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1. Willie Revillame should go!

Having previously watched the show which Willie Revillame hosted and found at times for his humour and preferential selection of young girls to play games etc in the show, also his ploy of offering money to them to say he is handsome or "pogi", combined with his latest degrading treatment of a young boy, Jan Jan on the March 12th episode of Willing Willie, it is time that Willie was held accountable for his actions!

2. Abolish Assesment Feedback Boycott at UWE

April 6, 2006

For those of you who are not aware, certain lecturers within UWE are currently on a feedback boycott; meaning they are willing to mark work but they are not willing to provide students with their marks or any appropriate feedback in a formal manner.

For those of you about to graduate this could mean that you do not receive formal classification of your degree. For those of you in your first and second year this could mean that progression onto your next year, any masters application and even module choice options could be hindered.

The action is being carried out because certain union members feel their pay should be higher and they feel the best way to achieve this rise is to carry out the above mentioned action.

I am not against strike action but I am against students being used as pawns in pay dispute claims; if you would like to see this action ended and if you would like to receive feedback and module grades please sign this petition.

3. We Will Fund A Third Pretender Movie

This is a sister petition to the current Campaign TPM petition titled "Calling 1 Million Pretender Fans".

After posting that petition, I became aware that many fans may be more likely/willing to pledge if they knew for certain that there really would be a Pretender movie. Therefore, I decided to create this one for all the pessimists (and optimists too) so that we can get a true idea of what fans are willing to do for a third Pretender movie.

In other words, if you sign this you are saying "Yes, I will pledge funds to a third movie if I can be sure the PTBs will make a third movie"!

4. Investigate the cost of dredging the lagoons surrounding Osborn Island

This petition asks the governing body of LEH to investigate the cost of dredging the lagoons surrounding Osborn Island. The residents would be willing to share in the expense of dredging. This is a non binding petition.

5. Changing the statuatory rape law in Vermont.

I am trying to get signatures for a petition to change the current statuatory rape/sexual assault on a minor laws in the state of Vermont. Currently my nephew is incarcerated for 2-15 years for a sexual assault on a minor charge when he was 19 and the minor girl was close to her 16th year birthday. He has been sentenced to 2 years to serve with a 15 year sentence suspended which he will have to remain on probation and register as a sex offender. He can not even be allowed around his nieces and nephews.

Some states have a clause in their law to state that within a 4-5 year age difference, sex between willing participants falls within the law. So many young men have lost their lives either behind bars or through having to register as a sex offender for something that was consensual. I am trying to help these individuals. If my nephew served the 2 years and it was over that would even be more understandable. However he has to register as a sex offender which means that any neighborhood he moves to when he is allowed out of prison is a set up for failure.

6. Virginia Dalmatian Tags

Help a Dalmatian find a home. One out of every four dogs in shelters is a purebred dog. Make people aware that there are loving Dalmatians waiting for a forever home. Support your local Dalmatian rescue organization by registering these tags on your vehicle.

7. Prosecute for Frauduent Child Abuse Reports

There are too many false reports made regarding child abuse that sometimes certain individuals fall through the cracks of the system. Some people report suspected child abuse to be spiteful and vengeful towards the parent, guardian and caretaker of a child. This causes a buildup of caseloads that child protection services have to investigate, which results in time wasted if the reports are not true. People should be held accountable for their actions and statements, and if they are willing to go as far as to report suspected abuse, then they should willing to back it up if necessary and not hide behind the cloak of anonymity.

If reporters were to be held accountable for their statements and actions and required to give their identity to only the child abuse agencies dealing with the reports, I believe there would be a decrease in the amount of false reports made. If there was a penalty to face for reporting false child abuse allegations then people with vendettas would be discouraged to abuse the system that was designed and set up to protect the abused.

8. Cruizin-Exeter Legal Cruise

I am starting this petition to get a feel of who would be willing to...

A) Support a legal event like this and pay £2-3 at the entrance to go towards local charities?

B) Would you be willing to enter competitions such as Sound Off / Show 'n' Shine / Best Dressed / Best Lit etc?

C) Would you be willing to spend money if we had some general trade stands there?

9. STEVEN M. GILMORE not guilty

Steven Gilmore, Director of the youth behavior modification program GunHo, has been accused of a CRIMINAL MISDEMEANOR that being ASSAULT-3 CTS/ENDANGER WELFARE OF CHILD. Steven Gilmore is being accused of this because he cut the hair of two visitors who where visiting the GunHo Program, the visitors and their guardian made no indication to Mr. Gilmore that they were not to receive any hair cut, in fact the two youths willing set in the chair and received the hair cut and at no time did anyone indicate to Mr. Gilmore that he was not to cut their hair.

