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1. Support Equal Wages for South Korea

South Korea, holding a robust economy in Asia and on a global scale, is renown for its rapid rate of its exponential economic growth with strong commitments to production of goods, investment in human capital, and globalization. It's positive influence towards the global economy has garnered quite the light on South Korea's momentum and dynamic system of efficiency. Fortunately, those who run the economy, both women and men, are highly praised for their "hard work" (even mentioned on The Economist). Yet 57% of the female population actively participate in the workforce, discounting the discouraged workers. (check out further at: Meaning, more than half of the females take part in the economic, political, and social contribution to the domestic status quo, yet still meets disparity in their ends and wages albeit the fact that their equates to that of what a male does in the exact same job.

This is truly a matter of privilege in a society where the belief that a man should take a more prominent role in the workforce. Mainstream media and society most often exclusively sheds light on the corporations and politics that are 99% infiltrated by men. Meaning, we do not see the rest of the working force that continually runs the economy. "The statistical increase in the quantity of employed women has not correlated with the equality of wage, as the gender wage gap reported in 2013 was 36.3%, the worst of all OECD nations present in the data." I highlight, "the worst." (cited from the actual OECD website, gender wage gap tab bar).

The Economist (2013) has published its fifth annual “glass-ceiling index”. It combines data on higher education, workforce participation, pay, child-care costs, maternity and paternity rights, business-school applications and representation in senior jobs into a single measure of where women have the best—and worst—chances of equal treatment in the workplace. Each country’s score is a weighted average of its performance on ten indicators. South Korea ranks the lowest of all OECD countries as it has the large wage gap and women make up only around 15% of government, underrepresented in management positions and on company boards. In South Korea, just 2% of corporate directors are female. Similarly, fewer women than men have completed tertiary education and are part of the labour force. -->

South Korea's focal points of gender economic disparity presents as follows,
1) Worst wage gap among OECD nations
2) 2% of corporate directors is taken up by women
3) 93% of Koreans surveyed in 2010 believe women should have equal rights to men, and among them, 71% believe more changes are needed before that goal is achieved.
4) According to UNDP Gender Inequality Index, Korea ranked 10th, higher than any Western European or North American country except the Netherlands
5) Wage Gap disparity of 36.3% (marked as "Worst out of all industrialized nations by OECD"

It is time to break down the useless glass ceiling and the discrimination on women. As a key player and influencer in the OECD nations, we hope to see South Korea's initiative will have a ripple effect towards local nations as well, as this discriminatory action is a widespread phenomenon in Asia in general.

2. Art Exhibition for Khadija Saye

If like me, you have been touched by the recent Grenfell Tower atrocity and would like to give back in some way, please sign this petition to see Khadija Saye's photography exhibited in one of London's most high profile art galleries. Khadija was a budding photographer on the cusp of success but her journey was cut short by the awful and avoidable Grenfell Tower fire. On the day of the fire, she had met with an Art Director with a view to showcasing her work, this makes the ensuing tragedy all the more heartbreaking.

Outside of showcasing her talent, this petition and ultimately the exhibit will be a way to raise awareness for not just Khadija's work, but for all the victims whom will not get the chance to realise their potential and act as a reminder that the fight for justice continues.

3. Demand for explanation from Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore with regards to Pink Dot Advertisement

The Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) has weighed in on the recent furor over a Pink Dot 2017 ad found at Cathay Cineleisure.

In a conversation with Marketing, an ASAS spokesperson said that all advertisements in Singapore must comply with the Singapore Code of Advertising Practice (SCAP), and that the premise is that all advertisements must be “legal, decent, honest and truthful”.

Noting the Public Order Act 2009 (Chapter 257A), ASAS explained that the organisers of Pink Dot may promote the event as long as they possess the necessary permit to hold it.

ASAS also cited the SCAP’s General Principles, specifically under its “Family values” section 10.1, where advertisements should not “downplay the importance of the family as a unit and foundation of society.”

There is a severe lack of transparency with regards to the decision process. The chairman of ASAS, Prof Tan Sze Wee, also being a member of Barker Road Methodist Church, needs to step forward to explain and promise the fairness or due process and the decision was not made under the influence of his religious view.


