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1. DEMAND an end to any and all deficit spending

As President Ronald Reagan once said "You and I are told we must choose between a left, or right, but I suggest there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or down."

We at "Let's Get this Right" agree with that statement and we recognize that the US economy is in enormous trouble. This includes Wall Street, the US Government, and every American living on main-street; no one is immune to the impact of the current economic situation.

When Wall Street needs help it turns to the government, when the government needs help it turns to the American people and when the American people need help, it is often too late for us to obtain help because the government has already over spent the tax dollars, fees and fines it collects as part of its daily function.

When it needs money for a spending bill, or a financial bailout, the government either cuts spending somewhere, shifts spending temporarily, raises taxes on the American people or simply prints more money.

2. Save Democracy, Save Pakistan

Center for Media and Democracy (CMD), a non government, non-profit organization working for the development of independent media and strengthening of democratic institutions as well as civil society in Pakistan, has issued a resolution condemning the tragic assassination of PPP chairperson and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Ms Benazir Bhutto.

In the petition (attached with), CMD has raised concerns regarding post-assassination law and order situation. The resolution demands independent probe into the assassination of Ms Bhutto.

CMD, a torch bearer of fundamental human rights, will try its best to keep you updated about the changing political situation in Pakistan whereas the visit of CMD International Election Observer Group to Pakistan would be rescheduled as soon as election issue is resolved.

You are requested to send us your comments, suggestions and opinions regarding catastrophic situation in Pakistan. It is also an open question how Pakistan can make over its fight against terrorism and how the democratic process can be taken forward in this country.

Your opinion in this regard would also be welcomed.

3. Stop state repression of human rights defenders in India

"No one is going to give them their rights to live with dignity on a silver platter. They have to be extracted with force... We will have to strengthen ourselves to stop those who find it profitable to misuse authority and public funds. Perhaps the courts and the NGOs are the only solution", said Justice Venkatachaliah, former Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission of India and former Chief Justice of India at a workshop on Human Rights of Marginalised and Tribal Communities.

This statement and the hope put in non-governmental organizations come as a surprise if one looks at the recent developments in different states of India. There are various non-governmental human rights organizations active India and many of them recently faced serious threats by the police and the political powers. Activists were arrested and false charges were filed.

The most recent example is that of Subash Mohapatra, the director of the Forum for Fact-finding Documentation and Advocacy. He was arrested from the office of the Chhattisgarh State Human Rights Commission when submitting the reply asked by the Commission regarding a case of Dalit exploitation on July 17, 2007. Human Rights Commissions are meant to protect human rights and are not meant to be the site of its violation. False charges were filed under several sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

Just a few days before his arrest, Amarnath Pandey, advocate and human rights defender from Chhattisgarh was charged with a false case on atrocities against the tribes (for whom he is providing legal service in courts). His life has been threatened many times by the police and he travels with a sign on the rear of his vehicle saying "Chhattisgarh Government may kill me in a fake encounter (extrajudicial killing)”.

Around the same date, on Saturday, 14 July 2007 Saroj Mohanty, poet and long-time activist with Prakrutik Sampad Surakhya Parishad (PSSP), which has been opposing the entry of large bauxite mining companies in Kashipur for over 15 years, has been arrested. Saroj was taken into custody at a railway station in Rayagada District. He is currently in judicial custody in Rayagada district jail. The charges against him are completely fabricated but serious. They include section 395 of the IPC (Dacoity), section 397 (Robbery or dacoity with attempt to cause death or grievous hurt), and section 450 (House trespass with intention to commit offence that is punishable with imprisonment for life).

Brijesh Bilathare, advocate and human rights defender from Madhya Pradesh, had false charges filed against him on 6 June 2007 stating he was obstructing a public servant discharging his duty.

Dr. Binayak Sen, senior human rights activist, was arrested on May 14, 2007 by Chattisgarh police. He is General Secretary, People's Union for Civil Liberties, Chattisgarh and its national vice president. He was detained under the provisions of two highly controversial laws: The Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act, 2005 and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 2004. The allegations are based on assumed connections with Maoist rebels.


Rio Franklin, a 15 year old male, is a juvenile under the custody of the state of Illinois. He has been under the custody of the state of Illinois since the age of 9.

He has been greatly deprived of visitations with his immediate family due to decisions beyond his control or that of his immediate family approval or knowledge. He has had depleted terms of education due to his situation of constant movement, and no stability within the system.

