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1. Renew Carol Robbins' contract and make online-courses an option, not an obligation

CUNY's School of Professional Studies will not be renewing the contract of Carol Robbins, who has fought for student's rights.

In addition, our school is opting for online-only courses for the General Education courses, as the only option.

2. Keep Google+ Off Youtube


3. Keep old Ponysquare

The site originally started off as a social network, but we changed it. We shaped and formed it into what it has become, a roleplaying site where we can also talk to others. It was our decision to make this, and it's kind of unfair that the authority, or the admins, decide that they want to change it.

The server may be having issues, but it likely will even with the split-up. There's also a chance that no matter what they do, the new site will become the old Ponysquare.

Why haven't the minors ever gotten a say? Why didn't they go over this with us instead of throwing it in our faces?


WE, the players, parents, coaches, facility operators, members and other patrons of the USTA, demand a voice in the structure and organization of junior tennis in our particular sections and at the national level.

Given that nearly no junior player, parent or coach was provided any notice at all of the "approved" changes, nor allowed an opportunity to have a discussion or provide suggestions for the upcoming rule changes and given that such changes will affect our players in a drastic and severe way, (including the expenditure of money for no real purpose and the restriction of players to have any incentive to keep playing the sport) we demand that the 2014 rules be amended or at the very least, suspended until there has been further study, comment, review and input from the very people who participate and spend money to be involved with the USTA.

We believe that the 2014 rule changes will have a "chilling effect" on junior tennis, in that relegating players to participate in only local events and not giving those players who might develop later in the sport or who might "catch fire" by seeing and competing in higher event categories, is certain to cause hundreds, if not thousands of juniors to quit the sport.

The rule changes will be so discouraging for those players just below the top ranked players and the middle of the pack players, they will quit the sport. In addition and most importantly, the stated rationale for approving the changes in order for the US to again have another top professional player by only allowing the "elite players to compete against the elite players" will not have the intended outcome as can be seen from undertaking statistical studies of the rule changes.

The upcoming 2014 rules changes will only deter players from continuing in the sport we all love and the changes will only encourage our jr. players to join other sports where opportunities are fair and extensive. We, the participants in the USTA, believe that inclusiveness is the way to find the next great US player, not exclusiveness. That, reducing tournaments and reducing draw sizes across the board will not encourage participation, but will instead, discourage participation. We demand that common sense, not elitism, should rule the day.

5. No EU Treaty Change Without Referendum

EU leaders are now suggesting far reaching changes to the European Union to take much greater CONTROL of all Member States.

Let the People decide. No EU Treaty changes without a referendum.

6. Make Spotify review their changes

As you know Spotify has made Changes to their Music Site and we users who have been using it for ages can listen to songs for a Maximum of 5 times, so I have started this Petition to Make Spotify change their changes back to how they were before.

7. I'on Club Reform

Over the last five years there have been numerous changes in management, personnel and levels of service at the I'on Club. This last year the changes have resulted in an increase in overall dissatisfaction among members both pool and tennis.

Lack of services including reducing staff and shortening hours of operation. No new merchandise(clothing) in the pro shop. The overall condition of the facility has degraded to an unacceptable level. The playing conditions of the tennis courts has fallen to a level of concern to the point were player safety is an issue.

Overall maintenance of the facilities are generally poor and in comparison to many other similar facilities an embarrassment to the members.

8. Immigration processing priority changes of January 2009 are UNFAIR!

As you may be aware, in January 2009, the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, announced a range of changes in response to the global economic crisis to ensure the Skilled Migration program is better targeted and more responsive to industry needs.

In short, these changes retrospectively affected many potential immigrants pushing them to the end of the processing queue, despite the fact that a huge number of applicants have already been under review for up to two years. Lives, hopes and expectations of many people were ruined in one day, and the heaviest impact was on applicants from “high-risk” countries like Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine who expected soon grant of long-awaited visas. However, DIAC tried to calm down unhappy applicants by informing us that new changes are not for long and our applications will soon be finalized as it was expected.

The full drama was revealed in September 2009 when another set of retrospective priority changes was introduced (which is protested against here - and it was announced that non-priority applications will not be finalized until the end of 2012!

We are potential migrants, who have met the criteria for which we have applied in 2007-2008, who were pushed to the end of the processing queue after already waiting for up to two long years; we seek for your support through signing this petition!