We as a people must be educated and do our civil duty to protect our rights and the rights of others. State attorney Aramis Ayala has done everything but the job that I voted, and we elected her to do. Instead she has committed crimes against her constituents and must be removed from office immediately. Luckily for us, there is a process to do just this. Please sign this petition and lets take our justice system and our country back from those who violating our rights and the integrity of the country we love so much.


5. The Crown Prosecution Service to reconsider their decision....

I am very limited to the information i can disclose regarding the background of this case to share with everyone so they have an understanding as I am fearful this could impair the decision to the CPS. But, I will try to be as informative as possible and I hope people can understand this.
Today I received information regarding a male who allegedly historically sexually assaulted two children when they were 6 and 8 years old (2007). This male, who has a long standing history of sexual incidents and violence towards women and children, is well known by the police, local community and other local authorities. He has had all his children taken from his care permanently and received prison sentences for violence against women. He has intimidated and threatened the family and the children to stay quiet.
Today i was informed how CPS have refused to continue with their case against him due to MINOR discrepancies.
This was appealed against twice by the DC who lead this investigation as they believed in this case so much. These, now young adults did not get their chance to have their say in court due to someone in CPS saying there is a slight doubt and the COST is too great to send it to court when there is a chance this person could walk free !!
His history was not taken into account or the reasons behind what they saw as these "discrepancies".
One of these children has been diagnosed with PTSD and made numerous attempts on their life after what happened and the other has said they would rather be dead than live life in the body they were born into.
All they wanted was their chance to stand in court and be heard. They knew there was a chance he could walk free but to make it to court and have their say was imperative. Now, due to COST and minor discrepancies from a person who knows nothing of this case just a bunch of notes, the DC even begged for them to give the children an opportunity to tell their side to a jury and for them to make the decision. This was refused.
These children put their faith in the justice system, opened up old wounds and faced a world of torment in doing so.
This man during this investigation approached their home and made threats. Warnings were put in place and he was told to stay away. Now this has been dropped he is free to do what he wants again.
Once again these Children are left confused and feel completely let down by a judicial system they put their faith into.
All these children want is a chance for justice and to be fairly heard by a jury in a court of law where ALL facts will be heard and questions regarding any discrepancies can be answered fairly by them.
They need closure and a chance.
After all they have suffered how can anyone put a price on that!
With this petition I am hoping people will sign and support them, I am wanting to present this petition to the police, CPS and the Government.
Things need to change where sexual offenders are concerned,
Their victims deserve the right to stand and be heard without having to fight for it.
I hope you will support me in this case to help give these children some hope. I am also hoping for a positive result in helping bring this case to trial. I thank you for taking the time to read and sign this.
Thank you again.

6. Justice

I was wrongfully convicted of a minor offence it was my sister not me I went to try to get an appeal judge disallowed laws need to be changed now unless I get an appeal and my case is heard and the arresting lied and said I turned up to court in 2011 and also said he was satisfied it was me how could he lie when it wasn't me I need ur help I know it's a minor conviction but it should not be there and I am hurt my sister won't even take responsibility for what she did my point is that guards shouldn't be allowed lie and if ur innocent ur innocent end of I have a good clean record except this hanging over me please help me to get a hearing. The guard heard the recording that was so plain to see it was my sister not me but he kept it to his own discretion and if there's anyone that knows how to dig up information please contact me please I just want my name cleared and the fact there leaving it on my record when I am innocent this should not be allowed

7. Justice for Nancy Bailey

Nancy Bailey, a 64 year-old U.S. citizen, humanitarian and child advocate in Guatemala needs our advocacy. She has saved the lives of and provided brighter futures for thousands of Guatemalan children over the last 26 years. She is currently fighting for her own future, wrongly accused of child trafficking.

Adoption has become criminalized in Guatemala due to grossly inaccurate blanket accusations that all adoption providers and practices were corrupt. In a country wrought with poverty and corruption, an individual is considered and treated as guilty until proven innocent. It will be nearly impossible for Nancy to receive a fair trial without U.S. intervention.

