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Watching NCAA softball the last two years trying to follow my favorite teams during each of those years I noticed a great number of players from California and more specifically southern California playing on out of state teams from as far away as the east coast and southern sections of our nation and as near as Oregon, Washington.

Out of the two more prominent universities in southern California only one supports and promotes a women’s fastpitch team, UCLA. My family, along with many other families from Southern California and other parts of the state, happen to be die-hard USC Trojan fans and most, if not all of us, would see it as much more exciting for us to be rooting a Trojan Fastpitch team on than any other school. Especially since a great many of our daughters/granddaughters have been playing the sport since 5 or 6 years of age. They don't want to play for any other school and neither do we.

Two, soon to be three, of my granddaughters are now playing High School Softball and their dream is to don a Trojan jersey if the school had a softball team and an interest in them. Inspite of where that may lead them I’ve decided to test the water for the many others I believe are very much interested in joining/signing a petition for the University of Southern California to begin a program supporting and promoting a Women’s Fastpitch softball team by the year 2020. Hence, the following petition to the Athletic Director, Mr. Lynn Swann.

2. Get a Wheelchair-Accessible Van for CU Boulder

CU NightRide is a service that allows students at the University of Colorado to get free rides to, from, and around campus after sundown. It is vital for student safety, but unfortunately, it is not currently possible to use in conjunction with a wheelchair. The office of Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance is requesting a wheelchair-accessible van to be used for NightRide and extracurricular activities. One reason this van would be so important is that the Buff Buses are not always operating according to ADA code. As students, we see this van as a necessity for all our classmates to have safe transportation at night.

3. Advocate for Educational Change in Post-Secondary Institutions in Canada

Assignment requirements in undergraduate courses offered at Canadian post-secondary institutions are allowed to be vague. This ambiguity can allow for grades to entirely reflect the instructor’s subjective views rather than having them categorized and explained in a structured manner. Without a structured system the instructor: has unprecedented control over marks, is not required to communicate the reason for a grade to the student, and can give a grade with no adherence to the course or subject being studied. Because of this issue, post-secondary institutions have been offering courses that do not follow systematic instruction, and in doing so have failed to comply with how education is defined.

4. Advocate for Educational Change at the University of Windsor

Assignment requirements in undergraduate courses offered at the University of Windsor are allowed to be vague. This ambiguity can allow for grades to entirely reflect the instructor’s subjective views rather than having them categorized and explained in a structured manner. Without a structured system the instructor: has unprecedented control over marks, is not required to communicate the reason for a grade to the student, and can give a grade with no adherence to the course or subject being studied. Because of this issue, the University of Windsor has been offering courses that do not follow systematic instruction, and in doing so it has failed to comply with how education is defined.

5. Graduation Kitten Mission

Over the past four years, my children and I have worked arduously toward excelling in our educations. During this time I have not only been able to build upon our intellectual capacity, but also dedicate time to our emotional and psychological wellbeing. This dedication to improvement has armed us with the capacity to love God, ourselves, and others. Our capacity for love has become so great, that we would like to welcome another into the family - in the form of a kitten. While this petition may seem completely ridiculous, and I'm many respects IS completely ridiculous, please humor me on my mission to be gifted a kitten for graduation. This kitten, when gifted, will be a great source of joy in these troubling times for our country. Also, it will provide comfort for me while I'm in law school for the next three years. Please and thank you! I need 500 signatures.

