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Judges and Attorneys Violate the Rules, Commit Fraud Upon the Court, and Corrupt the Legal Process.

Make People of Color aware for Equal Justice you call your United States of America and we can make the changes NOW by uniting together NOW as ONE NATIONWIDE.


Obstruction Of Justice concealing documents; Obstruction of Justice -- Conspiracy to Defraud United States 18 U.S.C. § 371; Subornation of Perjury Violation of 18 USC § 1001.

2. Decrease Voting Age Requirement

I am 14 years old and I am very interested in politics, more than most kids my age. I would love to get involved in the political process and many other teenagers, younger and older than myself, want to also, but there is something stopping us, the age requirement.

Teens can make wise decisions despite the stereotype that we magically become mature at the age of 18. Teens can make a big difference and our opinions aren't random. I would much like to see the voting age requirement decreased to the age of 17, this does not mean that we are legal adults.

Teens could be required to take a class when they reach this age of 17 in order to educate themselves on the voting process and how to determine who they want to vote for, not what pop culture is endorsing.

3. Expedite the process for Detention Enforcement Officer's promotion

As Detention Enforcement Officers, our performance, experience, work knowledge professionalism and loyalty are beyond the scope of what we were hired to do. The numerous duties we carry are beyond our pay grade.

Some of these duties include the assistance we offer to many agencies on the federal, state and local levels as well as the court family and its many agencies. We also assist our very own district administrative staff and deputies. Throughout the years we have taken charge of our section, Custody and Transportation.

4. Help Bring the children from Haiti

Manneau and Evena Jean-Charles have began the adoption process of Stevinson, Millard and Sabine Jean-CHarles in 2007 from there homeland of Haiti.

The adoption process has been completed from the Haitain side, since the Haitian earthquake, and now under the policy involving Humanitarian Parole for Haitian Orphans signed by Secretary Janet Napolitano on January 18th 2010, we have requested our children to come to the United States, and made request via Homeland Security and the USCIS and Haitian Adoptions. All paperwork is in order.

To date the children, one of which is injured with two broken legs, and all three homeless, living in the streets of Haiti, have yet to be delivered into our care and custody.

5. One Vote America for Standardized U.S. Elections

We the Undersigned Being Citizens and U.S. Registered Voters. Do herein request by this Petition. By Lawful right. Do Call upon The President, The U.S. Senate, The U. S. Congress. All State Governors and all Elected State Officials and Legislators. To begin immediately to work to Revise and Standardize The U.S. Election Process. Into a transparent simple document-able Tamper Resistant Process. Where every U. S. Citizens Right to vote and their Precious Vote is Protected and Accountable. Under all applicable U.S. Territorial and Constitutional Laws. The purpose being to eliminate and diminish massive election and voter fraud.

6. Removal of polygraph examinations from Law Enforcement Aplication Process

A list of legitimate scientific groups that have official statements condemning the polygraph is extensive.

It includes the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, the Federation of American Scientists, and the Society of Professional Scientists and Engineers.

Even most government officials who support the polygraph do not maintain that the process is valid. They merely claim that the polygraph should remain because it "encourages admissions."

This same convoluted logic could also be used to defend physical beatings if they were a part of the hiring process.

7. Save Democracy, Save Pakistan

Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), a non government, non-profit organization working for the development of independent media and strengthening of democratic institutions as well as civil society in Pakistan, has issued a resolution condemning the tragic assassination of PPP chairperson and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Ms Benazir Bhutto.

In the petition (attached with), CMD has raised concerns regarding post-assassination law and order situation. The resolution demands independent probe into the assassination of Ms Bhutto.

CMD, a torch bearer of fundamental human rights, will try its best to keep you updated about the changing political situation in Pakistan whereas the visit of CMD International Election Observer Group to Pakistan would be rescheduled as soon as election issue is resolved.

You are requested to send us your comments, suggestions and opinions regarding catastrophic situation in Pakistan. It is also an open question how Pakistan can make over its fight against terrorism and how the democratic process can be taken forward in this country.

Your opinion in this regard would also be welcomed.

8. Help Darfur now!

As many as 400,000 people have been killed in Darfur. Another 2.5 million have been driven from their homes and into danger.