He has been denied the enivitable just right to be heard because he can not voice his opinion of his situation to anyone outside of those who have imprisoned him. His initial time has been served for release, but no release date for the present has been set.

5. Doctorat d'Etat marocain

Mai 19, 2006

Appel à tous les Enseignants Chercheurs marocains titulaires du Doctorat d'Etat Tahia Nidalia, Pour rendre aux diplômés marocains titulaires du doctorat d'Etat la place qu'ils méritent et afin que les efforts colossaux qui ont été fournis par eux pour bâtir l'université marocaine ne soient pas effacés de la mémoire collective.

Nous demandons au gouvernement marocain de rendre aux enseignants universitaires marocains titulaires de doctorat d'Etat la place qu'ils méritent au sein de la société.

Nous appelons tous les enseignants, le Syndicat national de l'enseignement supérieur et toutes les organisations de la société civile à constituer un front commun pour dénoncer publiquement et par tous les moyens appropriés cette situation humiliante et de participer vivement à signer la pétition suivante.

6. Petition to investigate China's concentration camps

Update May 15, 2006

This petition is now closed. Thanks to all who signed. Thanks to! More people have discovered the terrible news of concentration camps and signed to ask for investigation.

April 14, 2006

Recent reports have revealed several concentration camps in China where tens of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners are being held and face possible death—this is an urgent situation that requires attention from the international community, especially the United States.

According to multiple sources, concentration camps similar to the one in Sujiatun, Shenyang, have been set up in provinces across China to detain large numbers of Falun Gong practitioners. In those camps, the authorities have been harvesting the organs of practitioners while they are still alive and cremating the remains to destroy the evidence, then selling the organs for profit. and The Epoch Times exposed these atrocities to the world in early March, and within three weeks, before Chinese officials addressed the issue to foreign media, the practitioners held in underground concentration camp in Sujiatun had been quickly relocated.

According to tips from Mainland China and different investigations, the Chinese communist regime hastily published the "Interim Regulation for Human Organ Transplant Practice" after the Sujiatun concentration camp was exposed. However, the regulation will not take effect until July 1, 2006, and thus we suspect the regime was allowing time to destroy all evidence of the crimes. Investigations have confirmed that hospitals and transplant centers in Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Hunan, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Anhui, Shan'xi, Xinjiang and etc. are operating overtime to perform transplant operations. Hospital staff members told undercover investigators that patients should come in quickly if they want a transplant, as the hospital can find matching organs in as short as one or two days and it will be difficult after this batch of organs is used up.

This information, supported by multiple investigations, leads to one conclusion: A slaughter to eliminate witnesses and victims of the concentration camps is underway. Because of this urgent situation, the Falun Dafa Association has initiated IGFG (Investigate Genocide against Falun Gong in China) where many credible organizations have been and will be invited to join, aiming to go to China to perform an independent investigation of the persecution of Falun Gong in all the labor camps, jails, hospitals and relevant facilities.

After World War II, the international community deeply regretted its failure to stop the Holocaust and solemnly promised "Never Again." We urgently ask you to take immediate action and activate all possible mechanisms to stop this new genocide in Mainland China. In particular, the U.S. government owns satellites that can provide information on the past and present activities in the concentration camps and labor camps etc.

In the meantime, we know that you are meeting with Hu Jintao later this month. We hope that you can bring up the following points:
1. Open up all of China's labor camps/jails/hospitals for international investigation.
2. Allow IGFG to go into China and research the facts of the persecution of Falun Gong.

We believe such requests are fair, just, necessary, and urgent considering the current situation. Every minute of delay will result in irremediable loss of innocent lives and will be a disgrace to the human race!

7. Improved parking at PGHS

March 17, 2006

The parking situation at Pleasant Grove High School (PGHS) is terrible! There are no quality parking stalls that are ever available. If there is a good place, the ticket advisor at the school will give you a ticket.

We believe she takes her job to an extreme. We can understand giving tickets in certain situations (ie. parking over curbs, double parking, etc).

As students, we propose that she cuts back her distributing a bit. Some situations do not need a ticket (ie. parking in faculty when there are numerous available stalls).

8. Reduce Global Warming

After developing and researching a civilian participation project on global warming and it's effect we realized the hazards and dangers that we are currently facing and more to come in the future.

