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1. Implementation of Recycling Bins at the SAN Hospital

This petition aims at spreading eco awareness at the SAN Hospital, and giving rise to action towards a greener and waste free environment. We believe that by implementing recycling bins, we can help reduce the amount of waste produced at the SAN and help eliminate the production of plastic and harmful material to our planet.
We desire recycling bins placed throughout the Sydney Adventist Hospital’s facility and grounds including on every level (utility rooms, kitchens and drug rooms), at the cafes, kitchens and public areas.
Recycling and reusing material is an effective way the SAN can do its part in providing a better future for future generations and our planet.
The signatures are primarily from staff members whom are concerned about the environment and the waste the SAN hospital produces.

2. Ban Plastic Containers

This petition aims at spreading Eco awareness and giving rise to action towards a greener and waste-free urban environment.

3. Save Santorini from waste - Σώστε τη Σαντορίνη από τα απόβλητα

We are inhabitants of the wonderful island of Santorini. We have as common goal the protection of the island from environmental hazards threatening its viability and inhabitants.

Είμαστε ευαισθητοποιημένοι πολίτες, που κατοικούμε στο υπέροχο νησί της Θήρας, και έχουν ως κοινό γνώμονα, την προστασία του νησιού από τους περιβαλλοντικούς κινδύνους που δέχεται συνεχώς, και απειλούν την βιωσιμότητα αυτού και των κατοίκων του.

4. NO to the Otero Borehole!

We support the community living in rural Southeast Otero County New Mexico, the community impacted by the proposed borehole project. This area includes the Otero Mesa, an area of wild and beautiful grassland. Adjacent to the East is the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. The land south of Pinon, NM is wild and beautiful. Many residents can trace their family's history in the area back to the 1800s. They work hard to make a living and pay taxes.
The Department of Energy (DOE) plans to drill multiple deep boreholes, three miles into the earths crust in this community. DOE claims these boreholes will test their suitability for deep borehole nuclear waste disposal. They further claim that no radioactive waste will be dumped in the these test holes. They DO NOT promise that similar holes nearby won't be drilled and used for nuclear waste if that first hole looks good. That is clearly their intention. To quote the DOE:
“The Department is particularly interested in evaluating whether deep boreholes might offer a safe and practical alternative to mined geologic repositories for smaller forms of nuclear waste.”
DOE proposes to spend $30,000,000 for two holes. These will be to test out the concept of nuclear waste disposal and will show if the rock is suitable for nuclear waste. Once things are found okay we are supposed to believe that DOE will then go elsewhere and drill another $30,000,000 "test" hole to see if the rock is good there and then dump radioactive waste there?

Really? Does that seem reasonable?

Here is what actually is going on. DOE will drill and test. If things are good they will buy or take nearby land (eminent domain if necessary) and drill a field of boreholes for a nuclear waste dump. One Sandia Lab plan shows about 950 boreholes are likely.

This saves DOE a cool $30,000,000 and more important it saves them many years time. A new borehole elsewhere will take years to permit and bring in, and then it might turn out to be bad rock!

5. Tell City Council that you want a Zero Waste New Orleans

No Waste NOLA is asking the New Orleans City Council to develop a plan to become a Zero Waste community, because our trash is making us sick, and causing LOTS of other serious problems too. Support a cleaner, healthier community by telling the city council to pass a resolution committing to reducing waste in New Orleans!

In the U.S., on average, each person produces 1609 pounds of trash a year. So, with about 378,175 people in New Orleans, that means as we are sending 304,241 TONS of trash to our local landfills each year. Cigarette butts take up to 5 years to decompose. Glass bottles last for 1,000 years, - yet New Orleans has very limited glass recycling. Think about all that trash just piling up in our dumps!

As trash piles up and decomposes, it can cause air, ground and water pollution that causes a wide range of irritations and illness for people and animals - from asthma to allergies, and even cancer.

