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1. Restore Democracy at Glenorchy Council

For more than two years the Glenorchy City Council has been under a Board of Inquiry. The Minister for Planning and Local Government initiated the Board of Inquiry due to concerns in relation to the governance arrangements at the Council. His concerns over the governance arrangements became so significant that in February 2017 he suspended the Council, and installed a commission for the remainder of the Board of Inquiry.

While the residents of Glenorchy deserve to understand the details of what has occurred within their council; the presentation of the final report of the Inquiry to the Minister has been delayed by ongoing legal challenges by some Aldermen and Senior Staff.

While the BOI remains held up in legal challenges, the residents of Glenorchy go without democratic representation. At present the Minister can only dismiss the Council, and call a new election, by way of considering the BOI report.

It is clear to many within the Glenorchy Community that there were members of the currently suspended Council that were fighting to ensure transparency. While it is clear to many that there were members of of the currently suspended Council that were not fighting to ensure transparency.

The Minister should consider presenting legislation to Parliament to allow an election to be held in Glenorchy; for the community to show that they have judged those that member of the suspended Council for not upholding the community expectations to govern appropriately, and to allow democracy to be re-instated.

2. Children right to go to school

Because of politique problem in DRCongo, many children do not go to school and they are becoming street children. We say no, no, no! Every child deserves a chance, every child deserves happiness.
Visit our website and our projects. For contact

3. Appeal to general public to call the Government for an By-election for Marsiling and Yew Tee GRC

Today (07 Aug 2017) morning Madam Halimah Yacob resigned from her elected position as Marsiling and Yew Tee GRC MP to stand as a Candidate for Presidential post.
Her qualification for this upcoming election is still a debate as whether is she a Malay or Indian. However, PAP invited her to qualify as a Malay candidate as Presidential election to earn trust from Minority Community for next elections.

4. No To This Conservative Government

Austerity measures in this country have only been applied to those of working classes. While pay rises have been held back or so low as to make no difference to the recipients while our Tory "we are all in this together". suffer austerity not.
The coalition deal with the Democratic Unionist Party (democracy when they are against same sex relationships, a woman's right to an abortion whether or not it is a result of rape or incest-least democratic views ever heard) has resulted in more underhand dealing "The Democratic Unionist party has agreed to support Theresa May’s minority government through a confidence and supply deal worth more than £1bn in extra funding to Northern Ireland over two years.
But there's no money for our schools or NHS." As reported by the Guardian.
Teresa May and her Conservative Party are not working on behalf of the whole electorate and instead have chosen to help those of the richer persuasion in our society.
There is little or no confidence in this Conservative Party to manage our affairs or abroad or confidence in them to oversee our Brexit negotiations.

5. Strive Masiyiwa and Nkosana Moyo for 2018

The hope of all Zimbabweans since at least 1999 has been for democratic change. Election after election, our hopes have been dashed, and as we approach another 'watershed election', the opposition is in disarray. The country is in ruins, the economy in the gutter, and the same people who have brought us here look certain to be brought back into power in 2018.

We cannot afford to let this election go without change. We will not survive another five years like this. Democratic change, through peaceful means, requires that we rally around candidates that can truly change things. Candidates that we know will not go in there to loot, but will fix things. Candidates with a track record.

6. Gabungkan Pembangkang Sabah, Satu Lawan Satu

To fellow Sabah Voters:

The power of opposition parties in Malaysia is the strongest now and yet scattered at the same time.

Similar situation happens in Sabah. Despite all opposition parties in Sabah, namely Pakatan Harapan, United Sabah Alliance, or Sabah Heritage Party agree on Sabah autonomy, Malaysia Agreement 1963 and toppling of BN government as common targets, they barely agree on each other and work together to achieve the common targets.

Nonetheless, these scattered powers are not gelled together entirely due to the leaders’ intention to grab majority seats in the assembly.

However, this does not mean the opposition powers never come together as one.

Sabahans should not continue to allow Sabah politicians to manipulate Sabah’s destiny. As brilliant voters, we should voice out our intention to the leaders of Sabah Opposition Parties Leaders.

For the past one month, Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman spotted the juncture whereby the opposition parties are still falling apart and hence the rumours regarding state election would be expected as early as April 2017. However, the strongest fortress of BN in East Coast of Sabah started to feel the opposition tremor after the last GE. Therefore, the incoming GE will be the best time for change of government!

