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1. Stop British involvement in world wars

Please sign this petition to demand that David Cameron and the current UK government from being involved in world wars and preventing any threat to our country.

I think that many of the UK people will agree that our involve my will only escalate the threat to our country. Leave war well alone Mr Cameron and our country will be safe.

The British people do not wish to instigate World War 3 and feel that your interference could possibly cause this.

Please consider your children and the children and grandchildren of your people in England.

2. Stop British involvement in foreign wars and conflicts

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is their problem not the problem of the British government.

I suggest we sign this petition to prevent any conflict or comeback to the British people and ask David Cameron to concentrate on the problems and poverty in his own country to be a priority before he considers other foreign matters.


If religions should be the cause for peace then where are we leading to?


Drone attacks on Pakistani soil defy human rights and kill innocent citizens not involved in any criminal activity. People of that region do not have sophisticated military equipment to pose a threat to U.S.A; They have a right to oppose injustice done by USA on their soil.

Killing of innocent citizens is an inhuman act and need to be stopped immediately in Pakistan. USA need to be involved in peace activity and stop international genocide via wars and drones! No one has attacked us thus far and yet we make excuse to blow up innocent citizens of Pakistan!

We are responsible to control criminals on our soil only and need to stop terrorist acts against civilians!

5. Withdraw all Western Troops from Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan costs thousands of lives and trillions of dollars in defense of a corrupt and unpopular regime, one that is entirely dependent on Western troops and aid.

The war has inflamed Muslim opinion and failed to make Europe or the United States safer. Morality is undermined by recent NATO claims of no “confirmed” civilian casualties.

6. Prevent Afghan Torture, Enforce Leahy Law

A recent United Nations report suggests that the United States and NATO allies are outsourcing torture and human rights violations in Afghanistan. The report concludes that there is a continuing pattern and practice of “systematic” torture in spite of repeated efforts at reform. (UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, October 2011)

Current US policy violates the Leahy Amendment to the Foreign Appropriations Act and Defense Appropriations Act (Sec. 563, P.L. 106-429 and Sec. 8092, P.L. 106-259, 2001).

7. No U.S. Escalation in Pakistan

The September 22 testimony of Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, may well “pave the way… to new unilateral military actions inside Pakistan,” including more drone strikes and, “even cross border raids into Pakistan to root out insurgents from their havens.” (New York Times, September 22-23, 2011)

After Mullen’s testimony, the Heritage Foundation immediately called for aggressive military and diplomatic escalation. (Christian Science Monitor, September 26, 2011) House Republicans are pushing an open-ended authorization for war against any insurgents anywhere in the world “associated” with the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

Enough is enough. Escalation in Pakistan is not in the national security interest of the United States. Already our drone attacks have provoked two terrorist near misses against American civilians, one at the Detroit airport on Christmas Day 2009 and another at Times Square on May 1, 2010. It is not in the economic interest of the United States; we cannot afford another trillion-dollar war. It is not in the moral interest of the United States; the drone attacks kill innocent people and inflame millions of Pakistanis against America.

The military pursuit of terrorist sanctuaries, first in Iraq and then in Afghanistan, has left behind thousands dead and wounded and only pushed the sanctuaries to new locations. Each escalation begets another. Besides Pakistan, our government is pursuing undeclared air wars against terrorist cells with drone attacks in Somalia and Yemen. (Washington Post, September 20, 2011)

It makes no sense to escalate attacks against the Pakistan sanctuaries of the Afghan Taliban while the US ends its combat role, gradually withdraws from Afghanistan, and supports a power-sharing arrangement with all parties. It is irrational to bomb the Taliban’s sanctuaries while inviting them to the peace table. A genuine diplomatic settlement requires a phased ending of the drone attacks as US troops phase out their role in Afghanistan.

Sending in ground troops backed by air power is as foolish as President Nixon’s 1970 invasion of Cambodia allegedly to wipe out Vietcong sanctuaries.

8. Minecraft Griefer War of 2011

Hello, fellow Minecraft players!

We would like to bring to your attention the increasing pandemic of griefer attacks. According to the Minecraft Wiki, "Griefing is the act of ruining large or very noticeable portions of other people's creations on a multiplayer Creative or Survival server. It is frowned upon by the majority of Minecraft users because it ruins many hours of work and makes maps untidy. In best case scenarios, the griefer is quickly removed from the server and their damage is trivial to repair. At worst, griefing can destroy an entire server if it does not have backups available."

They have destroyed many of our precious creations in SMP, and desecrated thousands upon thousands of servers. Therefore, we have started the Minecraft Griefer War of 2011. Our goal is to ban as many griefers as possible, and make sure they do not return to ruin our creations. We wish to destroy this pandemic that has been plaguing the Minecraft world since multiplayer servers ever existed. We wish not to destroy other people's creations, to not taint their beautiful work, and to punish those who dare destroy, and have destroyed the precious things we have built.

If you wish to see a griefer in action without destroying any of your creations, go to this video:

9. Recreate STAR WARS IV, V and VI

Who enjoyed STAR WARS I, II and III? I know almost every single person reading this did... and the main part of them all must be the realistic graphics and combining our real with the unreal...

Wouldn't it be amazing to see the rest of the story as if it were happening in real time? If you think so... Join... All STAR WARS fans...

Get ready...

10. Bring back Robot Wars

I'm petitioning to the BBC to bring back Robot Wars.

We'll need a lot of votes but if the people want it then it will happen... peace xx

11. KotOR Awesomeness Multiplier!

Mission Vao is an annoying and useless character in KotOR, who's only real purpose in the game is the make you feel a more complete sense of accomplishment when you kill her towards the end. Canderous Ordo on the other hand, is pretty cool.

Canderous and Mission don't get along, so it would most assuredly be awesome and fitting to expand this, so they would eventually fight to the death. It would also give at least some reason to tolerate Mission's annoying presence in your party for any length of time, so you could have the pleasure of murdering her earlier.

12. Stop wars altogether

People die in war when they don't ever take part in them.

Why should people's lives get taken away when they were not ever part of it?

13. Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Complete Scores

May 16, 2006

We need a complete release of the Complete scores to the Prequel Trilogy.

The Ultimate Edition of Episode I was a slap in the face and to this date, no attempt at releasing anything more for Episode II or III is planned.

14. Make Star Wars Episodes 7, 8, and 9!

The Star Wars Saga, from what me and other die-hard Star Wars fans understand, is the final Star Wars Movie that will ever be made. My conrads and I are upset, we would like that after the prequels, seqeuls to the the original Star Wars movies are made.

We understand that the future adventures of the New republic are currently inbook form, but we would like to see them in movie form, with a new trilogy.