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1. Proposed pedestrian link between Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel Road


A new pedestrian Link connecting Whitechapel Road and Fieldgate Street – Part of the Whitechapel Vision. The development will help facilitate crucial new access roads and pedestrian/cycle routes through the site in line with the Whitechapel Vision Masterplan.


New developments are often a key catalyst for the long term revitalisation of local neighbourhoods and become a key landmark of the urban landscape. Regeneration such as the proposed development creates significant economic opportunities for local residents but it can also significantly enhance the physical and social fabric of the urban environment, which ultimately affects communities’ quality of life.
Quality of life is a subjective and complex notion as it may mean different things to different people depending on what individuals value the most in relation to their own sense of wellbeing. Quantifying changes in quality of life related to the new development is therefore difficult.
The development proposes public realm improvements that will be secured via a S106 agreement.
The development will create a new pedestrian link connecting Whitechapel Road and Fieldgate Street. The link will open up this area and will benefit from an active frontage at ground and first floor levels created by the new commercial space. The pedestrian link will utilise high quality design using good quality materials and in doing so will significantly enhance the appearance of the local area. The link is a part of the Whitechapel Vision Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document, which was adopted in December 2013, and will therefore facilitate the delivery of the masterplan objectives.

The total estimated build and operating cost of the new pedestrian link will be contributed fully by the developer and will come at no cost to the local council or the taxpayer whatsoever.

The development will deliver a high quality design using good quality materials, significantly enhancing the appearance of the local area. The Whitechapel Vision Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document was adopted in December 2013. The link will play a key role in delivering the vision of the masterplan.

2. Keep Kandanga Pool Open Longer During School Holidays

Lets face it. The Kandanga pool is all we have - but its hardly ever open!

Those of us that live in a small rural town understand the pitfalls that come with it. Generally those are:
- lack of infrastructure
- poorly build roads
- lack of transport for all
- inadequate sporting and exercise facilities for children to keep motivated
- minimal shopping accessibility
- limited activities for teens/youth outside of the family home
- attractions for families to attend and enjoy as a family
- lacking council owned facilities for community groups to attend/flourish

However, those 'typical' rural towns have not also been slugged with:
- a flailing tourism trade
- a dam coming and then going over a 10+ year process
- a local school pool closed to the public
- a weekend market struggling to attract new visitors
- a large caravan and camping park dedicated to tourism removed from the area

However, what is more frustrating, is that locals have access to only ONE community pool between Kenilworth and Gympie (an area more than 55KMs in distance) where locals, visitors and families can meet up and escape the searing heat during summer. It is a family atmosphere, where alcohol is prohibited and kids are welcome!

The local youth can meet their friends and have some fun in a safe and friendly environment, especially with the typical heat that is dealt to these towns during the summer months.

The pool is central to the only RV friendly towns in the Valley. We see a tremendous amount of transient visitors that would continue to use the facilities daily, contributing to our already small economy.

All we ask, is that Gympie Council thinks about the opportunities the Kandanga Pool offers to ALL residents and visitors and reconsiders it opening hours over the school holiday period.

3. Interim Heritage Protection Needed - Save The 'Seccull House'

About as iconically pared back Modernist for the Victorian capital as a Johnson in New Caanan, a Koenig in Los Angeles or a Mies in Chicago is this pinnacle residence by Guilford Bell (c.1972). By all accounts one the architect’s most accomplished and favourite commissions, amid a lifetime of notable work. It may be such a complete and astounding expression of Bell’s ideology and practice because his clients, William and Elaine Seccull, apparently gave over complete trust of the project to the architect, proving that it’s an unfettered genius who reaches the highest heights. The architectural merit of this home at a state level is explained in the Victorian Heritage Database Report as follows;
“His (Bell’s) distinctive oeuvre combines modernist minimalism with traditional symmetrical and axial arrangements, and middle-eastern inspired courtyard planning. The Seccull House is possibly the most thorough and one of the most impressive examples of his works. Architecturally and aesthetically the Seccull House is an extraordinary work. It incorporates a series of restrained but powerful minimal gestures to create a layered environment of streamlined simplicity, and classical repose.”
The fact that it remains amazingly intact and has received relatively sympathetic updating over it’s 45 years, adds yet another layer of wow to woo to the beholder. Straight to the dream folder with this one.

