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1. Access for International Journalists to West Papua

Indonesia does not give international journalists access to West Papua to record the grave injustices done towards the West Papuans.

Up until now Australia has also actively ignored the West Papuan injustice. For decades it has unwittingly done deals with human right abusers and provided weapons that have killed West Papuans and sustained their torment. The West Papuan genocide is now at 500,000.

Recently the Honourable Julie Bishop was most outspoken against Russia on the 298 deaths from airplane crash MH17, a tragedy that happened some 12,000 km away from Australia. We encourage the Honourable Julie Bishop to do good again by unplugging the ears and opening the eyes of the Australian Government and stand up to Indonesia which is only 200 km away from Australia.

Please support this petition and the letter we’re sending:

Dear Ms Bishop,

West Papua was previously a Dutch colony but was handed over to Indonesia in the 1960s without the consultation of the indigenous people and entirely against their will. The West Papuan people were denied their fundamental rights to self-determination and independence ever since and are struggling for their rights to this day against an increasingly brutal Indonesian military who have killed an estimated 500,000 indigenous Papuans. In an attempt to cover up the human rights atrocities, genocide and occupation; the Indonesian government still bans foreign journalists from reporting in West Papua and with the threat of violence restricts even local journalists from documenting the independence struggle.

The people of West Papua desperately need international journalist access and media freedom in their country so that the outside world will be able to take notice of the human rights violations happening there. This will allow the international community to act to prevent such violence against the West Papuans in the future and allow them their human rights including their long overdue right to self-determination.

Thankfully, on 30th July 2014, the New Zealand Parliament passed an historic motion, moving that “the House call upon the new President of Indonesia to commit to genuine media freedom in West Papua including the right of local and international journalists to report on the political situation there without risk of imprisonment or harassment by the Indonesian state.” The motion was passed with no opposition and was a major landmark on the road to journalists’ access to West Papua.

Recently the Indonesian military began an operation in the Lanny Jaya region of West Papua in an attempt to exterminate pro-independence sentiment. Indonesian soldiers are currently burning villages, killing livestock and forcing thousands of villagers to flee into hiding in the jungle where they are suffering in poverty. On 6th August, two French journalists, Thomas Dandois and Valentine Bourrat who had been trying to document this emergency situation for French/German TV Channel Arte, were arrested by the Indonesian police. They were being threatened with a 5 year jail sentence and a 40,000 US dollar fine simply because they were journalists operating in West Papua.

2. Ban hunting pages!

This is basically a petition that is targeted towards facebook, this little idea popped into my head just now as I remembered something, I was on facebook and I saw many wolf hunting pages, and they were gruesome!

There were wolves hanging up, sick jokes targeted towards such dead wolves and photographs of de-limbed and tortured wild animals.

Pages like the only good wolf is a dead wolf, wolf hunting, trapping and snaring, western wolf facts, and many other hunting pages are corrupting facebook, they need to realise that it is a site for teenagers as well as adults, and they need to respect the animals they kill.

3. Removal of the "Report to EPA" app

This new application, from the NSW Government, to report a vehicle to EPA has become available to anyone who holds a smart phone. This means numerous amounts of submissions and notices will be sent out to victims of the community around NSW who own a motor vehicle.

This is unfair for the people who have not done anything wrong but to be flagged because eg; the neighbour down the street doesn't like you, or the 12 year old school boy thought it would be funny to report his/her school principal's car as a complaint.

Let the EPA do their job. They're employed & paid to do that. We don't get spotter's fees or a wage for reporting to them. This app must be abolished.

This action causes a lot of time wasted to organise a date, to which a lot of us in the working industry find it hard enough as it is to make time and also fork out the cost of the inspection whether or not he/she has breached the EPA standards.

4. Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention and Awareness

I was a former Child Abuse and Neglect Investigator for the State of Florida.

Are you aware that most Child Abuse and Neglect cases are not reported to the authorities because people do not want to get "involved", or they are too ashamed to report the abuse.

Child Abuse and Neglect has become a nationwide epidemic. 5 children die per day from child abuse 80% are under 4 years old. For example: Then there is, Anna Riggs and Brandon Riggs. Those two sold their four-month old child to their drugs dealer for drugs and money. They also did this after they had someone else taking care of the child for a long period of time, and the boy was never seen again until police arrested someone for something unrelated to the current case against the Riggs’ and told them what was going on.

The sale was done to supposedly to ensure the Riggs’ wouldn’t back out of an adoption agreement. How sad that a child only held a monetary value for both sides (

Maleeya Marie Murley Avalon – Maleeya was a beautiful baby girl with a great smile. The things that she endured at the hands of Molly Jane Roe, who is not Maleeya’s mother, were horrendous. Roe is the personification of evil!

In a fit of rage, because she was mad at her boyfriend, Maleeya’s father, she not only threw this 17 month old baby, causing her to hit her head, she brutalized her. This demented, callous slag tortured this baby in ways that are unfathomable to most. She did everything she could to cause this child pain and torment in a very short time span. Maleeya had bruises all over her, she was raped, bit, and lastly suffered from a head wound and was eventually removed from life support.