6. The Brakpan University Initiative

The Brakpan University Initiative is encouraging a University to be created among the incorporation of Hosking Park, Jan Smuts Park, the Customer care Centre Brakpan and all the land owned by the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Council in that area which is approximately 200 hectare of vacant land and built up properties previously all owned and paid for by all the citizens of Brakpan. The already built site is a perfect venue for a University. It consists of approximately 20 000 sq. meters of built office space. It also caters to parking space, good roads, sports fields, Olympic size swimming pool, rugby stadiums, and gardens with park like features. An existing council chamber which can be used by the University, the replacement value today to be about R300 million. There is also the Brakpan Dam and Entertainment features as well as a Clinic, a Library, and an enclosed Sports Centre of approximately 7000 sq. meters. The park is also situated near an Athletic sports arena and Netball fields. There is also a sewerage farm nearby which could be used for Water and Waste-water Treatment studies as well as Plant Operation Theory testing. There are two main hospitals nearby, the Dalview that is 2km’s away and the Far East Rand Hospital 3km’s away. The location is within walking distance of the C.B.D of Brakpan, easy to access by train, taxi or car from anywhere in Ekurhuleni. There is also accessible cheap accommodation bordering the site. The replacement value in 2016 is approximately 3 -4 billion rand. All that is required for a University to function is some minor construction changes to be made to make it suitable as a teaching facility and will provide teachers employment and an administration body must be set up which will be provided by a prospective University to run it. It could be functioning within a short period of time and it can accommodate tens of thousands of students and will grow through time. A very important feature for the citizens of Ekurhuleni is that it is envisaged that students will be accommodated at home and visit the University for tuition and this will result in more affordable education for everyone rich and poor. Hopefully this will lead to an end to the current situation where our best students leave for a university education far away and many don’t return as they settle elsewhere once educated. We have estimated that in the last 20 years more than 100 000 young educated persons have left Ekurhuleni and settled elsewhere in the country. The Customer Care Centre, Clinic, Library and other Municipal requirements can be moved to vacant areas in the C.B.D of Brakpan which could be purchased or rented for very much lower prices than what the current buildings can generate in rental or sale. The difference less expenses should be incorporated into a Brakpan Town Council Education Fund to finance the youth of Brakpan and Ekurhuleni. So that we can put an end to the loss of our most outstanding and other students because of Government policy which favours existing universities by enlarging them instead of providing new Education Institutions for populations where they reside and so that these students can put back into the community what they have learnt and have accomplished.



We agree with your movement and we know that times are tough for all South Africans.

But I don't agree with that just cause your striking it don't mean that you should prevent those who would like to finish their 2016 academic year.

Has much as you have a right to fight for your beliefs they also have a right to their education so let them do so and let them exercise their rights to education.

We live in a country where everyone has their right to all so please stand aside and let them get to class.

8. Leave GATE Open!

BY next month, students enrolled at University could have to pay a third of their fees while postgraduate students may have to pay their full fees.

And come next year, if tertiary institutions are not accredited by the Accreditation Council of Trini­dad and Tobago, funding will be stopped.

Those are some of the recommendations included in the report by the task force on the Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE) programme, which was handed over to Education Minister Anthony Garcia last week.

9. Increase the scheduled times of Suffolk County Buses and Suffolk County Accessible Transit (SCAT) in NY

Suffolk County Bus and Suffolk County Accessible Transit (SCAT) schedule runs from 54:5AM to 8:30 PM. on Long island in New York.

Increasing the scheduled hours would allow people to return home safely from school, work and ambulatory services, that can last longer than the current last bus time of 8:30 PM.

This can cause job loss or opportunity, missed classes, and delayed medical treatment for some of the most vulnerable.

10. Make scholarships available for all: equality in availability of scholarship funds

I am writing this letter to voice my concerns regarding the matter of Utah State University's scholarship policy. I am hoping that by voicing my view on the matter, it might spark a change.

My concern with this university's policy relates to the statute that “Continuing students are encouraged to apply for scholarships through their departments and colleges,” while “freshman and transfer students are automatically considered for USU scholarships when they apply for admission.” Even highly qualified transfer students who miss the deadline to apply for scholarships, but not to apply for entrance into the school, are not considered for scholarships the following semester.

The setup feels rather like a fly trap. Once students have come to the school there is no longer any hope of earning a USU scholarship through hard work and merits. We should be allowed to change, improve ourselves and be rewarded for our efforts from the University, in addition, and not limited to, our scholarships from differing departments.

While 513 million dollars has been raised and numerous buildings constructed, I can't help but wonder if even half the effort spent on raising that money was spent instead on securing endowments for increased funds available for scholarship distribution, what could be the result.