Background :

-For 26 years, Nancy Bailey has been in service to the children of Guatemala providing a loving safe haven at her children's home, Semillas de Amor (Seeds of Love)
-Semillas de Amor is a model for excellent care for orphaned and abandoned children - with low caregiver ratios, good schooling, and counsel for children dealing with the trauma of abandonment.
-Semillas de Amor has placed many children into permanent families through international adoption
-Despite adoptions closing in 2009 and losing adoption related income, Nancy remained steadfast in her life's work to keep Semillas de Amor open for the children in her care
-While out of the country briefly in 2012, Nancy was charged with child trafficking when the Guatemalan authorities raided Semillas de Amor and her personal home
-The charges are based on alleged irregularities found in 3 cases at Semillas de Amor
-Nancy returned to Guatemala in December 2014 to be with her children despite knowing she would likely be arrested
-For the first 16 months of her incarceration (without a trial), Nancy was on house arrest with no supervision
-For the last year, Nancy has been detained in prison with a few intermittent hospital stays due to fibromyalgia and respiratory issues
-Nancy had continued to fundraise to keep the home open despite her unjust incarceration and failing health
-Over the last two years, Nancy’s health and spirits have deteriorated greatly while the children of Semillas are being raised without their "mother"

In addition to the unjust treatment thus far, we have many reasons to believe Nancy Bailey will not receive a fair trial in Guatemala:

- Mass corruption in the Guatemala judicial system - Guatemala currently ranked 40th most corrupt nation (out of 176)
- Anti-American sentiment in Guatemala
- The criminalization of adoption via the grossly inaccurate blanket accusations that all Guatemalan-U.S. adoptions are corrupt

8. stop work place violation in Chinese company in Ethiopia

Now a day Ethiopia one of the fastest economy growing country specially in the east Africa country's accordingly several international and national organization reliable reports. Ethiopia invited a several international foreigner investors there investment the cheep and only serve the government political game but also a lot of Chinese investor invest in Ethiopia spacial the near of the capital city of Addis Ababa for example dukem .sebeta , menagesha, sululeta,legetafo etc.but the mean idea is not agent investment but also the Chinese investor doing a lot of illegal activity.
1. There is not respect Ethiopian workers and law ,killing a workers
2. A lot of money laundering activity illegal weapon trafficking activity(oping the name of company and Chinese restaurant.
3.Forgery educational certification abuse the labor law
4. A very law wage payer 30 dollar per month and over working load for Ethiopian employee
5. Abuse Justice system (corruption),
6. didn't pay workers income tax (the Chinese b/c those salary pay in china work in Ethiopia
6. Abuse the constitution of land ownership article so stop those unfair and illegal activity of in Ethiopia spacial the Chinese investor and workers.



We, the citizens of the world community do not want or support a nuclear war.

10. For Chris to be allowed to go to Kilee's Senior Prom

Kilee is a Senior at North Scott High School in Eldridge, IA. Her boyfriend Chris is a previous NS graduate. Chris turned 21 on Feb.17th,2017. The schools fine print on dance tickets say only ages 14-21. The school indicates that the cut off is at age 20, and no older. The fine print has now been changed, since the fine print was worded opposing to what they intended. Chris and Kilee have had a healthy steady relationship since December 27th, 2014 with parent approval. This is Kilee's Senior Prom, and Chris just turned 21, so he is no longer (according to policy) allowed to go. Chris has attended 5/8 high school dances with Kilee, and has caused no issue. The couple would be willing to be breathalyzed before prom, and after prom. Along with, before post prom, and after post prom. Kilee is very involved in school. She volunteers, cheers, participates in FFA, and is a violinist. While putting in all those hours, she also puts in time at a local Ice Cream Shop (Whitey's). Chris on the other hand volunteers, previously was a football player, and works as a local security guard. Please sign this petition if you think that circumstances for Chris, and Kilee are different, and he should be able to go to her SENIOR PROM and LAST HIGH SCHOOL DANCE! Thank you!

**The problem is "If we have to let you go, we have to let every 21 year old go". Please help Kilee and Chris show the school that circumstances are different, and everyone is aware of that! Thank you for your time, I hope you consider being a part of helping a dream come true! A girl's Senior prom with her best friend, and boyfriend!

