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1. Keep the Water in the Poudre - Stop Thornton's Pipe Dream!

We join the citizen's group "Stop Thornton’s Pipe Dream" in asking the Larimer County Commissioners to deny the City of Thornton's 1041 plan to move water from the Larimer County Canal to Thornton by constructing a pipeline north of Fort Collins.

We strongly support letting the water remain in the Poudre River, flowing through Fort Collins, to a takeout point in Windsor where it can connect with the pipeline heading south to Thornton.

We encourage the Larimer County Commissioners to be proactive in supporting, not only the citizens they represent, but also the Poudre River, which struggles to support our community.

If the water were to remain in the Poudre River, the increased flows would be significantly beneficial to the currently ailing health of the Poudre, as well as to wetlands, environmental and recreational resources and the communities and businesses that depend on them. Rivers are the natural, ecological pipelines for water.

In denying Thornton’s pipeline, the Larimer County Commissioners will avoid not only disrupting our ecosystem, but also the thousands of people residing in the proposed pipeline route who would be harmed by dangerously limited access to their homes, the devaluing of their properties, and the protracted destruction of roads, land and houses.

2. The Last Straw

A video went viral in 2015 of a sea turtle with debris lodged in it's nose. Once removed, it was discovered that the object was none other than a plastic straw. Straws are something society overlooks in their daily lives, but the usage of straws is becoming overwhelming. Americans alone use 500 million straws a day, which could wrap around the eart two and a half times. These petroleum based, polypropylene tubes are consuming the oceans, injuring and killing wildlife, and threatening the climate. This is the last straw.

3. Is building on diakofti beach lawful

We are trying to stop the development of buildings on diakofti beach.... it was a beach that was awarded the best beach in Greece by a few years ago... and now has become a building site that is damaging to the beach and the environment.

4. Petition the NBA to Help Defund DAPL by Ending its Partnership with BBVA Compass

The Dakota Access Pipeline is funded by a number of banks including BBVA Securities, a subsidiary of BBVA Compass. The National Basketball Association partners with and is sponsored by BBVA Compass. To date, BBVA Securities has invested over $275 million in the Dakota Access Pipeline. The NBA is complicit in the funding and construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the atrocities committed against the Standing Rock Sioux through its partnership with BBVA Compass.
Less than two months ago, the United States Army Corps of Engineers halted the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in order to conduct an environmental impact study. This study would have likely shown that which we already know, but has been halted and seemingly forgotten under the current presidential administration. Over the past seven years, over 9 million gallons of crude oil have been spilled on the United States, causing irreversible damage to the tune of over $1 billion. In fact, The US Army Corps of Engineers changed the original route of the pipeline in order to protect the city of Bismarck's water supply in the event of a spill. An oil spill along the current route would threaten the Standing Rock Sioux’s water supply, culture, and way of life. If there is concern of an oil spill negatively impacting the people of Bismarck, shouldn’t we be equally concerned for the Standing Rock Sioux? Furthermore, the Standing Rock Sioux believe this land to be sacred, containing burial sites of their ancestors, and protected by the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868, Not only is this a matter of environmental justice, but it is clearly a matter of human rights and racial justice as well.
The NBA stood up against HB2 in North Carolina by moving the NBA All-Star game from Charlotte to New Orleans. Now we ask that the NBA stand for Standing Rock and for the Standing Rock Sioux by ending its partnership with BBVA Compass.

5. Stop Trudeau's Carbon Tax & Use Taxes We Already Pay To Fund Cleaner Resources

Justin Trudeau took 10 vacations last year including the use of a private jet. He is passionate about climate change but instead of using the Canadian people's tax dollars to build the infrastructure needed to start using renewable energy and using fossil fuels more cleanly, he has been using the Canadian people's tax dollars to serve his own agenda and sending most of it overseas for other countries and governments to benefit from racking up a massive spending debt for us and our children to shoulder. Now he wants you to pay a carbon tax in addition to the taxes you are already paying. This tax will affect everything manufacturered and shipped - it will affect everything. Everything you buy; groceries, gas, heat, everything. So his plan is to punish us for the use of carbon.. not actually provide our country with what we need. For the Canadians who remember that the government's money is actually our money and that the government is supposed to serve us and not the other way around.. Justin Trudeau: stop vacationing and schmoozing and use our tax money to help us. Stop using our tax money like it is your own personal schmooze fund and get to work. No to carbon tax, no to more vacations, yes to building and improving energy infrastructure.