If we do not want to see our beloved Sabah continues to be occupied by illegal immigrants, not to see the abundant wealth of Sabah to be continuously exploited by the unfaithful politicians, not to see the harmonious racial relationship being destroyed and provoked by the extremists, we shall sign this noble and great petition.

We hope that the petition is signed and shared so that everyone is aware of the intention of the petition.

Last but not least:

"Gabungkan Pembangkang Sabah, Satu Lawan Satu!"

An Ordinary Sabah Voter



同样的情况也出现在沙巴,不管是希望联盟、沙巴团结联盟(United Sabah Alliance)或是沙巴复兴党(Sabah Heritage Party),皆认同沙巴自主权、《1963马来西亚协议》和推翻国阵的目标,但却无法好好合作。





Gabungkan Pembangkang Sabah, Satu Lawan Satu!

7. Sen. Cory Booker for President 2020

We are a divided nation, and it is a fact that half the population of the U.S. are not in favor of our current President-elect.

This petition sets out to collect enough signatures to encourage Senator Cory Booker, to run for President in 2020.

8. Washington State to Join the Nation of Canada

As the Founding Fathers of the United States made clear in the Declaration of Independence in 1776:

“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation,” and, “governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it and institute a new form of government.”

The citizens of the great State of Washington have the right to stand to their principles. These principles dictate that man is granted certain unalienable rights, which are not at the whims of the dispensations of the government. These rights and the protection of these rights are not dependent on gender, sexual orientation, national, racial, ethnic, or religious affiliation. With the election of Donald J Trump as the incoming President of the United States of America and the seizure of power by the Republican Party of both Houses of Congress the protection of universal human rights for all Americans has come into question. The principles of democracy and the democratic process will in effect be challenged by a Trump Presidency and Republican lead Congress. Such a direction taken by the country is one in which the State of Washington cannot support. It is bearing these recent events that this petition seeks to peacefully grant the State of Washington to withdraw from the United States of America and join the nation state of Canada.

Admission into Canada offers many benefits. Among these are: The parliamentary system, which does not deny the vote based on race, gender, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation, it also demands that any legislative districts must contain approximately the same number of people, effectively eliminating the process of gerrymandering; Canada's national health service, offers quality healthcare at no cost to all and does so without regard to demographic variations among the populace; Membership into Canada also allows Washingtonians admission into the British Commonwealth of Nations, which would place the State of Washington within a global community, allowing Washington State residents the ability to live, work, study, and conduct business throughout many Commonwealth nation states.

If you would like to protect your civil liberties, human rights, and democratic values it is imperative that you sign this petition and make Washington State great again. Sign the petition to ask the Washington House of Representatives to vote on a measure that would allow for the seamless entry of the State of Washington into the nation state of Canada, to be administered within the political sovereignty of the nation state of Canada and to be held under the political, legal, and military protection of the nation state of Canada, and that all currently living within the State of Washington be they US citizens, WA State residents, and or temporary inhabitants, including undocumented workers to hold the right of Canadian citizenship with all of the rights, privileges, and duties entailed.



With the huge election victory of Donald Trump, the peace loving liberals have come out to show the rest of the world their true colors; and those colors are not red, white and blue.

No, instead the so-called “peace-loving” and “tolerant” have shown everyone just who they are through rioting, vandalism, acts of violence and crying out unjustifiably against our new president. These so-called “intellectuals” are paid by the likes of George Soros and various other anti-American institutions many of which George Soros is funding with many, if not all, liberal political figures, leftist celebrities and the corporate criminal class. These socialists/communists claim to be about liberty for all, justice and peace. However, nothing could be further from the truth! Colleges across the United States have continuously brainwashed the Snowflake generation with anti-American communistic ideology for many years now. We see the evidence and depth of this brainwashing every time these soft sensitive whiners do not get their way. (Or don't get a trophy for simply being alive.)

Donald Trump was right. The election was rigged. However, with the rural white working-class vote showing up so strongly, evening the liberal dead voters, the illegal Mexican vote, nor the African-American multiple-votes-per-person vote could overcome the onslaught.

