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1. Restore the Elderly Blind Program for southern Illinois

Elderly people with blindness or low vision, some our most vulnerable citizens in southern Illinois, have been stripped of their services that have been in place for the past 20 years.

We should all be concerned, because the loss of this funding means that elderly blind people in this entire region will no longer be served by any agency. People who have become suddenly blind due to natural causes or disease will no longer receive in-home support and training in how to cope with losing their sight. Those with long-term visual impairments will no longer have someone who will travel to their homes in rural counties to bring them items that magnify, light, or read vital information to them. There will be no one to teach them how to use their equipment, read their medications, pay their bills, or cook their meals.

The people served by this program have spent their lives working and paying taxes. Where will they find help now that this program is gone? The elderly blind in southern Illinois should not be deprived of services that restore some of the independence that the rest of us take for granted.

The Southern Illinois Center for Independent Living (SICIL) has provided these services to hundreds of people since 1997.

2. Retain Mrs. Kathy Becker as United Christian School Administrator

The signature list within this petition represents parents of United Christian School students in favor of Mrs. Kathy Becker's contract extending into the 2017/2018 school year. The decision to not renew the contract of Mrs. Kathy Becker as administrator of United Christian School is not supported by all parents. Additionally, it is troublesome that a decision of this nature can be made by a four-person board of directors without due consideration of parental opinion.

3. Support the 'The Loyalty Contract Ruling' (((SAVE THE GAME)))

In 1995 'The Bosman Ruling' was granted by the European Court of Justice - a ruling that allows out-of-contract footballers to leave their clubs without the clubs receiving a transfer fee.

Details on The Bosman Ruiling here:

Now that greed has embedded itself into the 'Heart and Soul' of the 'Beautiful Game', it is now time the clubs and ultimately the fans receive similar protection from football players (and their agents) who in most cases are awarded enormously huge salary increases half way through already highly paid contracts!

Common Scenario:

• A football player signs for a club on a four year deal worth £40,000 per week
= £2.08 million per year
= £8.32 million per contract term

• The player performs as he is paid to do so and after a successful first season (perhaps two), the player attracts offers from other clubs who have excessive amounts of cash to spend.

• In order to hold onto their player, the player's club rewards the player with a new deal worth a staggering £120,000 per week!
= £4.16 million ‘EXTRA’ per year!
= £6.24 million per year!

• One season plus £4.16 million ‘EXTRA’ later -the player and/or his agent/s states the player now wishes to leave the club (Normally fabricating excuses such as it is the players desire to play for a bigger club and/or to play in a competition such as the Champions League)

• This leaves the club (and the fans) in a very difficult situation, especially after the player stated and committed his ‘Love for the Club’ and received an extra £4.16 million that season for doing so! -and will subsequently receive an extra £4.16 million each year if he continues to ‘Honour his Contract’.

• In most cases, the club (and the fans) don’t want a so called ‘Unhappy Player’ at the club hence the club has little choice but to sell the player = PLAYER & AGENT/s WIN!


4. Follow the contract as it is written

"Reserve flight attendants will be given assignments after consideration of all of the following(listed in order of importance):
a. prevent flying into a scheduled day off
b. need for a language specialist qualification
c. maximize utilization of available duty periods
d. the more limited availability of call out reserves
e. assignment of a first in first out(FIFO) basis
f. equalization of duty periods assigned

5. When applying the above listed criteria flight attendants' expressed preferences through the reserve request screen will also be considered. Reserve flight attendants will be provided an opportunity to express their preference for Airport alert assignments and for minimum flying or maximum flying.

This has not been followed. Days off are being moved, FIFO has not been followed AND there has been not equalization of duty periods.

5. Darker than Black Season 3

With the ending of the phenomenal second season of the called anime series Darker Than Black, many loyal viewers were disappointed with the lack of answers given to the amount of questions generated by it’s ending.

So we, disappointed but still loyal fans and viewers, come here to state our point and to try to have BONES and the director Tensai Okamura to listen to our only wish.

We agree that not only the ending was too unclear and left too much in open, but also showed us a new tipping point in the story that had origin in the ending chosen for the 2nd season, and which is still a hidden incognito for all the DTB fans around the world. We see in this, a very new opportunity to improve the story and to develop the concept within it, as new mysteries peeked in the very ending of Season 2, and they seem to be just waiting to be revealed. Such a mysteries that had origin through the following facts told at the finishing part of Season 2:

- America invaded Japan, in hopes of regaining their status as the World superpower.