10. No Limited Edition Neopets!!!

It isn't fair that not EVERYONE can get a particular Neopet!!!

Stop making Limited edition Neopets & make the Limited Edition Neopets; Non-Limited Edition Neopets!!! It's not fair that the COOLEST ones are either limited edition, or restricted!!! We want it stopped!!!
Maybe instead of making them like that, you can just make it where if you create one, you can NEVER send it to the pound. Like, the pound won't accept it, or something... We are willing to compromise with this situation. We find it unfair that it's "first come, first serve" basis. ESPECIALLY when we have NO idea that you are going to make a new Neopet. Please do this for us...

11. Get a competant Principal for Abbotsford Senior Secondary School

I believe that the students of Abbotsford Senior Secondary School deserve a competant, open minded school principal in place of the current one (Mr. Roger). The following are examples of Mr. Roger's closed mind:
- Suspending male students for wearing black makeup (after years of allowing females to do the same thing)
- Degrading comments on the visiting Beijing students.

Please, support the students of Abbotsford Senior, and help them get a competant principal, willing to take action on important points, take part in school pep rallys, who will listen to the students and most of all, leave his/her office every so often intstead of sitting around all day!

12. Arrest LTTE Leaders in the United Kingdom

The whole world realized how destructive terrorism
could be after the September 11th attack. The paradise
island of Sri Lanka had been experiencing similar
attacks for the last 18 years resulting untold
hardship to all the ethnic groups, but the world never
paid any attention to the reality for so long enabling
LTTE terrorists to get stronger day by day. Though
late and a major damage is done, the UK government did
identify terrorist organizations which are operating
from the British soil and banned them following the US
footsteps. Obviously notorious LTTE was included in
the list of terrorist groups banned in the UK
completely destroying the claim of LTTE being a group
of freedom fighters and labeling them as terrorists
rightly so, due to the activities they have been
involved in the past. While all the peace loving Sri
Lankans would like to pay gratitude to the UK
government and its officials who took the first step
of fighting against terrorism, there are a lot more
work needs to be done. It is a very well known fact
that the LTTE operates several offices and some of
their key personalities are still based in the UK
providing them a safe heaven to plan, raise funds and
carry out more and more barbaric attacks against
humanity. The only way to stop them from doing so is
by closing all their offices and arresting the LTTE
leaders including their theoretician Dr. Anton
Balasigham and Mrs. Balasingham, who is an Austrian.
It should be noted that Mr. Balasingham holds a
British passport that is being heavily used to gather
international terrorist momentum. In addition to
arresting and charging him on terrorism counts, he
should be charged by immigration authorities for
illegally leaving the UK soil and entering other
countries. The most recent case being his entry into
the war zone in Sri Lanka and returning to the UK via
Thailand by illegal means. All the other LTTE front
organizations and their leaders also should be treated
the same way before it is too late. As shown in the
recent past, community unrest is popping up in the UK
and it will not take a very long time for the LTTE to
start a separatist movement in the UK along with
similar claim in Canada.

Once again, the leader of the LTTE terrorists Mr.
Velupillae Prabakaran is trying to side step and buy
more time until the dust settles of the US attacks by
claiming that he is "willing" to consider a settlement
short of a separate state. Even though the media has
given a vast coverage to that statement we should not
forget the fact that it is a very ambiguous statement
and he has never kept his proclaimed commitments in
the past. To start with, he purposely used the word
"willing" in his statement, which does not have any
binding. At the beginning of the Norwegian peace
efforts he committed to start peace talks without any
pre-conditions but later started putting up one
condition after the other. So the only way forward is
to shrink his international network by closing all the
front organizations and arresting leaders operating
openly. In that sense the UK government is better
equipped than any other EU members to lead from the
front. It should be noted that if Afghanistan is
guilty of harboring Mr. Osama Bin Laden and his Al
Quaida network, the UK government and other
governments in the world who keep a blind eye to the
LTTE activities in their own backyards are also guilty
of the same crime. Of course Sri Lanka is not a super
power but how can anyone justify over 62,000 deaths in
Sri Lanka in addition to infrastructure damages worth
hundreds of billions of dollars?. After all, the core
issue of discrimination is not only confined to the
Tamil community. Each and every citizen of Sri Lanka
except a select few multi millionaires are
discriminated regardless whether he or she is
Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim or Burger. The only way out
is a complete destruction of the LTTE terrorism with
the assistance of the international community and a
free and fair political culture in which every Sri
Lankan can live in dignity.

We urge the UK government to proceed to the next step
of fighting against terrorism by arresting the leaders
and closing terrorist networks particularly the LTTE
which is the largest such group operating on the
British soil.

13. Get rid of

I and every moraly right person are willing to try to take down because it lacks respect and morals.