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WHEREAS: Parental alienation is often found in high conflict separations, divorces and custody disputes,
and takes advantage of the dependency and responsibility of a child; and

WHEREAS: Parental alienation deprives a child of their right to a loving relationship with both parents,
and interfers with a child’s mental & emotional development; and

WHEREAS: Parental alienation can be mild or to the extreme, conscious or unconscious, and can
manipulate and undermine a parent’s role in a child’s life; and

WHEREAS: Parental alienation behaviors such as denigrating the target parent, interfering with communication and visitation, confiding inappropriate adult information with a child; such as the details of the marriage breakdown, court proceedings and financial matters are considered harmful to the child’s mental wellbeing; and

WHEREAS: Medical professionals agree the problem of parental alienation exists and can cause mental and emotional harm to a child; and can affect them as adults with tragic consequences; and

WHEREAS; With awareness, we can educate parents to act in their child’s best interest, and gain education, understanding, and knowledge to prevent the abuse of the innocent victims involved in high conflict separations.

April 25th is Parental Alienation Awareness Day.
Parental alienation is common in high conflict separations, where the parental predator uses the child as a weapon against the target parent. Parental predators ignore court orders and eventually severs the child's relationship from a loving parent.

The mental health ignorance of the legal system contributes to the parental predator's success. Judges do not enforce court orders, and do not protect children from mental & emotional abuse.

In high conflict separations, the Children's Aid Society, the Office of the Children's Lawyer, & all involved should be obligated to report signs of parental alienation. Judges need to be educated to recognize parental predators & disarm them. They need to make court orders and enforce them, in "the best interest of the child/ren". All parental predators will be, have been, or are in the court system.These predators use the system to their advantage, & the system allows it. Children do not have the time for a lengthy trial, because mental and emotional abuse are hard to prove.Parental Predators all leave their marks, but you can't see the scars. Parental alienation has a negative impact on a child's mental health forever. Children have one childhood, & need to be free from any influence that interfers with their normal development.

Parental predators can easily be recognized. They do not act in the best interest of their child/ren, & do not abide by court orders. They can be disarmed, if they receive mental health intervention.

Children deserve to have a loving relationship with both parents, to mental health protection & treatment, to mentally healthy parents, to grow up to be the best they can be, & to perform to the best of their abilities. They deserve character education to be increased within their school curriculum, to give them the tools to recognize all their predators. Thank you.

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