6. Freedom for West Papua

While everyone is encouraged to sign this petition, it was originally created to support action inspired by the eBook, Crying Freedom (previously called Vanishing Tribes) - an illustrated story written as a tribute to fifty years of peaceful resistance in West Papua. Further explanation is available on the website at for those who wish to better understand the reason for this simple petition.

Please help us ask the United Nations to fulfill their historic duty to protect West Papuans from the current military occupation by Indonesia, and from the associated militarized commerce that is ravaging this precious land and its peoples to the point of total destruction.

This simple petition is supported by the following facts:

1. The right of self-determination is articulated in article 3 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;
2. In May 2013, the UN General Assembly voted to place French Polynesia back on their list of territories to be decolonized;
3. West Papua was also on the decolonization list from 1994 to 1962, and was taken off in a way that violated indigenous and fundamental human rights;
4. West Papua clearly meets the UN list criteria set down in resolution 1541 (XV).

(If West Papua cannot be granted de facto independence and acknowledged as an existing country, we would hope that the region at least be re-instated on the list of Non-Self-Governing Territories, opened to journalists from any nation, and the people of West Papua finally be given their first real opportunity to vote in a referendum properly supervised by the UN under the auspices of UN-sponsored armed forces. See the many other petitions for West Papua asking for these kinds of outcomes.)

OK - here is the entire petition in one sentence:

7. UNLOCK TASMANIA - Removal of the privileges and exemptions including charity status (tax free and donations tax deductable) for environmental groups

Destruction of jobs, business and consumer confidence.

Tasmania has suffered massif job losses and economic damage at the hands of the deeply political environmental groups and NGO's who use Tasmania to run unfair and divisive campaigns to raise money from mostly mainland Australia.

The lies and exaggerations need to stop as well as the abuse of the privileges and exceptions that these groups have exploited.



8. Stop Fracking

Please watch the Documentary on CBC called "Shattered Ground" (The Nature of Things). Fracturing is causing environmental concerns world wide and it is time to put a stop to it until it is better understood and regulated.

Entire Countries and States are banning the process due to health and environmental issues associated with this drilling Practise.

9. Ban Plastic Bags in La Jolla!

Help raise awareness of plastic and how it effects our environment!

Los Angeles County has been the first county in California to ban plastic bags, so why can't San Diego or specifically La Jolla?

We live in such a BEAUTIFUL beach community and it's sad to see our local markets using plastic bags!

Help the oceans and ban plastic bags!

10. Stop the Keystone Pipe Line

Why we should oppose TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline:
TransCanada does not care about landowners:
They have coerced families into signing fraudulent contracts and used eminent domain to take their land by force.

The pipeline threatens our health:
Toxic tar sands are corrosive and spill more often than crude. Spills are too difficult to cleanup. TransCanada’s pipeline threats the health of millions.

Grandmother and Texas landowner, Susan Scott has fought TransCanada for 4 years. She was unable to make an informed decision on TransCanada’s contract, which falsely described the pipeline as transporting crude oil, and not diluted bitumen (toxic tar sands).

Susan was bullied into signing with TransCanada after threats of land seizure by eminent domain.

U.S. pipeline company Enbridge is responsible for the worst tar sands spill in North America--and its total cover-up. Despite the warning signs, Enbridge allowed about one million gallons of toxic tar sands to spill in the Kalamazoo river. Over 200 people became sick, and the river’s fish all died. Enbridge paid for people’s silence and literally buried the spill.

Why we should oppose TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline:
TransCanada has no integrity: They lie to landowners, indigenous communities, and regulators. TransCanada is a corporation that cannot be trusted with our communities’ safety.

Tar sands extraction is the most destructive plan on Earth: It produces four-times the carbon emissions as compared to crude oil. It will destroy a forest the size of NY state.