We want your support for advocating our president Mr. Bush to enact the Kyoto Protocol and help the public be aware and educated of the current situation of global warming.

9. 12 lot subdivision at 111 Exeter Road Hampton, NH.

Delvin Arnold has purchased the property at 111 Exeter Road Hampton, NH. Mr. Arnold is proposing to have a 12 lot Subdivision in the now wooded area, which also has other issues. Those issues being the Water Table, Environment, Wildlife, & intrusion on the abutters. At the meeting on Feb. 2, 2005, Planning Board member Tom Gillick stated that the objective of the meeting was to review the design of the proposed Subdivision only. Many residents concerned about the proposed development attended the meeting to voice all their concerns, which are all viable.

We the citizens believe that the area is mostly wetlands which is already an ongoing issue currently that the Town of Hampton has yet to rectify. The water table rises in an area on Bourn Ave. that has residents outraged. We work very hard at keeping our property well maintained & the water issue is an ongoing battle. Water is currently being pumped through exposed PVC piping from the excess water and some days it may take hours for the water to dissapate. The traffic that goes down Bourn Ave. causes the water to almost go up to residents front doors.

Tom Gillick describes the situation as "temporary". I have lived on Bourn Ave. for almost 3 yrs and I have never seen the situation addressed appropriately. The residents that already have water problems in their basements will only become worse and extremely costly. There is also the Wildlife issue & Environmental Protection that residents would like to see.

The area is overdeveloped as it is & by forcing out the Wildlife, there is potential for more accidents & also the risk of the animals finding refuge in residents homes. I am a firm believer of protection of Wildlife, the land is currently their home and most of the residents do not want to see that destroyed.

These are all the concerns of the residents of Hampton, NH. that will utlimately be affected by this proposed development.

10. Abolish Bathroom Use Policy at Peru Community Schools

Petition against Peru Community Schools for Bathroom Use Punishment.

There has been a situation during this 2004-2005 school year that was brought to my attention by my children. They were being punished with standing on the wall at recess for needing to use the restroom. I, Walter Campbell Jr., approached Thomas McKaig in a private meeting about the situation. I was told it is the teachers' discretion on how to handle bathroom privileges and that he had asked a Dr. and was told children could go 4 hours without needing to use the restroom. As you will find in my research, it is healthy for a child to use the restroom at least every 2 hours if not more. I brought up that children will have accidents from holding it and not wanting to get in trouble and his response was "Well more children haven't had accidents than have had accidents". I don't think these children should even have the opportunity to have an accident. Every child is different and they drink different amounts of liquid, body retains liquid differently, bladder sizes differ, along with many other differences in children. As I see it using the restroom is not a privilege, it is a necessity for health and psychological reasons. Nothing further was done to investigate the situation.

I did some research on the harms of children not being able to use the restroom and sent these items to school with my children and they were returned to me. The documentation can be viewed at or .

My children are now allowed to go to the restroom when they need to without punishment, but ONLY my children. They are also being treated differently as they do not get in trouble when clearly they should or being let to do things any other child would not ordinarily be allowed to do. This is being done to keep me from filing a lawsuit about the bathroom policy. I do not feel this is fair to the rest of the children in the Peru Community School Corporation, as now this is discrimination to the other children, and ask that something be done. We as adults have OSHA to protect us and it is law that we are able to use the restroom at any time needed, why not our children.

I do know that at Blair Pointe that there are some classes where children are not allowed to use the restroom at all when asked. Then we have Jr. High and High School, where they are given 5 minutes between classes to get books, go to restroom, and make it across the school to get to class. This is not enough time for a normal human to complete such tasks.

I think that the school system has to understand that they need to conform to the needs of the students, not to the needs of the facility. We pay the taxes to keep our schools running and to teach our children. Teaching them that using the restroom is a punishable act is not what we as Miami County residents pay for.

I feel it is our responsibility as parents to know what our schools bathroom use policy is and remedy the situation so that our children know that using the restroom is a normal bodily function and not a punishable act. We as parents have an obligation to be sure our children are safe from physical and mental harm, but letting our schools punish children for a natural body function is considered abuse both physically and mentally. Continued denial of bathroom use will eventually harm our children physically and if they wet themselves they will be harmed mentally.