11. More powers for security officers

The safety of security officers and the public need to be endorsed more than what they are at this point In time. Security officers go to work feeling relaxed, happy, cheerful and willing to go to work. These security officers should have the rights to go to work un-harmed and also should return home un-harmed. The safety of the public unfortunately is being over seen as many customers or patrons should have a good experience while shopping. It is a given right for our patrons of the public to not have to fear or feel unsafe while doing there day to day business. The safety of staff members needs to taken more seriously as the drug crime increases which makes it more violent as we're all aware of it, so action needs to be taken. Thieves and criminals continuously entre Rockingham shopping centre while being intoxicated on drugs and alcohol after they have been told continuously that they have been banned and to not enter the shopping centre again appropriately and nicely. When these security are telling the offenders to remove themselves from the shopping centre at times they get aggressive, threatened, abused, spat on and assaulted. By law security officers have the right to use reasonable force if offenders refuse to leave the premises but centre management at Rockingham shopping centre say ''its a hands off policy''.

MCS security (CEO) has given the security officers the rights to endorse having hand cuffs, batons and pepper spray. The (CEO) of MCS security has said they will sign the documents for these rights but it depends on the centre management if they're willing to sign it to confirm the rights. The public of Rockingham and surrounding suburbs have spoken to security staff on several occasions underlining there fears and or concerns of there safety. Some patrons have said they're willing to shop a other shopping centres because the crime and violence is outrageous and disgraceful behaviour. At times police officers are prioritized to emergency calls, but the first on the scene is security officers. The police officers of the public wouldn't have to attend the confrontations as many times as what they do if juveniles, thieves and violent offenders would listen to security officers.

12. More cat emojis

There are only very few cat emojis on Apple phones or any other type of phone. This is a disrespect to the species, cats deserve much more recognition and people would love more cat emojis to express with, not just the unrealistic ones. There are many different types of cat, not just tabby, and they deserve a chance to be included in the emoji selection and to be used daily.

13. John's Law

John was attacked 2.5yrs ago he sustained life changing injuries and waited 2.5 yrs to get justice. By the time it got to court his health had deteriorated so much that he was unable to give good evidence. two of his attackers were found not guilty and one guilty and the one who was found guilty was only sentenced to 2ys 9 mths. We would like the justice system to rethink their sentencing on such life changing injuries. John has said if the system changed its sentencing and made it stiffer then perhaps this would set a president and send out a message that the the uk is not a place to be messed with. Come on UK enough is enough lets get this sentencing sorted out once and for all and save someone else going through this ordeal.


Governor Terry McAuliffe,Too many babies & children are being hurt .The best interest of those children is overlooked due to "who knows who" in certain small towns where everybody knows everybody & favoritism is shown, Judges become bias & hearings are unfair in JDR courtrooms across the country, therefore, a change in venue to an unbiased fair Judge in another county who will look at & hear evidence to determine the best interest of the children in a timely manner is imperative.

15. Petition the NBA to Help Defund DAPL by Ending its Partnership with BBVA Compass

The Dakota Access Pipeline is funded by a number of banks including BBVA Securities, a subsidiary of BBVA Compass. The National Basketball Association partners with and is sponsored by BBVA Compass. To date, BBVA Securities has invested over $275 million in the Dakota Access Pipeline. The NBA is complicit in the funding and construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the atrocities committed against the Standing Rock Sioux through its partnership with BBVA Compass.
Less than two months ago, the United States Army Corps of Engineers halted the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in order to conduct an environmental impact study. This study would have likely shown that which we already know, but has been halted and seemingly forgotten under the current presidential administration. Over the past seven years, over 9 million gallons of crude oil have been spilled on the United States, causing irreversible damage to the tune of over $1 billion. In fact, The US Army Corps of Engineers changed the original route of the pipeline in order to protect the city of Bismarck's water supply in the event of a spill. An oil spill along the current route would threaten the Standing Rock Sioux’s water supply, culture, and way of life. If there is concern of an oil spill negatively impacting the people of Bismarck, shouldn’t we be equally concerned for the Standing Rock Sioux? Furthermore, the Standing Rock Sioux believe this land to be sacred, containing burial sites of their ancestors, and protected by the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868, Not only is this a matter of environmental justice, but it is clearly a matter of human rights and racial justice as well.
The NBA stood up against HB2 in North Carolina by moving the NBA All-Star game from Charlotte to New Orleans. Now we ask that the NBA stand for Standing Rock and for the Standing Rock Sioux by ending its partnership with BBVA Compass.

16. Petycja o udzielenie informacji do RP

17. President of the United States - Please Exonerate Orlando Carter

Exonerate Orlando Carter of bank fraud - a crime he did not commit, proven by certified records from PNC Bank

In 2008, the DOJ indicted and convicted Orlando Carter for bank fraud based upon a false claim from National Commercial Capital (kna PNC Bank) that he was liable for a $4 million loan. Rather than verify bank records, FBI agent Kevin Gormley and AUSA Richard Chema presumed the loan was valid.

