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1. Help us get authorization for the use of safety amber lights

The Howard Beach Citizens Safety Patrol is a official non-for-profit organization that works on quality of life issues and patrols our Howard Beach community. For three years we have been in contact with the NYPD expressing our need for safety amber lights, to protect the community and our members, we patrol in marked organizational patrol cars and assist all first responders in emergency situations. For example when assisting at a car accident, we need to secure the scene until emergency personnel arrive by using our amber safety lights. We have continuously been denied the use of our amber lights, by the NYPD, even though we have given ample examples of our assistance and meet all qualifications by law in their use.


Being the adult male Mute Swan, was

Benji, an adult white mute swan arrived at the Remington Oaks detention basin on Saturday, February 11,th 2017. He is a gift from a fellow resident of Remington Oaks.

Benji is being blamed by the Remington Oaks Homeowners Association (ROHA) Trustees for a variety of long-standing problems at the detention basin, though he has only been here for a couple weeks. They have threatened to have him removed.

Benji is fed corn so he has very little reason to eat a lot of, much less eradicate, the introduced native vegetation around the basin. Contrary to rumors being spread by some of the ROHA Trustees. Being is also very gentle, contrary to rumors being spread by the Trustees. He has no eggs or nest to protect, nor will he without a female swan.

3. State of Emergency Against Crime & Violence #SendOutTheTroops

Over the past few months crime and violence has increased in our communities. We simply cannot stand by while criminals roam free and kill just about anyone.
No one is safe, we have seen an increase violence against babies, children, women and even the elderly. The police force needs help; they are unable to maintain order by themselves. We have an army (JDF), put them to work as well, send out extra help, declare a state of emergency if needed.

4. Stop Rezoning and Protect Historic Downtown Milledgeville, Georgia

This November 8th, Milledgeville's City Council will vote on a request to rezone historic downtown property from Community Commercial to Multi-Family Residential. This rezoning would allow the development of a gated residential complex at 221 and 231 N. Wayne St in the heart of downtown. Evidence abounds that rezoning these properties would be the wrong move for our City Council to make, especially when Council Members take Milledgeville's history, culture, and economy - as well as the ordinances they are bound by - into account.

Milledgeville is worthy of its Historic District title. As one of the first planned cities in the United States, it was modeled after Washington, D.C. Construction of Georgia's antebellum capital began in 1803, but it wasn't until 1807 that a wagon train carrying the state treasury and official documents made its way from the previous capital, Louisville, to its new one, Milledgeville.

Around that time, city land was set aside for the local community to invest in and profit from. We call such zoning Community Commercial today. One antebellum business owner, Wilkes Flagg, founded his blacksmith shop downtown on N. Wayne St - even though he started life as a slave in Virginia. The money his 'master' allowed him to earn from practicing the blacksmith trade on N. Wayne permitted Wilkes to purchase his own freedom as well as that of his wife Lavinia and son Wilkes, Jr. He accomplished this more than 15 years before the end of the Civil War.

When Sherman came through Milledgeville on his March to the Sea, he didn't burn the city to the ground as he had Atlanta, however his men did menace the population that was unable or unwilling to flee. Wilkes Flagg, 64 years old and already a free man, was hung from a tree for days by his thumbs and tortured for his knowledge of where certain spoils of war were hidden. Although he knew such information, he never confessed.

By that time, Flagg Chapel Baptist Church had held service for 34 years, and Wilkes had been its respected pastor for decades. From that moment, he would go on to found the first public school for Georgia's freed slaves and people of color, The Eddy School. Wilkes remains, to this day, a celebrated historical figure and our citizens remember with reverence how he earned his freedom, multiple times over, in our historic downtown.

After the Civil War, a nearby Freedman's Bureau was established to manage the transition from slavery to liberty. By then, the state legislature had moved to Atlanta. As the new capital grew, so did the African American Businesses District on the cross streets of North Wayne and McIntosh. In this segregated business district, countless citizens earned their economic freedom and organized their continued fight for social justice. As time moved on, and segregation lost its social stronghold, the African American Business District came to be revered as one of Milledgeville's truly influential cultural centers.