Another problem I see is that new freshman and transfer students who are offered scholarships are in jeopardy of losing their scholarships indelibly if they cannot maintain adequate performance throughout their study at USU, and are thus left without hope of penitence or rectification if for one semester they fall short of par.

I plead with you to work for change in the policies mentioned so that all students may apply for scholarships based on their current overall excellence, GPA (which does not discount past blunders in school but averages them out with the now-scores), and activities. As a student, my power is limited unless I get the voice of the student body behind me, or unless those in positions of greater authority will listen and use their influence for change.

11. Make Didea senior secondary and prep school a campus branch of Arsi University

Didea senior secondary and preparatory school is one of famous and most senior schools in Ethiopia and has been generating brilliant citizens.

As being this we hope it deserves and has capacity to become one of the campuses near by Arsi University. Hence we kindly request them as fans, students and teachers and we request Ethiopian government and ministry of education to look at this petition and implement public demand.

Didea Robe

12. Stop the Increase in Student Loan repayments

In George Osborne’s autumn statement released on 25/11/15, it was confirmed that the earnings threshold for the student loan repayments will be frozen for five years. It will not be raised with the to keep up with the average earnings, like we were promised in 2010. It will ultimately end up costing the average student £2,300.

This new decision is also being backdated to 2012 so existing students, and in some cases graduates, will be affected. Osborne strategically left this out of his autumn statement speech.

Sign and we can get the threshold risen as we were promised.

13. Add a Backdoor to Kresge Library

Oakland University's campus is growing. The Student Body must have their voice heard.

We demand that Kresge Library add a back door entrance for students to use. The current space is not being used and there is an increase of foot traffic behind Kresge due to the new Engineering Center, Elliott Hall, Pawley Hall, Varner Hall, and the new parking structure. 75 of the 130 Majors call Varner Hall their home, Engineering Center has 5, and Pawley has 6. This is over 10,000 students that would enter in the backdoor, instead of walking around Kresge to enter in the building.

We need 5,000 signatures to approach the administration about building a new backdoor entrance for the Kresge Library.

14. Free Prescriptions For Full-Time Students

£20,000 a year to study is an extortionate amount of money. Imagine being a full-time student suffering from deep depression or severe tonsillitis, and not being able to afford to pay for a prescription. I have. I simply couldn't afford to get better.

This is happening to alot of young adults. Your education suffers. It affects performance, along with physical and mental ability. This could be YOUR children. If I find it difficult at 31 years old, anyone can.

15. Increase our levy from $0.17 cents to $0.90 cents

Music is an art form that has greatly impacted and brought together young people all over the world. For the Glendon community, it is a great way to network, express oneself and unwind after a stressful day, develop and refine skills, and so much more.

This increase in our levy will allow us to offer more professional development opportunities not only to students of Glendon, but to high school students in the area through internship, residents through volunteer work, musical contributors, guests, etc.

We hope to increase our levy from $0.17 cents to $0.90 cents, which will allow us to further serve the Glendon community but in a bigger and more impactful way.

Whether you tune in, host a show, are a part of the executive team, or support Radio Glendon -- our goal is for the Glendon community to get the most use out of Radio Glendon by hosting fun/educational events, providing workshops on DJing and being a radio host and providing professional development opportunities.

16. NCCU Goes Green - veggie buffet on campus


Since the petition you are about to sign concerns a local NCCU issue, only signatures of NCCU students will count. To confirm your NCCU student identity please send me your ID# via Facebook (private message). If you are non-NCCU student, please feel free to sign our petition to show your support!

Dear NCCU Students,
Please join us in making our lives easier and healthier, and our world greener.
Right now, the NCCU campus lacks vegetarian options. The vegetarian environment around the campus is not ideal either. I believe that all NCCU students and faculty members should be given the opportunity to eat VEGETARIAN FOOD on the campus. And accessing vegetarian food should be as fast and easy as possible.
I also believe that the importance of having the right to choose vegetarian food has never been greater, as we are facing so many ecological challenges today*.