4. تثبيت الزواج

تطرح هذه العريضة موضوع الأشخاص اللبنانيين المتزوجين فعليا دون تسجيل زواجهم أصولا لدى المحاكم الشرعية والدوائر المختصة في مدينة طرابلس .والمقصود بعبارة المتزوج فعليا في الزواج غير المسجل أصولا كل عقد أجري بين شخصين دون الحصول على إذن من المحكمة الشرعية وفقا للقانون. وُضعت هذه العريضة لتسليط الضوء على مشكلة إنسانية لطالما بقيت في الكتمان بعيدا عن المعالجة القانونية السريعة والإدارية، فباتت معضلة إجتماعية تعتريها اشكاليات
قانونية وإدارية على حد سواء

من جهة أولى فإن الزواج غير المسجل ينعكس سلبا على حقوق المرأة الزوجية والإرثية والمجتمعية. ومن جهة ثانية،فإن الزواج غير المسجل يؤثر بشكل مباشر على الأسرة والمجتمع وتبرز مشكلة جديدة وهي مشكلة الأطفال اللبنانيين المكتومي القيد وإثبات تابعيتهم اللبنانية وصعوبة تسجيلهم قبل تسجيل الزواج الغير المسجل

5. Petition for the Termination of Moreland City Councillor Sue Bolton

Counciler Sue Bolton, by her word and deed, has acted with malice aforethought in lying to her constituents and to the Australian people.
She has acted without integrity or remorse.
Her wilful misuse of the term Holocaust and it's association with colonialism in Australia is a deliberate action designed to divide the City of Moreland and the People of Australia.
By use of this term she has belittled the suffering of the Jewish people and sought to appropriate the horror of Nazism for her own ends.
This vile behaviour on the part of an elected official must not be tolerated.
It is in direct violation of the Moreland City Councillor code of conduct and as such, Councillor Bolton has abdicated her responsibility to her council and to her country.

6. Tara wants a decent park

The town of Tara deserves to have at least one park with shade and grass for kids to be able to play on. Lions park, Rotary park and the lagoon all need improvement. Lion park especially needs shade replaced before the heat of summer.

7. Justice for Maxi

Maxi Bader purchased a newly built home in Rockhampton in 2012 at the age of 19. She moved in on the 25th January 2013 and while putting her new furniture together in the house she nearly got swept off of her feet with a wall of water rushing through her new home. By 7am on the morning of the 26th January (Australia Day) 2013 the house was under a second time.
Maxi has never been able to live in her house as it has been inundated with storm water 6 times now and it is full of mould and rotting. Thieves have been in the house and stolen the ceiling fans, air conditioner units, rainwater tank, light fittings and even a toilet.
The Rockhampton Regional Council and all other parties that were involved in the sale and development of this house will not accept any blame for this house being allowed to be built in a water way as it was not listed in the Q100 flood levels even though everybody else in Rockhampton seems to have known that this new house would be a disaster for some poor person who didn't know the area.... including the council who had the previous flood records.
Developer - Rockhampton Property Holdings
Certifier - Rockhampton Building Approvals
Real Estate Agent - Freedom Properties
Plumbing & Drainage Approval - Rockhampton Regional Council
Builder - Apollo Homes
The Rockhampton Regional Council will not waiver the rates for Maxi and continue to send her bills for water that she does not use and $320 every time they send someone in to mow her lawn.
Maxi is seeking full compensation from the Rockhampton Regional Council and is asking for your support in this.
Please refer to the Facebook page "Infamous Rockhampton Flooding Scandal". To join in ... just use this URL address

8. Southend Councils Banning Homeless Living in Tents

Southend council spend tax payers money evicting the homeless from tents. These are not individuals causing a nuisance to people, they are homeless trying to stay safe and warm in tents. It is an absolute disgrace that the council spends money taking vulnerable people that they should be protecting to court. Perhaps the council could invest the money they wasted taking them to court actually housing them.


The city is proposing to build a four-lane bridge extending Heritage Avenue over our beautiful Parr Park’s walking and bike trails, nature preserve, and Big Bear Creek, destroying hundreds of mature trees and wildlife habitat in one of the only remaining city parks in southern Grapevine. In addition to the destruction of the beautiful park and forest, Heritage Bridge will disrupt the peaceful walking and nature trails with unwanted noise, lights, trash, and traffic. Children living in the quiet communities along Heritage Avenue, who have for years been able to walk home down Heritage Avenue from the elementary school, will be endangered by a new high-traffic, four-lane road. We do not believe that the saved minutes in drive time is worth sacrificing these things that are irreplaceable to our families, not to mention the more than $10MM in tax payer monies that this project is expected to cost. Please save our community and stop Heritage Bridge.