- Misaki, Madame Oreille, Mao and co. formed a group to resist to the Americans, called The Syndicate.

- A child woke up inside Hell’s Gate and is seen to be able of killing many humans.

- It’s assumed to be the child of Izanagi and Izanami, Kagutsuchi, the prophesied disaster to befall the World.

- Hei is alive and has his powers back.

• Through this topics, we find that the story was never completed, as we don’t know how this battle against Kagutsuchi ended. If the humans were save or how the child of Izanagi and Izanami was killed.

• Looking for other points and questions, we found out that although the whole 2nd season was all about it, no one actually figured out for sure who was Izanagi. If he was Hei or Shion we would only know if we saw Kagutsuchi.

• Other hidden points in the story were Yin’s wish and the fact that we never got to know if she really died, if Hei was able to kill her, or he just rescued her.

Also a very important fact, but this one related to both seasons:
- We still don't know what happened on Heaven's Gate. - What was Hei's link with Amber?
- How he got involved?
- How he got his powers?
- Why it's said that what happened in Heaven's Gate was BK201 fault? Hei's fault? His sister's fault?

All this, takes us to the same conclusion: There’s no reason why an anime as successful as Darker Than Black, should be shoot down by BONES when it has now the greatest opportunity to conquer more fans with a whole new season.

That's why we are here. That's why we are spreading this petition through internet:

6. Support a Student Bill of Rights

Petition for an American Student Bill of Rights:

Students in the United States are blessed to have legal rights, freedoms and protections. These include constitutional, civil, contract, consumer rights and rights specific to higher education. They are scattered, however, through a number of legal documents and court decisions making it hard for students to find them.

Please sign this petition for the creation of a National Student Bill of Rights which clearly states what rights exist to protect students and how they are applied in institutions of higher education.

It doesn't matter which country you live in or where you are from, please, show your support. Press the sign petition button at the bottom of the page. You have nothing to lose and students have everything to gain.

7. Pledge to BOO Justin Schultz

Justin Schultz has signed with the Edmonton Oilers. While this is a business-as-usual move in the NHL, Mr. Schultz was different. Due to a loophole in the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Mr. Schultz was able to yield power as a rookie, unseen since the likes of Eric Lindros.

Mr. Shultz - an untested rookie - walked away from a maximum contract with the team that drafted him, causing a media circus. The Anaheim Ducks were left with nothing, including an explanation, as to why Mr. Schultz had no intention of signing with the club.

8. Hire Dabo Forever

Dabo Swinney is the greatest coach in the history of Clemson University.

We must keep him at all cost.

9. I Support Honesty in Government and the rights we were granted under the Constitution and Bill of Rights

Our forefathers established this country with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that are supposed to provide us with fundamental rights. Every candidate for political office, every elected official, and every government employee should be willing to commit in writing to always defend our fundamental rights. Sadly, many do not -- people in all parties and people in no parties.

GRIP, the Government Reform & Integrity Platform, is a non-partisan coalition of organizations and people who simply seek honesty and our fundamental rights from government. This all that we stand for, and getting signatures from our fellow Americans will be used to send a message to every candidate, elected official, and government employee.

GRIP is also asking every candidate to sign a contract, and we ask every American voter to vote only for candidates who sign the Contract agreeing to always be honest and protect our fundamental rights.

We ask you to vote only for people who say they will be honest and remain accountable - regardless of party. Dishonesty is the fundamental problem with government today. We must all do something about it, and signing this petiiton is quick, easy, and important.

10. Political Candidate Contract with the Citizens of the United States

Every candidate for political office, every elected official, and every government employee should be willing to commit in writing to always be honest.

Our forefathers established this country with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that are supposed to provide us with fundamental rights. Every candidate for political office, every elected official, and every government employee should be willing to commit in writing to always defend our fundamental rights.

This is what this petition provides. GRIP, the Government Reform & Integrity Platform, is a non-partisan coalition of organizations and people who simply seek honesty and our fundamental rights from government. This all that we stand for, and getting signatures on this petition is our mission.