11. Asians treated unfairly by Mr. Albert

Mr. Albert made certain contradictions to his "promises" to treat Asians differently or make harsher consequences. In one case, he had excluded Asian witnesses unreasonably to make the Asian victim's case more difficult. After the Asian victim, alone without the witness, was harrassed and mocked in racial discrimination toward Chinese, she was not given a right to speak in the office. The two other students bullying her did not get a consequence because they lied to him, telling a false story and the Asian girl ended up being the one to apologize.

In another case, saying he didn't see someone make a physical offense, the student was left without a consequence. When an Asian student was accused for pushing another student due to racial discrimination, he was suspended without Mr. Albert witnessing the situation. Saying he did not witness the situation before this, there was no consequence for the student making a physical offense.

In the racial discrimination issue, he stated again he did not see the situation, but the Asian student was suspended. After telling his side of the story about racial discrimination treated toward him regarding Asians, Mr. Albert made a phone call to the parents suggesting anger management courses. Respectively, the Asians in these cases did not deserve the harsh treatments given by Mr. Albert.


November 19, 2004

Mr. President, I call your attention to Article IV, Section 4 of the U S Constitution. It regards your duty to defend every state against invasion.
History records that every nation in which immigrants have not assimilated, but which has tried to be multi-cultural and multi-lingual, has failed.

Balkanization will lead to the downfall of America from within, not from without.

Please do not let this happen on your watch. You took an oath to protect and defend our Constitution to the best of your ability. Mr. President, please take control of this situation, and protect your citizens against invasion.

13. Fight Against Cruelty to Animals at Emperor Valley Zoo

I recently visited the Emperor Valley Zoo and it was more like the Valley of Death than an actual zoo. I was saddened by this situation and ever since I have been trying to see what can be done.

Emperor Valley Zoo - Zoo or Animal Graveyard? I have not been to the zoo for years and was expecting to see huge roaring lions, playful monkeys, dears and all the other unusual animals. As I wondered around the zoo, I got more than what I expected, the adrenalin rushed to my head my heart started pounding and my body became frigid with shock, not did I only get to meet the animals but their valley of death. These animals are not only kept there for the viewing pleasure of the public, but also to be tortured, mistreated, harmed, abused and neglected! My eyes were suddenly filled with tears, trying to picture myself in these poor animals places, and it hurts, just thinking about it. The animals just like every other human being has feelings too. It makes you question, why have a zoo, why have zookeepers, why display pain to the public and most important of all why have a Minister of Environmental issues. Does any of this make sense? Does our country only consist of people? All those that are part of the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago should walk with their heads down in shame, because they have to be mentally sick to have the heart to ill-treat animals. You would have to be a HATER!

I have visited several countries and it's so nice to see how wholesome their environment is, almost makes you want to stay, and then I begin to think about driving through the streets of our islands as I am then escorted by stray dogs, dead dogs, vagrants and much more. Oh how proud I am of my country and my government. A government is put in place to take charge of the country and I do believe that it includes caring for all environmental matters and a lot of this begins at the zoo. The government thinks that they are making the every attempt to get rid of crime, but they themselves along with those that are involved with the environment department fail to realize that they are criminals too! They are individuals that do not see animal cruelty as a problem.

There should be animal cruelty laws, are there? If you look at the channel 39 on cable (Animal Planet), there is a program especially dedicated to deal with animal brutality, they literally arrest and press charges against people who can’t look out for animals. They take the animals away from them and carry them to an animal hospital, where they are treated with care and then carried away to homes where they can be loved.

Can you actually tell me you go to the zoo and enjoy looking at sick animals? I have seen with my own eyes animals that are meant to live an aquatic life, live without water and if there is water, it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for months, since the moss seems to enjoy it more than the animals. It took me five minutes to find the dears, which were all cuddled up in a corner of their water-less den lying on the not so freshly cut grass looking as though they were on the verge of death. As for the three lions or maybe just two with one looking like a corpse, at least that is what it looked like, were trapped with an already eaten, but rottening bone. So very few lions we have, wonder if these strong, as they are known to be, creatures have the strength to even mate. Yes, it’s that bad, unbelievable but true. The visitors of the zoo on the other hand and the zookeepers I must add, had to enjoy a great deal of the foul smell, coming from the monkey’s cages. From what I gathered, this zoo will eventually be an “Animal’s Cemetery” Animals need to be nurtured, meaning to take care of, for those that don’t know. I just had to give the meaning of that word, because a lot of us really do not know.

