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1. Opposition to Xcel's Plan for Substation and High Voltage Power Lines bordering Savannah Neighborhood, Plymouth MN

The residents of the Savannah neighborhood and other affected neighborhoods believe Xcel Energy has failed to provide just cause for the addition of a Substation and High-Voltage power lines in the Pomerleau Lake region. There has been a lack of transparency in planning and a significant amount of information and quantitative data is missing from the posted engineering report. We are also concerned that a full and complete risk assessment, both as to environmental and human impacts, was not performed. The substation and power lines will negatively impact area neighborhoods both in aesthetics but more importantly with a negative impact on our property values.

Xcel Energy appears to be rushing to present a plan without fully and adequately considering the impacts on Plymouth residents, particularly as it concerns environmental and economic impacts. Certainly, Xcel as it did with the ill-fated Hollydale Project appears to be rushing headlong into a decision without supplying adequate information supporting their proposals of three alternatives (A, B, and C). Data is also not provided to show why the twelve other alternatives were ruled out.

By way of example, the engineering report fails to answer the following questions:

1) The posted Xcel report does not provide details or comparisons for how the proposed plans will improve power reliability;

2) The posted Xcel report identifies the Transmission Area of Concern but does not adequately explain why distribution and substation upgrades and modification cannot be made within this area versus impacting communities outside of the Transmission Area of Concern;

3) The posted Xcel report does not provide detailed maps showing the path of power lines (which side of the road) and specific positioning of substations. Indeed, when asked by the Savannah HOA, Xcel representatives stated that these plans and the concurrent costs are not yet available;

4) The posted Xcel report does not provide environmental risk or wetland impact assessments;

5) The posted Xcel report does not adequately provide results of details from public outreach reports to area residents or surveys and responses regarding their thoughts and the impacts;

6) The posted Xcel report fails to provide sufficient sub component detail for each option and does not provide confidence levels associated with far term projections, skewing the implied option comparisons;

7) The posted Xcel report fails to supply sufficient responses to concerns raised by landowners, parties and other stakeholders about Hollydale preferred routs and plans that resulted in termination of the proposed project;

8) The posted Xcel report fails to explain why our neighborhood should shoulder the burden for power generated to western Plymouth developments and that there are no alternative options in the area of need;

9) The posted Xcel report does not explain why one or more of the 7 substations in the Transmission Area of Concern cannot be upgraded or modified to meet distribution needs and improve margin for overload conditions instead of building a new substation approximately 1500 feet from an existing substation;

10) The posted Xcel report does not provide a comparison of performance between adding a capacitor bank to the Gleason Lake Substation and Parkers Lake Substation vs building a new substation approximately 1500 feet from the existing Plymouth Substation;

11) Page 47 of the posted Xcel report incorrectly asserts that Option C is the only option that supports re-energizing the Hollydale 69kv line but it is clear that Opt B also allows this the line to be energized using the existing Plymouth Substation;

12) The possible solutions identified in Section 6.4.2 in the posted Xcel report are not sufficiently addressed in the proposed options and does not compare and contrast the the options of creating load transfers at Parks Lake vs building a new substation approximately 1500 feet from an existing substation;

13) The posted Xcel report does not provide sufficient detail for the impact of transferring distribution to 34.5 kV facilities;

14) Section 7.2 of the posted Xcel report only mentions three solutions to the demand issues however the summary states 15 options were identified. Please provide comparisons and selection criteria for down selecting from the 15 options.

15) Figure 1.2, Evaluation and Comparison of System Alternatives, fails to illustrate impacts of building a substation in close proximity to a prized Plymouth wetland, park and playground.

16) The posted Xcel report does not include discussion about long term plans for use of the substation, including whether there are future plans to implement additional distribution lines along Schmidlt Lake Road and/or Fernbrook?

2. Support Lidl In Enfield Wash

Lidl have acquired the Cooperative foodstore at 654-658 Hertford Road, Enfield, London, EN3 6LZ.

In due course we will be submitting a planning application to Enfield Council to demolish the existing building and develop a modern foodstore (1,424m² sales area), with 139 associated car parking spaces.

Our proposal will drastically improve the visual amenity of this key gateway site and strengthen the commercial offer of Enfield Wash Local Centre.

The development would bring greater shopping choice to local residents and create up to 40 new local employment opportunities.