Everyone should be willing to sign this petition, but dishonest candidates and government officials will be unwilling to sign because the contract provides that they may be removed from office if they violate the petition contract.

GRIP will ask every American voter to vote only for candidates who sign this Contract. Platform First - Party Second. Let's vote only for people who say they will be honest and remain accountable - regardless of party. Dishonesty is the fundamental problem with government today. This Contract can make a difference.

11. Save local BSL interpreter service for Glos Deaf

(Following written by a Deaf person so shows Deaf/BSL word order and style)

Interpreter service. We want to keep BSL interpreter at GDA for things you need like doctors, appointments ok. But we have a problem, we might lose this service at GDA ok, why? Because NHS Gloucestershire want to put it together with other service like French, spanish translation team. That mean hard get good BSL in Gloucester if they have one big office somewhere else like maybe birmingham, anywhere cos cheaper for them save money.

Please sign this petition if you want to keep this BSL service at GDA and you know that good for us here in Gloucestershire.


GDA = Gloucestershire Deaf Association

12. Cheaper Mobile Phone Deals for Under 18's

We have discovered that Mobile Phone companies overcharge on their mobile phone deals, from a short survey we had composed Orange had appeared to be the most popular company for our age group that we are targeting (15-18yrs).

We are now intending to create a online petition so people will be able to sign up and see that we can make a difference. The actual deal itself consists of 200 free texts while on contract on Orange. We believe that this deal is fair, and would come very useful for our target audience.

Once an acceptable amount of people have signed the petition we will take this, as part of our evidence to Orange.

13. Renew Colette's Contract

Colette Webb has been managing the Transnational Resources Centre for 4 years. In the last months the board of a review of the TRC, which involved representation from the departments of French, German and Italian, have decided not to renew Colette's contract in favour of an IT technician on a lower salary, as it is felt that this will enhance the technology within the resource. Colette will be forced to leave her job at the end of this term.

This outrageously overlooks both the hard work that Colette has put into running the TRC over the last years as well as the massive popularity of the resource, as the feedback forms within the unit demonstrate. Instead the move demonstrates the distance between the staff and the reality of the resource, its use, and its users, where and for whom Colette’s amicable nature and well informed advice are entirely responsible for its success. The decision moreover symbolizes a concentration on cost over value which is typical of Warwick PLC or Warwick University Ltd., as E. P. Thompson viewed it (Penguin, 1970), not to mention the current government and its attitude towards education as business.

We, the past and present users of the Transnational Resources Centre, call for Colette’s contract to be renewed, and for the University and the departments to understand the simple facts: the TRC needs someone with the attitude and experience of Colette Webb if it wishes to remain successful and used, but it also needs to be supported, not ignored, by the three languages departments as was originally intended by the founders of the resource. Management skills are required to make sensible use of the spaces of the TRC, and linguistic to keep the DVDs and the database organized as well as communicate sufficiently with the departments. A new staff member with technological in addition to managerial and linguistic abilities, willing to work on a low pay scale, will be difficult to find.

We also ask that the departments and Faculty of Arts recognize that technological problems at the TRC are twofold: simple computer issues, which mimic a university-wide IT services incompetence, and audio-visual, which require specialist training. In light of the above, we ask that the departments and the Faculty reconsider a more valuable and all-around beneficial division of labour which will keep Colette at the TRC but also make space for audio-visual expertise, for instance on a part-time contract. Otherwise it is perhaps time for the Faculty/departments to face up to the fact that they must eventually acknowledge: technology requires money, not man power, to remain updated and functional. If the board had more fairly and comprehensively reviewed the TRC this year, they would already be aware of this.

14. Abolish Gov. Scott Walker's Union Contract Bill

Walker has introduced a bill that would strip public employees across the board — from teachers to snowplow drivers — of their right to collectively bargain for sick leave, vacation, even the hours they work.

But nothing would change for local police, fire departments and the State Patrol.

15. Replace the BC RCMP with Provicial Police Force

The BC Government is in negotiations with the RCMP to renew their contract in 2012.

With all the problems with RCMP officers being charged with criminal offenses and being suspended with pay for years while it works it's way through the courts and then through internal RCMP discipline committees the BC Government and the people have no say in in the mandate of the RCMP only Ottawa has jurisdiction, it's time to replace them with a provincial and municipal force.

