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1. Require Crossing Guards: ALL Cedar Rapids Community Schools Student Crosswalks (within a one block radius of schools)

On 10/08/15, Maddox Tuetken (6) was struck by a motor vehicle walking home after school under the supervision of his older brother.

In an effort to prevent future injury to others, our neighborhood believes crossing guards would be beneficial.

By controlling traffic flow, forcing motor vehicle drivers to be more aware of children passing, enabling the adult supervision of children crossing city streets, and adding designated crossing zones for children assisted by trained adults and city supported; the goal would be to assist children who are able (as well as unable) to walk to and from school supervised in the security of a safer, more controlled environment.

2. Allow estate sale co. to display signs & hold estate sales within the city

Estate Sale Services are being targeted by the city of Tyler Code Enforcement! They are removing our signs and threatening us with hefty fines!

We are not allowed to put up signs with our business name or arrows! Are the realtors the next target?

We were also told that legally we cannot hold sales in residential areas and collect sales tax. Tell that to plumbers, electricians, etc..

3. Reduce the speed from 30mph to 25mph on Prairieview Parkway

Speeding in residential areas is one of the most common sources of citizen complaints to the police. Yet because speeding must compete with other problems for police attention, problems that may appear far more serious, the police often do not devote a lot of resources to it.

Speeding in residential areas causes five basic types of harm:
- it makes citizens fear for children's safety
- it makes pedestrians and bicyclists fear for their safety
- it increases the risk of vehicle crashes
-it increases the seriousness of injuries to other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and bicyclists struck by a vehicle
-it increases noise from engine acceleration and tire friction.

4. Road Safety and more lighting in the Friary community

We the undersigned would like there to be traffic control signs in place at the entrance to Frairy Park Estate, as there are big lorries that use the entrance to reverse into, this has become increasingly worrying for many residents as they have young children playing in this blind spot area.

We would also like to have more lighting erected on the Frairy Park Estate.

5. Safer Streets For Hill Health Center – Columbus Ave. Office


As a supporter of this petition, I am hereby requesting that the City of New Haven get involved in assisting to resolve the continual problem of speeding traffic that we are experiencing, hoping to gain the respect for the crosswalk that is in front of the Hill Health Center on Columbus Ave and Surrounding territories.

Our Center serves over 150,000 patients a year and it is vitally important to us to follow up with the safety of the patients and together as a community begin to make the necessary changes in this crosswalk zone. It would be devastating to have someone get hurt or killed before something positive happens and in order to avoid this, I sincerely urge the City of New Haven to enforce a method of safety (perhaps a stop light) for our patients who remain at risk.


Marlo Rivera
Employee & Resident
of New Haven

6. Stop speeding vehicles in Woodcutters Crossing

Woodcutters Crossing is a family development with family values. We all have children and or pets.

We like to enjoy our neighborhood by taking walks and having talks with friends and neighbors. We enjoy the East Tennessee seasons by celebrating our time outdoors.

We do not want any of our children or animals injuried or killed due to someone speeding in our neighborhood.

We have already had one incident with someone losing control of their vehicle due to excess speed and going airborne and hitting trees, we do not need another.

7. Petition For Better Signs Throughout Medical Plaza

Throughout the day we, the tenants of Estrella Medical Plaza, are constantly asked by wandering customers where certain suites/medical offices are located within the plaza.

These frequent requests are growing to the point where it is taking away from our primary job, patient care, as well as deviating focus away from our work causing more room for error and inaccuracies.

8. Removal of Unlawful Speed Limit on Sunset Drive

In Septmember of 2006, The Murtons posted two 10 mile per hour speed limit signs along Sunset Dr.

9. Restrict Central High School Parking

The students of central high school have caused problems with the neighbourhood in which we live in.

The students have been caught many times having sex in there vehicles. After they go to various local fast food resturants, they dump there trash on the curb. When the homeowners have special occasions where family come to group, there is no parking on the street to do so.

As a neighbourhood we demand that the city of Aurora put signs in place to restrict parking.

10. Better road safety measures for Garden Section residents

The Garden section has become more populated with families and children as has the traffic. There are no stop signs, speed limit postings, yeild signs or caution childen/pedestrian signs posted nor are there any ordinances in this area.

Cars and trucks have been sighted speeding through these residential areas with speeds estimated to be 40mps. There is a large population of children and something must be done before another child is injured or even killed.

Several attempts have been made to urge the town officials to take action dating back to December 2004, yet nothing has been done.

Children are in danger while playing outside, walking home from school or simply being near the roadway and since there are no sidewalks, this is unavoidable.

11. Slowing Cars on Medley Ridge Drive

May 17, 2006

Since the complete opening of Medley Ridge Drive there has been an increase in the speed of cars traveling on our street.

We want to stop the drivers traveling on our street above the speed limit for the safety of our children.

12. Stop Cosmetic Animal Testing

March 28, 2006

Cosmetic Testing is not only inhumane but inaccurate. Cosmetic Tests are done on small animals such as Rabbits, Mice, and Guinea Pigs. Many tests are preformed on these animals. Two of the main Cosmetic tests preformed are Eye and Skin irritancy tests.