I will never forget Maleeya’s smile!

I will also never forget the soulless eyes of Molly Roe! (

5. Petition to Stop Financial Discrimination

Today thousands of banks, lending houses and other financial organizations have access to your credit report. Of course this is reasonable. Credit reports should be used to establish or extend credit. They should NOT be used to disallow someone a job, a rented or leased apartment, or any other social or medical benefits.

Credit reports should NOT be made accessible to any and all who would use the report to discriminate against our civil rights. Such discrimination should be against the law.

6. Make it law to report hitting or running over a cat whilst driving

I believe if you hit a cat whilst driving you should at the very least call the police, local council animal control or local vet and stay until they arrive if the cat is injured or even dead.

It would help us pet owners to know for certain what has happened to our beloved pets instead of wondering and worrying for years.

Cats are not feral if they live among a family who love them very much.

Most responsible owners have their cat micro chipped, which allows whoever has been informed about the injured/dead cat to notify the owners, also many cats have collars on with name, phone number or address .

7. Saving Sophie

As most of you are aware, there was an incident back in June of 2009 where Sophie bit an elderly lady walking down the street in front of my house. Sophie was 14 months old, and UTD on vaccinations when this occurred. The lady that was bitten is not pressing charges and this is the first and only time that anything like this has ever happened.

The Dog Constable came to my house the following day and put Sophie in a very small cage, attached to the back of a car and drove away with her. While he was in my yard, I asked what the next steps were, and he informed me, (only after minutes of seeing her), since your dog has bitten someone, she will more than likely be euthanized. He did a 48 hour assessment on her (beginning the assessment only after 2 hours of taking her from my care, and travelling in a cage attached to the back of a car), and put in his report to the town. His conclusion was that she had fear aggression and that she was fearful of her surroundings, and that there is no way to tell how she will react if something scares her. The only option to protect the town was for her to be euthanized. They kept her for 12 days. I was not allowed to see her, and the town would not return her to me. As soon as I got a lawyer, things changed and I had her back home the following day.

For the last 7 months I have done everything in my power to assure the town that something like this will never happen again. I have put in a fence surrounding my yard, we complete weekly training sessions with renounced Animal Behaviorist, Andrew Turner, Sophie is being socialized on a regular basis, and is undergoing desensitizing for the things that she is fearful of. Sophie has made huge improvements and continuously strives to be a balanced dog. Just last week when I took Sophie for a walk, and there were 3 people and 3 dogs that we encountered on the walk, and she walked right by them. She is making improvements every day, and for someone to say, after doing a 48 hours assessment, that she is not trainable, “wired incorrectly” and the only option is euthanasia should not be in the position that he is in. How many other dogs have been put down because of his “authority”?

Because of this bogus report, by an unqualified individual there is a court date set for Feb. 16, 2010 at 1:00PM to decide the fate of Sophie. I am asking from the bottom of my heart that all of my friends please attend the hearing as support for Sophie.

8. Investigation of Prosecutorial Misconduct

In the prosecution of Kevin G. Wiggins, on conspiracy and wire fraud charges, it is alleged that United States Attorneys for the Northern District of Georgia conspired with Mr. Wiggins's co-defendant and his co-defendant's attorney to falsify evidence. Such false evidence was presented to the court, along with documents prosecutors submitted to the court containing materially false evidence, and a variety of false statements made by one of the persecutors, which resulted in the sentencing of Mr. Wiggins.

In addition, the prosecutors violated Mr. Wiggins's and his sister's constitutional rights to due process, by deceiving the court into believing that other key participants in the fraud, a loan officer and underwriter, were innocent of the same crimes, and they also misled the court into believing the two closing attorneys in the conspiracy would be charged soon after Mr. Wiggins's sentencing, and to recommend a reduced sentence for his cooperation against the attorneys. It's been over a year and no charges have been filed.

It is also alleged that prosecutors, along with the F.B.I. case agent, prepared a report of Mr. Wiggins's testimony he provided in a debriefing with the government, in which he provided evidence to refute the false claims the appraiser in the case made about Mr. Wiggins's sister. The report was never presented to Mr. Wiggins or his defense attorney, nor the court. Moreover, the evidence disproving the false claims by the appraiser, were deleted from the report, and thereafter the report was provided to Mr. Wiggins's sister and her attorney, which led her to plead guilty under false pretenses, because prosecutors never mentioned the positive testimony her brother provided.

Mr. Wiggins has had a website set up to help bring the outrageous corruption of justice in his and his sister's case to the public's attention, to help prevent it from happening to other citizens of our country.

9. Stop Obama's Fishy E-mail Program

President Obama’s White House has started a new email address for their supporters to report any emails, websites or neighbors who opposed their health reform plan. The information will most definitely be used to compile an Obama enemy list. This amounts to the Executive Branch of our Government asking their supporters to report their neighbor’s activities.