16. Stop BC RCMP renewal contract without public consultation

The BC Government is in negotiations with the RCMP to renew their contract for policing in 2012.

With past performance of RCMP officers being charged with criminal offenses and rising they are reassigned to desk duty or to sit at home with full pay until all court cases have been dealt with, most cases take years and if convicted they then go through a RCMP internal review (1 year at least)before discipline If any!

There is another petition to oust the RCMP altogether from BC,

17. Please Reinstate Angelina Love's (Lauren Williams) TNA Contract

It recently came to my attention that Lauren Williams (Angelina Love, of Total Nonstop Action wrestling) had been terminated due to mishandling of her work Visa paperwork. She had been working illegally in the United States ever since she was released from the developmental contract in WWE a couple of years ago. This is all very well understood and has been taken into consideration in the drafting of this petition.

However, as one of thousands of fans of her work, I ask the general public (if not the world), wrestling fans and non fans alike, to come together and make your voices heard by signing this petition. If we can collect enough names, the TNA President and general management will be sure to realize that Angelina Love is a necessary staple in TNA's operation and a much beloved performer to people all over the world.

Perhaps the impact of this petition will encourage Total Nonstop Action wrestling management to pursue future negotiations with Lauren Williams once her work Visa issues have been sorted out.

18. End Apple iPhone exclusivity to O2 in the UK

Apple's exclusivity to O2 prevents competition on tariffs and upgrade prices. Customers, particularly those with existing iPhone 3G contracts, are getting a poor deal.

Apple should consider including other operators or it risks losing the customer loyalty and reputation it has so heavily invested in.

19. Republican Contract with America

The Republican Party has lost its way. These days it seems like they are liberals and democrats with little to no opposition.

They are free to socialize our country and take our freedoms. We as Republicans must reaffirm our motives to the American people.

20. Help Save America From Our government


America- Put down your guns and listen to us for a while.

America - I think your wrong.

America- I will turn off my T.V. i don't need your insane messages anymore.

America - I have my own thoughts i would like to explore now.

America - Why do you want me dead.

America - I don't think we should block our borders. I don't want to live like this

America - I think you are the breed of terrorist in the world.

America - Why do you want me to hate man.

America- I know what your up to and i don't want to be know as you

America - If i was god i would look at you as the devil.

America - You have gone to far I can't listen to you anymore.

America - Why do you look at the word love as a four letter word

America - I think it's time we all leave you. We are having a bad relationship it's not good for the children.

America - I hope after we are gone one day you will find all of us and maybe then you will be one of us.

I think it's time we all should start being proactive and assertive in taking our civil liberties back. We can start with that, then we can work on getting other things back from the government. Peace

~ Max The Happy Hippie~


It is time to fire the liars.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is
for good men to do nothing" .
--Edmund Burke
U.S.C. TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 47 § 1001.
(a) Except as otherwise provided in this section, WHOEVER, in any matter within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and willfully—
(1) falsifies, conceals, or covers up by ANY trick, scheme, or device a material fact;
(2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation; or
(3) makes or USES any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry; shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.
(b) Subsection (a) does not apply to a party to a judicial proceeding, or that party's counsel, for statements, representations, writings or documents submitted by such party or counsel to a judge or magistrate in that proceeding.
(c) With respect to any matter within the jurisdiction of the legislative branch, subsection (a) shall apply only to—
(1) administrative matters, including a claim for payment, a matter related to the procurement of property or services, personnel or employment practices, or support services, or a document required by law, rule, or regulation to be submitted to the Congress or any office or officer within the legislative branch; or
(2) any investigation or review, conducted pursuant to the authority of any committee, subcommittee, commission or office of the Congress, consistent with applicable rules of the House or Senate.


The Bush administration and their friends in the media want this story to go away. More than want it to go away, they are in a panic, and will do everything they can to stop it. They will use every dirty trick, every paid shill, every presstitute that they can. Already there is a report that the Michael Jackson jury is "expected" to reach a verdict just before the Conyers hearings.

So, I want YOU to copy this article off, post it everywhere. This article is placed in the public domain. Mail it to your friends. Then send it to your local media and your Congresscritters and have everyone you know do the same. Get on the phones. Flood their offices.