Unfortunately, not much of the Historic African American Business District remains today. Some of it was demolished to make way for the downtown police station and court house parking lot. If the current request for rezoning is approved, and the land is developed as requested, when standing in the Black Heritage Plaza on the corner of N. Wayne and McIntosh you'll be able to look left and see a police station and look right and see a gated community, which will be marketed towards affluent college students. Such a decision would be one visible step closer to erasing the cultural and commercial heritage of both Milledgeville's Historic District and its Historic African American Business District.

While most citizens approve of developing these properties, many strongly oppose rezoning as the properties are the last open land still available for commercial development in our confined downtown. On page 52 of the Joint Comprehensive Plan for Baldwin County and City of Milledgeville, one of the points for land use says "We will continue to encourage the development of Downtown Milledgeville as a vibrant center of the community in order to improve overall attractiveness and local quality of life." However, if these properties are rezoned, the resulting gated residential development would ultimately serve only a small piece of our community’s pie.

It's important to note that Baldwin County has endured a 21.1% loss in employment since 2006, according to a Market Feasibility Analysis published in 2015. Rezoning property in such a small downtown from Community Commercial to Multi-Family Residential - in addition to erasing cultural and economic history - would in no way offer a long-term solution to our economic woes. While such rezoning may benefit local land owners looking for a quick sell of their properties, the vast majority of profits overtime would go to benefit a developer and residential management team based out of Athens. Land set aside to nourish the local economy would forever be limited in its original purpose.

It's also important to remember community resources, like our maxed-out downtown parking, when considering Milledgeville's economy. As such, the developer must provide 36 parking spaces for the proposed 36 bedroom complex. To fit these parking spots in the proposed lot, the developer requested a variance to shorten parking space length from 20' (that’s considered Code) to 18'.

At recent rezoning hearings, citizens repeatedly pointed out the obvious: trucks that residents and students actually drive in our region don't all FIT into 18' spaces. Therefore, residents of the gated complex - along with visiting friends and family - would have no other option than to park their oversized or visiting vehicles on the street, in spaces normally occupied by cars conducting local business.

Further stress on already limited parking would hinder accessibility to nearby businesses like Slater's Funeral Home, located across the street from the proposed development. Slater's has served the local community during its time of need for over 100 years. However, since available street parking has dwindled over the years, permitting this variance alongside rezoning would only continue the negative trend in available downtown parking.

The last section on page 12 of The Comprehensive Plan says it best: "...there has been an increase in housing that contains 20-49 units, otherwise known as multi-family housing. This housing has the potential to cause traffic and environmental problems if development occurs in areas that are not prepared to handle densities of this nature."

If that wasn't enough, page 16 of the same document states: "Haphazard development could result in the loss of many valuable resources that the County and City rely on for tourism and a sense of community." Our citizens are petitioning against rezoning these properties because we see with clear eyes the long-term loss rezoning would mean for Milledgeville's historic, cultural, economic, and community resources.

If you agree that rezoning 221 and 231 N. Wayne St. from Community Commercial to Multi-Family Residential is the WRONG MOVE for Milledgeville's City Council to make, we implore you to sign this petition and make your voice heard.

We also invite you to join us at the next City Council meeting at City Hall on November 8th at 6:30PM when voting will take place. There are few better ways to celebrate Election Day than by make your presence known and taking action as a concerned citizen. We look forward to seeing you there!


A subcommittee was formed lead by Darren Babiuk to protect Gull Lake from further cottage development.

-Gull Lake MB currently houses over 300+ cottages a combination of both permanent and seasonal residence.

-Any further development of this small area can negatively affect our water quality and water source in which naturally creates Gull Lake as we know it.

- An application from Canadian Polish Athletic Club (CPAC) for re-zoning seeks to rezone two properties located in the Gull Lake area and adjacent to Highway No. 12, to a “SR” Seasonal Residential zone, which would facilitate future development. The purpose of the “SR” Seasonal Residential zone is to provide land use guidelines for those areas having existing large lot seasonal residential development, and the zone includes a range of permitted and conditional uses (e.g. single-family residential, restaurant, recreation facilities, etc.). In addition, “SR” Seasonal Residential zone would allow for newly subdivided lots (Note: requires separate subdivision application and approval) with minimum lot area of 15,000 square feet and minimum lot width of 100 feet.