3. Stop Land into Trust for Cayuga Indian Nation

WHEREAS, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) has released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) supporting the proposed fee-to-trust conveyance of certain real property owned by the Cayuga Indian Nation (CIN) and located in Cayuga and Seneca Counties in the State of New York; and

WHEREAS, the DEIS acknowledges that the property in question is on "ancestral land" and therefore net en a current reservation, thus the CIN application is being treated improperly as an "on reservation" rather than an "off-reservation" application; and

WHEREAS, the DEIS concludes erroneously that there would be no signiflcant environmental impact if the approximately 125+ subject acres owned by the CIN were taken into federal trust for the use and benefit of the CIN because it fails to address, analyze and consider mitigation of significant negative impacts that will result from such action; and

WHEREAS, taking the subject land into trust weuld render it sovereign territory and therefore exempt from lecal property taxes, special district charges and other fees, thus reducing the revenue of relevant counties, tewns, villages, and schoel, fire, water, and sewer districts; and

WHEREAS, despite the fact that the stated purpose of the CIN application is to foster activities that will result in economic growth for the Nation, the DEIS nevertheless contends incredulously that the CIN has "no plans for further development .on the properties subject te the proposed action;" and

WHEREAS, the DEIS fails to take into consideration the fact that the CIN already owns same 765 additional acres in the Counties and intends to buy mere with the intent of making future trust applications, and allegedly intends to acquire up to 64,015 such acres of ancestral land that the Nation contends would thereby become eligible for trust status;

4. Citizens of Fitzgerald & Ben Hill County

Going before the Ben Hill County Board of Commissioners on April 6, 2010, is the 2011 SPLOST Referendum.

The Fitzgerald City Council voted unanimously in favor of the final proposal in February 2010, meeting.

We ask that the City Council to reconsider allocating $600,000 toward synthetic turf.

We are continuing to collect signatures as the referendum is planned to appear before the County Commissioners on April 6, 2010.

5. No to Deerfield Walking Trail

This is a petition against the proposed walking trail that is to be located to the rear of the homes that are located in the 5900 residential block of Deerfield.

6. Opposition to Genesis/Acre Lane - proposed development

We, the local community, would wish that any further developments on Acre Lane (in particular the proposed development of the existing Fulham Timber Site - Acre Lane 176-184) would heed the views of residents and instead of seeking to cram more social/affordable housing into this area, develop the area so as to provide additional amenities and services to the local community.

We have already succeeded in stopping BYS building yet more (and unused) storage facilities and seek to stop Genesis from building housing when there is already a surplus of vacant accommodation in the area and a lack of decent facilities/amenities for the exisiting local community (ie shops, green spaces, community spaces, schools).

For info on the Genesis plans please visit:

7. Exempt Not-For-Profits From Governor Paterson's MTA Mobility Tax

In 2009, the NYS Legislature enacted a budget that included a hastily planned Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Mobility Tax aimed at curing the Authority's deficit. The MTA tax imposes a 0.34 percent payroll tax on businesses within the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District (MCTD) and does not distinguish between not-for-profits, many of which are funded primarily with public funds, and for-profit businesses. Now the Legislature is considering increasing the tax for New York City businesses to .54 percent, as proposed in the Governor’s Executive Budget. The consequences of this tax will be a reduction in the amount of funding the human services sector will have to deliver essential services to the public.

The MTA tax has had a drastic impact on nonprofits. Unlike for-profit businesses, they do not have profit margins to pay for this additional cost. And now the Governor has proposed increasing that tax, at a time when nonprofits can least afford yet another burden on their already overstretched budgets. The consequences of this tax will be a reduction in the amount of funding the nonprofit sector will have to deliver essential services to the public.

The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York (NPCC) urges the NYS Legislature to exempt nonprofits from the MTA mobility payroll tax.

8. Against the Proposed Travellers site next to Derwent School

The Parishes of Stondon and Henlow have been advised that their village has been placed on a list of proposed Gypsy and travellers sites.

The Central Beds Consultation Process runs until 7th June 2010, so make sure you OBJECT to CBC by using their website:

Or check out Campaign Travellers website for template letters and more:

Why not subscribe to: for regular updates.

9. Save OUR Buses - Dulles Corridor

Supporters and riders of the 552, 553, 554, 557,929, 951, & 952 Fairfax Connector buses who oppose the elimination of these bus routes in the Proposed FY 2011 Fairfax Connector Budget.

