindus around the world. Nepal can be the representative identity of the Hindus. The only Sanatan Hindu country of the world is the pride, identity and glory of Nepal. Sanatan culture is our testimony of rich social, religious and cultural heritage and dignity and beauty.

In view of this ancient glorious tradition of Sanatan Hindu Dharma and respecting the aspirations and feelings of the people, Nepal must be declared a ‘Hindu Nation.’

12. People's Justice against Crime

"The Sovereign Filipino People propose to adopt a National Jury Law to minimize government corruption and serious civil/criminal offenses.

A Device for Crime Prevention,
To Achieve National Unity

The Jury System shall operate by instruction to the people who will serve as jurors. The instruction consists of the Grand Jury Instruction and the Trial Jury Instruction. In both forms of instruction, they shall be issued under the tutelage of the presiding judge. These instructions will be uniform in their application throughout the country. This will logically result in the reduction of crimes and naturally pave the way to national unity.

The Jury System shall become the “school of law” under the supervision by lawful authorities, the judges all over the land, 5 days a week, and 52 weeks a year. This is tantamount to mass legal education of the people about their civic responsibilities. By training the people with good citizenship rules coupled with their power to decide in justice, the logical result will be a great reduction in the extent of lawlessness and government corruption in the Philippines.

Without the jury systems, where else shall the people get their education for "good" citizenship and loyalty to their government? Well, of course, from outlaws such as criminal gang leaders, death squad masterminds, or rebel leaders who teach people how to kill people; how to ambush peacekeepers; how to rob, how to murder and how to massacre people; how to fight petty wars between and against opposing tribes due to their rivalry in courtship, business, and in politics.

In the proposed jury systems law, continuous trial with no more than 3 days of postponement, except in life threatening situation, will be mandatory making any lawyer or presiding judge or any party liable for the crime of obstruction of justice upon indictment by the grand jury for the violation of this rule. Administration of justice will speed up that will significantly reduce criminality in the community. With less incidence of crimes, it will promote peace and encourage unity among the Filipino people.

13. Deepak for Social

Last year a certain school hosted a school social where a particular member, Deepak Selvraj, offered to be DJ. He was accepted and did a wonderful job. The same social will be taking place again, however, the only difference is that Deepak is no longer invited because the president of the Social committee, Cameron Poultney, says he is "black".

I believe that this is against our human rights and in order to balance the awesomeness we need him, because he is awesome.

14. Reactivate

Isohunt is a free website that has been providing free movies and games to people through torrents for over a decade.

Imagine being able to download the newest movies on your computer for free and enjoying their entertainment as many times as you would like, but having that taken away by 'a US federal court' has all of a sudden which decided that torrents take too much money away from the already wealthy corporations so not only have they shut down, but charged the creator with a 110 million dollar fine to compensate to the bloated businesses who already have more money than they could count to in a lifetime.

This is just another way how ordinary people have to submit to more state control and get the shaft of the US federal courts telling them they cant enjoy anything without paying big corporations 'what belongs to them'

15. Speak up for animals who need a voice

I am a young person who thinks animals need a voice to not be treated unfairly in any way shape or form.

All animals have thoughts and feelings just like us and should be respected and free from this cruelty that is happening all over the world to all sorts of animals.

Help support me to find a voice and free these animals from this cruelty.

16. Legalize medical marijuana in N.C.

Pain Relief

One of the major benefits associated with medicinal marijuana use is the relief of chronic or neuropathic pain. A study published in February 2009 in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology examined the effect of medical marijuana treatment in HIV patients who experience neuropathic pain. In this study, Dr. Ellis and colleagues found that 46 percent of patients administered medical marijuana experienced at least a 30 percent reduction in pain. In contrast, only 18 percent of patients administered placebo achieved similar results.

Increased Appetite

Use of marijuana stimulates the body's metabolism and causes users to experience an increase in appetite. Numerous disease states--including cancer and HIV--can cause symptoms of decreased appetite to develop in affected patients. If this occurs, patients often lose significant amounts of weight, which can be detrimental to the disease recovery process. The human body requires energy--in the form of ingested food--to fight infection and heal cell or tissue damage. In patients who experience decreased appetite due to a specific disease, medical marijuana may be helpful in appetite stimulation. Medicinal marijuana can signal a food craving within a patient's body, encouraging the patient to eat to provide energy to the body.