TransCanada has repeatedly lied about the contents of their pipeline. They claim it will transport crude oil, but we know that it will contain toxic tar sands. The contents of TransCanada’s pipelines are kept secret, even to regulators after dozens of uncleaned toxic spills. TransCanada lies to indigenous communities, and tramples their land and burial grounds.

Lies from TransCanada:
Tar sands exploitation has already destroyed 170,000 acres of ancient forest in Canada. There is no hope for regrowth.

With tar sands, Canada has no plan to comply with the carbon reduction agreements they signed, and their emissions will only make our climate crisis much, much worse.

11. Open Letter to the D.E.C. : Halt the Contamination of Long Island's Drinking Water

This is an open letter to eradicate a "roughly 4.5-mile long by 3.5-mile wide underground pool of toxic chemicals emanating from the former Grumman Aerospace Corporation and Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant (NWIRP) sites in Bethpage, which for the past several decades, has been bleeding south-southeast and contaminating public drinking water wells in its path."

for more information please review Christopher Twarowski's article at the link above.

Photo credit goes to the Massapequa Water District

12. No reclaimed wastewater on the San Francisco Peaks!

We the undersigned are deeply concerned about the implementation of the reclaimed wastewater pipeline being constructed on the San Francisco Peaks and into Flagstaff, Arizona.

The Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort is planning to make artificial snow with the reclaimed wastewater on the mountain this winter and is carrying out their wishes in arrogant disregard to how it impacts the health of our community. The water is known to potentially carry contaminants (listed in Dr. Cathy Propper’s study called the “ Endocrine Disruptor Screening Project” and Dr. Robin Silver’s study “Antibiotic Resistance Gene Testing of Recycled Water Samples”) and is not adequately reviewed by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) or sincerely considered by the City of Flagstaff.

As community members of Flagstaff, we and other inhabitants face multiple repercussions from the creation of artificial snow; for instance:

- Severe alterations to sensitive, rare alpine forest due to clearcuts and reclaimed waste water exposure;

- Run off water from the mountain and it seeping into the aquifer and further decreasing Flagstaff’s and surrounding communities’ fresh water resource;

- Wildlife fleeting into surrounding neighborhoods due to infrastructure encroaching on their territory and ultimately displacing them from their habitats, i.e. habitat fragmentation;

- Increased, disruptive traffic on highway 180, the road leading to Snowbowl;

- Noise from the pipeline disrupting wildlife, hikers, and campers on the mountain;

- Soil, water, and air contamination; particularly pollutants not currently tested for in treated wastewater in this locale;

- Effects on threatened species, the San Francisco Peaks Ragwort.

13. SEA2122

On behalf of the residents, property owners and stakeholders in the vicinity of the Elk River at its juncture with the Tennessee River, four miles southeast of the town of Rogersville Alabama, the Shoals Environmental Alliance respectfully wishes to submit this proposal, to wit: that Tracts 21 and 22 of the Wheeler Reservoir Land Management Plan be reclassified from Commercial Recreation (Tract 21) and Industrial Access / Barge Terminal Site (Tract 22) to one or more of the following uses: Small Wildlife Area, Wildlife Management, Habitat Protection Area, Informal Recreation or Forest Pine Management; as deemed most appropriate by TVA and consistent with current hiking, equestrian and low-impact public uses.

14. Composting for Amherstview

Composting not only helps put fewer material into landfills, which prevents pollution, it also can be reused for agriculture purposes and sold as a natural fertilizer.

Kingston, Ontario already has a green bin for every household which is picked up weekly. Organic materials go in these green bins.

Amherstview is already included in recycle and garbage pick up, so green bins could be done at the same time as well.

15. Stop Unwanted Unnecessary Packaging

Do you find that when you go to the supermarkets and shops that packaging could be minimised?

Bananas in packed in plastic bags for instance, or Herbal tea bags individually wrapped, fruit wrapped in cardboard and hard plastic (special (posh?) packs of 2 or 4 fruits) Tetra packs!

And so many more unnecessary packages, I am just naming a few.