In Skin irritancy tests they test whether a substance irritates the skin. Sections of the animals' backs are shaved and sometimes abraded (cut). The substance is applied to the skin and covered with gauze patches, usually for 4 hours. Researchers then look for signs of redness, inflammation, weeping or scabs to determine how irritating the substance is. An irritating product can make the skin red raw, which is obviously very painful.

Rabbits are usually used for this test. At the end of the test they are killed.

The Draize Eye Irritancy Test is the traditional method for testing irritation and damage to the eye is the Draize test. The test substance is placed in the eyes of conscious rabbits, who are either held in stocks or have plastic collars around their neck so that they can't rub their eyes with their paws.

The rabbits are observed for 3 days, although if there is damage to the eye they may be observed for up to 21 days to see how long it takes for the injury to heal. Researchers look for signs of redness, swelling, discharge and ulceration to determine how irritating the substance is. The rabbits are killed at the end of the test.

The outer layer of the eye, the cornea, is one of the most sensitive tissues in the body. It is richly supplied with nerve endings, which is why any irritation or damage is extremely painful. Everyone knows how uncomfortable it is to get something like shampoo or onion in the eye. We quickly wash it out.

In comparison, the suffering of rabbits is greater, firstly because some the substances tested are more irritating, and secondly because the rabbits can't wash their eyes.

Eye irritancy tests can be inaccurate though. Here are the reasons why:
-Rabbits have a third eyelid
-rabbits produce less tear fluid to wash away irritants
-rabbits have a more alkaline eye
-rabbits have a thinner cornea

So if companies were smart enough they would take all these things into consideration. Because Rabbits have so many things different from humans that their tests wouldn't show how exactly it would affect a human.

13. Removal of No Parking Signs on Woodhaven

January 26, 2006

This petition is here to remove the no parking signs on Woodhaven Circle.

The reason for this petition is in response to the amount of parking currently available. There is hardly a sufficient amount of parking spaces for the number of tenants that reside in the Jacob Heights Townhouse Development. This parking issue causes a number of problems for the tenants that live in the Jacob Heights Townhouses along with residents of Mankato that don't live there.

The first problem created from these no parking signs is resident parking. The problem arises due to the fact that there are four tenants living in each unit in Jacob Heights. There is no possible parking configuration utilizing the garage and driveway that will allow any single tenant to leave at anytime. This is the first reason why parking on Woodhaven is requested. A lot of the residents living here are college students.

Everyone has busy class and work schedules and being blocked in your driveway by a roommate not home is not a valid excuse for a professor or employer. The second major problem created from the no parking signs on Woodhaven is in regards to visitors and guests. If all tenants are home there are no available parking spots nearby for guests. This makes is very difficult to meet with friends, family, coworkers, and classmates in the Jacob Heights Development.

There are currently 42 units in the Jacob Heights Townhouse Development. There is also an additional 24 units under construction. This means that the current problem is only going to get worse unless the city of Mankato does something about it. Enclosed is a list of Mankato residents who all agree with the complaints stated above. The residents of Mankato demand action. There are obviously plenty of solutions to the current dilemma.

If authorized parking signs are required for the public street of Woodhaven Circle then possibly permit only signs could replace the no parking signs. Another solution is to build another public parking lot across from the Jacob Heights Townhouses.

14. Remove Police Mobile Camera at entrance to Heron Drive

There is often a mobile police camera unit situated at the traffic lights at the entrance to Heron Drive on Parlaunt Road, Langley, Slough.

This camera parks but no speed camera warning signs are displayed on Parlaunt Road.

15. Stop Sign Addition To Glenwood Rd.

We, the homeowners residing on 1200 block of Elm Avenue in City of Glendale, California are strongly urging the city authorities to consider adding a stop signs on the Glenwood Rd and Elm Avenue intersection. Currently there is only one set of stop signs for Elm Avenue. Glenwood Rd. lacks one.
Every day the residents, and especially others not familiar with this intersection, face a difficult and hazardous situation.

The view from Elm Avenue to the cross traffic on Glenwood Rd. is obstracted.
The 85% of the time parked vehicles on Glenwood Rd. are too close to to the curve of the curb. For some reason, the parking has been allowed almost to the edge of the curve.

The undersigned would attest to the fact that in order to see the cross traffic one has to pass the rear of the parked vehicles, and by this time one is almost into the Glenwood Rd. Something needs to be done as soon as possible before something tragic happens at this crossing. Crossing this street is almost like a 'catch up' game. This has been proven to be very hazardous based on our experience, and numerouse accidents we've witnessed.

16. Sign Amendment in Red Lodge

Red Lodge is facing a new challenge. The City Council is debating whether to allow electronic signs in the Community Entrance zones by amending the existing sign code (which currently bans electronic signs). The potential consequences of such an amendment are troubling, as MANY civic groups will have the ability to put up electronic signs. In addition, businesses can and most likely will challenge the language of the amendment to get in on the action too.