The term is "Viral Marketing" where you get the people who need a product to market it for you. Well, this nation NEEDS this "product". It needs to know that this war was started with lies. INTENTIONAL lies. And they need to know there is something they can do about it, and that is to start pounding on the doors of power.

Because when a flood of such messages reaches the Congress and the media, what they will hear is that there is no more time. Either they will deal with these lies and the liars, in full, or they will lose all credibility as a government and as media.

A government that lies to the people cannot be the legal government of this land. Make sure that they understand that YOU understand that the Constitution does not allow the government to lie to the people. Calling themselves the government does not make it so if they act unconstitutionally and illegally. The Constitution is the original "Contract with America" and a government that lies stands in clear breach of that contract.



“… the Pentagon findings on Halliburton overcharges are likely to fuel the allegations of favoritism, especially since it was revealed that the firm had been granted the contract to manage Iraq's oilfields, valued at up to $7 billion, without competition and without any bidding. Cheney's name inevitably surfaces

“Cheney(‘s)… links to Halliburton… have drawn intense scrutiny because he ran the company for five years and was given a $33 million payoff when he left to run for office. Before joining Halliburton he was secretary of defense, and in a position to know about and grant Pentagon contracts. Halliburton's military work has expanded over the past decade...

“During the decade of Halliburton's extraordinary growth, Cheney was the defense secretary for four years, from 1989-93, and then the chief executive of the company for five years, from 1995-2000.

“As vice president, Cheney has maintained his contacts with energy-industry executives and solicited their views in developing US energy policy. The secrecy of those contacts - which the White House refuses to divulge - is the subject of a US Supreme Court lawsuit.” - Halliburton Unscathed by Overcharge Flap


In October of 2004, Bunnatine Greenhouse called the Halliburton Middle East contracts into question…

“… Greenhouse said that when the Pentagon awarded Halliburton a five-year $7 billion contract, it pressured her to withdraw her objections, actions which she claimed were unprecedented in her experience.

“… the Army gave the no-bid contracts to Halliburton's subsidiary KBR for political reasons. Greenhouse charged that contracts were approved over her reservations, some of which were handwritten on the original contracts, and extensions of contracts were awarded because underlings signed them in collusion with senior officials without her knowledge.

“Greenhouse claimed the Army… violated ‘the integrity of the federal contracting program as it relates to a major defense contractor’. ‘Employees of the U.S. government have taken improper action that favored KBR's interests,’ Greenhouse wrote. ‘This conduct has violated specific regulations and calls into question the independence’ of the contracting process.” - Halliburton Contracts Illegal - But Bush Busts The Whistleblower

21. Petition Congress To Make A Breach Of Contract With Military A Felony

This petition is written due to the controversy concerning the U.S. Appeals Court decision Allowing Dr. Mary Hanna, a Boston-based physician to legally breach a contract to serve in the Army as a medical officer on the grounds claiming that she is a conscientious objector.

Dr. Hanna accepted fully paid medical education scholarship from the Army and in exchange for receiving that scholarship signed a contract and gave her promise to give 8 years of service to military even after being given a promise by the Army that she would only be ordered to serve on staff as a physician in a military base hospital in Texas, she still refused to report to active duty.

22. Ban Non-Compete Agreements in Massachusetts

We the people and workers of Massachusetts believe we should have the right to work for whom and where we want and should not be limited by our employers.

Some employers are restricting employees in which employers they can work for by requiring employees to sign Non-Compete Agreements and/or clauses therefor Violating our Right to to be employed in most experianced line of work.




Chhattishgarh is a mineral rich state that provides perfect opportunity to produce cement at most competitive prices. Raipur- Bilaspur belt provides the best location where both man and material is available cheaply. Government of Chhattisgarh gave lots of concessions with intentions that it will help in creating employment and contribute to the welfare of the people of the state. This resulted in mushroom growth of the cement industries in the area. Ultratech, Grasim, Century, Ambuja and Lafarge have come up with huge capacities in this belt. HOLCIM a Swiss based multinational has appeared on the scene by acquiring the ACC, AMBUJA etc.

Even though the natural mineral resources are exploited by those companies at a throw away prices, land forcibly acquired from the farmers at the cost of tears, Corporate cement companies are busy playing dirty games by not even respecting the rehabilitation package, as many of those land losers have been shown the exit door.