16. Protection of 'Vermont', Historically Significant Lands in Launceston, Tasmania!

Petition to protect the rare inner city agricultural lands on the Western side of Vermont Road, Mowbray, Launceston, on the banks of the North Esk River. This land is known as 'Vermont'. These lands have a history dating back to the early days of Launceston (1819) and were once owned and overseen by Tasmania's first distinguished Botanist, Robert William Lawrence, first son of the famous Tasmanian colonist William Effingham Lawrence.

Historically significant happenings include: Aboriginal Hunting Grounds, major conflict between Aboriginals and Early Settlers, Bush Rangers making several appearances in the area and on the property, and the use of Convict labor on the land(s) from 1819 until 1856. The land was the used for several early farm machinery tests and also for the first meet of the Launceston Gun Club in the mid 1870's. Items dug up from the near by 2nd original homestead of 'Vermont' (1870) include coins dating back to the late 1700's, pieces of a dueling pistol, clay bottles and pipes and several broad arrow marked Convict bricks.

On the Western side of the road there lies a creek bed where, it is said, stone was cut by Convict labor to built a wall and dairy at 'Vermont' which is still standing. Convicts were also used to drain the river flats by the North Esk River due to regular flooding and for other general agricultural purposes including 'barking'. The lower river flats have now regressed back into their natural state holding a large variety of bird, plant and frog species and house a rare bio-diverse area in that of which the Green and Gold frog lives.

These privately owned lands could be due for subdivision in coming months/years. There is also a proposed 'Eastern By-pass' for heavy vehicles that will run right through the land, which will disturb residents in many ways on the Vermont Road as well as Bill Grove. The by-pass will have a detrimental effect upon the rural outlook of the area as well as its long standing history and cultural values. We must see this last piece of beautiful rural scenery not be built upon by modern housing estates or highways as the effect would be disastrous. This land still retains rural features of its earliest known land grant of 1819 and is most probably the last in Launceston to still be in such an original condition, partially bounded by original Hawthorn Hedging to the South and West. Near to said lands there is a cottage which was erected in the mid 1820's named 'Braemar', an early neighboring farm to 'Vermont' owned by John and James Lamont.

Please view the image taken by Monissa Whitely showing the land on the Western side of Vermont Road with the river flats in the background. Do we really want to see this lost for good? Do we really want to see the historic homestead of 'Vermont' boxed in by development when it is already boxed in enough?

If you care about Tasmania's historic agricultural landscapes and buildings, sign this petition today!

a href="">

17. Support BatteryBack & Save The Planet!

Did you know Australians use approximately 10,000 tonnes of domestic batteries each year? Almost all of these will end up in landfill and have the potential to contaminate soil and groundwater.

Even more importantly, batteries are RECYCLABLE. They contain valuable components such as cadmium and zinc, which, if recovered, can be reused in different products and diverted from landfill.

BatteryBack was set up by Sustainability Victoria to gather battery waste-stream information for the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI), who aims to develop an industry-wide, national level recycling programme for batteries funded voluntarily by the manufacturers themselves.

Battery recycling in Australia is not free – BatteryBack forwards on the collected batteries to the AusBatt Recycling service. AusBatt does not process enough batteries to fund their activities purely through the reclaimed materials as Australia is not a large enough supply. It is fiscally cheaper to produce batteries from virgin materials, however environmental and social costs are not considered and dumping used batteries in landfill is costing our environment dearly.

Batteryback is scheduled to terminate at the end of June 2011 (though you can still recycle your batteries through Battery World ( and IKEA.) BatteryBack varies to other programs that recycle battery waste in that it aims to play a part in informing industry on the costs and operational requirements associated with running a take-back scheme. This is why it is vital we act to keep this programme going to support the ABRI in developing a national strategy to make battery recycling easily available to all Australians.

We believe, as the ABRI does, the costs involved in battery recycling should be covered by battery manufacturers. By asking manufacturers take environmental responsibility for their products we will be strengthening the most important part of the campaign for a national recycling model. If manufacturers do not believe people are concerned about battery recycling it is less likely they will voluntarily fund these programmes. It is by far the most powerful message we can send.

If manufacturers supported these measures, it would provide a sealed loop, protecting the environment and creating a higher initial battery cost, encouraging consumers to source out battery free alternatives or long-life, rechargeable battery electronics (for example, a camera that uses L-ion rather than 4 double a's).