Trash is also a major contributor to climate change. As certain gases escape from decomposing trash, they surround our planet, stopping heat from escaping and preventing the earth from cooling down as it should. Over time, this can increase temperatures and change our climate.

Hotter weather means more pests as well - like mosquitoes and ticks - that can infect us and our pets with Lyme disease, Zika virus, and the West Nile virus. When it’s hot, cockroaches breed more often too – so as temperatures rise, so will our roach population! Expect more creepy crawlies on our streets and in our homes – yuck!

Increasing temperatures change weather patterns as well. When weather becomes erratic, we experience severe events like hurricanes, floods, and super storms.

For all these reasons, and so much more (link to fact sheet here) – we need to be better about reducing waste! Ask our City Council to protect our health, pets and planet by committing to a future with less trash and other waste!

6. Say NO to the borehole!

We stand together in protest of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Plan for a Defense Waste Repository.

Nara Visa, NM, a small tight knit agricultural community is the location of a proposed site for borehole testing. DOE contractor, ENERCON, has been deceptive in gaining entrance into this community; claiming community buy-in when there is overwhelming proof to the contrary. In fact, the opposition is strong against their proposal.

After reading the DOE’s draft plan, and assessing our community’s situation, it is clear to us that the ‘consent-based siting process’ regarded by the DOE as a ‘critical element’ (DWR 2016, p.v) in siting potential host communities has been completely disregarded.

The deception by DOE contractors, coupled with the highly probable long-term implications of these test boreholes leave no doubt in our minds. We are unequivocally opposed to the test borehole project sited for Quay County, NM.

7. Free Food Distribution Center at the Antioch New England Campus

Citizen's Supply is trying to establish a free food distribution center at the Antioch New England Campus so that anyone in Keene and the surrounding area can come to get something to eat.

Food is a right not a privilege! By signing here I state that I am in full support of this mission and would like to see a free food distribution center at Antioch New England!

8. Ban the use of styrofoam cups

Every year, Inscape Education Group adds huge amounts of waste into the environment by contributing to the amount of styrofoam in the environment. The styrofoam cups at Inscape are building up waste and using more resources than necessary.

Although recycled, the build up cannot be sustained in the long run and an affirmative point of action to reduce should be taken.

By reducing this waste at Inscape we can be a part of shaping a better environment for our future.

9. Federal politicians should lead by example - abolish entitlements - live like the rest of us

The petition goes into greater detail but the substance of the petition it that our elected parliamentarians are required to lead by example and yet they do not.

I have had this petition verified by the appropriate department and have the document that states "as it currently stands the content of your petition conforms to Senate standing orders and will be accepted for presentation."

Meaning that it will be presented in the Senate and it will have to be discussed.

The result of this petition is we should see the true worth of each senator.

What I am asking is that the Senate to vote to:

Abolish the ‘family travel benefit’.

Amend the ‘travel allowance’ to remove all payments if commercial accommodation is not used.

Rewrite the senators and members entitlement handbook removing all grey areas as common sense cannot be guaranteed when making decisions. Politicians must pay for all there expenditure and then get it reimbursed after review by a non-government body specializing in private enterprise and small business cash management.

Make the Administrative Appeals Tribunal & Remuneration Tribunal panels include a minimum of 50% of the committees/boards/decision makers come from the private sector.

Rebuild the workplace laws and the people that administer it so that compensation addiction is not achievable and repositioning employees is achievable.

10. Say NO to Waste Management Facility in Queanbeyan

Say NO to Waste Management Facility in Queanbeyan

Panel Ref- 2015STH023 DA

Development Application No - 338-2015

Suez Environmental (formerly Sita) are a company with overseas interests, is proposing to develop a Waste Management Facility on the gateway to Queanbeyan.

The proposed location for the Waste Management Facility to be built is bordering streets at 172 - 192 Gilmore Road , 5 & 7 Kealman Road , 1 Bowen Place Queanbeyan West NSW 2620.

Suez / Sita already has a waste management facility in Hume , that is close to other similar facilities.