9. STOP SERS Recommendation to ORSC for Retirement Changes effective Aug. 1, 2015

The Board will recommend to the ORSC at its September 9, 2009, meeting the following changes, effective for members retiring on or after August 1, 2015:

- to retire with no actuarial reduction to one’s retirement allowance, a member must be age 67 with 10 years of service or age 57 with 30 years of service;

- a member may retire early at age 62 with 10 years of service or age 60 with 25 years of service;

- f a member retires early, base early retirement reductions on actuarial reductions from the lesser of age 67 or possible attainment of 30 years of service.

To minimize the possibility of making unnecessary benefit changes and increasing member and employer contributions, SERS’ Board opted to periodically examine its 30-year funding responsibility and recommend benefit or contribution changes as needed. Should the recommended retirement eligibility changes for members retiring on or after August 1, 2015 fail to keep SERS within the 30-year funding window, the Board will consider other changes such as reducing cost of living adjustments and contribution increases for members and employers. The Board also understood that it could look at the costs of the Health Care program, if needed. This tiered approach addressed concerns from SERS’ advocacy groups that overreacting to the present funding situation could adversely affect members and retirees for many years.

Even before the current financial crisis began, SERS’ Board took action to keep the pension fund stable. SERS was the only Ohio public pension system to address pension design changes necessary to offset increased life expectancy when it introduced S.B. 148 in 2007 and advocated for its passage.

10. Petition for Adequate Staffing of CPS Schools

We demand an end to the sabotage of our schools. Every year, many schools, often the same schools CPS later wants to “turnaround”, end up short staffed. New staff are not hired until at least the 20th school day, causing classes to be overcrowded, without teachers, and resulting in massive schedule changes in October. Because enrollment is underestimated, kindergarteners are forced into classes of 40 students while the school waits for the board to approve another teacher.

In most cases, this travesty contributes to the educational disparities of students who already have social and economic disadvantages. The CPS formula for assigning teachers allows for no flexibility, and leads to split level classes, dropped electives, and overcrowded classes.

A formula that took into consideration the students’ needs would allow for smaller classes and more teacher availability.

11. Stop ExCEL, Let Sartorette Parents and Teachers Vote!

Cambrian School District is currently planning on implementing a program called RTL using the ExCEL model (Excellence:A Commitment to Every Learner): within Sartorette beginning Fall 2009 meeting the requirements of the law for the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

The district has already decided upon the ExCEL model which will mimic those currently in place for Fammatre and Bagby without considering our individual student requirements.

We are requesting a postponment of implementing such a program until parents and teachers are comfortable with the changes this will force upon each and every student within our school.

12. Cervical Smear Campaign to test under 25 women if requested

Cervical smear test is used to look for changes in cervical cells and to identify whether further investigation is required. Depending on the degree of abnormality identified, women are asked to have a repeat smear after six or 12 months, or may be referred for a further test to identify the cause of the abnormality identified by screening.

Under the NHS Cervical Screening Program, all women between the ages of 25 and 49 are eligible for a free cervical smear test every three years, and women between the ages of 50 and 64 are eligible for a free test every five years.

The smear test is not routinely available to women aged under 25. Cervical cancer is rare in women under the age of 20; teenagers’ bodies, particularly the cervix, are still developing, which means young women may get an abnormal smear result when there is nothing wrong. This could lead to unnecessary treatment, so screening young women might do more harm than good.

Between the ages of 20 and 25, invasive cancer is still rare but changes in the cervix are common. Although treating lesions in very young women may prevent cancers from developing many years later, the evidence suggests that screening is best started at the age of 25. Lesions that are destined to progress will still be screen-detectable and those that would regress will no longer be a source of anxiety. This means that younger women will not have to undergo unnecessary investigations and treatments.

Any woman under 25 who is concerned about her risk of developing cervical cancer, or her sexual health generally, should contact her GP or Genito-Urinary

13. Stop Global Warming

Climate change may be a big problem, but there are many little things we can do to make a difference. If we try, most of us can do our part to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that we put into the atmosphere. Many greenhouse gases come from things we do every day. As we have learned, these greenhouse gases trap energy in the atmosphere and make the Earth warmer.

Driving a car or using electricity is not wrong. We just have to be smart about it.Some people use less energy by carpooling. For example, four people can ride together in one car instead of driving four cars to work. Here are some additional ways you can help make the planet a better place!

Learning about the environment is very important. There are many good books that will help you learn. To get started, ask a teacher or a librarian for some suggestions. You also can look at the Links page to find other good web sites with information about the environment and climate change.