Show your support by signing the petition below.

Learn more about the programmes here:
The ABRI's submission to the Waste Management Policy.
BatteryBack website hosted by ResourceSmart (a government website for Victorians containing information on how Victorians can minimise their impact on the planet).
AussBatt Recycling are the company through which Sustainability Victoria processed the batteries collected through the BatteryBack programme.
Sustainability Victoria. Select the 'Find A Service' Tab to locate BatteryBack (take a minute to check out the other programmes they run too.)

18. Save Cayman / Save the North Sound

Save Cayman/Save the North Sound - Petition only for International Lovers of Cayman and Property Owners in Cayman who are not Residents or Eligible to Vote in Cayman Islands!

Dredging of the North Sound to allow mega-yachts, cruise ships and potentially oil tankers for an oil refinery.

(Published on January 21/11 - CNS) Bush said the channel was “absolutely necessary”. “I have high expectations that we will sign a memorandum of understanding in the near future in order to commence definitive work on these projects.” “I am not prepared to wait any longer. If this particular company wants to develop it, I am prepared to go with them.” “If I was still chairing my boards it would have been done by now”.

(Published on January 24/11 - CFP) Mr. Bush challenged anyone to show him scientific evidence why the channel shouldn’t be done. “I have high expectations that we will sign a memorandum of understanding in the near future, in order to commence definitive work on these projects”. “The country cannot - and I’m not prepared to - wait any longer,” he said.

(Published on January 26/11 - CITN) Premier the Honourable McKeeva Bush said last week he wants proof that dredging a channel would hurt North Sound. “Someone will need to show me scientifically why what I’m saying shouldn’t happen.”

(Published on February 28/11 - CFP) Mr. Bush had told the Legislative Assembly of the intent to build a channel through the North Sound in their sitting on Wednesday, 23 February.

(Premiers Statement of March 3/11) The immediate plan is to commission a comprehensive environmental impact study. The event of developing this channel will depend entirely on the environmental study. I want to assure you that this project will not go ahead if the environmental impact study says it will damage the North Sound.


NORTH SOUND DEVELOPMENT MAPS (anonymously delivered to NS MLA)





19. Kanaka Maoli Descendants of Lanihau I & II, Kamakahonu

Kamakahonu, the-Eye-of-the-Turtle, is the first Capital of the Hawaiian Islands of the Pacific declared so by Kamehameha the Great in 1812. Kamehameha lived upon the lands at Kamakahonu that included the ahupua'a (land divisions from mountain to the sea) of Lanihau I & II.

Today, more than 10 sacred sites remain on these lands along with sacred burials (including a burial identified as 28398).

If you are a descendant of Kamehameha I, 'Umi-a-Liloa, their relatives or of other families who once lived on the lands of Lanihau I & II in Hawaii, please sign this petition.

20. Torremolinos; Stop Trying To Starve Cats To Death

My U.K. charity, Paws in Need (registration 1110537) has spent many thousands of euros in Torremolinos (Andalucia) neutering abandoned cats. We have managed to find homes for some of them but many have to still live on the street.

We are obliged to provide food for their survival or else they will die a slow and agonizing death from starvation. Yet now a sign has been put up by a resident in Calle Brasil and by a resident at La Roca telling us not to feed the cats. An administrator at Pueblo Blanco has reported our helper to the sanitation department for feeding starving cats and a man with a dog waits outside at night to try to prevent the cats being fed .I am also aware various ayuntamentos in this area try to stop people feeding the cats. The cats and our helpers are under constant threat from cat haters whom the mayor supports by his attitude, and babaric by-laws giving us, and the cats, no protection or support.

This however is wrong on several points.
1) It inflicts extreme cruelty onto animals many of whom were dumped by people in that area;
2) It violates human rights and freedom by forcing people to violate their environmental beliefs. If they believe they can not leave hungry animals to die a slow painful death they are being forced to violate those beliefs.