Therefore, we hope NCCU could provide VEGETARIAN BUFFET!
A chance for us to have a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE and ENVIRONMENT and to complement the already beautifully green surroundings of National Chengchi University with another green facet! 

If you are a vegetarian or a meat eater who loves to occasionally enjoy vegetarian food, please join our petition and let the NCCU president hear our request!
Please “Like” the NCCU Goes Green Facebook page and share the news with more people.

Let's make this difference together!


Industrialized meat production leads to:
- extensive water consumption (20,000 liters of water to produce 1kg of meat!) 
- water pollution (from fertilizers, pesticides)
- greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide)
- soil erosion
- deforestation (50 sq. meters of rainforest to produce 1kg of meat)
- animal waste accumulation
- biodiversity loss




若您是素食者或是偶而想吃得健康的葷食者,歡迎連署讓政大校長聽到我們祈求!或是幫我們的臉書專頁 ”NCCU Goes Green” 按讚!與更多人分享~

- 大量的耗水量(生產1公斤的肉需耗費兩萬公升的水)
- 水污染(化肥及農藥所造成的)
- 溫室氣體排放(二氧化碳,甲烷,一氧化二氮)
- 土壤流失
- 動物糞便堆積
- 生物多樣性的喪失

17. Save Zoe Underground

Washington State University has just purchased the building where Zoe Underground is located. The sale will be completed soon after May 8, 2014.

In spite of WSU Administration allowing Zoe Underground to fulfill its current lease, which expires December 31st, there is no current assurance that Zoe Underground will be allowed to renew its lease, remain on campus, and/or remain in business.

This petition address the concerns by the students of WSU regarding the actions of the Administration.

18. Request for University Grades

I pursued a three year Bachelors degree in International Relations and Global Development at the University of Derby, England from 2006 - 2009. My tuition fees were catered for by a sponsor. However, while approaching my final year (2008/2009), I was unable to officially enroll and pay due to my sponsor's inability to continue payment of my tuition fees. This resulted from the economic crisis which occurred around that time.

I confided in the head lecturer who advised that I can either take a year out or continue the programme and sort the fees later. Considering I was a foreign student (I'm from St. Vincent and the Grenadines) who was on borrowed time in England and the fact that I was almost through with my studies, I decided to continue the programme. I attended every lecture, completed every assignment, sat all exams, participated in the overseas field trips to Africa and the UN Headquarters in Switzerland and even submitted a dissertation.

Amidst all that, when the time came to settle the issue with the University, they were not as understanding as I had hoped. I in turn solicited their consideration in the matter through various letters, all to no avail.

Desperate to obtain my degree, I sought assistance from several persons and was subsequently able to enroll for the 2010 -2011 academic year. However, my student visa needed renewal. In order to accomplish this I needed a document from the University of Derby referred to as the CAS for my visa application to be valid. The CAS was not issued until December 2010 (this was the end of the first semester). In the interim, I was not allowed to attend university due to this very visa issue. In short, the visa issue was never fully sorted until March of 2011, which was basically near the end of the academic year.

I was issued a letter by the university stating that because I failed to make progress, my registration will be terminated with immediate effect and that I would have to apply, all over again, under a different program. I experienced severe stress and emotional turmoil to at least get a refund of fees paid and a diploma for the two years I had already completed and paid for. I was successful in doing so.

After going back and forth with the University my visa ran out and I grew tired of fighting on my own. I am now back in my country without a degree.

I have since then applied for other universities but realized to finish my degree else is more costly (more time and more money) than settling the case with the University of Derby.

I'm unable earn a decent living and take proper care of my daughter because of this hindrance. I would very much like the University of Derby to consider issuing the grades I obtained during the 2008-2009 academic year. I know while they may not have a record on their computerized system, they do have my grades on file. I have inquired with the lecturers who taught me during that era and they do have my grades on their files.

I feel very much dejected, discouraged and stagnated. Hence I am seeking any assistance I can get from anyone in support of this cause.