6. Stop Child abuse before children are born

We need to have legislation to protect children being born to unfit families.

Parents need to go through a physical, psychological and financial assessment before being allowed to have children. This will dramatically reduce children being harmed in the wrong hands.

Children are our tomorrow!

So stop people having kids for welfare benefits to support their drug addiction and stop unfit parents abusing children.

7. Save the Remaining Wolves of the Profanity Peak Pack

Wolves are predators who must eat at least some meat in order to survive. Their natural prey - elk, deer, rabbits and other wild animals - have been killed and scared away by humans, sometimes leaving them with little choice but to prey on cattle, sheep and other domesticated animals in order to survive. Despite this, however, the wolves of the Profanity Peak pack have been given the death penalty for preying on farm animals.

Some of these wolves have already been killed. The remaining wolves are in danger of being killed.

Farmers want to protect their domesticated animals, but humane alternatives to killing wolves exist, such as fladry. Fladry was used as part of a traditional wolf hunting method, and it is as if wolves have learned to associate its presence with members of their species being killed. As wolves often tend to avoid areas surrounded with fladry, it is used to protect domesticated farm animals.

I believe that ranchers are required to employ riders to protect their animals before lethal control will be used against wolves. However, I still feel that other humane alternatives should be used be used instead of lethal control of these wolves.

These wolves do not deserve to be killed just for acting on their instincts and hunting in order to survive. Please politely urge the farmers/ranchers to consider using fladry to ward off wolves instead of killing these poor animals...

8. Protect our children and residents from MOTOR VEHICLE VIOLATIONS

With our recent move to the neighborhood, my wife and I have had the privilege to meet many of our neighbors. It has been a pleasure to meet you all and thank you for welcoming us to the neighborhood with open arms.

Since we live on Lake St, we gain the opportunity to meet many of you and your wonderful families through your daily walks. 99% of the conversations I have with each of you, we seem to always share one major concern and that is the Motor Vehicle Violations that take place in our community.

The goal with this petition is to pro-actively put an end to the many violations that take place on our streets and protect our residents and children.

One day, I walked across the street to grab our mail with my daughter in my arms and a car blew the stop sign at Lake St and Buena Vista and almost hit us. My little girl is 2 yrs old and is always under our supervision but I foresee our neighborhood walking to the Lake or riding our bikes together. If "speed bumps" are installed, it will force vehicles to slow down.

Speed bumps will also serve another purpose by reducing the number of cut through vehicles cutting through our community to avoid traffic or traffic signs on major roads.

9. Protect our Green Spaces in Singapore

There needs to be a re-thinking of how the country utilizes space. Too much of our forests are being cleared in the name of development, yet there are many alternatives that are not considered. Alternatives such as development of low-density areas, re-thinking of migration policies to better accommodate the increase in population.

Without a large part of our forests, Singaporeans can expect to have significantly higher levels of pollution and health problems.

Alternatives can be found. Taking the simplest way out of clearing forests is not the way to go.

Protect our forests.

10. Protect our Youth: No to Drama on Television

I have created this petition in the hopes of protecting the minds of our youth that are being corrupted by what they are watching everyday in the television.

So many television series are openly showcasing immorality, crime, adultery, homosexuality, addiction, young ones placed in love teams and many other things that are unhealthy for the minds of our youth today.

What are these television series teaching us? What is the moral of the story?

11. Save Burns Bog. Fight MK Delta's Industrial plans in Burns Bog.

History of MK Delta Lands Group & How it happened:

In 2004, Burns Bog owners the McLaughlins were under foreclosure. The McLaughlin family asked Jack Matthews to rescue the Bog from foreclosure. He did. (J.M. Pers. Comment, 2004.)

Four levels of government came together to purchase Burns Bog for conservation. They offered Jack Matthews $78 million for the 5,500 acres of Burns Bog. Unfortunately, Jack Matthews left $5 million on the table.

