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1. Fairfields Farm planning application - RASH objection

RASH (Residents Against Skip Hire) was formed in 2007 to organise opposition to Colchester Skip Hire’s expansion plans at the site on Packards Lane. At the request of our mailing list we expanded our activities to oppose the Birch Airfield Composting Services proposal for green waste composting at Fairfields Farm.

Essex County Council has sent out notification of Birch Airfield Services Ltd resubmission of their Planning Application for the land at Fairfields Farm on Fordham Road, which appears much the same as the previous application which was refused. The application is described as “change of use of land from agricultural to composting of green waste”.

Further details are at the Colchester Borough Council website.

The location, operating hours, size of the working area and buildings remain very much the same. Also the noise, light and prevailing winds seem not to have been considered, nor their adverse effects on local residents. The size of the proposal will allow for a capacity of what was originally proposed and refused. It is likely that if this proposal is accepted the amount of lorry movements will increase as it has with Colchester Skip Hire.

It is also worth mentioning that Birch Airfield Composting started off with a similar facility at Birch Airfield; they are now proposing to build a covered facility with a microgeneration plant. This application is being strongly resisted by the local residents.

Some summary details about the Application:
  • Change of use of land for a 2.75 hectare site (6.8 acres).
  • Site to be enclosed by 2.4 meter green chain mesh fence.
  • Installation of a weighbridge.
  • Installation of a building for offices and staff amenities.
  • Creation of a pond for collection of liquid.
  • Moving of Public Right of Way.
  • Shredding and maturation of green waste.
  • To bring in up to 8,000 tonnes of green waste each year primarily from Colchester Borough Council’s Shrub End depot.
  • Green waste to be put through an industrial shredder.
  • Composted material put through trammel screener.
  • The resultant noise created by this machinery is not described in detail.
  • Composted material created to be used on surrounding farmland.
  • Site operating hours 07.30 to 17.30 Monday to Friday, 08.00 to 16.00 Saturdays and 08.00 to 13.00 on Sundays.
  • Up to 6 HGV vehicle movements per day, so up to 42 per week.
  • Articulated lorries and Roro trains (lorries carrying several roll on / roll off waste containers).
  • Traffic to come from A1124 through the villages of Eight Ash Green and Fordham.

2. Support South Carolina Family Court Reform

South Carolina Family Courts do not serve the purpose they were intended to serve.

Who ever has the most money wins and children, mother's, and father's are suffering while attorneys, guardian ad litems, and judges are making a lot of money by pitting the parties against each other.

3. Give Paul Hemmings His Job Back

Paul Hemmings has been suspended from his job as site manager of St Johns school since late November 2007. He is accused of committing fraud. Paul denies the charges.

We believe the case against Paul to be both unfounded and petty-minded and we believe the official support given to him by the school's governing body, the council and his own union over the last 3 months to have been exceedingly poor.

We request a fair hearing for Paul, with proper representation for him, so that our friend can rightfully return to his place at St Johns where he stands as a dearly valued member of our community.

4. Representation for world-wide based voluntary pressure groups

World-wide based voluntary pressure groups like: Greenpeace; Friends of the Earth; Amnesty Intl; and others; have no current compulsory representation at all at any world conferences (eg G8 and other) that discuss green issues, human rights, targets for change, and so on.

20th century history (peace time) shows that UK Govts (lab/lib/con) and the rest of the world do not use these conferences properly to set 'proper' targets for change that are good for our planet, only to prefer fudged and watered down targets for change that are far too slow for our planet's good. Recent examples include wholey inadequate reduction in CO2 emission targets worldwide at the previous G8 conference.

This petition demands a new form of alternative world people's representation at these G8/other world conferences attended by deligates in whom we the people of this world have more trust and faith in their personal integrity and motivation than mere career politicans who are ultimately corrupted and compromised by all types of political system and its own internal civil service.

Much of what goes on at these G8 conferences takes place behind our backs in secrecy and we the people of this world only receive a watered down version of the back-stabbing, back-slapping, wheeling and dealing and other related shenanigans that occurs in private behind closed doors.

Deligates from world-wide-based voluntary pressure groups are not brainless muppets of any political system and are free to speak their minds without restraint and constraint for the good of everyone and report back accordingly.