19. Re-Shirt Campaign

Re-Shirt is a campaign which aims to reduce the number of promotional T-shirts that Universities and companies across the country are wasting.

Thousands of T-shirts are printed across the United Kingdom for "one time wear" and we want to put a stop to this.

Have you ever been given a promotional T-shirt?

Have you ever been in charge of printing promotional T-shirts?

Sign our pledge to state that you will think more about the impact you are having.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

20. My English Expired! (IELTS)

Would you pay $350 to obtain a certificate that you already have? Literally $350 to sit in a test you've already passed? According to Australian Immigration . . . My English has expired!

A mandatory test I took in 2010 is no longer valid and therefore I will have to sit the test, paying the sitting fee all over again. So how is it a bachelor or masters degree does not expire, however my English after 3 years is no longer valid?

According to legislation I cannot renew this certificate but will have to go through the entire process again, would you pay full price for a qualification you already have?

21. Stop Language Tests For Canadian University Graduates

About 300,000 people apply for immigration to Canada every year.

Under the Canadian Experience or Skilled Worker Class, Immigration Canada requires all applicants to take Language proficiency test, even those who have graduated with Bachelors, Masters or PhD degrees (even in English Literature) from recognized Canadian Universities.

The tests (IELTS, CELPIP, TEF) cost about $250 before tax & are often booked up well in advance, rendering the application process more expensive and needlessly cumbersome.

22. Stop closure of the only BA in Sign Language Programme for Hearing Impaired in India

Nobody would have thought that in less than two years of setting up of the first Indian Sign Language Research & Training Centre (ISLRTC) for the Hearing-Impaired, plans would be afoot to shut it down. But that is what seems to be happening at the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) campus here.

Vice-Chancellor M. Aslam has publicly announced that t there was no point in continuing with the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Sign Language Studies (BAASLS) program.

23. Save language studies at UC

The decision to cut languages at UC was made without consulting students and staff. While the University needs to save money after the latest government cuts, it seems ridiculous and unjust to continue sponsoring the A.C.T Brumbies with 5 million dollars of university money that could go toward education.

UC appeals to students as a place where you'll rarely get a closed door, unlike the Group of 8. This is something students come here for and don't want to lose.



On Monday April 22, I was hand delivered a letter stating that the Director of the University of Waterloo Police, Daniel Anderson, is "banning me [Ethan Jackson] from all properties owned or operated by the University of Waterloo and the properties of affiliated colleges." If I am to "be found on the identified properties I will be charged under the authority of the Trespass to Property Act."

The reasoning of this letter is because, "You [Ethan Jackson] attended a presentation by Stephen Woodworth on March 13, 2013, at the University of Waterloo. Because of your actions on that evening, I am banning you from all properties [..]." This letter is vague and does not have a timeline of occurrences, whether or not this ban can ever be removed, or why I am the only attendee being targeting.

I am entering my fourth year at Wilfrid Laurier University in a Bachelor of Arts degree. I am a paying community member of WPIRG and plan on attending Fall 2013 courses within the Faculty of Arts of University of Waterloo as a Partnership between my university, Wilfrid Laurier University. This ban will not let me take courses at the University of Waterloo. I have not been given any clarification or reasoning as to why this ban is in place.

On the evening of March 13, a group of reproductive justice activists participated in a counter-rally against Stephen Woodworth's lecture on Motion 312. This Motion 312 attempts to redefine the language used for a foetus from the point of conception to the point of birth by giving the foetus full human rights. This is a fall backwards for women and transgender rights and reproductive rights. This call to ban me from the University of Waterloo is unjust, ignorant and unnecessary. They have not clarified any reason as to why I am banned and for how long this will remain in place. Without concrete evidence, I need your support to allow me back on the grounds of University of Waterloo.

25. Dump Starbucks at the Catholic University of America

As the national university of the Catholic Church, The Catholic University of America (CUA) has an exemplary role in upholding the moral principles of faith and reason. The policies and governances of CUA, including the various businesses that operate under her banner, witness in some way, for good or ill, to all citizens, but especially to her faculty and staff, students and alumni (hereafter “members”). In turn, CUA members have a unique obligation of living an exemplary life, modeled in part on the mission of the pontifical university. CUA acknowledges this obligation in her mission statement: “[The University’s] distinctive character ultimately depends on the intellectual and moral quality of its members.”