They are claiming the Electoral College is antiquated, based on racism, and used to keep whites in places of power. The leftist media (you know, the same media that lied continuously to the American public about Clinton's 86% chance of winning the white house?) have continued to foster the falsehood against the electoral college as well. These are the same people who would do away with the Constitution, and our other Charters of Freedom. Though the first amendment continues to be abused by the leftist media, they would revoke the second amendment at the least. Once this was done the rest of the Constitution is easily condemned. Additionally, to revoke the electoral college would remove the voice and vote of rural America.

The question is, do we now rest on the election results (which Trump not only won by electoral vote, but also by the popular vote-look it up) and wait without fight for the socialist and communists to wage a war on yet another part of American political tradition, or do we stand up once more-just like we did in the election-and say, “Hell no!”

If you love America, and want to protect our Charters of Freedom, and keep America, American, then sign this petition to preserve the Electoral College.

10. End the US Electoral College - Use Popular Vote to Elect our President

The Electoral College was created when our country was just forming. It was created and added as the 12th Amendment to our US Constitution mainly because to use a popular vote wasn't very practical. The nation's land area was vast, the population was small, and very spread out. The former democratic models, such as Rome and Greece, would divide the land-owning men into groups, and each group of 100 got to represent 1 vote. This is the basis for the Electoral College we still use today. To read a full hisotrical perspecive, go to:

We now live in a world where almost everyone has access to learn a great deal about the candidates we elect. That was not the case in the 1700's, 1800's, and maybe even as short of a time ago as 100 years. Since we now have television, internet, 24 hour news in many formats, etc, as well as very reliable transportation, safe roads, and a much larger and better educated population than we did even 100 years ago, I am starting a petition to ask our Senators, Representatives, and state Governors/Governments to trust the vote of the people, the popular vote, and modify the 12th article of the US Constitution to allow the popular vote winner to become the President of the United States, and abolish the Electoral College System.

11. Elizabeth May NDP Leadership

We, The New Democratic Party, symbolized frequently by Tommy Douglas and medicare, are a party of social and environmental compassion with a platform that consists of progressive issues such as LGBT rights, international peace and environmental stewardship.

I feel that, ever since The Late & Great Jack Laytons' passing, the leadership of NDP have steered us towards the dangerous road of the typical norms. We have always been the party of universal betterment for the individual. But in recent times we have become the "so called" establishment elite and we need to redirect our movement. The NDP, in this time of need, would benefit from the openness, and free thinking of Madame May. I believe NDP has lost its direction and maybe May is the Way.

12. The Donald J Trump Billionaire's Tax Challenge

Warren Buffett, billionaire business man and high profile philanthropist, challenged Donald J. Trump the other day to meet anywhere at any time and show each other their income tax returns.

Mr. Buffett advised that this is not illegal and that Mr. Trump is the only presidential candidate in many decades that has not executed this task that demonstrates transparency to the American Voter.

We are challenging all billionaires, Democrats, Republicans and Independents to join Warren Buffett and challenge Mr. Trump as well to show each other their tax returns. This act will demonstrate to the American people that "We the people" still rings true in the United States of America.

We ask all the "non-billionaires" to please sign this petition and then accept the challenge of donating whatever they can to whatever cause they desire.

13. Ivy Lynn Hope for President

With the election coming in fast I could not help but to realize how separated everyone's views are on who should run our country.

I personally see bad in both sides, and in general am just tired of seeing everyone fight about whom is better than whom. I see people saying they do not want to vote for either party, or people who want to vote a certain way but do not know enough supporting facts about that candidate for them to validate their decision.

So my wife and I have decided to start a friendly petition, with a baby on the way due right around election time, stating that if our daughter (Ivy) is born on Election Day that by default she should be president. Let's face it, she could potentially be our only hope.

14. 2016 Serious Election Inconsistencies MUST be investigated

The recent 2016 Election has created wide spread dissatisfaction among voters due to a variety of reasons:

* Incorrect information cited by the AEC, which when brought to their attention was not corrected. The incorrect information that was provided to voters created unfair disadvantage as described below.

* AEC staff continued to provide incorrect and confusing information to voters even after they were requested to streamline this information and requested to ensure that all AEC staff were giving out the same corrected information.

