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There are too many false reports made regarding child abuse that sometimes certain individuals fall through the cracks of the system. Some people report suspected child abuse to be spiteful and vengeful towards the parent, guardian and caretaker of a child. This causes a buildup of caseloads that child protection services have to investigate, which results in time wasted if the reports are not true. People should be held accountable for their actions and statements, and if they are willing to go as far as to report suspected abuse, then they should willing to back it up if necessary and not hide behind the cloak of anonymity.

If reporters were to be held accountable for their statements and actions and required to give their identity to only the child abuse agencies dealing with the reports, I believe there would be a decrease in the amount of false reports made. If there was a penalty to face for reporting false child abuse allegations then people with vendettas would be discouraged to abuse the system that was designed and set up to protect the abused.

Protect the abused, respect the system, and reject false child abuse reports.

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The Prosecute for Frauduent Child Abuse Reports petition to U.S. Congress was written by Ericca Sumler and is in the category Youth at GoPetition.