President Obama’s request strips all of us of our right to “Free Speech” and further serves to divide the population much the same way as Castro’s Cuba suffered in the early 1960’s when the Committee for Defense of the Revolutions were formed. During the 2008 presidential election then candidate Obama made mention of a well armed civil army. This snitch program as it has been referred to by some, amounts to the beginning of a civil army program. This is socialism at its very “grass roots”.

10. Noelle Must Stay

Noelle has lived in the UK for 6 years. Her previous political involvement and that of her father led to Noelle being imprisoned, where she was assaulted, beaten and tortured. She has submitted medical evidence confirming her ill-treatment.

The adjudicators have accepted that, had she come straight to the UK in 1995, she would have been granted asylum.

11. Demand Those Responsible Pay Back The Missing Education Dollars


Audit: Willingboro school officials faked financial reports in 2005.

TRENTON - Senator John H. Adler today asked State Attorney General Stuart Rabner to launch a criminal probe to punish those responsible for misappropriating millions of taxpayer dollars in the Willingboro Township School District.

"As we tell our children, there have to be consequences for wrongdoing," said Senator Adler, D-Cherry Hill. "Taxpayers need to know we will dig down to the root causes of wrongdoing and punish those responsible."

In a report by State Auditor Richard L. Fair, it was disclosed that Willingboro officials approved a grossly under-funded budget for the 2005 fiscal year and then falsified reports to cover up the shortfall, causing a crisis which was abated only after the Legislature sanctioned a $10 million bailout loan.

"It is unconscionable that New Jersey taxpayers should be asked to tolerate and to subsidize what very well may be criminal behavior," Senator Adler said in a letter today sent to Attorney General Stuart Rabner. "As a taxpayer, I am appalled. As a State Senator, I appeal to you for a corrective remedy."

The Auditor's report noted that the Willingboro School Board said its vote to approve the budget was based on "falsified" information supplied by district staff. In July of 2005, the board suspended School Superintendent Alonzo Kittrels.

In the wake of a school district deficit set at $5.9 million, three Willingboro schools were shuttered in the district of 5,600 students.

The State audit found that the district's 2005 budget set aside $13.6 million for teachers' salaries when the actual cost was $17.7 million and that a monthly report on the district's financial activity consistently understated expenses.

"Children should see that grownups who abuse taxpayers are held accountable," Senator Adler said. "Otherwise, we're all complicit."

Senator Adler served as co-chair of the Joint Legislative Committee on Public School Funding Reform which recommended tighter fiscal accountability procedures for districts throughout New Jersey.

12. Open letter on the Equal Opportunities Commission Bill

Dear friends,

We are writing to draw your attention to the Equal Opportunities Commission, Bill to be introduced by the Government, shortly. An important recommendation of the Sachar Committee Report (Report on Social, Economic and Educational Status of the Muslim Community of India), 2006 was the setting up of an Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in India. The Ministry of Minority Affairs set up a committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Menon to examine and determine the structure of an Equal Opportunity Commission. The Committee submitted its report in 2008, which proposed a draft Equal Opportunity Commission Bill (EOC Bill). The Government also set up an expert committee headed by Dr. Kundu to recommend an appropriate diversity index in living, education and work spaces.

We have drafted an open letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs, highlighting some of the key concerns with the draft bill and demanding a wider public debate before it is introduced in Parliament. Once, endorsed, we will mail copies of the letter to the Ministry of Minority Affairs and the Prime Minister. We also hope to publish the text of the Open letter in atleast two national newspapers.

Do forward it to other organisations and individuals who would wish to sign the petition.

In Solidarity,

Centre for Study of Social Exclusion,
National Law School of India, Bangalore

13. Petition for Complete Colbert Report International

People want to see The Colbert Report in lots of places.



Whereas the Board of Governors of St. Jerome’s University has commissioned an investigation by Snowdon & Associates Inc. into issues pertaining to the recent issues of morale within SJU and

Whereas the University Catholic Community is connected to SJU through Campus Ministry and has been affected by the departure of our Campus Ministry team because of these issues and

Whereas there exists great uncertainty about the future of UCC that has resulted in significant reduction in donations and attendance and

Whereas the University Catholic Community, comprised of members of the student body, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the university, is one of the major stakeholders and supporters of SJU,

15. Keep Adult Education in the Department of Education!

The Pennsylvania Economy League (PEL) has recommended transferring governance and oversight of WIA Title II Adult Education and Family Literacy and Act 143 funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Bureau of Adult Basic and Literacy Education, to the Department of Labor and Industry, Bureau of Workforce Development Partnerships.

The Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Education (PAACE) has responded to Governor Rendell. See that document at

16. Benazir Bhutto : May Her Soul Rest in Peace

Pakistan former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has died after a suicide bombing that killed at least 14 of her supporters, ex-government spokesman Tariq Azim Khan and Pakistan's primary television networks said.

Bhutto is helped from her vehicle following the October 18 suicide attack on her motorcade.

1 of 2 Bhutto suffered bullet wounds in the aftermath of the bomb attack, TV networks report.