* Reports of AEC staff assisting non English speaking voters who also could not read the names of the Partys with how to vote due to lack of interpreters or specially designated polling Booths for migrants.

* Voters across all States have reported that their names were missing of the Roll although they had not moved out of the Electorate.

* Reported widely across the country that Polling booths had run out of ballot papers therefore voters had to be turned away and were unable to cast a vote.

*Incorrect ballot papers at incorrect electorates.

* Reports of Ballot papers for the wrong Electorates handed out to voters.

* Illegal text messages purporting to be sent from Medicare as part of the Labor scare/smear campaign linked to a Labor Party family member, who is employed by the Labor partys digital department.

* Numerous Booths reporting party supporters harassing and intimidating voters and abusing voters from other partys. for the rest to an extra dot... The 6 metre Rule ignored by Party supporters putting voters safety at risk.

* Unregistered groups impersonating themselves as a Political Party, wearing their organisation t-shirts handing out their own 'how-to-vote cards' with their own favored preferences.

It has now been confirmed that Labor MP Wayne Swan's daughter was responsible for the "MEDICARE SCARE CAMPAIGN".
Quote from article in The Australian,
"Three weeks earlier, Erinn Swan, head of digital at ALP campaign headquarters in Melbourne and the daughter of former treasurer Wayne Swan, had come up with a good idea. She could hardly have known that it would disrupt the Turnbull campaign’s economic mantra: “We have a plan.” Nor that it would help derail Turnbull’s smooth path to power. Or that it would expose weaknesses in the Liberal headquarters and suck almost two weeks out of the Prime Minister’s campaign.

Erinn Swan’s good idea would become Labor’s campaign motif — right up to judgment day. Swan’s digital team had wanted to create a digital ad warning that the Coalition would wreck Medicare — after all, it was already looking to outsource some backroom functions. Protecting Medicare had already been on the grid of ­issues Labor deployed to attack Turnbull. But if it could get former prime minister Bob Hawke to front the ad, well, it just might fly....."

It is obvious the system is in disarray and a task force is required to address the many issues associated with the voting process.

15. Let the People elect our own Representative

The 75th District State Rep is quitting. Local Republicans have a history of back room deals that result in the appointment of a Rep. by Springfield power-brokers without even a vote by the people. These Springfield power-brokers keep ramming their selections down our throats. Stop this abuse of power!

There is an election only a few months away. We want to pick our own Rep!

We The People demand the right to Elect Our Rep!

Urge the Republican power-brokers to back off and Let the People Decide. Leave this seat vacant until the General Election.

16. Saskatchewan Referendum on separation from Canada if Trudeau's Liberals implement 'voting reform' without a Referendum

The facts

In the past, Trudeau has expressed his support for a preferential ballot system, where voters in a particular riding rank the candidates in their order of preference.

In that system, if nobody has an absolute majority after the first count, the candidate with the least number of votes is eliminated. The second-place choices on the ballots cast for that unsuccessful candidate are redistributed to the other candidates. This process goes on until one person has a majority.

The government has said that other forms of voting would be studied as well, including proportional representation.

What the experts say:

Reid said that if the Liberals, who will likely have a majority on the all-party committee, go with a “full” preferential ballot system, the Liberals would be assured victory.

A full preferential ballot means that voters must rank all of the candidates, otherwise their ballot is considered spoiled. Such a system exists in certain Australian jurisdictions.

A Nanos Research survey conducted right before the October 2015 vote showed 46 per cent of Conservative respondents said they had no second choice for support. As a result, Reid argues, Conservative voters would be most likely to have their ballots declared invalid in a full preferential system.

17. #obama2016 - President Obama for another Term

It is time we the people, the future of this world take a stand for the right change.

Time we use our power as the nations of the world to keep the greatest president and friend to all nations in the White House for another term.


Let's be the difference. Let's be the world peace. Let's be the people of the world.

18. Join State Representative Candidate Nick Ciko's Fight Against Property Taxes

Lake County has some of the highest property taxes in the country. Homeowners, are struggling to cover these costs, and they continue to rise. Property taxes are a major concern among residents in Northern Lake County.

Both Democrats and Republicans agree that some sort of relief is necessary.

Despite this, Representative Sheri Jesiel has prevented passing laws that address this problem.