Very recently, it has come to light that few major companies have formed a cartel, resulting in abnormal hike in cement prices. Ten major cement producing companies are already served notices to that effect by the authorities.

As if this is not enough, the cartel is now busy to systematically exploit labours by squeezing them to exploit in a unified manner, which is a very serious matter.

Even "Cement Wage Board" agreement in force in the Indian cement industry which is the result of negotiations between the All India Cement Manufacturers Association and a group of central trade unions in the cement industry, which has been ratified from time to time, is not honored.

According to this agreement, contract labour is prohibited in the entire production process in the cement industry all over India, and even in the limited areas in which it is permitted - such as the loading and unloading of raw materials, contract labour are to paid at the same wage rate as regular employees.

Holcim, Lafarge, Century, and Ultratech have formed the Chhattisgarh Cement Manufacturers Association (CCMA). This Association has challenged the very jurisdiction of the State Government to make a reference in the first place, vide a writ petition before the Hon’ble Chattishgarh High Court, challenging the notification dated 31/12/60 bringing the cement industry under the purview of the MPIR Act, after more than 45 years! It is shocking to learn that the cartel has even managed to influence the concerned Respondent officer of the Central Government to support their case. If the CCMA succeeds in its conspiracy, it will intensify the attack against the already beleaguered working class of Chhattisgarh.

We appeal to all who feel strongly about this kind of exploitative stranglehold of big corporations - particularly foreign multinationals, to support the effort of the struggling contract workers in the cement industry in Chhattisgarh. Join the campaign against Holcim, Lafarge and Ultratech by exposing their misdeeds against workers, by signing the online petition and also declare your solidarity with Pragatisheel Cement Shramik Sangh C/o Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha Office. Labour Camp, Jamul
Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India

24. Bring invader zim back

Invader zim was one of the greatest cartoons ever made,but it was cancelled and breaking the contract og them making 40 episodes. But only made 27.

And I want all 40 episodes to be made.

25. Renew Professor Andrew Paquin's Contract

As of May 29th, 2007, the administration of Colorado Christian University has
decided to not renew Professor Andrew Paquin's teaching contract.

Named "2005-2006 Faculty Member of the Year" by the CCU student body, Andrew
Paquin is both loved and respected by current students, alumni, faculty, staff,
and parents of CCU students. Now, against their wishes, Professor Paquin is
being dismissed on grounds that are hardly comprehensible.

Rarely promulgating his own opinions, Professor Paquin challenged students to
come to their own conclusions about what it meant to be a follower of Christ.
He truly called on his students to "think for themselves" and "be seekers of
truth," two purported objectives of the University. His dismissal would be a
regrettable step backwards in the pursuit of these goals.

Professor Paquin’s background and convictions were exactly what the Social
Sciences department needed. He breathed life into the Global Studies degree,
undoubtedly contributing to its rapidly growing status. With his practical and
experiential knowledge in the non-profit sector, as well as his relentless passion
for empowering the poor and marginalized, Professor Paquin was an invaluable
asset to the Global Studies program of Colorado Christian University.
Furthermore, his termination will not only be a loss for Global Studies students,
but a loss for the student body as a whole.

26. Removal of Management Alternatives as the property manager

We are seeking the removal of Management Alternatives as the acting property manager for Great Neck Grove Condo Association.

According to Laura's simplified contract she can be fired with or without case so long as she receives 90 days notice. The request for firing of Management Alternatives comes from many complaints within the community. Issues that are emailed to Laura rarely get a response via email, even when asking for a reply. When responses are made and several issues were asked, usually only one or two of the issues are answered.

When I asked for a physical copy of the termite contract I received a copy of the bill and was told this is all we have. I have since learned there is a master copy with Terminex. There is no physical office for obtaining paperwork and to see someone in person. Emails and letters sent to Laura rarely if ever make it to the monthly board meetings to be discused.

I personally sent an letter about light sensors over a year ago, the board had no idea because Laura never brought the letter in. To this day I still have not received an answer, and the letter was sent in with the monthly payment. The reserves are completely and utterly inadequate and well below guidelines from the 2001 reserve study. While Laura may be fairly low priced, we need a strong and able property manager to set our Condo Association back into the right direction.

This petition is to be brought to the monthly meeting to have the board be aware of what the community wants to see happen with our current management.