Video of the scene just moments before the explosion showed Bhutto stepping into a heavily-guarded vehicle to leave the rally.

Khan said while it appeared Bhutto was shot, it was unclear if her bullet wounds were caused by a shooting or shrapnel from the bomb.

The suicide attack left at least 14 dead and 40 injured, Khan told CNN in a telephone interview.

The attacker is said to have detonated a bomb as he tried to enter the rally where thousands of people gathered to hear Bhutto speak, police said.

Video from the scene of the blast broadcast from Geo TV showed wounded people being loaded into ambulances.

Up to 20 people are dead, the report said.

Earlier, four supporters of former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif died when members of another political party opened fire on them at a rally near the Islamabad airport Friday, local police said.

Several other members of Sharif's party were wounded, police added.

While President Pervez Musharraf has promised free and fair parliamentary elections next month, continued instability in the tribal areas and the threat of attack on large crowds has kept people from attending political rallies and dampened the country's political process.

Campaigners from various political groups say fewer people are coming out to show their support due to government crackdowns and the threat of violence.

17. Cancel GEO subscriptions

1. Dis-Honest reporting.
All the reporting since last couple of months has been negative for Pakistan. Not a single time any thing positive reported through this channel. It is to the extent that since last 2-3 days in their english tx they are persuading Western public that they should stop all the aid to Pakistan.
Our opinion: No matter what ever rifts are within ourselves we never ask foreign countries to hurt Pakistan financially and economically. Only enemies of Pakistan will do this.

2. Disseminating Anarchy/Chaos/ Confusion:
Since last couple of months. As you can notice even in last 2-3 days all they have reported about protests and only views of people talking against present govt. We agree that Emergency/Martial Law are one of the most dangerous and horrible actions taken by any govt. We all condemn this BUT it does not mean that the so called media portrays like there is major unrest in Pakistan (when it isn"t) and it is at the brink of collapse. This is giving a very alarming and negative picture over here.
In fact you can realize yourself that all these Jalsa juloos are happening in front of the courts. Only a fraction of lawyers are involved or might be majority of lawyers may be involved. There is no other opinion that what ever is happening over there is not good. But on the other hand 99% of the country is open, school, colleges, factories, offices are open. Public seems to be not involved up-until now. This news can only be obtained if you call your home where you will find out that nothing is going on in the cities. We have not seen a single report which says that majority of Pakistan is calm and quite.

At this difficult time we need to advise the civil society / political parties / govt to resolve issues within themselves and join hands with each other to first fight this cancer of religious extremism and fanaticism and hold elections ASAP.

Actually media should play a positive roll to resolve the situation instead of puting more fuel in the fire. Instead media specially GEO TV is determined to de-stablize Pakistan at any cost to please their masters we don"t know where from.

The GEO reporters and anchors are physically and verbally persuading public to come out on streets. This is not the job of media to give an opinion. Their job is to report all the aspects without any prejudices and reservations.

We the concern American Pakistani citizens of USA therefore as the first action choose to UNSUBSCRIBE the anti Pakistani Channel GEO TV with immediate effect and announce to form a watch group to monitor other pakistani channels closely. Please join us in efforts to save Pakistan from this yellow journalism and blackmailing.
We will send a copy of this e-mail to Geo TV and ARY also.

Again, it's good to be a wise ulloo than a stupid loomri. (majority of us have PTV at our homes Al-Hamdolillah).

18. Fair Sentencing for Crack Offenses

In an annual report sent to Congress Monday, the US Sentencing Commission announced it had amended federal sentencing guidelines to lower the sentences imposed on people convicted of federal crack cocaine offenses.

Unless Congress takes affirmative action to block the move, it will go into effect on November 1. The report also urged Congress to address the 100:1 sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine sentences.

Under the controversial crack laws, people convicted of distribution offenses involving five grams of the drug face five-year mandatory minimum prison sentences, while it takes 500 grams of powder cocaine to trigger the same penalty. Similarly, someone convicted of distributing more than 50 grams of crack faces a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence, while it would take five kilograms of powder cocaine to get the 10 years.

19. A Petition to Boycott British newspapers

This petition has arisen as a consequence of the biased and one-sided reporting emanating from most sectors of the British press.

We the British public feel that you are not voicing either our concerns or our opinions with respect to the McCann case. We are fed up of the press presenting a slanted and incorrect depiction of the opinions of many, many members of the public. As a consequence we now intend to stop buying your newspapers until you decide to report the McCann matter in a more judicious way.

Not everyone believes that leaving children alone in a hotel room was the correct course of action.

20. Freedom for Nguyen Thi Bao Phuong

We are the Vietnamese people around the world, we are please asking for your help for the release of Nguyen Thi Bao Phuong.


Whenever a petition for adoption of a minor is filed, the court shall order a report to the court made to assist the court to determine if the proposed adoption of the minor by the petitioner is in the minor's best interest.

Consistent with G.S. 48-1-109, the court shall order the report to be prepared.