This is not only a letter of complaint, but a plead to please fill these animal’s bowls with water, cut the grass, give them a need to run around in their dens, swim in their ponds, feed them, clean their homes, this has been their homes for quite some time, shower them love and attention, give them life and a chance to create a life. I would also like everyone to know that I am not stopping here; I am going to continue pleading until all this comes to a stop, by gathering those that are willing to help fight against this terrible situation, by addressing the Minister of Environment and others associated and I urge you to do your part to bring this to an end.

Fighting Against Animal Cruelty,

14. Council Tax Costs across Berkshire

I like many people am passionate when it comes to Government fees and cost. Council Tax mainly. I want to raise a petition for everyone who lives under the RG postcode. If, like news articles report, the current Council tax is due to rise by up to 18% I want to bring people together in giving our personal opinions on the alleged rise in the current rates. There is lots of press coverage across the whole United Kingdom regarding the Council Tax issue.

I do not feel that I get "value for money" when it comes to Council Tax charges. I live in the RG31 (Tilehurst, Reading area) and am appalled by my current charges without even viewing the final upcoming raise to our current charges. If the Council could guarantee that ALL services that we pay for are honored, as they should then, I, for one would be less "discussed" of the charges for service. However, the only service I can honestly say I receive for my money is getting my bins emptied once a week. The Policing is poor; the streets are dirty, littered with waste and "rubbish". We have our grass verges cut three times a year if were lucky. The roads are generally in a poor condition…. I could go on.

I am asking you all, the people of Berkshire to sign this petition which will be passed on to our local government representative with a covering letter asking for their comments.

Many people in other parts of the United Kingdom are standing up for what they believe and refusing to pay the proposed increase which is due soon. We as a community NEED TO PULL TOGETHER to stand side by side with others and make sure our voices are heard before this country/county forces itself into a situation that will mirror the problems of late similar to the Poll Tax debate and make our living conditions further more difficult than they already are.

If you, as a resident of Berkshire agree or have your own personal view on Council Tax Costs then PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION. A copy of this will be forwarded to all the local newspapers which cover Berkshire in hope of keeping our County as it should and in favour of us, the people. Many people are finding it difficult to afford the current living costs within Berkshire as it is.

Let's not worsen the situation?

Thank you for you time.

Mr. Daran Thomas
Knowsley Road
RG31 6FA

15. Help E escape bad adoption law in Florida

New law comes too late for adoptive family.

JACKSONVILLE, FL -- At the end of the month, a new law goes into effect that gives biological fathers 30 days to file for paternal rights over their children. The new law is a welcome change for those seeking to adopt children but comes too late for one Jacksonville family.

For the Scott family, they say the law is two years too late for them. Two- year-old "E", has lived with the Dawn and Gene Scott since he was born. Five months after his birth, "E"’s biological father became involved. His biological father lives in another state and has visitation rights with his son. Now, he says he wants custody. "E's" biological father lives in Maine, and his biological mother lives in Illinois.

His adoptive parents live in Jacksonville. The 2-year-old is caught in the middle of a custody battle. His adoptive parents say if the new law was in effect two years ago, then there would be no conflict.

"[Adopting "E"] has been the most amazing experience to happen for us,"said Dawn Scott, adoptive mother. "He's changed our lives." 2-year-old "E" Scott has a mound of curls and a ton of energy. His adoptive parents, Dawn and Gene Scott, can't imagine life without him. "You dream about him...think about him...can't wait to come home to him, "said Gene Scott, foster father.

Now, "E" is caught in the middle of a custody battle. Five months after he was born, his biological father filed for punitive consent -- giving him the right to fight for custody. Under the new law, a biological father must register consent within 30 days after a child is born. However, the new law has come too late to affect this situation.

"We're just devastated and concerned about where he's going to go," said Dawn Scott. "What's going to happen to him?"

