Global Peace and unity

If religions should be the cause for peace then where are we leading to?

It is the basic thing we need today in this world, which is tearing itself apart from the cunning politics, wars, hate, discrimination, illiteracy and many more. Every day I see there are many groups on almost all the famous social networks, from all walks of the world’s religions, spreading hate and more and more conflicts and confusions, accusing each other with the meanest examples one can give.

All of the religions in the world tells to live in peace together and strays away those who are wrong doers and destroying peace of this world but they have the chance to repent as well – every individual follower knows that their respective religions teaches to have proper and most beneficent conduct towards others in the world then where we humans beings are heading too?

This all misery that the world is suffering from today is happening because of the billions of lives that mankind has taken in the name of God, a Prophet or any guru, many hearts has been broken because of the cruelty, inhumanity, wickedness, cunning, care for only self interests and desires has taken over and has make mankind a living example of what God’s created hell could be in the skies.

Therefore, my this petition is not intended to any organization, politician, religious institution or any specific person, but I tell this to all who hear me, who read these words, who thinks that such great revolutions as enlightenment and Renaissance and many scientific achievements we human have made, has all should have been the way to glory the great almighty God, and should be used in serving his creation the mankind for their benefit, but not destruction.

Religions are all but portray a true peace and equality among mankind and we should not look at those things which diverts, but should concentrate more on the things that made us together tied up in a great bond of brotherhood. No race and civilization is superior to another, no heart is more important than the heart of another person, no life is more sacred then the life of another living being. Therefore, we should need to stand up and become what God wants us to become. Let us embrace each other by saying that we are all one and brothers to each other and let us serve the mankind and deplete the broken hearts by turning them into joys ones, bring smiles into everyone’s face, do act of kindness wherever we are whoever we are dealing with and then see how this world will change into a living example of Gods paradise.

“To all of the persons in the world you are my brothers and I love you all honestly.”

The acting day is today, tomorrow we can only think!

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