10. No Tribal Water Industry on Fox Island

Currently, the Nisqually Tribe of Indians is seeking acquisition of the former site of the U.S. Navy research facility on Fox Island through a fed to federal agency transfer process. The Tribe has proposed to relocate its $2.9 Million per year commercial water industry business, Nisqually Aquatic Technologies (NAT), to Fox Island.

The Tribe intends to return the Navy's barge to the site, and conduct industrial operations from the waters surrounding Fox Island. NAT conducts commercial and industrial operations including geoduck harvesting training, commercial scuba diving, salvage, pipeline repair, and other water industrial operations.

Pierce County land use ordinances strictly prohibit water industry in a "Shoreline Conservancy" and “Rural 10” zoning. If allowed to be transferred, the Tribe has the option to have the Bureau of Indian Affairs place the property into trust status. This would allow the use of the property to be unaffected by state and local land use ordinances designed to protect our environment, community goals, lifestyle, and property values.

In 2005, Congressman Norm Dicks acquired $17 Million in federal funding to remove the Navy's operation from Fox Island. He did this because of the incompatible and inappropriate nature of an industrial operation in a residential neighborhood and because of the negative environmental effects the offshore structures had on our shoreline. The U.S. Government must not allow the return of another incompatible, inappropriate, and environmentally damaging industrial activity to Fox Island's residentially zoned community.

11. Move Gateway West

We, the residents of Cassia County are strongly opposed to the proposed corridor of the Gateway West Project through private property.

We feel it should be placed on as much public ground as possible to protect our families, our homes, and our businesses.

We should not have to submit ourselves to undo risks when there are other alternatives. We support our county commissioners in routing the project through public grounds.

12. Open letter on the Equal Opportunities Commission Bill

Dear friends,

We are writing to draw your attention to the Equal Opportunities Commission, Bill to be introduced by the Government, shortly. An important recommendation of the Sachar Committee Report (Report on Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community of India), 2006 was the setting up of an Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in India. The Ministry of Minority Affairs set up a committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Menon to examine and determine the structure of an Equal Opportunity Commission. The Committee submitted its report in 2008, which proposed a draft Equal Opportunity Commission Bill (EOC Bill). The Government also set up an expert committee headed by Dr. Kundu to recommend an appropriate diversity index in living, education and work spaces.

We have drafted an open letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, highlighting some of the key concerns with the draft bill and demanding a wider public debate before it is introduced in Parliament. Once, endorsed, we will mail copies of the letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs and the Prime Minister. We also hope to publish the text of the Open letter in atleast two national newspapers.

Do forward it to other organisations and individuals who would wish to sign the petition.

In Solidarity,

Centre for Study of Social Exclusion,
National Law School of India, Bangalore

13. Stop Proposed Sydney Marine Park

A Plan has been released to the state government for a proposed Marine Park Stretching from South Sydney up to the Central coast.

If this marine park was to go ahead recreational and commercial fishing WILL banned.

14. Stop the closure of St John Fisher Catholic High School Sixth Form

There have been proposed plans to close Sixth Forms in the local area, one of them being St John Fisher.

We as former pupils don't want it to close as it is a major part of the Catholic Community and where are pupils going to study when they have finished their GCSE's.

15. 230kV Transmission Line Golden Valley, Arizona

This petition is to the Arizona Corporation Commission regarding Unisource's proposed 230kV Transmission Line through Golden Valley, Arizona.

We are asking the Arizona Corporation Commission to look at alternative routes to the ones proposed by Unisource and Transcon.

16. No to Inappropriate Redevelopment of St Alphage House in the City of London for JPMorgan

JPMorgan Chase is working in partnership with property development company Hammersons and the City of London Corporation to create a 950,000 sq ft building on a relatively small site in the City of London which immediately adjoins the residential Barbican Estate, home to some 5,000 people, and a Grade II listed building.

If approved, the JP Morgan office block be the largest building in the City and will completely overshadow and wall-in the Eastern side of the Barbican.

Currently the site contains generous open space and public gardens, raised above the ground, with interconnecting pedestrian bridges. These walkways form several access routes to the Barbican, which keep pedestrians away from the noise and hazards of London Wall - a major East-West traffic artery through central London. The proposed scheme will remove these, and create a somewhat smaller park at ground level immediately next to this busy road.

What are currently pleasant and safe pedestrian-only routes will be replaced by busy street-level crossings and streetside pavements. It will close and also build over an ancient city street - Fore Street - creating a large and impermeable block in the heart of the City.

17. Budget Ease for an Overwhelmed Community

Bridgeport, CT's Proposed 2009 Budget constitutes many changes and hardships for citizens in an already stressed community.