The threat of rape, torture, murder and malnutrition pursue the women and children of Darfur wherever they flee.

World leaders must unite now to end the genocide and establish a lasting peace in Darfur.

9. Stop Random NYC Subway Searches

Since the terrorist attacks on London's train stations in July or 2005, the NYPD has been conducting random bag searches.

However the searches are not truly random (an announcement is made ahead of time of the possibility of the polices' presence) nor are they effective. Every tenth person should be searched according to the police department but this is not always the case making the process even more futile.

A disproportionate amount of check stops are located in black and latino neighborhoods making unfair racial profiling a factor. This process appears to be promoting the very fear it is intended to soothe.

10. Introduce a Personhood Amendment in Michigan

Urge State Representative Mike Lahti to introduce legislation to begin the process of amending Michigan's Constitution to define life as starting at conception, and protect all preborn children in Michigan.

11. Stop The destruction of Lymington

June 20, 2006

In common with towns across the UK the Town of Lymington is suffering from a rash of overdevelopment.

In the name of supposedly "Saving the Green Belt" developers are being encouraged by the UK Government to build at ever higher densities in the centre of towns.

This process has now gathered enormous momentum and the town now has numerous building sites as developers knock down good family houses to build block of retirement flats and second homes.

Unless the local council the New Forest District Council starts standing up to the developers and starts saying NO then the town as we know it will be lost for ever.

12. Please don't ban the LTTE from EU countries

May 24, 2006

The Foreign Minister of Austria
(The Presidency of EU)
Austrian Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Minoritenplatz 8
A-1014 Wien
May 24th, 2006

Her Excellency,

Re: The European Union ban of the LTTE will not yield peace in this troubled nation.

The International Community(IC) and European Union (EU) had failed to put adequate pressure in action on the Sri Lankan leaders to address the legitimate Tamils grievances which was widely accepted by the IC for well over fifty years.

Especially within the last four years of peace process, the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) had the best opportunity to put forward an alternate solution through negotiation with Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). There were number of agreements reached between the negotiating parties.

Instead of implementing those agreements to move forward the peace process towards the permanent peace the State cunningly used the peace time to divide the Tamils and the LTTE and unleashed the worst form of terror against them covertly and overtly.

If EU is to take serious note, any decision arrived in these last four years of peace talks never implemented by the GOSL on the ground. The latest and most deplorable act of the GOSL was failure of the non implementation of IC and EU pushed the Post-Tsunami Operational Management Structure (PTOMS) agreement which was signed between LTTE and GOSL.

The PTOMS agreement merely an aid distribution mechanism to the Tsunami affected Tamil victims. This agreement was also tossed by the state into dust bin but IC or EU was not able to force or penalize the Sri Lankan state for the non implementation of that agreement.

These are the real reasons for the current impasses for the peace process and the upsurge of violence in Sri Lanka. This violence was systematically unleashed by the Sri Lankan state to distract and divert the attentions of the IC and EU.

The Tamils were continuously denied their legitimate rights after the British rule and all form of democratic expressions of the non violent Tamils were dealt with brutal heavy handedly by the Sri Lankan rulers and its forces.

The genocide against the Tamils were systematically unleashed in 1958, 1961, 1974 and 1977 where thousands of thousands Tamil men, women and children were massacred in cold blood and perished in the hands of the terror state of Sri Lanka. Millions of Tamils were forced to displace from their homes and their hard earned properties were destroyed to call the Tamils into submission.

The LTTE was not existed in the time of the above genocides against the Tamils. The sustained state terrorism against their own Tamil citizens only forced the Tamils to defend themselves; the LTTE came into existence to defend the grand agenda of Total annihilation of Tamils from Sri Lanka by the state rulers.

We Tamils are oppressed for well over fifty years by the successive Sri Lankan governments. We should not be victimized and vilified by the International Community when we turn to LTTE to protect us from horrific sustained state terror against us for so long. Tamils used the arms struggle as a last resort to protect themselves from the complete annihilation by the Sri Lankan Sinhalese rulers and its armed forces.