Far too often in recent years targets for change are compromised at these conferences by trade issues. In actual fact it is trade (food, goods, vacations/holidays, emigration/immigration and services) that is at the very epicentre of why our planet is in the mess that it is in.

A glaring example includes: unrestrained and unnecessary transportation of lamb meat into UK supermarkets from half way around the globe in fridges from New Zealand while UK lamb farmers go bust or commit suicide out of economic dispair. This is just sheer madness.

Another source of concern is the unrestrained population growth (egged on by some religons) that is occuring in 3rd world countries who have achieved some of the benefits of a civilised 1st world economy [medicines, transport, etc] in the 21stC without the concurrent reduction in fertility rates that occured during the UK/Europe's industrial & agrarian revolutions starting in 18thC.

It is quite unacceptable that 3rd world country's factories are still belching out unacceptable levels of poisonous pollution but that 1st world economies already have the science and technology to hand to tackle these problems but do so within their own boundaries.

So why cannot 1st world economies share or export such life saving knowledge, equipment, know-how, man-power. To often payment for such facilities is demanded in hard currency instead of alternatives or for free.

All our existing economics-laws needs a huge rewrite to take into account green issues.

Meanwhile our planet's ice caps continue to melt while our G8 politican deligates enjoy their over pampered little 'jolly' at our expense.

Targets for change should be set at maximum values not at minimum values to prevent the possible extinction of all life on this planet. Look what happened to planets Mars and Venus - get the picture ?

5. Remove the Electoral College

February 28, 2006

For the last 200 years this country has elected presidents via the electoral college.

This system made sense in a nation not yet fully populated and, for the most part, unregulated.

The time has come to eliminate the distinction between Blue and Red states and move to a system of popular vote. A system where every vote actually counts.


6. Adopt Proportional Representation for General Elections in the UK

For centuries, the UK has used the first-past-the-post system to elect its MPs. This system is out-dated and promotes inequality.

The two main parties (Labour and Conservative) are over-represented and the rest are under-represented. Most importantly, there is no proportionality.

The Labour government is currently running our country with the support of a mere 35.2% of the voters. The Green party can get 15% and not win a single seat.Is this fair?

I propose a system where, if a party gets 10% of the votes it will also get 10% of the seats in Parliament. ie, a FAIR system.

7. Petition for Constitutional Change in Israel

Citizens and Friends of Israel:

Israel, despite its periodic multi-party elections, is NOT, nor has it ever been, a genuine democracy.

Unlike all democratic regimes, in Israel the entire country constitutes a single electoral district, where parties compete for Knesset seats on the basis of Proportional Representation (PR).

Knesset Members (MKs) are not individually elected by and accountable to the voters in constituency elections—the practice of all democratic countries, many of which are smaller in size and population than Israel.

In Israel, citizens are compelled to cast their ballots for a fixed party list, and the ballot slips indicate only the name of the party without mentioning the names of its candidates!

Strange as it may seem, this system of Proportional Representation militates against democracy, especially with Israel's low electoral threshold.

Proportional Representation produces a multiplicity of parties, such that no party has ever won a majority of Knesset seats. Hence the Government or Cabinet invariably consists of a multiplicity of rival party leaders, each with his own agenda.

Since these party leaders never have to compete in constituency or regional elections, they remain safely ensconced in power at the top of their party's electoral list, which enables them to influence the order of candidates on those lists despite party primaries.

This makes MKs subservient to their party leaders, especially when the latter are cabinet ministers—which explains why 27 of the Likud's 40 MKs voted for unilateral withdrawal from Gaza contrary to their campaign promise!

Since the Cabinet consists of rival parties, its business, in actual practice, is not to pursue a national program "but merely to divide positions of influence and the national budget"—to quote David Ben-Gurion. The Cabinet in Israel thus turns out to be a collection of fiefdoms.

Given such a Cabinet, it is virtually impossible for a prime minister to pursue a coherent and resolute national strategy. This tempts him—at least on controversial issues—to ignore his Cabinet and act on his own—unilaterally.

By so doing, however, he violates the law, namely, Basic Law—the Government, which requires the premier to submit policies of national significance to his Cabinet for approval. The prime minister may therefore behave like a dictator, since his Cabinet rarely has a strong, unified opinion.