According to the budget, 43 newly civilianized staff that will operate the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) even though though the budget has scaled back funding for public library services, eliminates 19 positions in the Public Health Nursing Program, eliminates the general fund school based program, dental hygiene and reduces the nursing staff by half, budgetary reduction of 1/3 of staff funding, reduction of 25 positions, eliminates 87 direct line positions and accounts. Budget calls for a 4-mill tax hike or a 9 percent increase in taxes. As far as education, 7.4 teaching positions are not funded in the mayor's budget, and 41 new positions could not be filled.

The budget allows to provide sanitation services including garbage collection, bulk trash pickup, leaf removal, and recycling to our residents. Beyond regular trash pickup, these additional services are by no means mandated, and they carry a cost of $6,545,327.

These costs could be reduced if residents would carry the cost of garbage removal.

18. Aqua Missouri water & sewer proposed rate increase

Aqua Missouri, Inc. submitted a request to the Public Service Commission on December 7, 2007, to increase our water rate by 50.45% and sewer by 35.74%.

To our knowledge there have been no substantial renovations, repairs or modifications to our systems to constitute this type of rate increase.

Furthermore, this proposed increase would be financially devastating on our residents who are on fixed income and other low income families.

19. Objection to proposed development of Old School House, Bradshaw

The proposed development of the 'Old School house' and cark park areas will have devastating effect on the local community.

The proposed erection of five three storey town houses along Lea Gate will not be in keeping with the village and conservation area. The local businesses will be adversely affected as parking for the Conservative Club and Church Garden Fisheries will no longer be available at this site.

Neighbours on Leagate will no longer have parking available to them. Trees have been earmarked for felling...this is supposed to be a conservation area!! You cannot have a satellite dish, but proposals for three storey houses made from stone, Timber and metal window frames may go ahead.

20. Petition Against Proposed Johnston Town Ordinance #2007-16

A petition by Homeowners, Business Owners, Residents, Legal Voters and Taxpayers of the Town of Johnston the proposed Johnston Town Ordinance #2007-16; an ordinance relative to stagnant water as a public nuisance.

21. No to Glenaire housing development bordering Johnson Rd and Lake Ave

Proposed construction and building of 12 houses in the approx. 4.5 acres of land and trees bordering Johnson Rd and Lake Ave.

The construction of 12 houses will require a lot from our city's resources. The bridge and roads as they stand are unable to sustain the amount of traffic that will come before, during, and after the construction.

If the land is to be built up to street level this will create a run off into the creek causing ruin and over load on the creek. This will cause continual need for repair and rebuilding which in return causes need for the city's money.

Also, the changing of the property will be detrimental to the wet land and the natural habitat that reside on this land and in these woods.

22. Opposing variance for 70954 Claire Lot #7

We are opposed to Susie & Gary Tuckers request for a variance on the 70954 Claire Lot # 7 they are buying for the following reasons:

1.We have concerns that the actual structure that will be built will not end up as originally planned and approved.This concern comes from what was originally proposed and ended up being a 4800 sq.ft. garage at 70885 Claire Dr.

2.If the variance is approved the Chicago families that own the lot next to them would expect the same variance. We would then have two homes that are too close together. We do not want Long and Coverdale lakes to end up like other local lakes with minimal side lots and too many homes.

3.Based on the recent front page advertisement in the Elkhart Truths Sunday Real Estate section of the proposed new home we have concerns of parking issues. Claire Drive is a narrow private drive with minimal extra parking.

4.We have safety concerns with the additional traffic this project will bring to Claire Drive.

We also need clarification on the 5' & 25' eastments requested and if they are measured from the foundation or the eaves.

23. Against proposed parking restrictions on Mossford Lane and Fullwell Ave

We are opposed to the above proposed restrictions for the main fact that 90% of the children attending Clore Tikva school come from outside the catchment area of the school, and by implementing these restrictions the problem of parking will only be moved to the area immediatley beyond Mossford Lane.

24. No to proposed low income housing Elrod Place

A low income rental community is proposed at the corner of Elrod and Clay Rd. The suggested annual income of property renters for a family of four is $11,310.00. They must fall into the 40% poverty level.

This proposed community poses the threat of increased school crowding, possible increase of crime and lower property values.

25. Stop Homeless Facility on Vendome

This proposed Homeless facility is intended to house 40 adults who have
debilitating mental illness.