It is the global and moral duty of the International Community including EU to do everything possible to see the true plight of Tamils and help them from total annihilation by the Singhalese rulers in Sri Lanka and
help them to achieve just and fair solution to their longstanding
legitimate struggle.

I urge the Your Excellency, not to yield to the pressure by the Sinhalese leaders to ban the Tigers in EU countries. The EU ban will further strengthen the Sinhalese hardliners' and hawkish rulers' grand agenda of committing genocide against the Tamils by isolating the Tamils and LTTE from the International Community.

Yours truly,
Tamils around the world

More informaion and Photos

13. Investigate Directorship of the Good neighbor Settlement House

May 20, 2006

For the pass two years, services at the Good Neighbor Settlement House have greatly deteriorated due to the poor management of employees, facilities and donations.

Programs for children, breakfast for the homeless and other services have declined or ceased to exist for the intended eleigible target population.

Failure to help serve the needs of the poor through lack of disemination and denial of informataion on programs available, such as Counseling, Emergency shelter,rental and deposit Assistance, Moderate Home Rehab and distribution of free house hold needs, such as food, furniture and clothing.

Negligence in the distribution of Postal mail to the homeless.

Abuse of Authority by the Director. Mistreaatment and firing of employees without due process. Overwhelming complaints have caused Public Agencies to cease referrals of clients to serve community service hours. This has caused a reduction of manpower to continue some services.

Using intimidation tactics to ban countless of persons from attendance and participation without due process or cause. Makes threats to close down the services and calls the police to file unjust reports causing reduction of participation for the intended target population.

14. Tracey Hodgins and friends

We have set out this petition in regards to "NAME". Mrs. NAME entered the US ilegally but is trying with the upmost effort to become a legal US citizen. In the time Mrs. "NAME" has been in the United States, she has married and has started a family. She has three children ranging from age four to two. She is a stay at home mom, not earning any US money or taking away from any US citizen.

Her husband who is a US citizen is employeed full-time and provides for the family. After applying to become a legal resident, it was discovered as punishment, she would have to return to Mexico until the application process was completed. This time would range from six month to ten years!

We the signers below are petionting that this does not happen. If Mrs. "NAME" is sent back to Mexico, her family will be uprooted as Mr. "Name" will be unable to care for the three children.


Protect Vancouver's natural places by supporting the creation of a Conservative "Faux Party" - a municipal party that will split the Conservative vote and give progressive parties a better chance at forming council on November 19, 2005.

Help us redefine what it means to be "Conservative" in Vancouver. Your signature is the only form of participation required.

Your address confirms that you are a bonafide Vancouver (BC) resident who has lived in Vancouver for at least six months and is 18 years of age.

We need 50 SIGNATURES by the end of August 14th.

16. The Treatment of Dogs and Cats in Korea

The Treatment of Dogs and Cats in Korea.

Should the brutal treatment and death of a dog or cat concern us more than if the same were done to a cow, or a sheep, or a chicken. It shouldn't, but animals that the "Western world" looks upon as companion animals are treated very differently in Korea.

Many Koreans still believe that if one eats dog meat from dogs that have been tortured to death, it will make them more sexually active. The marketing of dog meat as a health food was initiated and perpetuated by the dog meat dealers to keep their billion dollar businesses going. The rationale behind savagely beating a dog to death lies in the primitiveness that when a dog is beaten they produce high levels of adrenaline hence the selling of their meat as a kind of "natural" viagra for impotence and vitality!

This adrenaline rush is achieved by hanging dogs from ropes on trees and leaving them to slowly strangle to death, and then while still alive, their fur is blowtorched off.

Cats do not hold any position of affection in Korean society. They are not eaten as dogs are but many attempts have been made to eradicate them, not by humane methods, but rather by beating the animals to death in sacks or, in some cases, boiling them alive in large pressure cookers to supply the insatiable demand for another "herbal" remedy - although clearly animals do not fall into this category.

The Korean government does not enforce its animal welfare laws so people make an assumption that farming dogs, slaughtering them and selling their meat is legal. It is not. The sale and cooking of dogs is illegal under Korea's food and sanitation laws.