Save Electricity
Whenever we use electricity, we help put greenhouse gases into the air. By turning off lights, the television, and the computer when you are through with them, you can help a lot.

Bike, Bus, and Walk
You can save energy by sometimes taking the bus, riding a bike, or walking.

Talk to Your Family and Friends
Talk with your family and friends about climate change. Let them know what you've learned.

Plant Trees
Planting trees is fun and a great way to reduce greenhouse gases. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the air.

Recycle cans, bottles, plastic bags, and newspapers. When you recycle, you send less trash to the landfill and you help save natural resources, like trees, oil, and elements such as aluminum.

When You Buy, Buy Cool Stuff
There are lots of ways we can improve the environment. One of the ways to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that we put into the air is to buy products that don't use as much energy. By conserving energy, we help reduce climate change and make the Earth a better place. Some products – like certain cars and stereos – are made specially to save energy.

Some Things to Think About
Did you know that you can help the environment if you buy recyclable products instead of non-recyclable ones? Look for the recycle mark – three arrows that make a circle – on the package. Recyclable products are usually made out of things that already have been used. It usually takes less energy to make recycled products than to make new ones. The less energy we use, the better.

Solar Energy
Imagine that it's a hot summer day. You put a scoop of ice cream on the sidewalk, and it melts. Why? Well, you probably know that the sun causes the ice cream to melt. But you may not know that the sun produces solar energy. Solar energy is a fancy way of saying "energy that comes from the sun." Solar energy can be used to heat homes, buildings, water, and to make electricity. Today, more than 200,000 houses in the United States take advantage of the sun's energy.

Cars are an important part of life for most people. But cars also cause pollution and release a lot of greenhouse gases into the air. Fortunately, there are some cars that are better for the environment. These cars can travel longer on a smaller amount of gasoline. They don't pollute as much, either. Using these kinds of cars can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the air.

Many things, like computers, TVs, stereos, and VCRs, have special labels on them. The label says "Energy" and has a picture of a star. Products with the ENERGY STAR® label are made to save energy. Buying products with ENERGY STAR® labels will help protect the environment.

14. Equal Opportunities for Young People in State Care

From 1 July 2007 the Queensland Government introduced a new graduated licensing system to reduce fatalities on our roads, particularly among young motorists. Young drivers aged 17-24 are twice as likely to be involved in fatal crashes than drivers aged between 25-59. That is why the Queensland Government introduced new laws to change the licensing system for young drivers.

The new changes introduced by Queensland Transport included the introduction of a logbook system to ensure learners get a good balance of experience before they drive solo on the road. Learner drivers are required to complete 100 hours of supervised on-road driving experience.

The extension of the learner period to 12 months and the completion of 100 hours of driving experience will expose learners to driving in various road conditions. During this time, they gain valuable experience, including driving at night. The requirement to accumulate 100 hours of supervised on-road driving experience before undertaking a practical driving assessment highlights the importance of the learner licence stage and ensures the learner accumulates extensive driving experience under a range of driving conditions before applying for a provisional licence.

Since the changes in law, many young people in state care face many barriers when trying to obtain their driving licence, such as foster carers not having enough time, residentials not having insurance for young people to drive company or youth worker owned cars and the average driving lesson costing $47 an hour and the likelihood of the Department of Child Safety providing an average of $4700 for each young person wanting to access there licence isn't high either.

15. Save the Early Childhood Centre Services

The Sydney Southwest Area Health Service is planning to cut crucial services from their Early Childhood Centre Program.

One of the main changes includes the ceasing of the Tuesday morning drop-in service in the Balmain Early Childhood Centre (and no doubt other centres as well). This change will come into effect in mid-December and this decision was implemented without any consultation with the community at large.

The drop-in service has provided regular and accessible help to many parents in an informal setting and has also provided an important supportive forum for many parents to meet other parents.

It is essential for many parents to help care for their young children because babies needs are often immediate and cannot wait until planned appointments which are only available weeks in advance.

Many parents in Balmain are from interstate, overseas or country areas and are separated from their support networks. They rely heavily on formal services for support.

More changes - such as ceasing information forums like 'Introducing Solids' - are planned and something needs to be done to show the SSWAHS that these services are vital for the health and well being of our babies and parents and to ensure that no more services are taken away.

Please help us protect the mental and physical health of our babies and parents in Balmain and other suburbs within the Sydney South West Area and sign this petition to have our Early Childhood Services re-instated and to ensure that future changes to the Early Childhood Program be thoroughly debated by the community.