* This proposed homeless facility is intended to house 40 adults
who have debilitating mental illnesses. Many of them have drug problems
and criminal convictions.

* There are several liquor stores, bars, and nightclubs within two
blocks of this site. This building is on a street corner that already
has criminal activity (gangs, crimes, drug trafficking). This facility
should instead be located in an area where related services are
available, not near drugs and alcohol.

* This site is one block from a park, beneath the historic Music
Box Steps, where children play and where residents can finally enjoy a
patch of green after years of neglect. We do not want people loitering

* Silver Lake already has several other homeless facilities.
Silver Lake including Regency Manor on the corner of Robinson and Descanso
and the new facility on the corner of Hoover and London. We do not need another one.

Why is there another homeless facility being placed in a historically poor neighborhood that is comprised mostly of ethnic minorities?

26. Halt proposed development on Glendale Court

Infinity Developer has proposed to build a single-family house on Glendale Court.

This action has created concerns about the undeveloped land and surrounding infrastructure issues.

We note the following concerns that have been raised by neighbors about existing problems:

. Neighbors have complained of flooding and soilerosion along the creek behind Glendale Court and Pine Valley Circle resulting from poor storm water drainage.

. Storm water from nearby school, Woodland, drains out of a corroded pipe into the debris and eroded creek behind Glendale Court and Pine Valley Circle, creating a run over.

. Run-off water improperly channeled onto nearby land/property has caused damage to vegetation and parts of the landscape on Glendale Court and Pine Valley Circle.

. Neighbors have complained of sewage smell in the area behind Glendale Court and Pine Valley Circle. This is a health issue in the community.

We're seeing the blight in the neighborhood of sink holes, buckling/cracked streets and driveways. The proposed site is next to a vacant house, surrounded by these deteriorating conditions.

27. Neigborhoods are not waste dumps

This is a picture of a Black Mountain water evaporation tank that covers 40 acres in Colorado. This is where drilling fluids/waste are disposed of. These fluids contain chemicals such as benzene and plutonium that are left over from drilling operations such as drilling for oil and natural gas.

The black spots on the photo are “ponds” where water evaporates and chemicals are left behind. I cannot see any water in these "ponds”.

A health department official could smell benzene at this sight, which has been proven to cause rare blood diseases such as leukemia.

· In 2001, pipes burst and no residents were notified of possible contamination in their area.

· Dalbo wants to build an evaporation station on 183 acres including a 50-acre pond and two 33-acre ponds.

· No Federal laws govern these evaporation stations.

· This proposed site is located 2 miles away from the Colorado River which runs through: Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California.

· No testing has been done on this wastewater, yet Dalbo says it is non-toxic and non-hazardous, but states it could kill a cow if it drinks enough.

· This proposed site is 250 feet away from an irrigation ditch that is used to water corn and alfalfa fields.

· When a representative for Dalbo was asked if HE would drink that water he said “No.”

Help stop this Company from building this Evaporation Station where millions of people could be affected. It may not leak today or next year, but it will leak and contaminate our water. We need that water to live.

28. Save our services

When the new East London Line arrives in 2010, it will mean severe and unacceptable cuts to our existing train services to and from London Bridge. We are asking for your help to fight these cuts by signing our petition.

- Direct trains to and from London Bridge are likely to be cut to four trains per hour.
- This is a reduction from the current service of six trains off peak and more at peak times.
- There will be an extra eight trains per hour on the East London Line stopping at Sydenham and Forest Hill but these will only be four carriages long, with limited seating available.
- Cuts are proposed to the Clapham Junction and Victoria service from our stations, possibly removing this service entirely.
- With these proposed cuts it is likely that London Bridge services will become even more congested than at present.

It is vital that we keep our existing level of services to and from London Bridge

We are not opposed to the new East London line - we warmly welcome it - but this should not be introduced at the cost of existing services.

This petition has been produced by the Forest Hill Society and is supported by the Sydenham Society.

29. Triton Middle School Improvement Plan

An "Improvement Plan" has been proposed and is seriously being considered for next year (school year '06/'07) for the Triton Middle School. The plan would eliminate the current tracking or leveling of the 7th and 8th grades.

In other words, there would no longer be advanced classes; all classes would be heterogeneous (the same).

30. Stirling Against Lap Dancing Clubs

A Lap Dancing Club is proposed for 13 Barnton Street, Stirling, Scotland UK.

This club has been proposed with no consultation with local women's groups, or with the local community.