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Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), a non government, non-profit organization working for the development of independent media and strengthening of democratic institutions as well as civil society in Pakistan, has issued a resolution condemning the tragic assassination of PPP chairperson and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Ms Benazir Bhutto.

In the petition (attached with), CMD has raised concerns regarding post-assassination law and order situation. The resolution demands independent probe into the assassination of Ms Bhutto.

CMD, a torch bearer of fundamental human rights, will try its best to keep you updated about the changing political situation in Pakistan whereas the visit of CMD International Election Observer Group to Pakistan would be rescheduled as soon as election issue is resolved.

You are requested to send us your comments, suggestions and opinions regarding catastrophic situation in Pakistan. It is also an open question how Pakistan can make over its fight against terrorism and how the democratic process can be taken forward in this country.

Your opinion in this regard would also be welcomed.

We as concerned citizens of Pakistan, torch bearer of fundamental human rights, guardian of democracy and independent media, wish to register our strong concern, dismay, protest and condemnation over the callous assassination of PPP Chairperson and former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Ms. Benazir Bhutto.

We believe that unprecedented breakdown of law and order situation across the country in the aftermath of Ms Benazir Bhutto’s assassination has put the fundamental rights of 160 million Pakistanis at stake.

The unanimous resolution issued by CMD declares the assassination of Ms Benazir Bhutto as a national catastrophe. It has threatened the sustainability of democratic process in Pakistan.

Terrorism is getting rampant by thwarting the democratic forces in Pakistan.

CMD strongly hopes that people of Pakistan will come up with a unanimous front against terrorism, however on the part of government, it is vital that following measures are taken effectively without further delay;

• An impartial inquiry should be held to determine the elements involved in the assassination and to establish that culprits did not escape justice;

• To reinvigorate public confidence in the government, free, fair and transparent elections should be held;

• All parties conference should be convened to conceive a consolidated opinion on the state of affairs in Pakistan. It will ensure a tension free environment for holding general elections;

• Large scale damage has been done to public property during protest against Ms Bhutto’s assassination, it is demanded of government to take stern actions to ensure law and order as well as to compensate public loss of life and property.

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