Matthews sold 5,000 acres of Burns Bog to the four levels of government. He kept 525 acres of ecologically significant land.

In 2005, the Kerbel family (Ontario) and Jack Matthews (originally from Ontario, now Dallas, Texas) created MK Delta Lands Group Inc.

Present day.

MK Delta Lands Groups is applying to the Corporation of Delta for an Official Community Plan Amendment and Rezoning application at 7969 Highway 91 Connector. They want to build an industrial park on 155 acres of land located on the edge of Burns Bog (Lot 4).

The following are parts of their application:

• Proposed Agricultural Land Reserve Exclusion
• Official Community Plan Amendment
• Rezoning
• Regional Growth Strategy Amendment
• Sanitary Sewer Area Extension
• Development Permit
• Subdivision Application at 7696 Highway 91 Connector

In exchange for this development, they are offering Delta 328 acres of land in Burns Bog and financial contributions.

Why should you be concerned?


Here are what others said about MK Delta Lands Group’s proposal in 2012 (we successfully stopped this project):

“There is a limited amount of “green space” in the Lower Mainland that is causing detrimental effects to not only human health but to our natural environment. It would be regrettable to see anything happen to Burns Bog, especially because of how sensitive the ecosystem is.”
- Olivia Woodburn

“As someone who has lived nearby for over twenty years I am appalled to learn that MK Delta Lands Group is proposing to potentially destroy one of the greatest natural environments on the west coast of British Columbia.”
- Asha Young

“No amount of mitigation and no amount of money can offset the impacts to the site and the local and global ecosystem if the proposed development is allowed…They CAN’T re-create this bog. Please DO NOT ALLOW this development.”
- Diane Ryba

Please sign the petition. Your support makes a huge difference. Your gifts help us continue to fight for Burns Bog. Click here to give now.

12. Don't scrap Act protecting pregnant women and babies in the UK

Without consulting its members, the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) is supporting a campaign recently launched by BPAS to totally remove abortion from criminal law.

At present, there are 180,000 legal abortions a year in the UK. BPAS is now calling for ‘the Victorian-era legislation that criminalizes abortion to be scrapped’ (see RCM’s website at That is, they are calling for abortions which are at present illegal to be made legal.

If this law is scrapped, it is not clear how people traffickers, violent partners, those who sell abortion pills online and anyone else who either coerces a woman into an illegal abortion or convinces her to take harmful illegally-produced drugs while she is in a vulnerable state can be prosecuted.

13. Protect Gull Lake MB from Gravel pit development

-There is currently an area located in the north west corner of Gull lake less than a mile from the water on Arnold Street (south of #12) where a gravel pit is being prepared to be developed, owned by a private company.

- This area is approx 40feet below the surface of Gull lake.

- Gull Lake water is retained by a sensitive clay bottom. The lake purges out through the underlying sentiment though this NW corner as per Hay report completed in the 1990's.
Gull Lake report

- Digging in this particular area could potentially be very hazardous to the Gull Lake purge rate if not potentially drain the lake completely.

- Gull Lake current purge rate is 6 years. This means that after a period 6 years every drop of water in Gull Lake is brand new (including evaporation). If this clay bottom is disrupted, think how quickly this rate could be affected?

14. Punish those who traffic and use prostitutes, but help prostitutes get medical help

Prostitution has been an on-going and growing problem in the United States and around the world. In a few countries like, Sweden, Iceland and Norway, they use the Swedish model.

In this model the offenders who buy sex are punished and the ones who are sold are treated with the necessary medical treatment. As the numbers show, the rate of trafficked victims has lowered a staggering amount.

The United States should be a part of this model.

We, as Americans, should provide victims of human trafficking with a place to go and the necessary medical needs. The johns and pimps should be the ones who get a sentence or a harsh punishment. They are the ones who are responsible for these people getting sold and raped 25 or more times each day.

America should care for those who don't have a voice.

