court of common Pleas of Lycoming County
United States of America

Our husband/dad was convicted of arson and was sent to prison two years ago. During the trial there was no concrete evidence shown and there was no motive shown. My husband was contracted to tear an old barn down in lieu of six months rent to a property he rented. Two weeks into the contract the barn burnt to the ground. My husband stood to gain nothing from the barn burning, in fact, he lost the contract and was forced to vacate the property. There was no insurance on the barn so that was not even a motive.

Family history: I was attending school and our dream has always been to open a respite care facility for special needs children. We were both working toward that goal. The burning of the barn literally caused our dreams to go up in smoke. My husband had no reason to burn down the barn and he would NEVER do such a horrible thing. We also both have strong convictions of right and wrong and doing such a deed is just wrong. We both love children and with this conviction we have no hope of ever achieving our dream. We were forced to have a public defender who did nothing but sit back and watch my husband and my children's dad get railroaded.

Please, help us get my husband back into court. We have since found a good Christian lawyer who would defend my husband like he deserved to be defended. We just want our husband/dad home. Thank You and God bless you.
Susan Jordan

My husband was falsely accused, tried, and convicted of arson. He did not do it. He had no motive and arson was never proved. Furthermore, we are the ones that lost because the barn burnt down. In addition, my husband would not do such a thing because his sense of right and wrong would not allow him to. Please read attached story and help me get a new trial for my husband. I read once that it is better for ten guilty people to go free than for ONE innocent man to sit in prison! My husband is an innocent man!

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