Decreased Nausea

Many patients experience nausea or vomiting due to certain diseases or treatments, such as chemotherapy. The National Cancer Institute reports that THC--the active ingredient in marijuana--may decrease symptoms of nausea or vomiting in certain cancer patients. Controlling such symptoms in diseased patients can improve a patient's quality of life and may make certain patients more receptive to disease treatment.
Muscle Relaxation

Inhalation of marijuana smoke relaxes the muscles within the body. Patients who experience frequent muscle tightness or twitching (spasticity) often have difficulty completing normal tasks associated with daily activities. Such patients may benefit from the use of medical marijuana, as this drug can help reduce symptoms of muscle tension or muscular aches or pains. This form of treatment may increase a patient's ability to move normally and can promote a more positive quality of life.

Read more:

17. Requesting a Pardon from President Barack Obama for Marissa Alexander

Marissa Alexander, a 31-year-old mother of a toddler and 11-year-old twins. She had claimed self-defense, tried to invoke Florida's "stand your ground" law and rejected plea deals that could have gotten her a much shorter sentence. A jury found her guilty as charged: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Because she fired a gun while committing a felony, Florida's mandatory-minimum gun law dictated the 20-year sentence.

The state's "10-20-life" law was implemented in 1999 and credited with helping to lower the violent crime rate. Anyone who shows a gun in the commission of certain felonies gets an automatic 10 years in prison. Fire the gun, and it's an automatic 20 years. Shoot and wound someone, and it's 25 years to life.

Alexander's case unfair. "Stand your ground" law did not apply for her, and she felt her life was on the line.

18. Lets give back to Cyprus 2013

Cypriot lawmakers rejected the unprecedented levy on bank deposits in an effort to protect the rights of the people who entrusted it throughout the years.

The time is now for Cypriots to show that together they can succeed and that when people stand united even the most difficult situations can be overcome.

Cypriot people will not remain impassive! Let's create a list of people who want to give back to Cyprus! Let's move words into action!

Depending on the level of response we will ask the Central Bank of Cyprus to open an account for every willing person to contribute. Every single cent counts!

19. Italics and Bold for Facebook

Text has a way of inhibiting communication. While efficient and utilitarian, text just lacks emphasis. I would have italicized emphasis, um, for emphasis, but I can't do that. I also can't do that on Facebook.

20. Sandy hit Brooklyn needs Adidas

Hurricane Relief in Brooklyn, THEY NEED NEW SHOES!

I was honored to have handed a woman an almost brand new pair of Adidas in Redhook, Brooklyn while volunteering the other day. She was so happy.

I WANT TO GET ADIDAS TO TRUCK DOWN THOUSANDS OF NEW KICKS TO BROOKLYN. Let's get this started. right? Brooklyn-Adidas. It's a Match.

Lets do this ADIDAS! If you agree, please sign the Petition that will be sent off to the magic leaders of Adidas!


Pakistan is a Islamic Republic nation which came into existence on the name of Islam. Pakistan constitution was reviewed based on Islamic sharia law.

Pakistan has population exceeding over 180 million people from different walk of life however what bring the whole nation in common is the religion Islam. Islam is the heart of Pakistan, without Islamic laws Pakistan is not Pakistan. Pakistan throughout the history since 1947 has been successful as fastest growing nation in technology, education, defense, Culture, Tourism, industry etc. The reason Pakistan was succeeding was because people knew this country has a bright futur , and people with that mindset use to invest their time, money and most of all their valuable potential of their knowledge in Pakistan so our country can benefit from it. Every culture in Pakistan had respect for different culture.

People from all over the world used to come to Pakistan to tour Pakistan, People use to participate their knowledge in different industry so Pakistan can flourish in economy. With passion people use to play sports and take initiative in going into navy, army etc. People from different country use to take advantage of high standard of education system in Pakistan. There has been many successful leaders of Pakistan throughout the history however some of the corruption started in Pakistan in late 80s and 90s but things were still not bad as they are right now. With the right leaders things gradually improved in 1999 when Musharraf came into power and slowly Pakistan was developing as a nation in every aspect of good achievements for Pakistan.

However one by one those good moments from Pakistan was melting like a cube of ice melting as the time continues. One of the biggest reason Pakistan has suffered is because of The news media which brought more negativity by only telling the negatives in Pakistan , splitting views of people , confusing people , Dividing people by making politicians fight on personal likes and dislikes. This news media has totally damaged the view of Pakistan as being a progressive nation. If you go search on Wikipedia every news channels broadcast on our television is privately owned channels, which has no proof of any non-relation of the owner with party leaders. Anyone can buy a portion of time by paying channels to express their views by hiding the realities for their own benefits so i think there should be a law which should limit the channels by making them non private so people from different walk of life invest in the channels and so channels cannot broadcast something for their own personal likes , dislikes or being attached to one view.