16. Change for Spending Government Taxes and Extra Money

-Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)- 84% nursing homes did not meet federal standards governing quality of care. 94% did not meet minimum staffing levels.

-currently 1.5 million nursing home residents and in 2050 projected to quadruple to 6.6 million.

-last recorded in July 2008 (still growing) 201,628 prison inmates
-U.S General Accounting Office- proved nursing homes fail to meet federal health standards.

- hundreds of nursing home residents are victimized by: Negligent care, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or exploitation.

-Federal Law for nursing homes: "provide services and activities to attain or maintain the highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each resident."

-In Texas, prison spending rose 346% and higher education spending rose 47%

-NAACP Washington Bureau

-studies show people receiving a higher ed. are more likely to achieve than to commit a crime or felony.

-Government spending taxes on convenient stores and cable TV for prisoners.

-Government officials use governments' extra money to remodel their own homes and etc.

17. Everquest: Unnerf Wizard Instant nukes

APRIL 18, 2007
***Patch notes***
-The wizard instant cast nukes (Flashfires, Cloudburst Strike, and Cold Snap) have been reduced in effectiveness slightly.

Nov,13, 2007
Patch Notes
*** Secrets of Faydwer ***
- Single-target fire, ice, and magic instant cast spells from TSS and SoF now share the same recast timer. The recast delay on Cloudburst has been decreased so it can be chained. The Cloudburst line is now more damaging but less efficient than the - Flashfires and Cold Snap lines. Recourses from these instant cast spells now bestow a short-duration buff that applies a damage increase to the next spell with a 3 second cast time or more. Most other wizard direct damage spells have had their cast times nearly halved and had this time applied to the reuse delay, allowing the use of 2-3 direct damage spells in the time that would previously be required to cast one.

While controversial to the wizard community, many players of this class simply did not care for these changes to the wizard class as it made the class less effective than it once was for burst damage which many consider wizard's primary function.

18. Winster changes

Member of winster since July 2007, unhappy with the price changes, changes in the amount of spins, and changes that make it too difficult to earn prizes.

19. Renaming of Lukesville Community Development Park

The Lukesville Park has been in existence for several decades. We have witnessed it undergo numerous changes.

Several people have been instrumental in these changes and the resultant impact upon the community of Lukesville. None of these many individuals have had a more profound impact than Mr Babe Dawkins.

It is with this apprteciation that we undertake this project to rename the park in his honor.

20. Bring Back Starting Over

This is a television show that had a lot of moral meaning to it.

This being a show, which focused on 6 different women living in the same house together, making changes to their lives, and working toward achieving a life goal. The women have the support of each other, as well as the support and motivation of their life coaches, assisting them toward achieving their life goals.

"Starting Over" has allowed countless people to relate to the life issues (e.g. - money, love, health, relationships, etc.), which the actual women, who participated in the life-changing process were dealing with. This show has even inspired people to make changes in their lives, as have these actual women.

21. Keep Brookvale lunch break at 12.20pm

June 6, 2006

We are trying to get your views about the changes to the school hours and lunchtimes at Brookvale.

22. Toonami Shortened to weekend

May 26, 2006

For years i have agreed with most of the changes you have made but one i don't agree with is toonami on Saturday only and the exclusion of quality shows like .hack, tenchi muyo and outlaw star.

Bring em brack.

23. Support Option D in Issaquah redistricting

The Issaquah School district has begun a fast-track redistricting plan.

We are concerned that several of the plans do not do what is best for the students of Issaquah and Sammamish and encourage people to support plan D which uses the new highland school more effectively and keeps students together much more cohesively.

24. A fair go for Disability Support Pensioners

The Liberal Party of Australia will have absolute legislative control of Parliament as from June 2005. One of the Government's first acts will be to slash the entitlements of people with disabilities.

The major change will be classifying anyone able to work 15 hours per week as no longer eligible for disability support, and instead, being classified as unemployed. This will subject an estimated 60,000 Australians already living in poverty to even worse poverty.

25. Brian France should resign as CEO of NASCAR

Many long time fans of the sport of NASCAR have become concerned about the direction the sport is taking.

Recent changes to the schedule, particularly the death of the Southern 500 and the departure of Rockingham from the Nextel Cup schedule, threaten the history of the sport and the quality of racing.

New rule changes are also at issue. The points system created for the 2004 Nextel Cup schedule has put the legitimacy of the champion in question. Also, the new qualifying procedure seems designed to protect the popular drivers from outside competition.