A waste management facility within approximately 50 metres of the closest Class 1 A dwelling- Home attached to existing building (Ref Google Maps - 6), approximately 250 metres (Ref Google Maps - 2 & 5) away from the closest occupied residence, approximately 250 metres (Ref Google Maps - 4) away from the closest Sporting - Recreational Facility (Queanbeyan Kangaroos Rugby Club) , approximately 600 metres (Ref Google Maps - 7) from a day-care centre, approximately 600 metres (Ref Google Maps - 3) away from Queanbeyan West Primary School.

The development will be clearly visible from Canberra Avenue leading into Queanbeyan from ACT.

Suez are proposing to use the site to dump and redistribute -

Up to 70,000 tonnes / year of general solid waste
(Solid waste is basically what we call garbage. It includes rotting substances like food and other products that produce odours)

Paper, cardboard and solid plastic recyclables up to 12000 tonnes / year ,

Waste oil grease trap waste (amount not disclosed).

To put it into perspective, ACT waste management carried out in Symonston and Mitchell recover less for the entire ACT community compared to what this facility may be capable of.

Suez is anticipating expansion in the future indicating that it is to become a 24/7 running facility, increasing the transfer of waste, increasing truck movements, increasing local noise and the possibility of greater environmental impact.



11. Boycott Development in Maryland Heights Floodplain

Since before 2008, the City of Maryland Heights and St. Louis County have been actively encouraging large-scale commercial and residential development in the Missouri River Floodplain adjacent to Creve Coeur Park.

The MH City Council is currently putting out a request for proposals to develop an 1800 acre property that will completely blanket the floodplain with concrete and rooftops. In the Fall of 2015, the city approved a housing development of nearly 1000 homes next to the proposed retail/mixed-use development.

All of this land was just under 1-2 feet of water during the "unprecedented" flood in January (2016).

The plan to turn our floodplain into the largest empty strip mall in the region is sickening enough, but now wealthy developers are asking for the tax payers to pay for the destruction (ahem!) construction with TIF money and/or other tax financing/rebate scams.

12. Stop Burning and deforestation in Nan, Thailand

In many places around the world, burning is used for a quick and easy way to prepare farm lands for planting or dispose of farming waste. Since large companies like CP and Monsanto found their way to the Nan Province of Thailand, the destruction of the forest and nature in this area in particular over the last 10 years have been devastating.

Every year hundreds of acres of forest are destroyed by setting fire to it to grow the ever increasing hunger for corn. Consequently all these fields and crop waste are set on fire at every harvest. And the burning is not just limited to the farm fields, but it is common practice and even tradition to burn anything around you as way to “clean the mess”.

As the burning was limited to two or three months in the past, the blue haze is now present for most of the year. The secondary effects of deforestation and burning are rapidly starting to show as well. Increase in asthma cases, flooding, drought, heat, mudslides, etc.

There is no visible action from (local) government accept a few posters along the road. Actually a lot of the burning and farming is done within the National Parks of Nan, often right next to a checkpoint or park office. Most of the road shoulders which are government property are set on fire as well instead of cutting them. So government and law enforcement must be aware of what is happening but it seems they are not trying to actively do anything about the problem.

As I love Nan, the beautiful scenery and the amazing people that live here, it hurts me to see the destruction that is happening. I hope this petition will help to start a change for the better before it will be too late. On behave of all citizens of Nan and those affected, I Thank you for your help!

13. 25 Cent Deposit on every Cigarette Butt

Cigarette butts by the millions are discarded every year on roadways sidewalks and snowbanks that all leads to sewers, rivers, streams and oceans.

Each cigarette butt is fiberglass and takes 70 to 100 years to decompose.

14. Ditch Phone Books in NZ

Every year taxpayers pay for tens of thousands of phone books to be produced which will never be used.

There are online directories and almost every household in the country is connected to the internet.

Phone books have outlived their usefulness and continuing to print them is a waste of taxpayer money.