Imagine being thrown into a cage full of other dogs. A cage so small there's no room to move and let alone stand. A cage so cramped there is no way you can get water or food .. assuming it was even provided to you. One day you are transported in the cage to a dog market.. your last journey, although you don't realise it.

You're pulled out of the cage by a rope tied around your neck and then held by that rope and beaten over and over again on the head with a metal're bruised, bleeding and concussed. you have no idea what fate has in store for see a man approaching with a long stick..he jabs it into your side, you a feel a wave of electricity surge through your body. you're jabbed over and over again until your last grasps of air are extinguished from your body..

The dead, limp carcass of the dog is then transported again by motorcycle to the processing factory where eager purchasers look out for what they'll put on their dinner table tonight.

The lifeless body is dragged out of the cage and dumped into a huge pot of boiling water amongst other helpless dogs who have received the same fate. The pot is a machine with a fast whirlpool action that spins round and round to remove the fur off the tortured dog.

Once the fur has been removed (a delicacy in itself), the dog is scorched using a blowtorch. The process is now finally complete. The dog now, bearing little resemblance to anything other than a slab of meat is transported back to the shop...

Now, imagine being thrown into sack, pounded against the ground and thrown into a pot of boiling water - trying to scramble out of a pain that singes your body, only to be pushed back under water until you finally lose consciousness.

The pot is a large pressure cooker used to liquefy cats to produce a tonic unfoundedly believed to cure rheumatism and a variety of other ailments.

Now stop imagining. This is not fiction. This is real. What you have just read happened to over 2,600,000 dogs and cats in Korea last year...and if nothing is done, it will happen to over 2,600,000 dogs and cats in Korean again this year.

In fact, the torturing you've just imagined is only a fraction of the cruelty that occurs to dogs and cats in Korea. Cultural myth dictates that dog and cat meat/soups are cures for various ailments and that the more adrenalin you can circulate through an animal's body during its last moments of life ie through making the death a more painful and gruesome one, makes the meat 'taste better'. This encourages dog farmers to enhance the suffering of the dogs...a killing that is devoid of any humanity.

Korean culture as with many other Asian cultures embraces the condemning practice of slaughtering animals for their own consumption, regardless of how the animal suffers in the process. The distinction between the killings in the East and the killings in the West is that the West follow stricter guidelines as to the method of slaughtering and are more heavily regulated by Animal Welfare Laws.

In 1984, the Korean Ministry of Health did outlaw the sale of dog meat, however has done very little, if anything to enforce a law that was only introduced to satisfy the public outcry at the time.

We need to do something to raise the awareness of people living in these countries to a level where they think twice about the validity of their traditions and the means adopted to satisfy them. We need to challenge the way that Koreans currently view their companion animals and force the government to take a more proactive stance against these cruel death sentences.

Source: Korea Animal Protection Society (KAPS)

Please write a letter to the Korean government officials below to take a more active stance in fulfilling their governmental responsibilities in enforcing a law they have already introduced and thereby prosecute people who sell and slaughter cats and dogs for human consumption.

Korea is holding the World Cup next year and will therefore suffer greatly if they are seen to be treating their companion animals without humanity or regard for their welfare. We HAVE to put pressure on the Korean government to clean up their act now or else face international condemnation when the spotlight's on them during the World Cup. For the 2,600,000 plus dogs and cats in Korea awaiting their fate on death row.we owe it to them to put pen to paper and give up 5 minutes of our time to make a difference in this world.

17. Keith's Leadership Ability

The Product Process Supervisor position has opened at Best Buy #047. Keith Wood filled out a JOS form and approached the hiring manager, Mark Pacheco. Mark's response was that Keith was not ready, that he lacked the necessary leadership skills and had not been in store long enough to be comfortable with everything.

Keith is disputing this for these reasons:
1) Multiple people Keith works with have stated that they think Keith would be a good Supervisor.
2) Said people have also voiced that they would listen to and respect Keith as Supervisor and as a leader.
3) When asked about the other available candidates, said individuals stated that they believed Keith was the most knowledgable, had the best temperament for the job, and would look out for the team.

This petition is to show how much of the department would support and follow Keith as Supervisor.

18. Okage 2

This petition requests that Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and ZENER WORKS Inc. will begin process on Okage 2, a sequal to the game Okage Shadow King for the PS2.