In 2015, Carter secured certified documents from PNC Bank which prove there was no loan. The government now hinders Carter’s efforts and the federal courts hide behind its "rules”.

Carter has served 8 years of a 15 year sentence. We ask the President of the United States to correct the DOJ's egregious mistake for case 1:08-cr-051, Southern District, Ohio. Without a $4 million loan, Chema prosecuted Carter without grounds or jurisdiction. Carter is innocent. We respectfully request the President of the United States exonerate Orlando Carter.

The complete details of the injustice against Orlando Carter are available by video and explanation in written form at the following link:

The youtube videos are at:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

18. Gail's Law to prevent deaths by fatigued drivers

My mother Gail Oxford Chain born 11-04-1956 was killed in a very tragic car accident on 08/07/2016 at 5:56 AM.

At 5300 Sam Houston PKWY & 6200 Gaona, she was stopped at red light in middle lane on the feeder Rd, when out of nowhere another driver going at least 80mph or more in a 45mph zone struck her from behind & swung around hitting her again on driver's side. EMS & Police later arrived at the scene. The driver walked away without a scratch on her & gets to live her life like nothing ever happened. Not even getting to know the hurt & pain she has put my family through. If she was so tired why wasn't she headed home the opposite way? But instead she was going to visit her father in Bay area resort, which doesn't open doors till 8:00am & she passed by like two red lights & a block. My mom had no chance or choice in the matter, but the driver did when she put her keys in the ignition. No charges were pressed against the driver and she went home the same night.

19. Outlaw the practice of jungle justice in Nigeria

Following the emergence of the gruesome images of a young person being beaten, turtored and burnt to death over the theft of a phone it is time for our lawmakers to sit up, take notice and take action over the very common practice of jungle justice in Nigeria. A practice where individuals or groups of persons take the law into their own hands and mete our severe and mostly fatal punishment to people allegedly caught committing offences.

The reputation of Nigeria as a lawless nation is gathering momentum with the numerous incidents of such gruesome barbarity taking place and pictures or video recordings making their way to social media for the entire world to see. The police don't seem to realize that it is their duty to intervene in such situations and protect the life of the victim regardless of their crime. They seem grossly ignorant of the basic principle of law and order that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and thus must be protected from any form of non judicial punishment. Instead what we have sometimes seen is police officers standing by and looking on while these acts are unfolding.

This cannot continue to happen in the 20th century. In a nation filled with educated and enlightened people. This practice must no longer be condoned in a nation where law and order must be upheld. No one must be allowed to take the law into their own hands.

We need the government to pass a bill to henceforth outlaw Jungle Justice in Nigeria and any perpetrators brought to greater justice in a court of law. Also anyone or persons taking part in acts that result in any loss of lives must become liable to face the firing squad.

Please support this petition today. Thank you.


Today a 7 year old boy was beaten and burnt to death for stealing garri (cassava flour). A lady was killed for stealing a cellphone sometime ago, Four young men were slaughtered in daylight for allegedly stealing gadgets some years back in Rivers state and nothing was done to the perpetrators. A woman was lynched in the northern part of Nigeria recently and the accused acquitted without justice for the dead. In Akwa Ibom, children are accused of witchcraft and thereafter summarily murdered, All in daylight, All with bystanders, filming and taking pictures while a human is snuffed to death.

This has to stop! These crimes against humanity are rarely investigated and the bystanders are never even considered as accomplices.

This is a barbaric act and the earlier something is done about this the better because the unity preached is threatened by such acts.

A legislative policy or law should be enacted for such heinous crime and the courts should be the only place to seek for justice whatsoever.

We simply can't take laws into our hands.

Sign this petition today and lend your voice to this cause so we put an end to this.. It could be you or me tomorrow... God forbid.

21. Justice for the hungry boy of Lagos

A 7 year old boy was lynched in Lagos, Nigeria over claim that he attempted to steal garri.

The Nigeria Government should bring the culprits to book and do something about "Jungle Justice" fast.