15. Citizens of Kilgore Texas Request City Council Resolution for Protection from Consequences of Illegal Immigration & Border Policy

Due to the recent influx of illegal immigrants crossing our Texas/Mexico border (approx. 52,000 since October 2013), and the current rate of approximately 2000 per day, with only 20% of these being children and 80% being OTM's (Other Than Mexicans), it is estimated that more than 90,000 minors will arrive in the United States during the 2014 fiscal year and an additional 145,000 illegal alien minors in 2015 fiscal year, with most expected to remain in Texas cities and communities; HHS and ORR are seeking locations to house and process those apprehended.

We The Citizens of Kilgore request that our local City Council take proactive measures to draft & sign a Resolution protecting Kilgore Citizens from the challenges of this crisis, which other communities are now facing, including financial burdens, increased public health risks, and a burden on local law enforcement.

We demand that Rule of Law according to the US Constitution & The Texas Constitution be upheld by our local elected officials as they swore an oath to those and to protect the citizens of Kilgore.

This Resolution must address the following concerns and provide a plan of protection for Kilgore Citizens :

A. Increased public health risk:

It has been verified that due to the high volume of apprehensions, the mental and physical health screenings are not being completed as directed by law in a timely manner and before release of these foreigners.

The following diseases have been reported and Texas Border Patrol Agents have themselves contracted some of the following infections: Chagas, Scabies, Leshimosiasis, HIV/AIDS, STD’s, Neurocystiercerosis, Dengue Fever, Valley Fever, Swine Flu, Measles, Polio, Leprosy, Chicken Pox, Chikunguna and drug resistant Tuberculosis, STD's and more.

Mental health issues have been reported, related to exposure of witnessing murder, gangs, cartels,sexual assault and depression from disease.

B. Financial burden on Kilgore with the potential for increased taxes:

Once the illegals are released into the community there will be additional healthcare costs to treat long term medical conditions. This is done with taxpayer money.

Additional costs to schools which include the potential need for more classroom space, increased staff-including mental health counselors, foreign language curriculum (not just Spanish but Central American and Middle Eastern countries), juvenile detention classrooms, teen pregnancy management, increased nursing staff to handle vaccines and infectious disease and potential legal fees related to lawsuits.

Other community cost related challenges: the need for tax payer funded housing, the taking of jobs from local citizens who are unemployed, and the need for increased law enforcement;

C. Burden on law enforcement:

MS 13 & MS 18 Gang members are among those being apprehended (some as young as 10 years old whose fathers are also in gangs- they are on a recruitment mission).Many of them have admittedly killed or raped in their country of origin or during their trip here as an initiation into the gang.

In addition to the drug cartel infiltration, the OTM's not only include illegals from Central America (including Honduras the UN recognized murder capital of the world) but also illegals from Yemen & Pakistan, Somalia & China.

Reports show that when reunification occurs it is often a gang member or an illegal alien family member with no background check who picks up the processed individual or many others run away before reunification.

Many 21-23 year old gang members are posing as 16 & 17 year olds.
Sexual assaults have been reported in these detention centers. Illegals are not reporting for follow up on reportable diseases and will most likely not report for appointed court dates. This will put a strain on law enforcement and additional funds may be required to assure citizen safety.

Ultimately, the prudent course of action for our City Council including all local government officials would be to follow the Rule of Law and honor the oath taken to the Texas and US Constitution and to the citizens of Kilgore.

(Reports on above mentioned available upon request.)

16. Protect Portchester Precinct Car Park

Fareham Borough Council have recently completed a public consultation on a proposal to extend the retail development boundary of Portchester District Centre to include the entire southern car park areas.

If the boundary is extended, future large-scale retail development within Portchester will be directed into the district centre car parks, creating undesirable development pressure and/or frustrating development elsewhere.

There are strong local reservations that any new development will significantly reduce car parking numbers, and any new retail units would also increase the demand for parking. Any significant loss of parking could be detrimental to the health and longevity of Portchester Precinct.

If you wish to object to the extension of Portchester Precinct's retail development boundary, and if you wish to prevent any loss of District Centre parking, we would urge you to sign this petition.

17. Amend the Constitution so that Personal Information is Protected

Personal information is not a directly protected right within the U.S. Constitution.

This petition goal is to rectify this concern by clearly making such right evident through the means of a constitutional amendment.