19. Australian Idol - Do The Right Thing!


Are you a jilted Australian Idol Fan?
Or do you just have an interest in media and television?

Call upon Channel 10 and Grundy, the producer's of Australian Idol, to do the right thing!

They may not have broken the law, but they have tarnished the Australian Idol crown and fans are disillusioned. As an act of goodwill, and to restore the viewer's faith in the show, we call upon Channel 10 and Grundy to do the following:

All money that Channel 10/Grundy gained from this round (from Sunday November 2, 2003 to Monday November 3, 2003) of the Australian Idol voting process (less that which is refunded to voters by a certain date) must be donated to charity.

The total profit gained from the votes (not just that raised after 7pm) must be disclosed. Evidence of a donation to charity in the same amount must be shown to the public.

Sign the petition and remind Channel 10 and Grundy that it's YOUR Australian Idol - tell them to Do The Right Thing!

20. Make battery hens living conditions better!!

Scientific evidence suggests that the intensive confinement and barren environment of the battery cage fail to meet the hens' basic needs, causing physical and psychological suffering.
The Battery Hen spends all her laying life in a cage crammed in with three and up to seven other birds. She stands for life on a space smaller than this leaflet. Her only exit is to the slaughterhouse.
Cages are kept in huge artificially lit sheds. The hen stands on thin sloping wire - her feet and legs crippled. She cannot perch, preen, scratch in the dirt, dust-bathe, spread her wings, or escape to a quiet place to lay an egg - all activities known to be extremely important to the behavioural needs of a hen.
Battery Hens are prone to bone breakages. Their bones are brittle through over-production of eggs and lack of exercise. A high percentage have Osteoporosis. By the time they are finally slaughtered up to 56 per cent of caged hens have suffered painful fractures.
Hens moult in Autumn and are off-lay for 2-3 months to rest. Battery farmers reduce this non-productive period by semi or total starvation of the hens, in order to bring them back on-lay more quickly. Many hens die during this process.
Already over-bred for peak laying capacity, the hen's body is pushed further by lighting programs which stimulate her to lay even more eggs. Prolapse and tumours are common, as is acute calcium deficiency leading to "layer fatigue". This occurs when the hen's body can take no more and she finally collapses.
Whether free-range or battery, hens past their laying peak are regarded as useless. They are dragged from the cages, stuffed into crates, trucked to the abattoir and shackled upside down on a conveyor belt to await slaughter. Many suffer multiple fractures during this process.

21. Llano I.S.D. Cheerleader Selection Process

This petition is to request the 4 J.V.cheerleader candidates for 03-04, who were eliminated by unjust voting & a delayed time period from the point of competition to 6 days later when the voting by students & teachers was completed, be placed with the J.V. cheering squad, if they so choose, with the same distinction as the other cheerleaders. Due to circumstances beyond their control all these candidates were subjected to an unfair vote given by teachers who have no knowledge of the girls other than maybe a personal connection through the community or friends, but certainly not by student performance in academics or other school related activities. Also, by the stuent body who is not familiar with the 8th grade candidates. This type of voting is the most unfair elimination process.

This is also a request that the current voting system used by Llano High School be changed from a 50% judges, 25% teacher and 25% student body to a selection process that does not involve the teacher's votes at all unless they are going to vote on academic performance only. Lastly, that all voting (judges & student body) for Varsity and J.V. be completed, with results posted, the same day as tryouts.

22. A Petition to change the freezing process.

We understand why Neopets Staff freeze accounts, but everybody deserves a second chance. It is especially disappointing if you were frozen for something you are innocent about.

The purpose of this petition is for Neopets to somehow change the freezing process. An official warning must be given first, failure to abide it is the signal to take the necessary actions. Also, freezing and/or deleting one's account must be the last resort...

23. Save University High School's Trees!

The Los Angeles Unified School District wants to demolish important trees on the University High School campus, and the Undersigned urge them to consider other alternatives.