The refusal to offer property tax relief is not in the spirit of representative democracy. The constituents in Lake County deserve to have their voices heard in Springfield.

19. I will neither vote for Hillary Clinton nor Jeb Bush in the 2016 presidential election

Bush, Clinton, Kennedy, Romney, they’re all just spokes on a wheel.

This one’s on top and that one’s on top and on and on it spins, crushing those on the ground.

We’re not going to stop the wheel. We’re going to break the wheel.

20. Petition Harris Faulker & Hillary Clinton for an interview together

Hillary Clinton has mostly been interviewed at length by news media outlets whose political leanings are along the same lines, as the Democratic National Convention.

As a voter I would like to see both sides of the political aisle interview and speak with, both sides' media favorites. The voting American citizens should be allowed to know as much as possible about each possible candidate, prior to Election Day 2016.

If there is only one conservative who was ever allowed full access for a transparent interview whom Hillary Clinton's campaign would allow, I petition for Harris Faulkner to be given the opportunity.

21. COALITION OR ABC* to defeat Harper on Oct 19, 2015

*ABC = Anyone But Conservative


The current 3-way race is roughly equally divided. A joint co-operative, collaborative coalition of the N.D.P., Liberal & Green parties is the only sure way to defeat Harper. A coalition worked in the UK, currently works in Germany & Israel and could work in Canada if the parties want it to. Expect a better government when when leaders govern together. see

Note: Justin Trudeau has so far refused to cooperate with the NDP. In that case, and for this election, the Greens and NDP should get together.

Change is needed!

Harper is a known dirty election player. The PC party has the most money and will try to buy his re-election in order to stay in power. The Canadian economy is in recession under Harper who has done so much damage while in power -

The Economy:
Climate change;
Environmental laws weakened;
Veterans treated very badly;
The war on science and scientists muzzled;
Canadians spied on by our own government;
Foreign policy & bombing of Iraq & Syria;
Poor response to refugee crisis;
No public inquiry into the tragic deaths of murdered & missing aboriginal women;
Harper government’s decision to scale back the growth in Canada Health transfer payments to the Provinces;
Bill C51 anti-terrorism legislation could criminalize free speech;
Slow, bureaucratic immigration policy;
Proroguing Parliament four times;
Corruption & abuse of power;
Civil Liberties;
Omnibus Bills;
Multiple scandals;
Secret trade deals and on and on!

Harper thanks disgraced staff.

Harper wants to make it harder for Canadians to vote against him.

22. CNN: Use the most recent polls to decide who participates in the GOP debate

CNN is using data collected from July to determine who will face off in the Republican debates this September. Due to this policy, those who have climbed in the most recent polls will not be able to participate.

Likewise, those who have declined in numbers are taking the spots of candidates who have earned their right to speak on the main stage.

Please rewrite this decision to be fair to the potential nominees, and to the registered voters who have to make a hard decision next election.

Thank you.

23. Non A L'injustice Electorale En Haiti

Anthony Bennett est un citoyen haïtien, né aux USA. Quoiqu'ayant soumis toutes les pièces que requièrent les articles 36 et 90 du décret électoral, sa candidature a été écartée.

De plus, les jugements exercés contre lui au BCED et au BCEN n'ont pas suivis les procédures tracées par la loi. Le BCEN a laissé le soin au CEP de trancher. Certains membres du CEP ont exercé un abus d'autorité en violant les droits civils et politiques du citoyen Anthony Bennett. FOK TI TONY NAN ELEKSYON.

24. Do Not Recognize Legitimacy of The Brazilian Election

Brazil has had an election with a lot of reports of fraud. Nevertheless and in spite of the small difference between the winner and the looser, none of the frauds were investigated and the result has been validated.

25. Wouldn't it be nice if you could 'unelect' bad politicians?

In British Columbia and most states in the USA, they have a mechanism called 'Recall' whereby 'bad' politicians can be removed through a formal petition process.

In the 2010 municipal election in Durham there were a few candidates who took a specific position against the construction of a garbage incinerator in Courtice. They even accepted money and help from people on the basis of that position. However, within weeks after the election they reversed their position.

It is that sort of behaviour that Recall is intended to stop. If Durham region had had recall in 2010 these politicians would have been removed from office. However, more likely they would have realized the consequences and not reversed their positions.