10. Petition against closure of HDC Customer Services in St Neots.

Huntingdonshire District Council has announced its intention to close its Customer Services Centres at St Neots,. HDC claim that a fall in demand for the Service to 8,000 residents each year is the result of users preferring to use the internet rather than visit the HDC.

Over the same period that resident visits have fallen, HDC has altered and reduced opening hours making use of the remaining Service difficult to access. Many users of the St Neots Customer Services Office pay Council Tax instalments which HDC advise can be paid by Direct Debit. Those residents who are in, or recovering from debt may not have bank accounts or basic bank accounts which do not allow Direct Debit Payments. Moreover, the elderly, vulnerable and poorest members of our community may not have access to, or difficulty using technology based services.

20%-25% of Huntingdonshire residents live in St Neots and Little Paxton area. The bus fare to Huntingdon based Customer Services is £8 per visit and would require many of our poorest residents to lose at least a half days pay.

HDC has a Planning Policy to concentrate new housing at large towns and a further policy to make social and affordable at least 40% of new homes - it is most likely these people will most need Customer Services support.

HDC has recently cut its support for Citizens Advice Bureau and the Disability, Information and Housing Service..The total saving to HDC of closing St Neots Customer Services and two other Offices is £30,000 each year.

11. Redcliffe Skatepark Upgrade

Residents have generously tried to provide/build/add previously unavailable rails/ledges/obstacles to their local Redcliffe Skatepark for their community, at no cost to the tax payer.

279 hand-written signatures from supporters for this cause were collected on the 10th, 11th, and 12th of June 2017 (3 days only). We are hoping to gain some more from this online version, now available at your disposal.

12. E-Petitions for the City of Cockburn - YES or NO

To E-Petition or not to E-petition

At our last Council meeting 11th May 2017, a petition with around 8000 signatures was rejected by the City for not meeting a number of requirements under Clause 4.6 of the City's Standing Orders, Local Law 2016.

The main reason for rejection was that the City does not accept e-petitions or online petitions.

The Department of Local Government asserts the City of Cokburn has the power to change this local law and allow E-petitions.

I want to know if you would like to see this changed, similar to other cities across Australia and our Australian Parliament?

Does the effort that goes into hand written signatures reinforce a commitment to the issue and heightened sense of importance and/or do most people generally sign a petition because they believe in the cause, whether electronically or handwritten?

Is it time we caught up with the digital age and people's busy lifestyles or do you want to remain with paper?

If you want to go digital vote here?

Lee-Anne Smith
East Ward Councillor
The City of Cockburn

13. WA Pioneer overlooked for 100 Years by town of Sandstone

In 1896, George Perkins Dent (22) and his 2 friends, Wilton & Theo Hack, left the South Australian town of Stewarts Range and traveled to Western Australia to seek their fortunes on the Goldfields near Mount Magnet. They prospected in terribly hard conditions for 8 years. In 1903, they pegged a mine just a few hundred metres from the now town of Sandstone, and called it "the Adelaide". After so many years of finding nothing significant, they finally hit a vein of gold. Overnight the area was crawling with hopeful prospectors who had heard about their luck. George and the Hack Brothers dug that claim for a year and it became affectionately known as "Hacks Mine" by the locals. In early 1904, because they couldn't dig the mine any deeper without machinery, the 3 friends sold the mine to Hans Irvine for a good price and all 3 returned to farming - The Hack boys in Victoria, and George in Boyup Brook and then later at Jacobs Well near Beverley. Hans Irvine bought up other mines in the vicinity and as a whole it became known as The Black Range Mining Company. Dent and Hacks mine produced more than 930,000 ounces of gold in its 13 year history. The town of Sandstone was created because of this mine and the population it drew to the area. When Sandstone named its streets, it established both Hack Street and Irvine Street......Nothing was named for George Dent. On discovering this history, the Dent family wrote to the Shire of Sandstone to request that something be done about it. That first letter was rejected instantly. A second letter was written requesting the situation be taken more seriously, and the local MP was also contacted. Melissa Price MP called the Dent family offering her support as she agreed that George Dent had been wrongly overlooked by the small mining town. Later discussions with Shire CEO Beth Walton, produced reactions such as "why should we change it now, its been over 100 years" and "We cant change the Street names". The matter will go formally in front of council on April 27th 2017 and must be won with a majority vote. The Dent family is simply trying to get George memorialised equally as the Hacks and Irvine have been. He has been overlooked for more than 100 years and the current Sandstone shire council is hesitant to fulfill this request. George Dent was equally responsible for Sandstones existence and should be equally memorialised.