24. Freedom for Jorge Luis García Pérez (Antúnez)

Update: March 2008

Posted on Tue, Feb. 19, 2008
A Hobson's choice: Exile or prison

Jorge Luis García Pérez, known as Antúnez, served out his 17-year term, which ended last year (2007). A former sugar-cane cutter, he was sent to prison for standing in a public square and calling for democratic change. Beyond being harassed and beaten, he has been detained eight times since he was freed in April. Although he has arrangements to come to the United States for medical treatment, he insists he will not leave Cuba unless his return is guaranteed by the regime.

The number of political prisoners declines as Cuba tries to improve its image. Yet the repression, like the dictatorship, has not changed.

The international community must continue to press for democratic change in Cuba.

© 2008 Miami Herald Media Company.


Prisoner of Conscience Profile:

Confined to punishment cells. Due to the frequent beatings that he has suffered he has bone fractures, and is suffering from kidney failure caused by hypoglycemia.

Biography: Jorge Luis García Pérez (Antúnez) was born on October 10, 1964. The economic situation of his home and the delicate health of his mother forced him to study at the ESBEC (Basic Secondary Schools in the Fields) and the IPUEC (Pre-university School in the Fields). This is where he first began to question the legitimacy of the dictatorship in Cuba. The process of auto-liberation began when he had the opportunity to read about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

From that moment on he began a process of rejecting all the indoctrination that was taught in the school, and for that reason he was criticized and sanctioned by the school. Because of this, and the desperate need to earn money to alleviate the economic misery his family lived in. Jorge Luis understood that his dream of becoming an attorney was just that a dream. To support his family he worked in jobs that involved heavy manual labor: as a sugar cane cutter, a construction worker and a farm laborer. He was fired from these jobs, simply because he was verbally critical of the dictatorship running his country.

At this point Jorge Luis began to be monitored closely by the Cuban government. After six months working at the Cuban Atomic Plant in Juraguá, Cienfuegos he was fired after being investigated by the Ministry of Labor, which classified him as "disaffected to the revolutionary process" in other words disaffected with the dictatorship.

During the last days of 1983, while chatting with friends at the XX Anniversary Square in the city of Placetas in Cuba Antúnez said that the sole individual responsible for the death of 23 Cubans in combat with the US Army in Grenada was Fidel Castro.

He was immediately beaten down by agents of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR). He was taken from there to the Department of Instruction of the State Security Police in Santa Clara, where he was released after being issued a "warning. " But the intimidation and repression didn't stop Jorge Luis' will to speak his mind as a free man. On March 15, 1990, nearly seven years later at the same XX Anniversary Square listening to an official radio transmission calling for the IV Congress of the Communist Party, he began to raise his voice and shout that "communism is a utopian error " and "we want and we need reforms like those taking place in Eastern Europe". He was immediately physically assaulted by agents of the PNR and State Security Police, who took him again to the headquarters in Santa Clara, where he was charged for "oral enemy propaganda". He was charged with the "crime" of speaking his mind openly and without fear.

That is how Jorge Luis García Pérez (Antúnez) began his long and courageous fight for freedom as a prisoner of conscience. In June of the same year, already imprisoned in the Provincial Prison of Santa Clara, he was sentenced to 6 years in prison. His response to this unjust sentence was to start a hunger strike that lasted 21 days.

This was the first of many occasions that Jorge Luis appealed to this method of protest against the innumerable brutal beatings, being locked away in punishment cells without access to water or sunlight, and the offenses directed against him for being of African descent. Despite all this the dictatorship has failed to break the spirit of this young prisoner of conscience. On February 19, 1991 Antúnez declared himself a "Preso Plantado", which is a political prisoner who refuses to wear the same uniform as non-political prisoners and rejected "Communist Re-education."

Among Antunez's numerous acts of rebellion and protest one stands out above the others. It was his daring escape from Las Grimas prison, in Placetas, on October 17, 1992. Captured later in the larger prison that is Cuba, and returned to prison. In 1995, held in Kilo 8 Maximum Security Prison, known by the nickname of "Se me perdió la llaves" (I have lost my keys), he founded along with other prisoners of conscience, an organization called Pedro Luis Boitel Political Prisoner's Movement, dedicated to denouncing the situation of political prisoners inside the dictatorship's prisons and to promote civil disobedience in response to the brutality of their jailers.