15. Please help to stop the discharges of radioactivity into the environment and atmosphere of the Blackwater Estuary in Essex

If you do not know about this it is because there has been no proper public consultation. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and Magnox are proposing to start radioactive discharges at the old Bradwell nuclear power station into the Blackwater Estuary and into the atmosphere, once a day for 18 months.


The discharges will result from a new, untested and accelerated process to dissolve fuel element debris (FED), which is an intermediate-level radioactive waste, in order to reduce its volume. This is unnecessary as there are other ways of storing this waste. BANNG considers these discharges are an offence to the environment. Many serious issues have been raised by this proposal and they have not been sufficiently addressed by the agencies. BANNG has asked the NDA and Magnox to halt the discharges and for an independent assessment of the impacts to be undertaken.

12 years after the cessation of nuclear operations at Bradwell and with decommissioning, the communities of the Blackwater expected that the days of radioactive discharges into their environment were over.

16. Don't Dump on our Barrier Reef

Despite a significant petition of over 70,000 signatures, the Queensland Liberal Party and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Authority, have approved the dumping of waste from 177 hectares onto the Barrier Reef from the Abbottsfied Point, Gladstone.

It equates to enough waste to fill trucks end to end from Queensland to Victoria. This is a World Heritage site yet our governments, both State and Federal are continuing in their plan to dump this waste on the Reef. The GBRMA should be sacked and this stopped.

17. Allow Applications for Large Waste Black Bins

I have recently asked the Environment and Highways scrutiny Committee of Neath Port Talbot to support an application system to allow Large Families and Other Families who I believe would qualify for the use of a larger Black Waste Bin to allow them to demonstrate with evidence their need for this application system for all.

18. Start a yearly hard waste pickup in the City Of Hume, Australia

Recently I attempted to book a free hard waste pickup with the City Of Hume council in Melbourne, Australia. I was told that there was only so many pickups that could be booked for any year as the work was completed by contractors on the council's behalf. This number had already been met and so I would have to wait for the next year to book it.

As we are paying high council rates in this area this is unacceptable - we are receiving very little in the way of benefits for our money whilst councils in bordering areas have much lower rates, but do have a yearly hard waste pickup for all households.


مكب الزبالة والأوساخ في عين أبل جنوب لبنان لما كانت الحاجة ملحة لإيجاد بديل عملي عن المكب السابق الذي كان يعرض الأماكن المحيطة به لتلوث خطير وقرب المكب السابق من المنازل والمقبرة كان الامل أن تقوم البلدية على غرار الكثير من بلدات لبنان بإيجاد حل أفضل في مكان تأثيره المضر أقل وبظروف معالجة حديثة تتوافق مع التكلفة التي يمكن تأمينها من أبناء البلدة والمؤسسات المانحة بحسب القانون البلدي المعمول به منذ عهد الرئيس الياس سركيس النفايات تقع ضمن صلاحيات السلطة المحلية بعتبرها مواد خطرة ومضرة بالناس والبيئة وكما أنها تقع ضمن اطار الأملاك العامة حيث يتم إستيفاء رسوم لجمعها نقلها والتخلص منها بلدية عين أبل قامت بتفويض تلف النفايات لشركة خاصة وهذا قانوني انما ما حصل أن الشركة الخاصة فوضت نفسها التخلص من نفايات بلدات أخرى وصل عددها إلى 13 بلدة في ظروف وشروط بيئية وصحية سيئة جداً بضعة أطنان من نفايات عين أبل أسبوعياً كانت مشكلة عشرات الأطنان أسبوعياً من نفايات بلدات أخرى تنذر بكارثة حقيقية يجري جمع وطمر النفايات في موقع الكسارة المتوقفة عن العمل بدون مراعة أي شروط لسلامة الموقع التربة والمياه الجوفية القليل من النفايات يتم اعادة تدويره ويتم الجمع بطرق بدائية جداً المواد القابلة للتدوير في الأساس غير مضرة بالبيئة أو تصنف مواد سامة أو حتى تتحلل لتنتج غازات وعصرات ملوثة لا يتم أي مجهود للتخلص من المواد السامة والملوثة المخمر الذي استقدم مؤخراً لا يتناسب وحجم النفايات اليومية أقل من كمية 10 في المئة على أبعد تقدير يجري تخميرها وفي موسم الإصطياف النسبة أقل من ذلك بكثير مطلوب ايقاف المكب الحالي للتنافيه مع أبسط قواعد سلامة البيئة والصحة العامة

20. STOP Printed Phone Directories

Telephone Directories.