14. Hands Off My Covenant

Baw Baw Shire Council voted to remove a protective land covenant and subdivide a standard housing block for unit development in the middle of a quite low density housing estate.

The developers application for subdivision at 28 Bladen St Warragul was approved, despite 5 formal objections to council and a convincing argument by the councils own planning department to reject the subdivision!

This action effectively voids any development protection residence thought they might have and sets a precedence for inappropriate development at the discretion of developers and councilors. Residents have been betrayed by their elected representatives and the rate payer funded Planning Office undermined.

The only way to stop this Planning Permit and send a clear message to Baw Baw Council to keep their hands off our protective covenant is to fight this decision at the Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal. We need your support to show council and VCAT that landowners do not support the removal of restrictive covenants for inappropriate development.

Personal details collected in this petition are restricted to the petition author only. The petition details will only be used for the purpose of a VCAT review, scheduled for June 2017. Please forward any concerns to

Link to news article from the local Gazette:

15. Improving Our Street

Wolverhampton Street is a much-used road into and away from Dudley town centre. It's generally looked 'tired' and scruffy for several years.

Two large plots at the junction of Wolverhampton Street and School Street are in a particularly distressing state. Despite repeated discussion with the Council, these large areas have deteriorated further; one has huge amounts of rubbish strewn across it. The other plot includes an increasingly-dilapidated building whose roof is crumbling.

Vegetation encroaches on public footpaths from both plots. A very rough public path past one plot has had holes down into the plot - a danger particularly to toddlers.

People effected by the ugliness of these plots incłude:

* local parents and children on the way to Jessons School
* pedestrians making their way into/out of Dudley town centre
* thousands of vehicle drivers and passengers each day

16. Bring Back Belmont Baths

Please help us BRING BACK BELMONT BATHS. Belmont Progress Association is trying to have Belmont Bath’s rebuilt. This will again give Belmont a safe place for local people to swim. The push to have the Baths rebuilt is being spearheaded by Robin Gordon. Robin is making representations to Lake Macquarie City Council. By adding your name to this petition, Robin can show our councilors that our community wants a new swimming facility. Thank you for your support.

17. Petition Salisbury council to allow 100% NON FOR PROFIT $10000 carp fishing comp

Due to the soon to be released carp herpes virus, waterways around Australia will soon loose all fishing accessibility for families within city limits and national waterways across the nation.

Our plan is to lobby local council to support a yearly carp fishing competition called the "Mawson lakes $10,000 golden carp comp," so that our organisation can run this event as a " NON FOR PROFIT" gold coin entry donation, to raise money to help fund native restocking and habitat before the virus is released in approx 2018-2020.This will also bring a much needed boost to state economy and will create employment potential opportunity.

We have been informed by several fish related government departments that with council support THIS WILL BE THE FIRST TEST SITE OF ITS KIND IN AUSTRALIA, FOR THAT MATTER THE WORLD! and that funding ( $100,000 though not limited to ) also exists and can be applied for . These grants can only be spent spent on fish and fish habitats,and ecosystems , the grants would be MUCH easier to obtain if we had council /government support to access permits needed for the native fish release and a scientific ecosystem study and grants for restocking and habitat ..

We plan to sell advertising space ( website, banners , flyers , national radio , state/national tv and also vendor sites during the comp ) to all whom are interested, to promote business in SA, and guarantee this event will run on a non for profit basis, with funds raised going back into the project and future comps and also to further projects up stream. We already have the backing of major camping/boating/4x4 retailers/fishing retailers and local tackle stores, major sponsors and fishing distributors and banks.

thank you for your support , and the kids of today will thank you in the future!