In the absence of Recall, DurhamCLEAR has created a facsimile which is based on contract law and public pressure. DurhamCLEAR is asking all candidates for the October 27 municipal election to pledgethat they:

1) Support the principle that citizens should be able to ‘Recall’ their elected representatives;

2) If elected, they will introduce a motion during my first year of office to ask the provincial government to bring forward legislation to enshrine Recall for municipal politicians;

3) Prior to, such legislation, they pledge to resign their Council position if a constituent conducts a petition and gets the properly validated signatures equivalent to 25% of the votes cast for all candidates for their position.

For further information and to see the list of those candidates who have signed the pedge, please visit

26. Support Amendment 1 to Tennessee's Constitution

The Tennessee Supreme Court has made Tennessee an abortion destination. A decision in 2000 deemed access to abortions more sacred to Tennessee's Constitution than to the U.S. Constitution.

The result is that the 132 people elected to our state legislature take a back seat to Tennessee's 5 justices in terms of abortion regulation. We can change that by approving Amendment 1 in November.

27. Relocate Election Voting Polls out of Brookside School, Westwood, NJ.

Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy. However, our country is not the same as it was when election voting poll locations were first assigned. The recent violence in schools, Newtown, CT for example, has changed our perception of safety & our country forever.

We no longer take our children’s safety for granted, even at school. Election day is a day which the general public in our town are allowed to come into Brookside Elementary School to cast their vote. Although voters are relatively supervised, there is always the potential of the unthinkable occurring - whether our children are present in school or not.

Relocating the voting polls out of Brookside school will aide in protecting the children from potential threat. Relocating the voting polls to another location is something that is in our control. There are other viable options. Why wouldn’t we relocate the polls if we could? There would be no harm done. School would be allowed to continue as usual. Voting would continue as usual. There would be no disruption in school days, no day off required because school is closed due to elections. Both school and voting would occur undisrupted. Relocating the voting polls out of the school would also aide in reducing traffic congestion and parking during school hours on election day.

The following location could potentially replace Brookside Elementary school for Election Voting Polls: Westwood Borough Hall. This location appears to meet guidelines of statue title 19:18-1 Elections Location. This location has served as alternate voting location as recently as last year after Hurricane Sandy disrupted voting locations across the state. Westwood Borough Hall is Handicap Accessible, has ample parking and is centrally located.

We request that you relocate the Brookside voting poll to a suitable location, other than on any school property.

28. Australians for the Fibre to the Premises NBN

Before the Australian Federal Election of 2013, the current government was promising a Fibre to the Premises national broadband network, that would connect all Australians to a huge increase in speeds, opening unlimited passages for internet related growth in Australia.

The speeds promised by the year 2020 are currently standing at 213x FASTER than the current average speed of 4.7mbps; according to this source: (Source:

The current stance from the newly elected leadership group of the Australian Federal Government is that "We are absolutely confident that 25 megs is going to be enough, more than enough, for the average household" (Quoted from Tony Abbott on

That's ONLY about 4x-5x faster than what we have now and according to the current stats of this source ( Countries like Sweden, Lithuania, The United Kingdom, South Korea and Singapore already have faster than 25mbps of internet, and it's 2013... who knows where they'll be by 2020?

The election has passed and a new Prime Minister has been chosen for Australia. His plan is too cut back the government spending on the NBN by about 70 Billion dollars and replan the NBN with Fibre to the Node technology which will only connect streets and suburbs to the NBN, which reduces the amount of people who can AFFORD the NBN and reduces the amount of people who can actually access the NBN due to the possibility of their being an up too $5000 connection fee for the replacement of the current copper internet connections with gold or a refresh of the copper!

29. Federal Election Now Australia

The Labor federal government is incompetent and needs to go as soon as possible.


This petition is published by John Slinger, the Labour Party candidate in the election for Earl Craven division, Warwickshire County Council on Thursday 2 May 2013.

Promoted by Ish Mistry on behalf of John Slinger, both at 1 Little Grove, CV22 5NL.

If elected, John Slinger will make road safety in Ryton on Dunsmore, and elsewhere, one of his first priorities.

Facebook page of John Slinger's campaign -
More information -