22. BBC's lack of credibility and partiality in reports of Sri Lankan affairs

To: Editors of the BBC

We the Tamils are disheartened and hurt by the BBC's covering of the issues pertaining to the island of Sri Lanka. The issues mentioned below are in response to reports on the website and BBC News 24.

These include but not limited to:

1.Massacre of civilians in a bus using claymore mines, Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

The BBC's Sri Lankan correspondent, Dumeethra Luthra reported on the massacre of innocent civilians in a claymore mine attack in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka and the ensuing aerial attacks by the Sri Lankan government on Tamil positions on BBC News 24 (the video link of the same report on the website is titled 'Why air strikes have been resumed' in the article 'S Lanka air force steps up raids').

In this report she states that the LTTE is "the Key candidate" for this atrocity. She fails to mention the Sri Lankan State forces that have been accused by the Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission of extra judicial killings of innocent Tamil civilians in the NE of the island.

As of the 24th of May over 190 Tamil civilians have been killed since the first Geneva talks held on the 22-23 of February 2006. The GOSL (Government of Sri Lanka) has a history of orchestrating violence against the Tamil civilians (1956, 1958, 1977, 1981 and 1983 anti-Tamil riots).

The LTTE for its part has been accused of targeting Government soldiers but has not been accused of targeting innocent civilians.

The LTTE has strongly denied the allegation of the claymore attack on the bus and has nothing to gain from this horrendous and disturbing attack targeting civilians.

•Why doesn't the Sri Lankan correspondent question the motive for the LTTE to have committed this attack?

•Why doesn't the Sri Lankan correspondent assess the beneficiaries of this massacre?

It is the GOSL and/or the elements opposed to peace that benefit from this massacre of innocent civilians.

The Tamils and the LTTE have been further unjustly isolated in the international arena, by the recent proscription of the LTTE as a terrorist group by Canada and the EU. This has emboldened the GOSL to continue the genocide of the Tamils in the hope of subjugating the Tamils abandoned by the international community.

2.Down-playing/Sugar-coating of Government atrocities against innocent Tamil civilians

Initial versions of the report titled "Fresh Sri Lanka clashes kill many" accuses the LTTE of the attack against the Sri Lankan navy and quoted the Sri Lankan Navy accusing the LTTE for the grenade attack on the Mannar church in yesterday's fighting.

The updated version of the same report mentions with ambiguity the Mannar church attack but fails to mention who was involved in the attack.

The reader is left with the impression that the 'non-state' actor (in this case the LTTE) that 'allegedly' initiated the naval attack is responsible for the atrocity on the civilians in the church.

With eyewitness accounts and the presence of an international aid worker, the BBC reports that the Sri Lankan forces attacked the Mannar church in the article titled "Sri Lankan forces 'hit church' ".The report goes on to say that the government denied this but said that the church was "caught in the crossfire". However, it fails to say that the GOSL had initially insisted that it was the work of the LTTE.

Here again the BBC sugar-coats the government atrocity, which was a deliberate NOT 'accidental' attack using a grenade and live gunfire on the 200 or so Tamil civilians seeking refugee in the church. One person was widely reported as killed and many injured.

These sorts of crimes targeting civilians seeking refuge in churches and temples were a common occurrence during the war. The Tamils in the NE are faced with these atrocities even during times of peace with the help of censors of the international media.

3.Tamils from the NE of the island faced with the fear of being victims of state genocide are fleeing in the thousands from the government controlled areas to LTTE controlled areas and to India. The BBC when reporting on the fleeing Tamil civilians refers to the victims as Sri Lankans giving the impression that the Sinhalese are also fleeing. This is NOT true. The people seeking refuge in India and LTTE controlled areas are all Tamil victims.

4.It is also very disheartening to note that the BBC has turned a blind eye to the mass demonstrations, by tens of thousands of Tamils around the globe, against the genocide of Tamils by the Sri Lankan government.

5.It is also very sad to note that articles such as the "Sri Lankan forces 'hit church'" that refers to the Sri Lankan forces' attack on the innocent civilians in the church are only short lived in the South Asia section of the website (It was published at 1:08 GMT on the 18th of June and archived well within 8hrs).

As you have stated in your article titled "Sri Lanka: Truth, bias and the BBC " the news of the Tamil struggle published on the international media especially the BBC (given its presence in Sri Lanka ) are paramount in the midst of FALSE propaganda being issued by the government of Sri Lanka.

23. Petition for Midyear Reports at PCPS

June 13, 2006

For the second year in a row, parents at Point Clare Public School will NOT be receiving a midyear report on their child's progress.

The only written report being offered to the parent community is the end of year report.

The Department of Education's Policy entitled "Curriculum planning and programming, assessing and reporting to parents K-12" states that: Schools will provide parents/carers with a written report on their child's learning at least twice per year. The components of the written report will meet the Policy Standards. (section 1.3.3).

Written reports are valuable tools for parents to gauge how their child is performing, and to highlight any issues that their child is having within the classroom environment. For parents who work out of the home full time and who are unable to attend class interviews, a written report can be the first indication of any problem their child is having.