16. Rectification & Justice for Rude and Obnoxious treatrment by NationWide Furniture

On 2-07-03 I purchased & paid for a 5pc bedroom suite for my daughters which I had put on hold for them the previous 2 weeks ago, I was assured on the 6th the bedroom suite and other items were there and could be ready on the 7th. I made room for the bed room suite by getting rid of the old bed my two toddlers had. On the 7th the items were paid out in full & I was told it would be delivered at 4pm, and it wasnt.I called off & on repeatedly, and was assured it would be at my home. My little girl ,whom is three kept asking where her new bed was, she was a little upset when she saw us getting rid of the old one. At 6:30 pm the Mgr callls and tells me that the bedroom suite was sold by another employee to someone else, I was upset and wanted my money back, but the Mgr. assuredus they'd have another suite in on Monday. Monday I called all day, Tuesday I did the same, and about 4pm I spoke with Allen and he told me if the bedroom suite didnt come in he would call me so I could get my money. I waited and noone called so i assumed the bed was on it's way. It had begun getting late, and no bed had arrived I was in tears and upset, I was so upset I began having breathing problems, At 630 I had to go to the Er, I was having a bad asthma attack , I collasped at the hospital ER. Wednesday I was told the bed should be in , but at this time I did not believe the employees and decided, to get my money, I called the store and spoke with Marquise the Mgr, and told him I ws coming to get a refund, he was rude , and told me initially I was not going to get one, but after talking for alittle while he told me to come to the store. When I got there Marquise stayed on his cell phone never approaching, while another employee, named Darryl, asked what could he help me with, when I made him aware that I would like a refund he rudely told me I could not gety my money back, I was insulted while in the store, yelled at , asked by Darryl While he pointed at his sign ,"CAN YOU READ!" I was so upset I began hyperventalating, and having a asthma attack, in the store. My friend and mom was with me, she yelled for them to call the paramedics, and Darryl asks Is that even neccesssary? They were rude and obnoxious, when the paramedics got there , and helped me off the floor , and to the ambulance the employyees slam closed their doors. Since then I have been further insulted , I have been called a liar, they said I set them up, they have made no attempt to rectify the situation. Before this I had had no asthma attacks in years, and I lived a pretty happy life, I am the mother of six, one of my children have sickle cell disease, this not only affected me but them, I was having anxiety attacks, and depression. I do not have medical Insurance so am further stressed by the medical bills. Their CEO , nor their house Attorney made matters any better, they too, have been rude, and slanderous towards me, my good name.

No customer should have to go through this , or have to put up with this. I was apalled to find that this company had many complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau. This is not just about me and my situation, but about justice for all customers, and to show Big or Small Businesses that they can both mistreat , & disrespect their customers and get away with it. Please support my petition, for justice,
you may also mail in your support to ,
PO BOX 5623
Columbus GA

No MOney Please, just signatures or letters of support.

The store that comitted these horrid acts is located in Columbus ,Ga
Nationwidewarehouse Furniture
4313 Woodruff Rd

17. Reform the Moderator situation at the E3 Forums!

To all of the Elder Scrolls 3 Forum users: It has become painfully clear that the moderator situation has grown out of control. Moderators with too much power are oppressing the forums users, and they are using their power to fulfill personal vendettas that they may have with certain users.

Supervision of these Moderators is almost non-existant, because only TWO Administrators actually lay claim to the responsibility of maintaining the forum and its moderators. As anyone can tell, there is too large a load for too few people to handle, and this is why ALL the users of the forums demand a reform of the Moderator staff and power.

We feel the new Moderator Structure should be as follows:

1.) Moderators do NOT have the power to BAN users from the forums.
2.) Specific individual Moderators shall be assigned a specific forum and is held responsible for actions in their forums.
3.) Only Administrators shall be permitted to BAN users, AFTER a hearing has taken place with the Moderators about the offending user.
4.) If a BAN is executed, the BANNING ADMINISTRATOR shall issue a detailed email to the BANNED user stating, in depth, the details of their offence, the reason for their ban, and where in the User Agreement they violated the terms they agreed to when they signed up.

To elaborate these reform options:
1.) Too many chiefs and not enough braves is the sentiment there. If every moderator is allowed to ban any user at whim, a vulgar display of power is inevitable, such as the current state of the forums!
2.) If you read the forum information, you'll notice a huge moderator/administrator mix is responsible for ALL the forums. This is too much work, and more than HALF those listed Moderators/Administrators are actively involved in Moderating the forums. If you assign two or three Moderators to a forum, its much easier for them to keep it under control, and you have no overlapping and hasty desicions made.
3.) This is a given. If every policeman was allowed to carry out Judge, Jury, and Executioner with every person he arrested, you would have many many dead people. Simply because the wrong people have all the power. Responsible Administrators should be responsible for making banning decisions, based on a general Moderator consensus that deals with the problem causing user, the number of offences they made, and where exactly in the user agreement they are violating. Only after this is accomplished can a ban be executed with 100% flawlessness and justice.
4.) Banned users have a RIGHT to know WHY they were BANNED. A simple vague reason provided by the forums with a equally vague error message is NOT good enough! Banned users need to know what they did wrong, where they violated their user agreement, and what their being banned for. This way, there is no way a user can have any grounds to cause more trouble or question the decisions made against them.