22. Make the sentence just

Dewayne robbed first state bank 1999. He was promised by his then attorney and the sentencing judge with no objections being voiced by any other persons present that day that he would be eligible for release in 10 years (Documented in the sentencing transcript) if he plead guilty.

4-16-2001 he entered a guilty plea an started his sentence. In 2007 he was informed he would be required to serve 30 years not 10. We have been trying to have this corrected. The court acknowledges the error but refuses to correct it due to procedural issues. He has now served 15 1/2 years with 14 1/2 years left to do. Due to errors made by others.

23. Justice for Susan M. Soldierson

Dear Friends,

Our family is trying to block parole for three inmates: Victor Logan # A193583,
Marcazuan Lockett # R138937, and Albert Young # R138938, convicted for the death of Susan Soldierson, our sister and Aunt, on June 27, 1986. At their trial before Judge Morgan in Summit County, they were found guilty of the following:
Aggravated Robbery- 10-25 years
Kidnapping- 10-25 years
Involuntary Manslaughter- 10-25 years

The Judge ordered these be served CONSECUTIVELY for a maximum sentence of 75 years since 1986.

At the time of the trial and since then, they have shown no remorse. Lockett and Young at the age of 17, had extensive juvenile records and were bound over at trial and charged as adults. Logan had just been released from his parole officer, after serving a breaking and entering charge for TWO MONTHS, prior to Susan's death. He was 22 and the car's driver.

Our family fears for our safety and the safety of the community. Decisions will be made on November 1, 2016. We appreciate a timely response with signatures.
Thank you for your support.

The Soldierson Family

24. Free Mark Raafa!

Mark Raafa, for the protection of the individual, is the alias of a man now trapped in dire circumstances in Bangkok, Thailand.

A man who was striving for more liberal laws for non-muslims in Karachi, Pakistan, ended up being the victim of a heinous crime; his home burnt down to the ground and receiving numerous death threats had to flee his own nation.

Like something out of a movie, Mark ends up with he and his family in Thailand in 2012, the only place that would accept him.

Then it got worse; the Pakistani government not only did nothing to help Mark, but charged him with Blasphemy. He fought the case from outside the country and was unsuccessful, being found guilty punishable by hanging.

Mark fought hard and received official refugee status from the UN, but that has not been enough.

Now, without any way out of Thailand, this warrior for Human Rights is looking to live in a place that will accept his plight as righteous and well fought.

Canada has the facilities and the spirit to bring this man and his family to safety out from the grips of sure death. Give Mark the chance to live in peace, he and his, by signing the petition now.

25. Make Hit&Runs Involving Domestic Animals a Criminal Offence!

On Sept.12 2016 my 7 year old Pitbull cross Harlow was ran over and killed by an ATV on private property in Northern Alberta.

While evidence showed us who was responsible and after giving the culprits time to apologize, they didn't have the decency to do that and instead lied to my family. After going to the RCMP we learned unfortunately that the hit & run of a domestic animal is not a criminal offence in Canada. I thought to myself how horrible is it in 2016 that animals do not have these rights? How many people have had to suffer not knowing who killed their pets or not having been able to charge someone who did? Our pets deserve justice just like us humans do and their owners deserve closure!

Please help us to make this a criminal offence!

26. Free Food Distribution Center at the Antioch New England Campus

Citizen's Supply is trying to establish a free food distribution center at the Antioch New England Campus so that anyone in Keene and the surrounding area can come to get something to eat.

Food is a right not a privilege! By signing here I state that I am in full support of this mission and would like to see a free food distribution center at Antioch New England!

27. Implement Uniform Civil Code in India, now!

Muslim women in India have suffered because of Triple Talaq which is Unilateral, Arbitrary and Contravenes both the Constitution and the Principles of Gender Justice in Islam.

Triple Talaq has been banned in more than 20 Muslim majority countries, including PAKISTAN and BANGLADESH while polygamy was prohibited in TURKEY and TURKMENISTAN among other countries.

28. Respect for the Presidency! Congress should take action on Merrick Garland's nomination, NOW!

Article Two of the United States Constitution establishes the executive branch of the federal government, which carries out and enforces federal laws. It includes the President, the Vice President, the Cabinet, executive departments, independent agencies, and other boards, commissions, and committees. Section 2 Clause 2 under this article gives the president power to appoint judges.

The Supreme Court is the only federal judicial body established by the Constitution itself, specifically in Article III, which begins: “The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one Supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish."