It is unacceptable to make this decision without informing the parent community and without asking for our input.

In accordance with this, we would like to ask you to sign this petition, if you would like to have a midyear written report for your child.

24. India's Health Sector

India ranks 127 amongst 177 countries with regards to the Human Development Index. India spends just over 1% of it's total GDP on Health. This is equal to Rupees 160 (just over 3 Euro's) per head per anum. India's low health spending means India ranks an abysmal 171 out of 175 according to 2004 UNDP report.

Union health secretary J V R Prasad Rao explains what this skewed funding pattern means for India’s people: “With the funding so low, we can either fund doctors or get medicines or provide support services. We cannot take care of all this.”

80% of the population lives in rural areas, but 80% of health provision is urban. Over 85% of health provision is through private enterprise.

To make matters worse - immoral and unethical practices are a norm within the health sector. Unfortunately for a private medical practioner, earning a decent living (comparable to otherprofessionals from IT / MBA sector) is impossible without being a part of such corruption. The latter includes giving kick-backs to referring colleagues. Often this leads to quick & dirty ways of earning money i.e. 'sham' or 'unwanted' procedures. The other option is to consider working in public hospitals where you could get paid just as much as in a call-centre. In contrast salaries of those working in BPOs / software industry are 2-3 times higher.

The Medical Council of India currently functions only as a registration body. Once registered the MCI has no idea about the whereabouts of a doctor. Further it has no teeth and is unable to curb curruption and unethical practices including those carried out by quacks.

25. Reinstate Amir Das Commission

The Amir Das Commission, which was investigating the political patrons of Ranveer Sena has been disbanded by the Nitish Kumar Government of Bihar.

Ranveer Sena, a private army of upper-caste landlords brutally massacred 282 dalit, backward rural poor between 1995-2000—including the Bathe and Bathani Tola massacres, where pregnant women's wombs were torn out, lest they produce "Naxalites".

That the Ranveer Sena conducted its killings with impunity and protection, often close to police camps indicates the participation of politically powerful in the cold-blooded plans.
While the Commission was set up with reluctance (and only following massive protests), several obstacles were placed to prevent investigation, earlier by the RJD government and now by the JD(U)-BJP government. The disbanding comes as the final blow to ensure that the killers remain masked.

The announcement for disbanding comes following Sushil Modi's announcement that setting up the commission was flawed (obviously since top BJP and JD (U) leaders are known to have links with the Ranveer Sena).

While those whose families have been massacred and the socially oppressed, rural poor of Bihar are fighting against this, let us stand by them and demand that the patrons of the Sena killers be exposed and Amir Das Commission be allowed to complete its inquiries and table its report.

Please sign the following petition for the same and forward it to others to put the necessary pressure on the Nitish Government.

26. Stop abuse of children in schools

This petition was made to stop the abuse of children in our schools.

Also, teachers should report abuse.

Personally I see children getting abused everyday over things such as the way they look, dress, talk, ect...

I also get picked on and this is a reason for a lot of teenage suicides. I don't want this to happen anymore THE TEACHERS AND SCHOOLS DO NOTHING. Please sign this petition.


When is a riot not a riot? When is a massacre not a massacre? When is a mass murderer not a mass murderer? And when is public outrage to be muted — if not entirely suspended?

When the Congress is the culprit. And when the victims are Sikhs.

That, at least, seems to be the attitude of much of our so-called secular establishment. The publication of the Nanavati report into the 1984 Delhi riots should have served to remind us of the horrors of that bloody week. It should have led us to recall how completely the administration failed and how innocent Sikhs were murdered in front of their own children.

Instead, the secular response to the report has been curiously low-key. It was a long time ago, we are told. What is the point in raking up old memories? Justice Nanavati doesn't conclusively blame anybody anyway, does he? And anyway, all secularists must unite to fight Hindu fundamentalism, so let's not get sidetracked by an old riot.

There is something sad and shameful about these responses. Listening to them yesterday, I had some sense of why secularism has fallen into such disrepute. It has become a flag of convenience for anybody who wants to oppose the BJP. And we have forgotten that all communal violence — no matter who it is directed against — is equally bad.

It wasn't always like this. Those of you with long memories will remember the horror with which most educated people reacted to the riots in 1984. Then, they became a Great Secular Issue in much the same way that the Gujarat riots later became a defining issue for a new generation of politicians.

Certainly, it was impossible not to be outraged by the massacres. They took place in the immediate aftermath of Indira Gandhi's assassination. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the early violence was spontaneous, sparked off by public anger against Sikhs and by simmering Hindu resentment at the Punjab violence. Then, somebody spread a rumour that Sikhs were distributing sweets to celebrate Mrs Gandhi's death. Even though there was no substantiation to this story, small-time local Congress leaders gathered their followers and went in search of Sikh homes to burn.

What happened next is the subject of some dispute. Eyewitnesses claim that they saw senior Congress leaders — Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar, H.K.L. Bhagat and Dharamdas Shastri — either leading the mobs or organising the violence. Naturally, the leaders have since declared their innocence, but there is little doubt that some of their followers were involved.

