Chancellor Philip DiStefano and Provost Russel Moore
United States of America

CU Boulder is supposed to be a leading campus in sustainability. Currently, CU Boulder generates a little over 2 megawatts of solar energy with only 3 arrays visible to campus occupants. The majority of our solar panels are located on the flat roofs that are out of the public's view, and available and viable flat roof space is limited. The primary reason that CU Boulder doesn't have more visible solar arrays on the majority of campus buildings is due to the campus prioritizing the architectural aesthetic of the red tile roofs over renewable energy. This is regulated by two major entities: PD&C (Planning, Design, and Construction) and DRB (Design Review Board). A lot of consideration goes into having solar panels on roofs, and we understand that, but prioritized consideration should be given for the sustainable aspects of renewable energy. We need to move into the future and exemplify what CU and its students want to be!

Let it be known that we, the undersigned, want to see more renewable energy on campus. We believe that solar panels do not diminish the aesthetic qualities or the architectural beauty of the CU Boulder campus. We students and campus community want more solar arrays on top of the red tile roofs, like the ones seen on the Net Zero Indoor Practice Facility. Moving into the future, we want new buildings to have consideration in initial design for the inclusion of solar panels as a standard, and desire that all new designs have the required infrastructure for the facilitation of renewable generation. We also encourage the development of solar generation in other locations such as car ports and canopies to assist CU Boulder of one day generating 100% renewable energy.

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