The US Congress determined that there should be nine justices on the US Supreme Court and the sitting President, Barack Obama, has appointed a ninth justice to the court, Merrick Garland, after the death of Justice Scalia. The Congress has not adequately considered this appointment and instead intends to wait for a new President. This does not adhere to the spirit of the law nor respect the letter of the law.

29. Freedom for Justin Cheong

Whereas: The life of Justin Cheong is the story of an American hero. Justin immigrated to the United States as a high school student, seeking to advance his education. He stayed to advance the principles of freedom, democracy, and equality. Now, Justin Cheong is held captive. He is imprisoned in a facility that holds immigrant detainees—an American concentration camp—and he is fighting for his own freedom and for the freedom of the young men who share his captivity. Behind prison walls, Justin continues his life’s work, pursuing the dream of a free and democratic nation in which “all men are created equal.” This petition exists so that Justin’s brave struggle will not be confined within prison walls. This petition demands freedom for Justin Cheong.

1 The case of Man Tou Cheong

Justin was born in 1990 in Macau, China, a small coastal territory just west of Hong Kong. His parents named him Man Tou Cheong. As a teenager, Man Tou gained citizenship in the nation of Portugal, and acquired a student visa to attend high school in America. He traveled to Minnesota, where he adopted the name Justin, and led a successful high school student career. His bright mind and obvious talents propelled him to advance to the University of California at Berkeley.

In California, Justin was able to thrive, finding direction and purpose to channel his great abilities. He became a student activist, championing the defense of public education and building a movement to unite people against all forms of bigotry and oppression.

Through his activist work, Justin met Liana Mulholland, whom he befriended and eventually married. Liana’s parents, both AFSCME union officials, became Justin’s legal U.S. “sponsors” so that Justin could stay and live in America after completing his education. Justin and Liana made a home together in Detroit, Liana’s hometown. They have been married for five years.

America is Justin’s home. He entered the country legally in 2007, and has remained in the country legally since then. His life is here, the people closest to him are here, and his hopes and dreams are here. His character and good standing are unimpeachable.

But these facts by themselves were not enough to protect Justin’s freedom. On Thursday, June 30, federal agents sought out and arrested Justin Cheong. Within hours, they had transported Justin to an immigrant detention facility in Monroe, Michigan, where Justin has been held without bond since that time. Justin has no criminal record and is not suspected of committing any crime—the federal agents held him captive on only a single charge: being born in the wrong country.

2 Immigration and the new Fugitive Slave Law

It is the most defining political issue of our time. In the United States and around the world, millions of people have relocated across national borders; it is the largest wave of global human migration since World War II. This modern migration has absolutely perplexed the world’s most dominant powers—nations have militarized their borders to combat peaceful and unarmed civilians, and politicians now rise or fall on the basis of their appeal either to a progressive internationalism or to xenophobic hatred. This polarized climate imposes new and intensified hardships on the already-embattled migrant populations.

The hardship of Justin Cheong is entirely the product of this anti-immigrant hysteria: government enforced, legally sanctioned hysteria. Justin committed no offense. He pursued what every American presumes to have the right to do—to move to or from any free and democratic nation in the world, in accordance with local rules and customs. He chose as his home a nation whose principles reflect his own—the belief that all human beings have inalienable rights. But Justin Cheong now sits in prison navigating an obscure and arbitrary legal process for immigrants in which human rights—and the human beings themselves—are thoroughly alienable. This process is separated from the rest of American law, operates outside the framework of Constitutional rights, and increasingly moves with the mechanical redundancy of an assembly line towards a predetermined outcome.

America’s immigration enforcement system is now the modern version of the Fugitive Slave Law.

Much like the 1850 law designed to further the apprehension of black Americans in the North—whether “fugitives” or not—today’s immigration system bears far stronger resemblance to kidnapping and enslavement than it does to any pursuit of justice. Most immigrants are deported to countries in which they would be working for miniscule wages for American mega-corporations, spending their scarce resources to buy American products, but never having the right to enter the very nation whose stupendous wealth they have created by their own toil. The torch of the Statue of Liberty does not shine its welcome inside the walls of America’s vast prison system for immigrants.

But there is one torch of freedom you can find there, behind the iron bars: his name is Justin Cheong.