It did not help that the police force failed. The Delhi Police disappeared from the streets of the capital and Sikhs were denied the protection they needed to save their lives. The administration delayed calling in the army and, in the interim, hundreds of poor Sikhs living in the resettlement colonies on the other side of the Yamuna were murdered. In a pattern that would be repeated in Gujarat nearly two decades later, the mobs resorted to extreme cruelty: fathers were killed in front of their daughters, women were raped in full public view and, in some cases, thugs drove electric drills into the heads of defenceless Sikhs.

By the time the riot was over — actually, I don't know why we call it a riot, it was a massacre — three things were clear. One: the Congress was involved. Two: the police and the administration did nothing to protect the Sikhs. And three: there was an unforgivable delay in calling in the military.

The dispute was over other issues. What was the level of Congress involvement? Were people like Bhagat and Tytler really involved? Did the policemen run away because they were scared? Or was it because they did not want to act against workers of the party that was in power? And why did it take so long to restore order? Was it because the government was in a state of chaos following Mrs Gandhi's assassination? Or was there a more sinister design? Was it true that Arun Nehru, the Congress strong man of that era, had said, "Let Delhi burn for three days"? Had Rajiv Gandhi's administration allowed the massacres to go on because they tapped into a vote-rich Hindu backlash?

Over two decades and many commissions of inquiry later, we have some answers. Yes, senior Congress leaders were involved. There may not be enough evidence to prosecute Tytler, but Justice Nanavati suggests that he played some role. About Bhagat, the report is vague: no purpose is served in investigating him further because of his advanced age and declining health. Sajjan Kumar and Dharamdas Shastri seem to have had some involvement.

On the more substantive issue of whether the administration allowed Delhi to burn, all the commissions have been unanimous: yes, it did, but this was because of incompetence and negligence, not because of any sinister design.

If there is a parallel, it is with the 1993 Bombay riots rather than with Gujarat. In Bombay too, the police failed to protect Muslims. And the local administration failed to ask the army to restore order till it was much too late. Then too, there were political workers involved — except that they belonged to the Shiv Sena which was in opposition, and not to the ruling Congress.

I suppose it offers secularists some comfort that the riots in two of India's greatest cities — Delhi in 1984 and Bombay in 1993 — were not engineered by Congress governments. But this is little comfort to the victims and their families. We elect governments to protect us and when they fail to do so, it is hardly reassuring to be told, "At least they didn't set out to murder you."

Besides, the distinction between a party and its government is not always clear. We accept now that the central government did not intend Delhi to burn in 1984 and that it did not ask the police to let Sikhs be murdered. But nevertheless, there is no denying the Congress's role in the massacres. Even if Rajiv Gandhi and his aides did not want the violence to spiral out of control, and even if the failure to protect the Sikhs was due to the government's state of paralysis following Mrs Gandhi's assassination, it was still local Congress leaders who led the mobs, who committed the murders. And if Justice Nanavati is to be believed, it wasn't just local leaders; some national figures were also involved.

In the Eighties, nobody was afraid of saying this. But Indian politics has now become so polarised between the so-called forces of secularism (i.e. the Congress and the Left) and the so-called communal elements (the Sangh parivar), that every event is now reassessed through the prism of this polarisation. So Congress supporters and communists are willing to forget the horrors of 1984 lest they weaken the secular case against Narendra Modi and the mass murderers of Gujarat.

But the truth is that a murderer is a murderer. A massacre is a massacre. A victim is a victim — regardless of whether he is Hindu, Sikh or Muslim. When somebody comes to kill you, it does not matter whether he does so in the name of Hindu fundamentalism or Congress extremism. If we forget the murders of 1984 and allow those who committed them to get away with it, then we lose the moral right to criticise Narendra Modi or to ever speak out against communal violence.

It saddens me that the secular establishment has forgotten basic morality. Its failure to stand up for the victims of the 1984 massacres shames us all.

28. Stop barbaric "War On Drugs" law

Do you really want to be forced to narc on your kids and neighbors, or serve prison time? If not, then you need to get active in letting the government know you will not tolerate Natzi tactics! There are currently over 2 million people in U.S. prisons. The majority are non violent, drug offenders. If Congressman Sensenbrenner, R,WI. gets his way, you will. Please sign this petition in total oposition of this very Anti-American of handling a situation!

Senior Republican Proposes ³Draft² for the War on Drugs.

New Bill Would Require All Americans to Spy on Their Neighbors, including Going Undercover and Wearing a Wire ­ or Face Jail Time.

Instead of Dismantling Draconian, Unpopular Mandatory Minimum Sentences, Legislation Would Also
Establish ³Mandatory Minimums² for Every Federal Crime.

A Senior Republican in Congress has proposed what would essentially be a draft for the War on Drugs. The legislation would require all Americans who witness or learn about certain drug offenses to report them to the police within 24 hours and go undercover and wear a wire to catch the offenders if ordered to do so ­ even if the offender is their son or daughter. Introduced by Congressman James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), the ³Safe Access to Drug Treatment and Child Protection Act² (H.R. 1528), would also overturn a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision by making all federal sentencing guidelines essentially mandatory and enacting new draconian penalties for a variety of non-violent drug offenses.