How many are used? and at what environmental cost?

This delivery system comes with a massive environmental cost. Not only with the printing and paper used but with the distribution to every home and business.

How many of you just pick them up and put them straight in the bin? Or save them and never use them. Today we have Google and a multitude of other search engines at our finger tips which can locate any number or address that we need. Surely the need for phone books such as the yellow and white pages that are distributed locally and nationally is gone?

In an era when landfills are filling up more quickly than you can blink and organisations to plant trees are popping up all over the place lets ask the government to stop printing these books, lets ask the Western Cape Government to rather put our tax money to use where it is really needed.

We need to create an 'op-in' delivery program. This is were the printed versions are only delivered upon request therefore eliminating pointless waste.

Join this Protest and help us to live in an environmentally cleaner South Africa.

21. Reduce our usage of Plastic!

Plastic has become an increasing problem in the US over the past decade. Since 2007, Americans have been using 5 pounds of plastic everyday. All of this plastic waste is overwhelming our earth. In fact, 90% of the ocean floor is covered with plastic.

The Great Garbage Patch, (a floating mass of trash in the Pacific Ocean) is 25% plastic - that's 46,000 pounds of debris. There is so much plastic in the ocean that it outweighs the amount of plankton by 6:1.

Plastic pollution needs to be stopped before it does any more damage to the environment.

22. Support Safe Waste disoposal of Pressmud & Ash from Sugar Mills

Pressmud or filter cake, a waste by-product from sugar factories, is a soft, spongy, amorphous and dark brown to brownish material which contains sugar, fiber, coagulated colloids, including cane wax, albuminoids, inorganic salts and soil particles.

By virtue of the chemical composition and high content of organic carbon, the usefulness of pressmud as a valuable organic manure has been reported by several workers. They also reported in their research work that the sugar press residue ( SPR) or pressmud is a potential source of major minerals (Ca-2.40%, P-1.27%, K-1.81%, Mg-1.28%, S-2.62%) as well as of trace elements (Cu-22.6ppm, Fe-2042.0ppm, Zn-36.5ppm, Mn-228.0ppm). Razzaq (2001) also reported in his research work that substituting chemical fertilizers with sugarcane filter cake in crop production will add sulfur and boost up O. M. status of soil to satisfactory level within 5-6 years and improve and maintain soil health.

The soil application of pressmud as organic fertilizer is widely practiced in Pakistan and India. It may be due to the fact that it has got sufficient amount of crop nutrient improves soil physico-chemical properties.

Pressmud is a good source of organic matter, NPK and important micro-nutrients and has established its importance in improving fertility, productivity and other physical properties of agricultural soils. Ash is another waste product that can also be used as fertilizer to supply micro-nutrients to soil and crops and also used in landfills and construction industry. Therefore, land application/other use of this industrial waste for crop production/construction provides a feasible and cost effective disposal alternative.

23. Investigate Toxic PCB's on Canadian Warships

Canadian Navy destroyers, tankers, and destroyer escort ships built in the 1950's and 1960's contained toxic PCB's: "Any of a family of industrial compounds produced by chlorination of biphenyl, noted primarily as an environmental pollutant that accumulates in animal tissue with resultant pathogenic and teratogenic effects."

Polychlorinated biphenyl, or PCB's are known to cause cancer, genetic, and neurological disorders in those exposed to them, even over a short period of time. The above mentioned warships were eventually sunk as artificial reefs after decommissioning, and divers later found high levels of PCB's emanating from them. While this poses a risk to marine, plant-life, and recreational divers, what about the 10's of thousands of Naval personnel who lived, worked, and sailed on these vessels during their 30 year life span?