21. Stop Land into Trust for Cayuga Indian Nation

WHEREAS, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) has released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) supporting the proposed fee-to-trust conveyance of certain real property owned by the Cayuga Indian Nation (CIN) and located in Cayuga and Seneca Counties in the State of New York; and

WHEREAS, the DEIS acknowledges that the property in question is on "ancestral land" and therefore net en a current reservation, thus the CIN application is being treated improperly as an "on reservation" rather than an "off-reservation" application; and

WHEREAS, the DEIS concludes erroneously that there would be no signiflcant environmental impact if the approximately 125+ subject acres owned by the CIN were taken into federal trust for the use and benefit of the CIN because it fails to address, analyze and consider mitigation of significant negative impacts that will result from such action; and

WHEREAS, taking the subject land into trust weuld render it sovereign territory and therefore exempt from lecal property taxes, special district charges and other fees, thus reducing the revenue of relevant counties, tewns, villages, and schoel, fire, water, and sewer districts; and

WHEREAS, despite the fact that the stated purpose of the CIN application is to foster activities that will result in economic growth for the Nation, the DEIS nevertheless contends incredulously that the CIN has "no plans for further development .on the properties subject te the proposed action;" and

WHEREAS, the DEIS fails to take into consideration the fact that the CIN already owns same 765 additional acres in the Counties and intends to buy mere with the intent of making future trust applications, and allegedly intends to acquire up to 64,015 such acres of ancestral land that the Nation contends would thereby become eligible for trust status;

22. Support Vision Kashmir


23. Opposition of PILOT for Upstate NY Power Corporation

Upstate NY Power Corporation has applied for a PILOT as of October 5, 2009. The requested a decision not later than December 31, 2009 to allow their project financing to be completed. They also stated that they are under a strict deadline to allow their construction to start and reach a certain percentage completion, to qualify for 30% Federal subsidies from the Stimulus Fund.

The application has not provided sufficient details about their financial strength, and actually refuses to provide an SEC 10-K financial statement for the public to view.

The PILOT will strip US$54,000,000 from the tax rolls, as compared to full taxation. Additionally, the developer will receive nearly US$150,000,000 in federal direct cash subsidy, with an additional US$150,000,000 plus NYS and Federal subsidies in the form of tax credits. The developer is "rewarding" American Manufacturing Unions by investing US$200,000,000 in foreign manufacturing. They plan to create approximately US$15,000,000 in construction payroll (10 foreign jobs created for each American union worker employed).

The developer is an LLC formed under the NYS Transportation Laws, as a single purpose company. Their principal is a single person. The developer has agreements with other LLC and LP companies to provide construction management and technology. Dun and Bradstreet Risk Management reports do not provide adequate scores to loan US$54,000,000 of County taxpayer’s money.

Jefferson County is at great risk with the current PILOT proposal in the manner it is being rushed through our Board of Legislators. The Chairman has bypassed the jurisdictional committee normally tasked with all other PILOTs.

The PILOT lacks certainty required in a normal, well constructed business agreement, such as but not limited to;
1. County Road Use Agreement for Construction Damages.
2. Project Labor Agreement
3. Decommissioning Bonds to protect County taxpayers
4. Guarantee to the number, type and pay of jobs to be created and sustained for long-term operation.
5. Guarantee of short-term constructions jobs to be created and sustained from Jefferson County trades

24. Let Greenpeace Activists Go!

Nearly 40 Greenpeace activists including Bruce Cox, Executive Director of Greenpeace have been arrested for peacefully protesting the destruction of the Alberta tar sands.

Those arrested face fines and jail time for their peaceful acts of protest. Despite their plight, these heroes maintain their position and intend fully to return to the fight once they are able. Alberta's premier has labled these people as terrorists, having decided to punish them to the full extent of the law.

Thank you for your support,

Jenny Smith,
Environmental Technician.

To make a donation to Greenpeace, go to;

25. WATER FOR SUGAR: Support Corporate Social Responsibility, Pure Water, and Public Health!

Do you want to support social responsibility for sugar cane workers in Nicaragua? If you have a sweet-tooth, and want to show your support for poor Nicaraguan campesinos who labor in extreme heat to produce sugar and other sugar cane based products for local and international consumption, then support this petition!!!