3 Life in an American concentration camp

In the decaying town of Monroe, Michigan, a specialized prison holds Justin Cheong captive along with dozens of other immigrants. Some of the immigrants, like Justin, came to the United States with student visas to get an education. Many of the immigrants are refugees from Mexico and Central America, displaced from their countries of origin by the poverty and violence that American economic policy has created abroad. All of the immigrants hope to find peace and freedom.

Like Justin, most immigrants there are denied bond, held hostage for months at a time until the sheer oppressiveness of their captivity can compel them to sign papers agreeing to deportation. The standard procedure for denying bond is to designate an immigrant as a “flight risk,” which is perhaps the most ironic of all possible legal designations for people who are trying to stay where they are. The internal regime of the prison is designed to instill the stigma of being unwelcome and the feeling of powerlessness—the prison management works to aggravate racial and ethnic divisions among the inmates, to turn people against each other by enticing detainees to serve as the “good” prisoner who can enforce the regime against all the “bad” prisoners.

Justin’s unflinching dignity rises above the twisted social experiment. Justin is the advocate and beacon of hope for his fellow inmates. When Justin started to spend time drawing some fine portraits of the other prisoners, deep interest grew towards this talented young man, and a new sensation filled the air in the facility—there was kindness, and beauty, and friendship. Justin brought those things inside the prison walls. And he also brought his leadership, his fight for freedom, and his unshaken belief that oppressed people can and must stand up for one another as the most powerful means to stand up for themselves. Thanks to Justin’s efforts, a number of inmates have obtained legal representation through his own attorneys, and he stands as a devoted representative for hope and courage in a captive population, a proud and glowing torch where people are otherwise expected to be broken and invisible. Even in the darkest of circumstances, Justin shines as a wonderful human being, a champion of the oppressed, and a great American.

4. An American immigrant, civil rights activist, and champion of the oppressed

To his friends and loved ones, to his fellow activists, and to the countless people he has reached through his dedicated work, Justin represents the best qualities of people and brings out the best in others. In California and Michigan, Justin has been a frontline advocate for public education, for immigrant rights, and for the cause of equality for America’s segregated black and Latino communities. Justin quickly grew to become a respected leader in the civil rights organization, BAMN (By Any Means Necessary). Inherently fond of people, Justin has reached out to so many others—students, teachers, immigrants. And as a result, others have grown very fond of Justin. Through his compassion and enthusiasm, Justin has brought people together, young and old, people of all races and nationalities. Today, Justin carries on the tradition of leaders like Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Like them, Justin represents America’s highest ideals—he is a champion for freedom.

Champion of those who groan beneath
Oppression's iron hand:
In view of penury, hate, and death,
I see thee fearless stand.
Still bearing up thy lofty brow,
In the steadfast strength of truth,
In manhood sealing well the vow
And promise of thy youth.

-John Greenleaf Whittier, 1832
To William Lloyd Garrison

30. Resentencing of a Juvenile Life Without Parole

I am writing a petition in regards of my son Donald Williams. He was sentenced under the juvenile lifer law at the age of 16.

My son was charged with 1st degree murder, even though his co-defendant admitted to shooting and killing the victim. The case revolved around the delivery of drugs.

His co-defendant broke his silence before being sentenced and stated: "Mr. Williams had no knowledge of my plans". In addition to the statement my son Donald was also offered a plea deal to serve 6 years. Due to his innocence, he declined the offer because he had no involvement in this matter. In light of this Donald was a High School student with a G.P.A of 3.0 looking towards a bright future.

I believe it was not possible for Donald to receive a fair trial 23 years ago in (1993)... because, first my son is of the Afro-American race, the victim being Caucasian and the son of a Macomb County police officer. The case was widely publicized with my son being a juvenile being tried as an adult for just being guilty by association. He be-friend his co-defendant for only two days, which led him into making an unwise decision! It is also quite evident that my son had poor since of judgment in picking his friends. Nonetheless, he took time to personally apologize to the victim's family.

Additionally, I know I still have a difficult battle to fight. He has now served twenty three years, and fighting for parole. I feel that Donald deserves to be given the opportunity to return to the community. By signing my petition, you will shined light for Mr. Williams, and those who are in similar situations JUVENILE LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE.

Thank you for taking the time and consideration of signing my petition!

Yours Sincerely,
a Mother's Tears