Record of the discovery can be found in many news archives, this is one as an example:

Ships used as reefs contain PCBs - CBC

24. More trash cans and cigarette receptacles in Ithaca New York

The facilitators of this petition believe this issue is very important to the ecological and economical stability of Ithaca as much of the attraction to Ithaca is to our natural areas and the natural beauty of our neighborhoods.

Ithaca is a college town that makes much of its profit by being appealing to student from around the world trash and litter damage that beauty and thus damage our attraction to those students.

Our policy regarding the societal problem is the addition of trash receptacles and cigarette ash cans in key heavily populated areas in Ithaca such as the commons and the college town business district.

There is much statistical evidence of the effect of untreated litter and trash on waterways and natural areas for one example a study conducted by clean Virginia waterways showed that cigarette butts (38% of litter nationwide according to studies preformed at California state university) causes pollution in waterways sufficient to kill small animals necessary to the environment.

In addition cigarette litter comes at a cost to the department of streets and facilities in an estimation made in a similar environment to the Cornell campus Penn state spent 150,000 dollars picking up butts on their 15000-acre campus.

Ithaca cannot afford the time or money necessary to keep our streets clean under current circumstances however there is a way to reduce the amount of litter.
We believe by adding thirty to sixty public trashcans to the residential and business districts of Ithaca there will be a decrease in the amount of trash thrown on the street.

25. Stop sewage and waste water flooding - Thames Water

Since November 2012 approximately 2.34 million litres of local sewage and waste water a day has been flooding Mill End near Hambleden in Buckinghamshire, RG9 3BG in the midst of the Chilterns making life miserable for the local community with little sign of abating or longterm solutions being offered.

Travelers between Marlow and Henley on the A4155 cannot have helped but notice the 2 x 4000 gallon (18,000 litres) tankers working at the pumping station for up to 16 hours a day without which, the fields, brook and Mill End properties flood with sewage and waste water from the Hambleden Valley, leaving the drains almost constantly full and preventing normal use of basic amenities.

As reported in the Henley Standard recently a number of Hambleden residents have been directly affected with sewage backing up into their houses and the source of the problem may lie with the Thames Water controlled pipe works, laid in 1953.

Various locals have spent hours speaking with Thames Water with only tankers and no longterm solutions being provided to date and calls not returned. The tankers have been essential and locals extremely grateful for the help the tanker companies and specifically the drivers have provided but it is neither an environmentally friendly solution or tenable longterm.

The result of the flooding problems can be seen first hand and local residents have plenty of photographs of flooding and sewage the community has been exposed to over the past months and copies are available on request at local community venues.

It is not only an environmental hazard, dreadful for those directly affected and obviously a horribly high health risk to local children who play in the area and around the brook, fields and weir but this beautiful valley is a popular tourist destination and the sewage and paper products in the fields and main footpaths around Hambleden will surely start impacting local businesses - the lovely pubs, B&B’s and hotels in particular, if improvements are not made soon.

The residents at Mill End have flooded basements and regularly endure having to drive and walk through several inches of sewage and waste water to access their homes; one resident 20 yards from the pumping station also has to contend with regualrly having his garden submerged.

At another Mill End home - the last property on the pumping circuit, the sewage and waste water backs up in the drain in the garden if it cannot go anywhere else, regularly rendering it impossible for the tenant to use water in the bathroom and kitchen when they want to, at risk of the already full drain overflowing into the local environment. This resident hasn't put any paper in the loo since November 2012 and only uses environmentally friendly products but if the tankers don’t pump almost all day, their sewage and other people's sewage, toilet paper and chemicals overflow from the man hole onto the massively busy Chiltern Walk public footpath, into the car park, often merges with the high water in the brook and from there joins all the other waste water flooding into Mill End not captured by the tankers or the pumping station flooding straight into the River Thames and all that entails...