The life of Jorge Luis García Pérez (Antúnez), has been one of a commitment to freedom and the courage to exercise it and defend it. A young man (actually only 32 years old), of African descent and from modest economic origins has faced hatred both racially and politically motivated directed at him with the full force of a totalitarian dictatorship. His sole defenses have been his humanity, his courage, his commitment to defending his fundamental human rights and liberties. Ironically under the tyranny operating Cuba his defense and exercise of his personal freedom has under the perversion of the law there and the denial of justice been held against him by the dictatorship as his only crime.

At the time of this writing Antúnez's health has been steadily deteriorating due to beatings, hunger strikes, and lack of medical attention that he has suffered over the years of his imprisonment since 1991. In addition to the bone fractures he is having difficulty breathing and has a lung tumor which the prison authorities claim is not malignant, but refuse to allow him to see a cancer specialist as his health deteriorates. To protest this medical neglect Antúnez has been on a hunger strike since the beginning of April below is a translation of the story that appeared in the newspaper on April 25 about his deteriorating condition. Please speak up for him and demand his freedom and at the very least adequate medical care while held in the dictatorship's prison.

Provisional Prison Nieves Morejón,
Located in: Sancti Spiritus.
Case # 4 of 1990
Charge: Oral Enemy Propaganda
Case #5 of 1993
Charge: "Enemy Propaganda and Tentative Sabotage"
Concurring Sanctions: 15 years in prison
Age: 37
Home Mailing Address: Séptima del Sur # 3 entre Paseo de Martí y Primera del Este.
Placetas,Villa Clara CUBA
Telphone: (42) 8-3228
Relative: Berta Antúnez (sister)
Profession: Qualified Worker

25. Legalize Assisted Suicide

I. Assisted suicide is not murder.

A. can be considered ending another person's life without consent, with forethought, with interference of the natural process of death, and with the intent to do harm.

B. Assisted suicide does not fit the definition of murder.
1. Assisted suicide requires consent and a fifteen-day waiting period and the prognosis must be six months in Oregon.
2. Forethought is present when conducting assisted suicide, but it is also present when withdrawing futile treatment.
3. Both assisted suicide and futile treatment interfere with the natural process of death, though one is passive and the other is active, both are forms of euthanasia.
a. Life support prolongs life.
b. Assisted suicide shortens life.
4. When conducting assisted suicide, good intentions of relieving pain are present.
5. Furthermore, the patient, not the doctor, ends the life.

II. Terminally ill patients should be given the option of assisted suicide.
A. Patients have a "natural right," granted in the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prevents states from depriving "any person of life, liberty or property, without due process of law." Autonomy is important to individuals in the U.S.
B. Preserving life, an interest of the state, is no longer an interest of a terminally ill patient who is in intense pain and wishes to die.
C. A quote from an opponent of assisted suicide, Justice Stevens: "In my judgment…it is clear that [the states'] so-called 'unqualified interest in the preservation of human life'…is not itself sufficient to outweigh the interest in liberty that may justify the only possible means of preserving a dying patient's dignity and alleviating her intolerable suffering."

Assisted suicide is not a bad thing, in fact, it is very good thing. Nobody should be forced to live or die against his or her individual will. I am not asking you to perform assisted suicide or to have assisted suicide performed on you.

I am asking that you sign this petition so that someone who is terminally ill and desperately wants and needs to end his or her own life is not prevented from doing so. When you sign this petition, you will be taking part in the relief of an enormous amount of pain and suffering in the state of Iowa.

26. Stop The New Reactor At Lucas Heights

For several decades the former Australian Atomic Energy Commission, now the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation has been making application to successive Commonwealth Governments for a replacement to the multipurpose reactor HIFAR at Lucas Heights.

In 1992 a public inquiry was conducted by the Commonwealth Government called the Research Reactor Review, or McKinnon Review. The Review recommended a 5-year pause on consideration of the case for a new reactor for further assessment of issues including questions on Australia's need for a new reactor.