18. Installation of CCTV in Dalmally Passage, Croydon

On Saturday 13th August 2016 at 10.30am my Mum was violently mugged in Dalmally Passage, Croydon. There were 4 attackers and she was thrown to the ground with such force that her ribs were broken. They stole her iphone 4 which is totally worthless and then ran away along the Addiscombe Railway Park.

My 58 year old Mum suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and has partial vision but these thugs had no regard for her disabilities or the consequences of their brutal attack. My mum used to frequently use Dalmally Passage to get to my Nan's flat off of Morland Road as my Nan relies on her for personal care and shopping but since the attack my mum now has to pay for cabs to go the short distance from her house in Addiscome as she is too afraid to use the passage and has since suffered several panic attacks when leaving the house.

Unfortunately the men who mugged my Mum have not been caught as there were no other witnesses and there is no CCTV present in Dalmally Passage. This petition is to ask Croydon Council to install CCTV throughout the passage to help aid the police if anything like this should happen again and also to act as a deterrent to future offenders and help to make the residents feel safer. This is something that I feel very strongly about and think would be very beneficial to the local community.

19. A Town Council for Skelmersdale

Skelmersdale is the largest town in West Lancashire, with a population of just under 39,000. Since the dissolution of Skelmersdale Development Council in 1985 we have not had our own Town Council as 21 other towns and villages in West Lancs. do. We do not think this is right.

We have many hard working and caring Councillors from Skelmersdale that form part of West Lancs Borough Council - we feel that our town would be better served if they were based in Skelmersdale - where they were elected to represent our community.
The people of Skelmersdale have long felt that their voice is not being heard and we call on WLBC to help change this.

We understand that to trigger a Community Governance Review we must present the Council with a petition signed by at least 7.5% of the electorate of Skelmersdale, this equates to 1867 people that make up the 7 wards - Ashurst, Birch Green, Digmoor, Moorside, Skelmersdale North, Skelmersdale South and Tanhouse

Skelmersdale Independence Movement and it's supporters will actively promote the signing of this petition on Social media and in the local press.

On reaching the required number of signatories, we call on West Lancs. Borough Council to carry out the Community Governance Review in a timely manner and to grant Skelmersdale the right to have it's own Town Council, based in Skelmersdale for the good of the people of Skelmersdale.

20. Minister Rob Stokes: please return the fatally flawed CZMPBBE to Byron Shire Council.

The draft Coastal Zone Management Plan for the Byron Bay Embayment proposes hard works to resolve the conflict perceived between natural coastal processes and real estate boundaries at Belongil Beach.

Many members of our community do not agree with that approach, preferring the alternative of Planned Retreat, which has applied to date.

Others think that the drafting of the current Plan was rushed, that consideration of long-term environmental, social and economic factors was not adequate and that the three-week public consultation period was not enough.

The aim of this petition is to convince Minister for Planning Rob Stokes to return the highly flawed Plan to Byron Shire Council for re-drafting after the Council Elections in September.

21. STOP Apollo Borough Council’s Unethical Ordinances, NOW!

Apollo Borough is a small town with mostly non-wealthy residents. The Apollo Borough Council decided to put some Ordinances into effect that is totally unethical and discriminating to the local property owners. Here is one example:
Vacant Property Registration Fee Schedule (if a property is not a residence, rented or running a business the borough charges $35-40 fee for an inspection [invasion of personal privacy] in an attempt to find something that they can complain about and charge property owners to fix within a specific short time as the council determines) and if the property isn't inhabited:
less than one year the fee is $250
1 year vacant the fee is $500
2 years vacant the fee is $1000
3-4 years vacant the fee is $2000 each year
5-9 years vacant the fee is $3500 each year
10 years vacant the fee is $5000
An additional $500 will be applied for every year of vacancy beyond 10 years!
This even includes property that is being used as a storage garage - totally unethical!

There is a lot more that the GREEDY council is trying to get out of the property owners in Apollo but too much to add in this location. It is all about GREED! and is destroying the peaceful residents and property owners of our small town. Many just don't have that kind of money to waste on nothing by being forced to pay exorbitant fees to Apollo Borough Council. This has got to STOP!

22. Emerald Hill Library Tuesday Evening Opening Hours - City of Port Phillip

The Emerald Hill Library has had its sole evening opening removed as of Tuesday 19 April 2016.