26. No to sale of 2 acres of land owned by Wheatland Township

Wheatland Township owns 2 acres of land east of Route 59 on 103rd Street in Naperville, IL. This land with an invested value over $525,000 is being sold at an asking price of $395,000.

Wheatland Township lowered taxes this year, does not need this money and we (taxpayers) do not benefit from the sale of this land.

Stop this sale and encourage the Board to hold on to our asset until a time that money is needed or ALL of our tax dollars can be recovered.

27. Composting for Amherstview

Composting not only helps put fewer material into landfills, which prevents pollution, it also can be reused for agriculture purposes and sold as a natural fertilizer.

Kingston, Ontario already has a green bin for every household which is picked up weekly. Organic materials go in these green bins.

Amherstview is already included in recycle and garbage pick up, so green bins could be done at the same time as well.

28. Stop Over Packaged Fast Food

We have all seen it, that burger, burrito or chicken leg that you ordered at your favorite fast food joint, in many unnecessary layers of packaging. Wrapped in paper, placed inside a box and then put on a tray with a paper liner.

Sanitary concerns are of course a factor, but from kitchen to counter is usually less than 12 feet. If a fast food establishment can have their food contaminated in the few seconds and feet between the kitchen and customer, then they have no reason being in business.

It’s really simple. When we(the consumer) choose to “dine in” at our favorite fast food restaurant, give us the choice to have our meal placed on the already sanitary tray liner and forgo the other wrappers. They are going to be removed and discarded in a few seconds anyway.

The end result for everyone involved. #1 The planet wins with less trash and all the associated environmental costs that go along with it. #2 Fewer trees needed for the raw materials to manufacture these packaging products. #3 Corporate Fast Food Wins with lower operating costs associated with purchasing, transporting, storing and disposing of unnecessary packaging materials.

We are talking about a cumulative elimination of thousands of tons of waste, fuel to transport it and the costs to collect and process it… per year!

29. Put a Humane force in Las Vegas

Many states have a NSPCA humane force A.K.A animal cops. Las Vegas does not have one. We need one desperately. We need one NOW! The abuse has become so bad that even my next door neighbors are doing it.

It seems left and right animals in Las Vegas are hurt and abused for no reason except for a persons sick fantasies. I'm not asking for money im just asking for help so if you can contact any major officer (mayor, governor, president etc.) please send this to them.

I may be only 15 but this is what I want to do, defend animals of Las Vegas and let them have a good life.

30. Christy Clark REDUCE this bleeding of BC taxpayers from $7.5 to $5.7 million/ YEAR

British Columbia Residents are paying $7.5 million in annual loses incurred yearly in diesel generated electricity on Haida Gwaii since this 2006 study was done ($7.5 x 5 years = $37.5 million+ to date compounded);

While the 'h2o4us-DWI' system could save us $1.5 -$1.7 million in generating losses per year.


(Executive Summary)

2.1 DSM

A business case can be made for an aggressive Demand Side Management program for residential buildings in Haida Gwaii, accompanied by an education and information program.

Based on calculations of return on investment and advice from the Working Group, Technical Committee Members and the public, a Demand Side Management program was designed that includes (for approximately $18 million):
1. Energy efficiency audits;
2. Training and capacity building – providing training
to construction tradespersons, on-island retailers
and building inspectors;
3. Education and Awareness – providing energy effi
ciency information;
4. Bulk Purchasing and Product Incentives such as:
a) Lighting Incentives,
b) Appliance Trade-Ins,
c) Hot Water Effi ciency Upgrades,
d) Solar Hot Water System,
e) Programmable Thermostats, and
f) Financial support of existing on-island recycling
program (for appliance replacement).

2.2 Supply

Reducing dependence on diesel generators was clearly identified by residents as a priority. Local renewable resources were highlighted as the preferable technologies. In particular,
• Small hydro,
• Wind, and
• Biomass
were identified as having significant resource potential, sufficient capacity factor and acceptable costs.