In short, NASCAR is beginning to resemble a scripted entertainment program rather than an actual sport. The final outrage is that Brain France has instituted these changes despite the disapproval of a large majority of the fans.

26. Against AOL Changes

This petition is against some of the changes AOL have been making. Over the past year or so quite a few changes have slowly been creeping in. A recent change has been to the format of the AOL chatrooms which makes them confusing and very un-user friendly.

Another change that is expected is to the Message Boards, turning them into Message Boards which can be accessed by anyone on the internet, all they have to do is to set up a FREE screen name - So why are us loyal AOL members paying extra for features we can get free?

What makes these changes worse is that AOL do not warn members about them or if they do they make it very hard for members to find out about - And when information about these changes does leak out member opinions are NOT taken on board - So much for being a "valued customer" eh?

Sign this petition to show your support!

27. Changes To WORK PERMIT LAWS to help the Bangladeshi restaurant industry

The growing problems we are facing in the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry is a countrywide dilemma.

Throughout the country, Indian restaurateurs say they are struggling with a staffing crisis. With the younger generation preferring college than work in the restaurant trade, Restaurant owners are looking to their homeland to fill vacancies for chefs and waiters.

Thousands of work visa applications are being blocked by one side of government e.g. the British High Commission in Bangladesh, despite having been given the go ahead by Home Office, Work Permits U.K at a cost of £153 per visa.

As many work permits are refused because David Blunkett strict migration rule on Bangladeshi's placed upon Work Permits U.K to stop Permits being issued without reason. As they are meeting the criteria. I have many cases of this around the country.

The 'Indian' restaurant sector has traditionally been dominated by Bangladeshis and this is still very much evident. For example, of the 9,500 Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants and takeaways in the UK, employing over 72,000 personnel (more than the coal, steel and shipbuilding industries combined) and with an annual turnover of some £2.3 billion, approximately 85% are exclusively owned by Bangladeshis. A recent Labour Force Survey conducted in 1997 discovered that over 60% of male Bangladeshi employees and self-employed worked in the restaurant trade compared to 40% of Chinese but only 2% of Indian and 1% of white males.

We think and believe it to be true there are about 20,000 people short, we cannot understand what the David Blunkett is achieving by stopping people coming when they would contribute to the economy and pay taxes.

The Bangladeshi Restaurant industry is highly concerned is the Sector based scheme, the staff that the restaurants has already employed on the scheme, how does David Blunkett desire to explain to the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry that they will have to provide service with out staff to fill the places of the returning Work Permit Holders.

The Bangladeshi Restaurant industry is anxious and very stressed on the situation. The feel that some law should come in separately for the Sector based Scheme a suggestion made from the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry is that the Sector based Scheme permit holders should be able to remain without recourses to public funds and they are not eligible for U.K settlement entitlement on Sector based Scheme but may work as long as they wish. We only see this as the only way to save the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry from this dilemma.

The Full Skilled Work Permit law should be changed to standards that cannot be discriminated against, e.g. a standard that is recognized for Bangladesh as it does not have same specifics to U.K but equivalent, but a standard must be met by David Blunkets that he cannot select at his discretion and choose time of breeding new Work permits.

If the above concerns in question are not a concern for David Blunkett then the scheme in question was not designed to solve restaurant staffing, it was to kill the Bangladeshi Restaurant industry.

28. Reforming Toledo City Government

The petition contains common sense reforms of our local government proposed by Toledo Citizens Organized to Bring Reform and Accountability.

These reforms will improve accountability, streamline government and empower the citizens of Toledo in their government.

29. Stop the closure of local jobcentres in Lanarkshire

The closure of the majority of jobcentre offices in Lanarkshire means job seekers and those claiming benefits will have to travel at their own expense to other areas to attend these offices. Offices to close include Carluke, Wishaw, Shotts, Larkhall - rearragments of offices also means that those in the more rural areas of Lanarkshire not served by good travel links will suffer.

DWP staff have no secure job prospects as a result and communities will lose a vital link to local and national govermental departmental changes.


In less than four months, the CMS is scheduled to implement a new way that Medicare reimburses community cancer clinics, where over 80% of Americans fighting cancer are treated, for the life-saving drugs they administer.

These changes are a step in the right direction to correcting the Medicare overpayment for certain drugs and to lowering seniors' financial burden on their 20% Medicare co-payment. Our concern is that the new system is untested in actual practice and has not been sufficiently analyzed, especially in terms of the impact on cancer patients' access to quality care.