Turning to the flaws of Israel's Supreme Court:. The court's president or chief justice can very much determine judicial appointments. The court is therefore regarded by eminent Israelis across the political spectrum as a "Courtocracy"—a "self-perpetuating oligarchy."

Moreover, because of Israel's dysfunctional Knesset and Cabinet, the court often usurps legislative powers and even substitutes its own judgment on military matters—for example, whether buildings used by Arab terrorists may be destroyed. Deadly consequences have followed some of the court's arrogant rulings.

Knesset Speaker Ruby Rivlin has rightly said that Israel is governed not by the rule of law but by a "gang of law"—a gang headed by Israel's prime minister and the Supreme Court's president.

Lacking in Israel are institutional checks and balances, without which the rule of law gives way to the arbitrary rule of men. It is in this light that one should understand why 10,000 Jews in Gaza and Northern Samaria have been expelled from their homes and farms, their schools and synagogues, on top of so many other abuses of human rights. Moreover, and as Israel's highest military and intelligence officials have warned, retreat from this Jewish land and surrendering it to the PLO-Palestinian Authority, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad will encourage terrorism everywhere!

The loss of Gush Katif bodes ill for the future of the Jewish State. Israel is suffering not only from treacherous leadership, but from a system of governance that enables Israel's ruling elites to ignore the convictions of the Jewish People with Impunity.

We therefore urge you to study and sign this Petition. This will help us develop an alternative leadership as well as the means of changing Israel's inept, divisive, and undemocratic system of governance.

Prof. Paul Eidelberg
President and Co-Founder of the Foundation for Constitutional Democracy
President, Yamin Israel Party

8. Support Taiwan's bid to UN

Update: September 1, 2007

Please sign the updated petition at the following link Online petition - Support UN Membership for Taiwan.

The TECRO Press Release promoting the new petition can be found here.


The Republic of China (Taiwan) is a free and peace-loving state, and its democratically elected government is the only one that represents the interests and wishes of the people of Taiwan.

Taiwan is the only nation not represented in the global assembly. The United Nations' exclusion of Taiwan violates the principles and spirit of the UN Charter, in particular the fundamental principle of universality, and of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Taiwan and its 23 million people are capable of making significant contributions to many UN efforts around the globe. Taiwan is also eager to do its part to combat such international problems as regional conflict, terrorism, drug trafficking, organized crime, and environmental degradation. However, Taiwan is denied an important means of collaborating with international partners. This unnecessarily complicates the task at hand and hampers efforts to deal with such critical issues.

Moreover, as we enter the tenth anniversary of the 1996 Taiwan Strait Missile Crisis, the recent missile tests by North Korea have once again raised grave concerns throughout the international community. From this perspective, Taiwan’s allies have expanded the scope of areas with security concerns in the peace proposal to include all East Asian countries rather than just the Taiwan Strait. They stress that certain countries in the region engage in the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction as well as missile deployment or testing, thereby escalating regional tension and affecting world peace.

Taiwan is a democratic nation that respects human rights, freedom, and peace. Taiwan meets all the requirements of UN membership. It makes little sense that Taiwan is ignored when considering the fact that Taiwan serves as a model for freedom and democracy in the Asia-Pacific and a beacon of hope for those living under communist rule. To safeguard peace, the United Nations has to facilitate the necessary dialogue between Taiwan and the People's Republic of China.

Please support Taiwan and help it gain representation in the United Nations.

9. Reforming Toledo City Government

The petition contains common sense reforms of our local government proposed by Toledo Citizens Organized to Bring Reform and Accountability.

These reforms will improve accountability, streamline government and empower the citizens of Toledo in their government.

10. Petition against Prf. Hanumara

Signing this petition states that you agree that Hanumara's exam was too long for the allotted time given to us in class. Hence not allowing us to perform to our full potential, and therefore dramatically lowering our grades on the exam. Signing this also indicates that you are aware that all prior attempts to converse with Hanumara have been met with contempt and a very unprofessional attitude. Signing ones name on this petition is equivalent to filing a formal complaint stating that the exam was an inaccurate representation of ones knowledge of the material due to time constraints, and in turn lowering your test average dramatically.