All my friends who love Pakistan as a nation Please sign this petition so The supreme court can take action so we all can have respect for our identity as Pakistani by focusing on realities as well as positives and by not getting divided by looking at different private news channels. Please Sign this petition.

22. Support a People's Bank

Case for a People’s Bank.

The Commonwealth Bank was a successful government owned bank with many remarkable achievements over most of the 20th century while it was the ‘People’s Bank’. Among other things Australians saw it as insurance against exploitation by private banks.

The privatisation of the Commonwealth Bank in the 1990’s was a financial disaster for Australia. It came about in the shadow of government deceit, where the people were told that this was to be the last government sale of public assets.

Since deregulation, banks have enjoyed obscene profits and paid their executives multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses. The dark side of the coin shows they have closed branches, cut services, colluded and exploited legally and illegally their collective monopoly of power whenever possible.

This failed deregulation led to all state government banks collapsing and paved the way for a wave of further deregulation and privatization which can exploit the consumer.

The results are being felt by many Australian families who are having difficulties managing budgets such as their privatised utility bills.

Adding to their financial woes is they’re being slugged with an increasing range of bank fees and charges for services, most of which were given free by the original Commonwealth Bank.

There is a strong case to reverse this negative flow, starting with the banks. Options are to nationalise all banks, or create a government owned People’s Bank based on the original Commonwealth Bank model.

Australia’s federal and state governments, general public, and small and large business sectors all stand to gain from a People’s Bank.

For example, the private banks will have to fall in line with the policies and ethics of the People’s Bank. This means less profit for the private banks and more money in your pocket.

The Commonwealth Bank model is cited in overseas publications as a system with enormous merit to both public and private sectors.

We have an opportunity to again demonstrate to the world a banking system that can bring considerable benefits to the federal government and its people.

If you believe we need a People’s Bank, sign the petition and forward it to your family and friends to sign too.

Please check out these links for relevant information:

23. Make Bullying Against Disabled People Illegal

It is disgusting to see what some people say about disabled people and I believe it should be illegal.

For example, this is a link to an image someone made.

It is unbelievable what some people say and no one has done anything to stop it. Making bullying towards disabled people illegal will show that it is wrong.

24. Demand for the Four Lion Rampant Flag to be the Logo on Car Licences in Wales

Baner Tywysogaeth Gwynedd oedd baner y Pedwar Llew yn wreiddiol ond yn dilyn cwymp y Dywysogaeth yn 1283, mabwysiadwyd y faner, yn wreiddiol, gan Owain Llaw Goch ac yna gan Owain Glyndŵr. Roedd y ddau yn ddisgynyddion i dywysogion Gwynedd gyda'r hawl i fabwysiadu'r faner. Newidiwyd y llewod i fod yn rhai 'rampiant' gan Owain Llaw Goch ac yna defnyddiwyd y fersiwn yna o'r faner gan Owain Glyndŵr yn ystod ei Rhyfel fawr Dros Annibyniaeth.

O dan y faner yma bu Cymru'n annibynnol o tua 1403 hyd at tua 1410 a gan mai baner Harri Tudur oedd un y ddraig goch ar gefndir gwyrdd a gwyn, wedi ei hatgyfodi yn 1958, rydym, fel gwladgarwyr, ond yn cydnabod baner y Pedwar Llew Rampiant fel gwir faner genedlaethol Cymru a gan fod cynlluniau ar y gweill gan David Cameron a Llywodraeth Lloegr i osod Jac yr Undeb ar drwyddedau gyrru ym Mhrydain, rydym yn mynnu ein hawliau dinesig i gael Pedwar Llew Rampiant Tywysog Owain Glyndŵr ar drwyddedau gyrru yng Nghymru.

The Four Lions Rampant was, originally, the Four Lions Passive flag of The Royal House of Gwynedd in Snowdonia, North Wales. Following the fall of the Royal House of Gwynedd, it was adoped by the rightful heir, the great warrior Prince, Owain Glyndŵr during his war of Independence 1400 - 1421ish and the 'passive lions' were changed into 'rampant lions' to illustrate that the Cymru (Welsh) were up in arms.