In view of this solemn declaration, we, the undersigned members of CUA, wish to question the prudence at work in allowing businesses to operate at our university which support causes that militate against the dignity of the human person. Starbucks Coffee is one such business.

It has been confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt that Starbucks uses revenue from its products and its platform as a nationally recognizable chain to support that which is gravely objectionable [1-3]. It is widely known, for instance, that the CEO of Starbucks advocates for both Planned Parenthood (the largest abortion provider in the United States) [1] and “gay marriage” legislation [2-3], stating, in fact, that the latter “is core to who we are and what we value as a company” [2]. Because both abortion and same-sex unions are deemed morally unacceptable by the Catholic Church (see CCC 2271 and CCC 2357-2359, respectively), permitting the sale of Starbucks products on campus is particularly unwise. It countenances the notion that CUA supports the practices of Starbucks and, what is more, it makes material cooperators of CUA members in the financing of gravely immoral acts.

A few have voiced concern that, if Starbucks were removed from the Przybyla Center, there would be no other means to purchase coffee on campus. The prospect of this difficulty could be easily remedied. There are many other coffee providers, fully competitive with Starbucks in products and services, that do not consider it necessary as a matter of corporate policy to support and advance causes inimical to Catholic moral teaching. Dunkin Donuts, whose coffee costs less and whose profit does not go to the promotion of immoral causes, is just one example. Even a student-run coffee shop has been proposed as a possible remedy. However, the discussion of the replacement for Starbucks is secondary to the purpose of this appeal. The issue before us is not a matter of convenience, but of principle. Can we continue to ignore Starbucks and its corporate positions on issues of vital moral concern? We can, but only to the detriment of those involved in or suffering the effects of abortion and same-sex activities, all those who mistakenly cooperate in the work of Starbucks, and those of us who have been privileged to know better.

It seems not only advisable, then, but imperative that The Catholic University of America takes all measures necessary to prevent the violation of her mission and faith, and, in consequence, the consciences of her members, by relinquishes her licensing agreement with Starbucks Coffee. It is not only our right, but our duty, as members of this community of Catholic scholars, to challenge any organization that exhibits its contempt for the created orders of life and marriage.


26. Stop Redundancies at University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham have announced plans to make 114 staff redundant or force them to work anti social hours contracts.

Staff directly supporting students and there wellbeing are affected.

Cuts include:
*Cut in staff looking after students in student accommodation and downgrading their skills;
*Sports Centre, Security and Cleaning.

The anti social hours contracts are forcing staff with caring responsibilities for children and parents to work evenings and weekends.

All the cuts are to frontline staff, not senior managers.

27. Early Opening of CUHK Swimming Pool


It's only February and the weather is already warm enough to go for a swim or take some laps in the morning. However, according to the officials of CUHK, the swimming pool won't open until the 1st of April.

We would like to ask that the swimming pool open immediately after Chinese New Year holiday.

We believe that if this petition got over a thousand signatures, officials should reconsider the opening day.

28. Urge colleges to release information to

College is more expensive now than at any point in history. Students need more information in order to make informed decisions.

29. Starbucks Free Campus

Discussion is on going regarding Starbucks taking over Zeste on Aberdeen University campus. There are a number of reasons to be against this move:

Ethical issues surrounding Starbucks - tax avoidance

What else are the University willing to privatise? Where is the line and who decides it?

There has been no consultation with students.

What about supporting independent traders and giving something back to the local community?

With regard to student experience do we really want a campus that just contains all the same stuff as every other campus, or do we want to retain our identity and uniqueness?

30. Lower University fees

Over the past few years university fees have been rising swiftly. In this year of 2012 many universitys have instituted fees up too £9,000 a year. Whereas in 2011, Universitys could only charge £3,290.