18. Protect our Kids

Having been through having our grandchildren abused then abandoned by their parents and after we took up Kinship care for them through DOCS we found that both these so called parents STILL maintained their legal rights of guardianship over these very same children they abused and abandoned.

This was supported and even encouraged by QLD current legislation. I believe that when a parent or guardian abused and gives up their child then along with those actions their rights as parents should be automatically removed until returned by a court.

This will protect the child from continued manipulation and abuse with the full knowledge of the law.

19. Arm our Schools and Children Against Terror (ASCAT)

Since the tragedy’s at Columbine High School on April 20th of 1999, our nation has bared witness to more than it's rightful share of school shootings, massacres and terrorists acts.

The most recent of such attacks happened on December 14, 2012, at Sandy Hooks Elementary School in Newton, CT killing 20 six and seven year old children and six adults. Our children are not safe. This cannot be tolerated any longer in simple hopes of a better solution. Our children have the right to go to school and be safe from the tyranny of terrorists.

It is up to you Mr. President and our respected, elected officials to grant us the means necessary to better arm our schools and shield our beloved. This threat cannot be solved by written law to try and deter terror. Taking away guns leaves our children left to fate and that’s a risk parents are not willing to take. We want our schools armed.

ASCAT demands that every school have at least one armed Police or Military Officer on campus during school hours and extended activities after school hours. The following is a list of other demands we want to see enforced:

1. Five willing and evaluated teachers from every campus to undergo police and firearm training, licensed to carry a concealed firearm.
2. Required firearm training and carrying license for the principal of every school and have them armed on campus.
3. Gun safes in classrooms of participating teachers and principals office to restrain access by students.
4. Panic buttons placed in every classroom with a unique sound that can be delivered throughout the school and to police to alert of terrorists attacks.
5. Teacher & Staff anti-terrorists seminars and workshops.
6. Act and Respond panic drills for students.
7. Locks on classrooms with reinforced doors and glass.
8. Better front door security and reinforcements.
9. Secondary devices such as electric tasers for participating teachers and principal.
10. Secondary reinforced door access to student population.

This isn’t a battle that is going to end without a fight. For the safety of our children and our educators we must arm our schools. It is just a matter of time before this happens again and when it does we must be ready.

You can’t stop a terrorist from attempting an attack, but you can stand up against them when the attack is made.

20. Putting Prayer Back in Public Schools

This is simply a request to put prayer back into the public schools for the safety of our country and the welfare of our future.

Prayer is powerful and without it, our schools, children will perish.

21. Protect Indigenous Peoples' Rights! Justice for Jordan Manda and Timuay Lucenio Manda

We condemn the attack on Subanen tribal chieftain Timuay Lucenio Manda, which has resulted in the death of his 11-year-old son Jordan Manda. We call on President Benigno Aquino and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas to investigate the ambush and bring the perpetrators to justice.

For the past three years, Timuay Manda has received death threats because of his refusal to give free prior and informed consent (FPIC) to mining and logging companies. He also joined the filing of a petition for the Writ of Kalikasan to protect the Pinukis Range Forest, which is included in the claims of several mining companies. Mt. Pinukis is considered a sacred mountain by the Subanen tribe.

We call on every one to give support to our indigenous brothers and sisters, who stand in the front lines to protect Mother Nature. We call on the Philippine government, especially the Philippine National Police (PNP), National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to investigate the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice.

We call on President Benigno Aquino to protect the rights of Indigenous Peoples, and to hold mining companies accountable for their human rights abuses against IPs and other citizens. End the culture of impunity! Stop extra-judicial killings! Protect the rights and lives of Indigenous Peoples!

22. Save Burns Bog Today

History of MK Delta Lands Group & How it happened:

• In 2004, when the Burns Bog area owned by the McLaughlins was under foreclosure, the McLaughlin family asked Jack Matthews to rescue the Bog from foreclosure. He did. (J.M. Pers. Comment, 2004.)

• Jack Matthews then sold Burns Bog minus the 525 acres to Delta, the GVRD (Metro Vancouver), the Province of British Columbia and the Federal Government.

• The original piece of bogland owned by the McLaughlin family included the three pieces currently owned by MK Delta Lands Group Inc.