Under this flag, Cymru (Wales) was independent between 1403 - 1410ish and, as the red dragon on a green and white background was the standard of Henry Tudor King of England and was only resurrected in 1958, we as Welsh patriots only recognise the Four Lions Rampant as the true flag of Cymru and as plans are being drawn up by David Cameron to have the Union flag or Crest to appear on "British" driving licences, we demand our civil right to have the Four Lion Rampant flag of the Cymric people's Prince, Prince Owain Glyndŵr on Cymric (Welsh) driving licences.

25. Support a Land Act For Wales

Following the complete occupation of Wales by the Anglo Normans in 1282 - 4 and again, in the 1420's following the War of Independence led by the great Welsh Prince Owain Glyndwr, great areas of Welsh land was either taken by the English Crown or 'given' as rewards to English barons for fighting for England in the Welsh Wars.

Ironically this was repeated by the Tudors in the 16th, who were of 'Welsh Descent', One such example being the Dukes of Somerset being given Mynydd y Gwair and much else throughout Southern Wales. This Mountain is now the centre of a major local issue and national campaign as the Somerset Trust intends to establish a Wind Mill Plantation on it.

Apart from the above, much of Welsh land was common land - which meant that the peasantry had the right to build a smallholding on it as well as hunt and fish but, increasingly over the centuries and up to the present, the Gentry and incoming 'New Conquistadores, such as Iron and Slate Masters began to seize this Common Land by means of Enclosure Acts. The issue of Anglican Church ownership was very much addressed in the Welsh Tithe Wars of 1886 - 88 by a National Land League but there is still much unfinished business to be taken care of.

Today, the aforementioned land is still occupied by the English Crown and the descendents of the English barons and, increasingly, by outside 'Utiliy Companies as in the case of the Vyrnwy Estate, It is being extensively plundered of its natural resources, such as water and timber, and is being savagely destroyed by gigantic windfarms. It is our Welsh herital land and we want it returned to the communities and people of Wales through this Wales Land Act.

26. People Power for our Pool

Sign up to ask the Federal Government to help pay for Frankston’s new pool so ratepayers don’t carry the full burden…

• Research indicates there is a gap in the region for quality aquatic leisure and well-being facilities;

• The proposed aquatic centre at Samuel Sherlock Reserve, Frankston is a regional aquatic solution, creating a contemporary purpose built space providing long-term health and well-being benefits, hundreds of local jobs and an estimated 500,000 visitors to the region each year;

• The previous Victorian Government has already invested $12.5 million to the project, this is to ask for a contribution from the Federal Government;

• The proposed features of the aquatic centre will include: a 51.5m Olympic size swimming pool; a learn to swim and leisure pool with play area; café; gymnasium; waterslides; splash deck; warm water therapy pool, spa and sauna; crèche; and health and wellness centre.

27. Retrieve Kurdistan-post Ru Facebook account from hackers

Hejare Shamil is an editor of online newspaper He is Kurdish writer, poet and human rights supporter. Formerly, his website was For this reason, he created a Facebook account named "kurdistan-post Ru" in November 2010. Since then, there are more than 2000 Facebook friends of this account.

Recently, this Facebook account has been attacked by some professional hackers (whose motivation is unknown). The hackers has changed the password,
and are currently controlling the account.

28. Stop stealing youth funds and serve us as Kenyans

We want our voices to be heard, as youths, we have been silent for decades and now we are rising up.

Our voices need to be heard, we are Kenyans and want our government to make us proud.


We understand that there is money to be made and you can make it in the Oil Business ! But the people that buy are so poor that they can barely feed there families or even heat or keep there homes these days let alone pay there medical bills God for bid they have any.

The unemployment rate is growing and not getting much better ! And yet they keep raising the price of Gas it keeps going up and UP! It has to stop some ware until the economy comes back online again We need a Freeze on Gas PRICING NOW! Help AMERICA HELP ITS SELF NOW ! This one act that could get most of the people back in the game again! When Americans have to ask them selves do I buy food ? Do I pay my bills (heat, water house payment? or do I feed my gas tank?

We have a BIG problem specially when you can not even plan on what it might cost as the price changes day to day and some how that does not work for most Americans budgets. So Please Hold the gas price at ( $2.00 ) a gallon for at least 6 months to a year. America dose not need food Stamps nor welfare or even a bail out just a small solution that could make the change we all need! And let the Americans see the light again!

30. Sign into Law the Congressional Reform Act of 2011

We the People, by our individual votes and signatures below, instruct the President of The United States of America to Sign into Law and thereby Amend the Constitution with the Congressional Reform Act of 2011.