In 1997 the current Commonwealth Government announced that a new nuclear reactor would be established at Lucas Heights pending assessment under the Environment Protection Impact of Proposals Act, 1974. An Environmental Impact Statement process was undertaken, resulting in a favourable report from the Commonwealth Minister for Health. Assessment included review of the proposal by three international peer review agencies. The Commonwealth Government confirmed its intention to proceed with the proposal in 1998. Tendering for the proposal was completed by June 2000 and the tender granted to Argentinian company INVAP. The licensing process for design and construction of the new reactor is currently under way, with approval to be granted by ARPANSA in February 2002. The new reactor, to be commissioned around 2006 will be twice the power rating of the existing reactor, which will be decommissioned at a date to be confirmed.

It is understood that a replacement reactor locational study employing international consultants was undertaken around 1996. The public and the councils were not included in this undertaking, which appears to have been performed by the Commonwealth Department of Industry Science and Tourism with advice from ANSTO. The locational study report remains a Cabinet-in-Confidence document.

A cost for the proposed reactor of $286 million has been estimated by ANSTO as part of the current development assessment process although secret government documents obtained via Freedom of Information requests made by Sutherland Shire Council have revealed that the government’s own cost estimate is around $500 million. No design for the reactor has yet been revealed, despite the international peer review stating that the safety arguments used to justify the proposal now impose specific design constraints on the reactor in order to achieve these promised safety levels.

In spite of polls, submissions, lobbying and the actions of several state governments to prohibit the development of the dumpsites which will be unavoidable with a new reactor, the Liberal Government is continuing it's blind charge towards a future contaminated with the nuclear waste produced by the proposed new reactor.

Please take this opportunity to voice your opposition to this project and to raise the call for a nuclear free future.

27. Restart peace process

Seperatist L.T.T.E. movement is waging a war for a seperate state in the Nort/East of Sri Lanka for Tamil minority rights. It has bled this once Paradise Island to the brink of complete anarchy.

The EU led by the Norwegians with the full backing of the U.S. and the Indian governments started a peace process between the government and the rebels, only to be thwarted by various interested factions, depriving the large sector of silent peace loving Sinhales, Tamils and the Muslims to live in harmony.

This petition is to revive the peace process, a cantonal system as a model of devolving power sharing.

28. Coalition for the DC Animal Shelter

Whereas, the District of Columbia government is currently in the process of awarding a new contract to manage the city's animal control and animal shelter efforts.

Whereas, the last time the city undertook this process, five years ago, the contract was initially awarded to an underqualified, inexperienced, and poorly funded organization.

Whereas, just four months later, the shelter was in chaos, the animals' living areas were filthy, and the adoptions program was in total disarray.

Whereas, at the time, dogs and cats were packed in overcrowded conditions and left in cages covered with their own waste, often with little or no food, while sick and injured animals sometimes went for days without treatment.

Whereas, only after a series of news stories uncovered the horrific conditions there and the D.C. Council held a hearing on the issue was a new contract awarded to the Washington Humane Society, the group that currently manages both programs.

Whereas, it appears that a similar process is unfolding this year, and that the contract may once again be awarded to an organization that does not have the experience, qualifications, or financial stability to fulfill its mission in aiding and protecting the animals and people of the city.

Whereas, the city's budget process has left this year's contract vastly underfunded.

Whereas, the DC animal control and shelter programs cost roughly $1.3 million to run in the current fiscal year, yet the city's budget for next year only allocates $700,000 for both programs.

Whereas, the average amount spent on animal control in 16 comparable U.S. cities is $2.62 per resident per year, yet the District would be spending less than half that amount -- only $1.22 per person. (source: National Animal Control Association)

Whereas, it would clearly be difficult, if not impossible, for any organization to provide the animal control and shelter services the people and animals of D.C. deserve for the amount budgeted by the city.

Whereas, dozens of prominent animal welfare and pet support organizations have joined together in the Coalition for the D.C. Animal Shelter to fight for the city's animal shelter and control contract to be fully funded and awarded to a qualified group.

Whereas, the goal of the Coalition is not to advocate or promote the merits of any particular humane organization in the contract process, only to ensure that the contract is fully funded and fairly awarded to a qualified organization.

Whereas, the Coalition believes that any organization hired to run the shelter and animal control needs to be experienced in law enforcement, have a track record in shelter management and be financially stable.