• In 2005 the Kerbel family (Ontario) and Jack Matthews (originally from Ontario, now Dallas, Texas) created MK Delta Lands Group Inc.

10770 – 72nd Avenue, Delta – 89 acres (26 hectares)

• It is surrounded on two sides by Conservation Area. This isolates the land from the community.

• The peat ranges from 10-17 metres thick in this area. (AGRA Earth & Environmental Ltd., 1999a up to 21.8 metres or 70ft. Pers. comment, MK’s hydrologist, April 29,2012).

• A good part of this area is identified as moderate to high habitat (50-75% of the best in the province) suitable for three rare and endangered mammal species (Pacific Water Shrew, Southern Red-Backed Vole, Trowbridge’s Shrew).

• Partly covered with historic pine, spruce, and yew forest. (Map 5.5 Ecosystem Review 2000).

• Water flows back and forth underneath Highway 99 between this property and the property on the west side owned by MK Delta Lands Inc.

Other Concerns:

• Impacts on people’s health regarding diesel particles coming from roads. (South Fraser Perimeter Road Tech. Report No. 16, Page 39 states that there will be increased respiratory and cancer related illnesses due to the construction of the road)

• Potential impact on the Conservation Area. When/ where is the tipping point where the Conservation Area can no longer withstand buildings and roads on unprotected bogland?

• This area is in a floodplain area. Water flows downhill from the Panorama ridge.

2004 Survey by the Burns Bog Conservation Society

• 93% of the people responding to the survey stated that the Society should “keep working on ways to protect that extra 426 acres" (currently identified as 525 acres).

Is destruction of this land inevitable?

• Before this land can be rezoned for development, the Corporation of Delta must change its North Delta Area Plan, and Metro Vancouver must change its Regional Growth Strategy Plan.

• The MK Delta Lands Inc. qualifies for a tax benefit under the Canadian Ecological Gifts Program if it donates its land to the Burns Bog Conservation Society or another organization with a charitable tax number.

Voice your opinion: Mayor & Council at

And please sign our petition!

Donations are always welcomed.

23. Don't Shoot Bats

The Liberal National Party of Qld says they will re-introduce lethal methods of crop protection. The shooting and electrocution of flying-foxes (to prevent crop damage) was outlawed in Queensland as it was proven to be inhumane, and largely ineffective.

Tens of thousands of animals were killed using methods that often left them to die excruciatingly painful deaths. It sometimes takes days for these Australian native animals to die from their injuries.

The bats killed include large numbers of Grey-headed and Spectacled Flying-foxes. Both are listed as threatened species.

All the facts, research and contact details are provided at

Allowing these methods sanctions animal cruelty. Please send the LNP of Qld a message that you abhor animal cruelty, and demand that they commit to supporting only humane methods of crop protection.

24. Protect The Old Growth Forest Reserve at Wolf Lake - Temagami

Check out:

Old growth forests are scarce enough as it is. The province of Ontario needs to take greater action to protect the 'unexplored' lands in the North. Extraction, logging and poor policy can elicit extensive irreversible damage to these ecosystems and their inhabitants.

Just because there are minerals to be had does not mean we ought to have them!

**Update: check out this:

While the forest will retain it's 'reserve' status, they will still be exploring for minerals. This is not acceptable. Exploration for minerals will lead to extraction which is precisely what we are trying to avoid.

Take further action (after signing this petition if you haven't already) by visiting the following link:

Thanks! Let's keep at it.

25. Protect Work at Home Moms & Retirees from Internet Scams

With the increase in the number of unemployed and the need for extra income, families are looking at the internet for an extra source of income or even a full time income. However, many moms, retirees and the jobless fall prey to scheming individuals who put up websites offering jobs, tools or businesses that seem legitimate, but don't work.

Many work at home moms, retirees, and the unemployed apply for these internet jobs, are hired, and render their services, only not to be paid.

Many also pay for an online business opportunity with false claims. This empties the pockets of people who have limited resources to begin with.

Some people, with the hope of earning some income, invest their food money on online businesses, tools and software, in the hope of being able to provide a better life to their families, only to realize that they were lied to.