The library is now only open to 6 pm at the latest, thus reducing access for those who work. In addition various community activities are held on Tuesday evenings, such as book club meetings, author events using the community room in the library which will no longer be available, without staff being specifically assigned to open for each activity.

The loss of evening openings should not be regarded as an appropriate trade off to the welcomed increase in day time opening hours (these have increased by 4 hours so the library is open by 12 noon each day).

As the library is located in a major activity center, South Melbourne, which has experienced significant growth and is projected to continue growing.

Maintaining Tuesday evening opening is a minor cost to council, less than $16,000 per annum for two staff.

To increase the impact of your opinion, you can also write a short submission to the City of Port Phlllip's budget requesting they provide the funding, at

Also see our website:

23. Support Anomalie Clothing's Application to Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire

Anomalie Clothing is a small business operated by a sole trader and Byford resident. A Development Application was submitted to the Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire on 11 December 2015 entitled Change of Use of Part of Building to Shop - 810 South Western Highway Byford. The Shire President, Councillors, and Planning Staff at the Shire indicated that an application to use the shop front at the residence for a small home based retail business was likely be successful.

4 months later, I was told that the neighbouring properties consulted had no objections, that the Shire had no objections and was just waiting for Main Roads approval. Main Roads have given their approval and now (6 months after submission) the Shire has indicated that they may reject the application unless I can provide further justification.

The following arguments will be presented to support the initial application:
- The premises was previously used as a small retail shop selling candles, wax melts and accessories, so this isn't technically a change of use, but a continuation of its existing use.
- Anomalie Clothing has proposed the same opening hours as the previous business - 5 hours a day, 5 days a week.
- Prior to being used as a candle shop, the premises was well known to the local community as having been a very popular day spa, and before that, a hairdressing salon.
- The Vintage style of Anomalie Clothing complements the country look and feel of the area, a characteristic that the Shire actively promotes.
- A temporary 2 year approval would be acceptable, after which time Anomalie Clothing could possibly move on to a dedicated retail premises and provide employment opportunities to local residents.

I am hoping that a show of support from the community will encourage the Shire to give this small business a chance of survival, and offer its residents a local place to shop for Vintage Inspired clothing and accessories.

24. Oppose South Ayrshire Council shutting our community centres!

Girvan community centre alongside six other community centres in the Girvan and South Carrick area face closure as South Ayrshire Council have passed unaffordable utility bills on to user groups of these facilities.

We must stand together and say NO to these unnecessary cuts. Girvan Community Centre has been asked for £7500 to cover utility bills this year, this came with three days notice and in the knowledge that the centre only made £1700 profit last year. The users of the facility are not for profit organisations.

The utility bill will force the centre to close and will see 6 children's groups including a local playgroup shut their doors. Girvan Play Group is the last remaining playgroup in South Ayrshire and provides much needed affordable childcare for local communities.

The care and activities are second to none with local nursery teachers being able to identify which children have benefited from attending the play group. Closure would also leave a number of adult groups helping vulnerable people and the national blood bank without affordable accommodation.

The situation in Girvan mirrors the impact felt in other communities: Ballantrae; Colmonell, Barr, pinwherry, Dailly and Crosshill face the same measures. Our community centres are the hubs of our community and I fear we may lose them all. Villages will effectively be left with no meeting place, no voting facility or place to speak with their councillor or MP. This is a disgrace. We must stand firm and insist that South Ayrshire Council rethinks this budget efficiency.

The council are responsible for making financially responsible decisions and must balance their books sensibly, without hitting areas of high poverty the hardest. There has been no consultation in this process, only demand for payment and we the residents of Girvan and South Carrick demand better treatment. We expect these bills to be retracted in full.

The council have a duty to support the many voluntary organisations which improve our communities but are instead proposing leaving them without a home. Perhaps South Ayrshire Council could dip into their multimillion cash reserve in order to secure the future of our community services instead of forcing the closure of our community centres for effectively peanuts in terms of their budget.

25. Rehome a deserving family

A young working mother with 3 children of school age become homeless and lose all belongings after an accidental fire caused by faulty electrical equipment destroyed there life. She turns to the local authority Swale Borough Council for help in being re-homed as she was in private rental and has nowhere else to turn, unfortunately they refuse to help in re-homing leaving them struggling to live and carry on a normal life.