³It¹s frightening that a senior member of Congress wants to draft every American into the War on Drugs and make them agents of the state,² said Bill Piper, director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance. ³This totalitarian legislation forces citizens to spy on each other and pits family member against family member.²

Under the legislation, any American who witnesses or learns of certain drug offenses taking place would have to report the offenses to law enforcement within 24 hours and provide ³full assistance² in the investigation, apprehension, and prosecution of the people involved. Failure to do so would be a crime punishable by a mandatory two year prison sentence and a maximum of ten years.

An example of an offense that would have to be reported to the police within 24 hours is finding out that one¹s brother, who has children, bought a bag of marijuana to share with his wife. Another example is finding out that one¹s son gave his college roommate a marijuana joint.

In each of these cases one is forced to report the relative to the police within 24 hours. One would also have to assist the government in every way, including wearing a wire if needed. Taking 48 hours to think about it could land one in jail. In addition to turning family member against family member, the legislation could also put many ordinary Americans into dangerous situations by forcing them to go undercover to gain evidence against strangers.

Despite growing opposition to mandatory minimum sentences, the bill also eliminates federal judges¹ ability to give sentences below the minimum sentence recommended by federal sentencing guidelines - essentially creating a mandatory minimum sentence for every federal offense (including both drug and non-drug offenses). It also mandates a 10-year minimum sentence for anyone 21 or older who gives marijuana or others drugs to someone under 18 (i.e. a 21-year-old college students shares a joint to his 17-year old brother). A second offense would carry a mandatory sentence of life in prison. Anyone at a party who passes a marijuana joint at a party to someone who has at some point in their life been in drug treatment would face a mandatory 5-year minimum prison sentence.

³Our country¹s prisons are already overcrowded with people serving massive sentences for non-violent drug offenses,² said Bill Piper. ³The recent Supreme Court decision provided a perfect opportunity for legislators to do the right thing and untie judges¹ hands. Instead, they¹re trying to handcuff the judges completely.²

The bill has been put on the same legislative fast-track as a recent controversial anti-gang bill that the U.S. House of Representatives passed in less than two month¹s time.

29. Do not force a new Canadian election!

Dear Honourable Stephen Harper and associate Members of Parliament;

As stated in the Globe and Mail, on Thursday April 28th, 2005, the honourable Stephen Harper will move to bring a no-confidence vote against the liberal government in the following month. Such an action has dire consequences for both Canadian Democracy, and the faith one has in Canadian Politics.

Although this faith has been repeatedly shattered, given the claims of corruption brought forth in regards to the sponsership scandal and the Gomery inquiry, forcing an election prior to the release of the report would undermine Canadian's ability to judge for themselves whether the Liberal government has lost the 'moral authority' to govern. While there is much anger with the Liberal Government, in Quebec and throughout Canada, for the sake of democracy, Canadians must be able to judge for themselves the scope of the injustice of the sponsership scandal. As a result, an election should not be forced until the Gomery Report has been produced.

Secondly, such an election would be a waste of both time that lawmakers could spend doing their job, as well as of the taxpayers money. Millions were lost in the sponsership scandal, but just how many more millions would be lost in an election that would produce near-identical results as the previous one. It is highly doubtful that given the divided support of Canadians an election would result in anything other than another minority government. As a result, it would be likley that such an election would produce a conservative or liberal minority government to be toppled once again a year or so after its formation. In other words, the question must arise, "Why must an election be held now?"

It is obvious that the Conservative Party's answer to this is that the liberal government has lost all moral authority to govern. However, this sponsership scandal is hardly new to this minority government, as it was equally an issue in the previous federal election of 2004. The only change is the production of the Gomery report revealing the details of the scandal. And that is exactly why the federal election should wait until at the very least the entire report has been released. Let the Canadian people see for themselves the details of the corruption first hand. There should be no reason for the Canadian people to have to rely on the media's point of view of the Gomery inquiry. It should be released to the public PRIOR to any move for a federal election.

Finally, in June 2004, the Canadian people expressed their wish to have a divided parliament. There was no clear majority, which proves to the legistlature that the Canadian people are divided. The Canadian elected the LIBERAL party as GOVERNING party, the CONSERVATIVE party as OPPOSITION, and both the NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY and PARTI BLOC QUEBECOIS as significant but smaller OPPOSITION parties. Therefore, each of these parties should work towards comprimises which BEST REFLECT the WILL of the Canadian People. A Minority Parliament is an expression of the Canadain People's desire for comprimise.

30. Campaign for Truth for the 2008 election

We, the undersigned, as potential voters in the 2008 election, petition the news media to report on the campaigns with fairness, accuracy, and good judgement. We do not want to see, hear, or read a slanted opinion. We want the truth so we can better decide who to vote for in the upcoming election.