The people who seek better lives through the internet will continue to dramatically grow in numbers. It is expected that millions will continue to fall prey to scrupulous individuals. Billions of dollars will be lost to internet scams and fraudulent online businesses and jobs.

These scheming and scamming businesses have been allowed to flourish because there is no single agency that protects the consumers and that runs after these criminals, no matter where they are in the world.

The international community needs one government agency to protect global consumers from fraudulent claims and businesses.

26. Education, Not Incarceration: Petition To Protect Student-Patient Rights

On university campuses, students with medical marijuana cards are unprotected; many students who live on campus do not have access to proper facilities for holding their marijuana legally because of the on-campus policies that are in effect.

This is due in part to the fact that California universities receive federal funding with the condition that they keep a "Drug-Free" campus - meaning students who use medicinal marijuana are especially targeted, despite what the state law allows.

Students with medical marijuana cards who are caught with marijuana on campus are threatened with severe punishments. For freshman and other on campus residents, they run the risk of losing their housing even for a first offense. The current policies on campus allow for residential advisors to key into rooms and invade the privacy of students in search of marijuana and paraphernalia related to its use.

Students who use marijuana for medical reasons are also faced with difficulties in regard to zoning laws. Locations are not made easily available for students to use their medicine and they risk further legal consequences by using it in those areas that surround campus and are surrounded by other Chico schools.

27. Protect Young People from the Tobacco Industry

RCASA needs your support to show that the tobacco industry continues to target young people in communities across Massachusetts by constantly changing its tactics to get around laws and regulations that protect youth.

28. Make taxis have permanent roof signs to keep women safe

We are concerned by the fact that women are vulnerable to attack when getting into vehicles masquerading as taxis, or private hire cars.

In many of our towns and cities, private hire cars or taxis have only small plates on the rear to identify them. These are relatively easy to fake, especially in the dark.

We believe that all taxis and private hire cars should have a permanent sign attached to their roof. This makes them easily and readily identifiable as a tax, even if it is late at night and alcohol has been consumed by the potential passenger.

This is a time when women are most vulnerable and believe that a taxi is safe. Making legitimate taxis very clearly identifiable will help keep women safe.

29. Protect Norfolk's Care Services

Please sign this Norfolk-wide public petition today for the protection of crucial social services. Some are facing potentially devastating cuts of 50% and others, such as the Sensory Support Unit, could almost be withdrawn completely.

The petition’s aim is three-fold: maintain prevention services, maintain the Sensory Support Service, and maintain care for those with 'substantial' needs.

Services under threat include: home care for people who have an inability to carry out the majority of personal care or domestic routines; Specialist Support Workers who make it possible for sensory impaired people to live independently and access public and community services; grants to voluntary organisations who provide supportive services such as day care; assistive technology for the elderly and disabled; and Homeshield, a service which flags up potential problems at an early stage.

As numerous studies have shown, preventative services save money and resources in the long run by preventing deterioration in the health of the elderly and vulnerable. For example, Swifts & Night Owls is a call out service, used to prevent the need for hospital admissions. Cutting the budget to this service will mean that far greater financial strain will be placed on the NHS, a bill that will inevitably be picked up by the taxpayer.

Cutting support for people with substantial needs is against government advice, which also points out that it tends to lead to a longer term rise in the demand for social services as people's needs become critical as a result of not receiving earlier care. The council have indicated they may not make this particular cut this after all, but it’s important to keep up the pressure so they stick to their word.

There may be ways to save the threatened services – for instance, the Sensory Support Unit could be operated as a shared service with other authorities. However, the cuts are coming so deep and fast, that a nationally recognised service such as this is not being given the chance to find a way to continue. This is surely scandalous.

Please give your support today by signing our petition. Thank you!

30. Plataforma para la defensa de la Isla de Mallorca

We need your support to save what little is left of nature in a small island. Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, is constantly threatened by private and incoherent initiatives. We have the highest amount of cars per family groups -3 per family- receive 19 million tourists per year.

We are not altogether 1 million inhabitants. Now they want to build an enormous car racing circuit in one of the last agricultural and natural plains of this territory. Please support!