Below is documented link to the fire…/home-saved-after-neighbours-…/

Yet recently as reported in Kent Online it is reported that "Swale council agree to house up to 10 Syrian refugee families over five years says leader Cllr Andrew Bowles" If these people can be helped when they have no-one else to turn to then surely our own families should be able to expect the same help. Is this really the caring community side of Swale Borough Council they want us to judge them by ?

Below is documented link to the rehoming of syrian refugees…/council-offers-to-house-syri…/

26. Keep Warringah Together

The NSW Government intends to dismantle Warringah Council and divide its LGA between Pittwater and Manly/Mosman.

This decision is against the recommendations of the Government's Independent Local Government Review Panel, IPART and the Government's own criteria for scale and capacity.

Don’t divide us. We the people of Warringah want to remain in one council area.

We intend to collect as many signatures as possible to take to the NSW Government to stop them dividing Warringah.

27. Bring Back the Holidazzle Parade

The Minneapolis Downtown Council cancelled the 2014 Minneapolis Holidazzle Parade and there are many who want it back.

28. Save the Rec from Closure

Ely Play Centre also affectionately known as ‘The Rec’ is a free service provided by Cardiff Council, which is run by Children’s Play Services. This service, allows children and young people to play, socialize and develop their skills in a safe and friendly environment, supervised by qualified and experienced staff.

Cardiff Council is threatening to shut down the service on the 1st of April 2016, unless another organisation will take over the running of the service. The Centre will shut on the 1st of April for good! There are over 600 children and young people registered to Ely Play Centre and these children will be condemned to the streets as there are limited safe play spaces in the community.

The children of Ely and Cardiff do not deserve to be treated like this and it will be detrimental to their well being and the wider community for the future. Cardiff Council hasn’t tried hard enough to safeguard what is an incredibly positive service, which brought a rise in Council Tax in April 2014 to fund this service. Now they are washing their hands of all responsibility, this is a massive injustice to all.

Please show your support to Ely Play Centre and Children’s Play Services by signing this petition and lets try and keep the children safe in our community! Thank You.

29. Keep Westport Dog Grooming

Please sign my petition and keep Westport Dog Grooming Open!

As you all know, I love your dog's! I love my work and have been working with animals for over 12years. I provide a dog friendly, homely environment, working with nervous dogs, shy dogs, rescues elderly dogs, puppies and all your pets, different shapes sizes and personalities 😊

I am fully trained and have dedicated my career to working with animals for over 12 years. For the last two & half years I Have been trying to gain permission from mayo county council to keep my little business open but I am hitting a brick wall.

It's a small business but I am doing something I love and paying my bills keeping myself employed. I am providing a good honest service. I am revenue registered. Nobody has objected on this road,in fact all my neighbours fully support me. I've had no objection from environmental or veterinary sections in council.

ONE BUSINESS on this road has objected which sees me as competition. They do not live on this road. I Have lived here on this road for over 6 years. Yet the county council do not want to grant me permission to work. I have done everything in my power to work with mayo county council but they will not support my small enterprise. Now I am asking for your support.

They want to close me down. They say the road is rural? Bourkes waste is just after my house and they're are lots of small enterprise on lodge road. I cannot afford to rent a premises in town, not only would the overheads be huge, I would have to increase my prices dramatically...

Thank you for reading and for your continued support 💖💖

Aisling Noone

30. Put in a set of traffic lights on Bicester Road, Kidlington

The outdated zebra crossing on Bicester Road in Kidlington, Harvester end, is no longer successful in keeping children safe as they cross the road to get to school.

More and more incidents are happening on a weekly basis. As many as FOUR A DAY have been witnessed!

At the council's request, Edward Feild School has taken on more new children than ever before at Reception stage. This looks likely to keep happening over the next few years in effect making the school expand. This in turn will increase the volume of pedestrians on Bicester Road.

The zebra crossing has become ineffective in its very purpose of providing safety and preventing injury to pedestrians.

Even with the presence of Police at the crossing, regular and shocking incidents are still happening.

A set of traffic lights would force cars to stop, allowing innocent and vulnerable Primary School children to cross in complete safety.

We cannot put it off any longer. As the rate of incidents that occur increases so does the likelihood of serious or even FATAL injuries. This CANNOT be allowed to happen.

Such young children should not have to dice with death on a regular basis Whilst learning and getting to grips with road safety.