All organizations currently have the ability to convey their messages through signage; however they are limited to non-electronic formats. If we want to avoid having Red Lodge look like King Avenue or Grand Avenue in Billings in a matter of years, this amendment needs to be opposed. It has already passed 4-3 on "first read" so the next City Council meeting is the last opportunity to change the Council's vote on this matter.

17. Astoria Lane Stop Sign

The residents of Kedron Hills would like to see a 4-way stop sign at the intersection of Astoria Lane, Euclid Court and Creston Hill. This would slow down speeders and help insure the safety of our kids.

This intersection is one of the busiest school bus stops in the neighborhood and installing two more stop signs on Astoria would greatly deminish the probablity of accidents and or fatalities invloving our children.

18. Stop through traffic on Maria Street

As you are well aware there is a new Superstore under construction at the corner of St Clair and Runnymede.

Firstly, on Maria St. the city has posted signs prohibiting heavy trucks from using this street Despite these signs the street is being used as a throughway fro commercial and construction traffic on a regular basis, from Runnymede Ave. all the way through to Clendenan Ave., and vice versa. The affected residential streets include: Clendenan Ave., Boiler St., St. John's Place, Gilmore Avenue and Maria Street.

Secondly, more often than not we are seeing Maria St. used as a throughway for drivers who wish to avoid the traffic lights on Dundas West and find a "short cut" to the stock yards shopping area.

Our main concern is for the safety of the high density of small children in our neighbourhood, not used to the increased traffic. Often the drivers are moving at speeds well above the posted limit, too fast for a residential street, and thru traffic is increasing weekly.

Because of the current layout of Maria St. upon, completion of the new Superstore these problems will be compounded and Maria street will see: increased traffic, parking space deficiency, danger to our children and an increase in noise pollution.

Our proposed solution to these concerns is to have part of Maria St. be designated as a one way so that it is not a throughway from Clendenan to Runnymede.

19. Children at Play Signs and Stop Signs for Spruce Street, W Eleventh Street and Tamarack Street

The Residents of Spruce Street, W Eleventh Street and Tamarack Street
would like to see Children at Play Signs and Stop Signs in our Neighborhood to slow down the traffic.

We would like at least four of these signs.

20. Posting No Parking Signs in Cleveland Heights

For anyone who did not know, there is a law in the City of Cleveland Heights that there is no parking on any residential street during the hours of 3am and 6am, 7 days a week. (There is a number you can call to allow you to park (216-321-1234) supplying the make of your vehicle and your license plate number).

However the only way that anyone knows of this no parking law is by word of mouth, reading the City of Cleveland Heights website, or by having been previously ticketed. This is no way to run a city.

Yes sure it makes the city money, but where does the money go?

If you would like to see signs posted please sign the petition to put up the signs.

21. Stop signs for Naomi Street now!!

I want to see at least 2 stop signs on our street. My daughter lost her leg to a speeding a driver on this street.

22. Resident's Only Parking on Bourbon Street

This petition is being written to request that Resident Only Parking signs be installed on Bourbon Street from Washington Street to Strawberry Lane.


Traffic on Hillendale Drive in Big Bear City has been an on going issue. This street is currently not marked with any type of speed limit signs and many vehicles speed up and down the street at 50 miles per hour. Residency in this neighborhood has grown and the school bus stops have recently been moved to the corner of Robinhood and Hillendale.

The speed limit in this neighborhood is 25 miles per hour. The residents of this community need to insure our kids are safe and that the speed limits are posted and followed.

24. Increase Safety in Timberland Place

We are asking the developers of our neighborhood to include additional safety measures to better protect the residents of Timberland Place.

25. Tractor Trailer Rigs Drivng on Old Nacogdoches Trl.

We the residents of C.R. 203/Old Nacogdoches Trl., Forney, TX, Kaufman County have concerns about our neighborhood. Tractor trailers are using C.R. 203 for access to Interstate 20. C.R. 203 is not designed for heavy equipment. C.R. 203 becomes unsafe for residents vehicles because of the wash-board affect that happens from the tractor trailers on a dirt road. The part of C.R. 203 that is paved has become as bad as the part that is not.

Concerns have been expressed to the owner of Sutton Fruit and Vegitable on the South side of Interstate 20 about the trucks going above the posted speed limit, but it has done no good.
We the residents of C.R. 203 would like to request that signs be constructed at both ends of C.R. 203 "No Trucks" and Speed Limit signs that are posted clearly for drivers.

26. Presedential Election Discrimination Awareness

Election Day. For many people this was a chance to voice their opinion, be a part of their country, and decide the future of their country. But for many, election day was a day their voices were not heard, their opinions were not counted, their votes were thrown away. As most of you are aware, there were several thousand votes in dispute, many because people did not understand the voting card. Racial discrimination might be a factor, and also Jeb Bush, George W. Bush's brother, and governor of Florida, might also have had an impact of how the votes were counted. In any event, by signing this petition, you are stating that you are dissatisfied with the election turnout, and you beleive that George W. Bush is the illegitimate winner of the presedential election. Even if we cannot undo the damage already done to our country, we can let the government know how unhappy we are. By taking a more organized approach to this matter, they will listen far better than yelling and screaming with picket signs and strikes.