This petition is to establish order on a ramshackle slip-shod poorly managed forum, whose users are FED UP with being miss-treated by the power-abusing Moderators, and the unprofessional methods of their actions.

The forum users want JUSTICE!

18. Dangerous intersection At Riverside Dr and SR 47

This petition is about changing the traffic situation at the intersection of Riverside Dr. and SR 47.

When trying to turn left onto SR 47 and there are vehicles parked in the turning lane it impairs visibility of oncoming traffic on SR 47. Therfore, forcing you to pull up a little to see the oncoming traffic. There is a semi-tractor trailer, school bus, or a Chevy S-10 pewter pick-up with a white trailer hooked up to it 90% of the time. I would appreciate your support in this matter, so we can make that intersection more safe for everyone.

19. No Limited Edition Neopets!!!

It isn't fair that not EVERYONE can get a particular Neopet!!!

Stop making Limited edition Neopets & make the Limited Edition Neopets; Non-Limited Edition Neopets!!! It's not fair that the COOLEST ones are either limited edition, or restricted!!! We want it stopped!!!
Maybe instead of making them like that, you can just make it where if you create one, you can NEVER send it to the pound. Like, the pound won't accept it, or something... We are willing to compromise with this situation. We find it unfair that it's "first come, first serve" basis. ESPECIALLY when we have NO idea that you are going to make a new Neopet. Please do this for us...

20. Save our organisation - Backward Society Education (BASE)

We are writing to inform you of the increasingly difficult situation in which Backward Society Education (BASE) is finding itself, caught between the maoist rebels and the government imposed state of emergency.

As you may have heard, last week maoist rebels attacked three of the organization's offices in Kailali District. Motorcycles, office furniture, files, and -- in one case an entire Area Office -- were torched.

The apparent reason for the attacks was that BASE ran a rural saving and loan program in cooperation with the local government. The rebels are against this kind of government program. However, the rebels have since then also targeted BASE's child programs.

There are indications that beneath the allegation the real reason may be that the maoists are displeased that BASE has advocated peaceful social change successfully over the past years. Many of the poor rural workers who might otherwise have joined the maoist movement, have stayed with BASE instead. This one could say has been an achievement for peace in a otherwise rapidly detoriorating situation.

It therefore comes as a complete surprise to read the Home Minister's comments in today's Kathmandu Post Wednesday April 3rd) that the government is considering taking away BASE's registration, in effect closing the organization. The government is accusing the organization of supporting the maoists.

It is alarming that the government should consider using the powers of the state of emergency to shut down one of the largest civil society organizations in Nepal. BASE has over 30,000 members and support from many more men and women from marginalised communities, such as the freed bonded laborers whom it helped liberate. Under the current political situation, these people have no legal way of assembling or protesting the government's action, should it decide to take any.

The organization's identity as one of the oldest and most established NGOs in Nepal working for human rights and non-formal education make the accusations of support for the maoists unbelievable at best. Given that the maoists attacked the organization offices last week only, the government accusations seem patently ludicruos. It seems clear that the government is acting with other motives. It is a very disturbing development for the country as a whole, if the government begins to abuse the extraordinary powers granted under the state of emergency to settle old scores and eliminate the free debate in civil society.

21. Improve Hunter's Ridge Visitor Parking Situation

Please read petition for the description. (So we may be taken seriously, only current Hunter's Ridge of Blacksburg, VA residents should sign this petition).

22. Petition for Macedonia

End the Albanian terrorism in Macedonia!!!

23. petition to end homelessness in canada

Canada has experienced a serious shoortage of affordable housing over the past few years. As a result many peole have died on our streets and it is a shameful situation for our country. If you wish to sign this petition you must be a Canadian citizen.

24. pétition pour mettre fin à la situation des sans-abri au Canada

Nous avont un probleme serieux regardant les sans abris dans notre pays, ce probleme a ete cree par les coupures aux financement de logement a prix modique par le goyuvernement federale du Canada. Nous demandont que notre gouvernement prenne des actions pour corriger ce probleme et mettre fin a cette situation.