People living and working in western Nicaragua, Guanacastal Sur sectors of La Isla, el Triunfo, Sector Gonzalez, Paises Bajos, and Santana do not have access to pure drinking water. Many suffer and die from chronic kidney disease (CKD) and other illnesses that may be related to consumption of contaminated water. Those who suffer most are the sugar cane field workers who urgently need potable water to maintain healthy levels of hydration while working in extreme heat.

La Isla Foundation and Fundación Isla are seeking partners to support our integrated programs including Corporate Social Responsibility, Pure Water, and Public Health. With support from our partners we will construct a pure water system to fill a 15,000 gallon reservoir, connected to a gravity-fed distribution system leading to each home. We will also implement community empowerment, public health, environmental, and educational programs. To implement these programs we seek support from many sources!

For more information and to make a donation online visit and join the "La Isla Foundation" Facebook group! You can also see short videos about this issue and other problems with agri-industry in Latin America at this link:

26. STOP printed Phone directories

28.4 million Yellow Pages per year (official)
22 million Thomson Local per year (official)

How many are used? and at what environmental cost?

This delivery system comes with at massive environmental cost. Not only with the printing and paper used but with the distribution to every home and business.

How many of use just pick them up and put them straight in the bin? or save them and never use them.

With Global Warming being such a huge problem its time to stop this system of waste. We need to create an 'op-in' delivery program. This is we the printed versions are only delivered upon request therefore eliminating pointless waste.

Join this Protest and help us to live in an environmentally cleaner UK.

This is the first protest from 'The Waste Project'. A project looking for a sustainable world.

27. Decline and embargo all products of Sinar Mas Group, APP and its subsidiaries

Various activities, Sinar Mas Group which is join the Asia Pulp and Paper in each segment of the process undertaken to get their products, such as paper, pulp and other derivative products, CPO and other derivative products, such as margarine, cooking oil etc has been damage our environmental life of the world, burning and destroying Indonesia's tropical forests that richest and largest in the world and as lungs of the world.

As a result, almost all wild animals, such as the orang utan, sumatra tiger, elephant, rhinoceros, bear and various types of tropical flora are now extinct. Those are fatal as a result there has been global warming and global climate change now.

28. Non-Rutland Resident: Petition of Support for Summer Ban

Whereas, the public health concerns of existing outdoor wood boilers are well documented and recognized by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Lung Association, and countless other local boards of health across the United States, we are hereby signing this petition in support for Rutland residents who wish for the institution of a summer ban for existing outdoor wood boilers in the Town of Rutland, Massachusetts.

29. Rutland Residents to Board of Health: Adopt Summer Ban

Whereas, the public health concerns of existing outdoor wood boilers are well documented and recognized by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Lung Association, and countless other local boards of health across the United States, we are hereby creating this petition for the institution of a summer ban for existing outdoor wood boilers in the town of Rutland, Massachusetts.

30. Give families a tax break for using cloth diapers

Inaccurate and Misleading Information from Disposables Manufacturers

* It's the late 1980's, people are becoming concerned about the environment. Disposables are on the decline. The disposables manufacturers fight back. Articles and advertisements say disposables are OK. Many mothers, glad to hear that and relieved of guilt, switch to disposables. Disposables manufacturers say energy usage is the same for cloth or disposables, but the fact is that throwaways use five times more energy than reusables.

* About 5 million tons of untreated body excrement, which may carry over 100 intestinal viruses, is brought to landfills via disposables. This may contribute to groundwater contamination and attract insects that carry and transmit diseases. In 1990, 18 billion disposables were thrown into United States landfills.

Is it wise to use 3.4 billion gallons of oil and over 250,000 trees a year to manufacture disposables that end up in our already overburdened landfills? These disposables are not readily biodegradable. The paper must be exposed to air and sun to decompose. Thirty percent of a disposable diaper is plastic and is not compostable. Even if the rest of the diaper could be composted, these plants could only handle 400 of the 10,000 tons of diapers tossed in landfills EACH DAY, assuming they didn't have to process any other compostable garbage.

Biodegradable diapers have cornstarch added to the plastic to break it into tiny pieces. The pieces still end up in landfills.