27. ASFCME - stop the current addendum vote

On Friday September 29, 2006, a union vote took place concerning modifications in the Driver and Monitor Contract. Many union members feel that they were not properly notified or given accurate information concerning the vote.

Specifically, members were not notified in a timely manner to make arrangements or allocations of their time to participate in the vote. Some members were notified the very day of the vote and some were not notified at all. The preferred current ASCME communication style is to put paper flyers in the transportation building lounge. This style operates under the assumption that all drivers and monitors visit the lounge, which is not true.

Additionally, the amendments to the contract were not given to each union member in a timely manner to develop an opinion of good or evil. Only two pieces of paper that were confusing to some lay next to the vote box for drivers and monitors to make a very quick decision to vote yes or no. Furthermore, union members were not provided their own personal copy

28. A Petition from the Residents of the Ravinia Apartments

When moving into the Ravinia Apartments, each Tenant reviews and signs a contract detailing what is expected from them and what they can expect from their Landlord.

We, the tenats of the Ravinia Apartments have become increasing disturbed because this contract has been breached by the Landlord. In this contract, the Tenant reads that a gym is provided as an amenity.

We, the tenants of Ravinia Apartments in San Antonio, Texas, Petition for the Enforcement of the Written Contract agreed to and signed by each before moving into the Ravinia Apartments.

Wherefore, the Tenants requests that the Landlord(s) immediately correct all violations of the contractual agreement.

29. Support same-sex marriage

Should same-sex marriage be legalised in Australia?

One of the government’s roles is to ensure that all Australian citizens have access to fairness, justice and equality. The government is reinforcing prejudice by not allowing equality and the same rights to all citizens. Discrimination comes in many forms and singling out people because of their sexual orientation, and prohibiting them from being legally joined in marriage is just another type.

At the start of 2006, a week before Mardi Gras, Treasurer Peter Costello told the Sydney Institute gathering that marriage rightly applied only to man and woman.

He pointed to changes in 2004 to the Marriage Act allowing homosexuals access to their partner’s superannuation as an example of how the government had recognised gay rights.

However it was a comment about how the government does not outlaw gay sex that angered Ms Stricker and Professor Phelps, a former president of the Australian Medical Association, working GP and a media commentator.

Mr. Costello said: “I think we do recognise the rights of gay and lesbian people in Australia. We do not criminalise conduct or behaviour.”

Professor Phelps, offended by the comment, said it would be like saying to Mr. Costello at the Mardi Gras: “You are really lucky that we don’t lock you up because you are heterosexual.”

Sydney has one of the highest gay, lesbian and bisexual populations in the world, all of whom should have the same rights as the rest of society. Same-sex marriage will provide access to social benefits—from inheritance, to pensions, to longer hospital visitation rights. Why are Australians saying that it’s alright to be homosexual, promoting clubs and bars and even celebrating a mass parade (Mardi Gras) every year, however drawing a line at same-sex marriages?

Some people believe that same-sex marriage will be a threat to the institution of marriage. Homosexuality is recognised in our society and broadly accepted. It is nothing new, so why would allowing same-sex marriages affect Australian society and life?
Marriage simply allows people to be legally bonded in a social and economic contract.

Marriage is not solely about procreation. If that were the case, people who were unable to have children would be refused marriage licenses, as would the couples solely focused on a working life. People marry for many other reasons such as love, companionship and commitment. Legislating for gay marriage merely recognises the status quo. There are already a lot of same-sex couples in Australia involved in a committed relationship, and positively contributing to Australian society.

Those who argue against same-sex marriage and for marriage inequality are denying children the legal protection and economic safety that comes from marriage. All children should be able to enjoy the tangible and intangible benefits that marriage - hetero or homosexual - can bring. A lot of same-sex parents want what heterosexual parents want—the freedom to marry, so as to provide a stable and committed environment for themselves and their family.

Marriage is a legal, economic, social and family contract that has evolved over time. It has an ever-changing face. It can adapt. There is nothing in the ‘contract’ that prohibits same-sex couples from enjoying the same benefits. These were just prejudices in the past. Let’s evolve with the times.

30. QIS-UAW Union Members

August 8, 2006

QIS-UAW Union Members request that the Union demand the company (QIS) to abide by the language of Union contract which entitles employees reimbursursement for their gas when peforming work for the Company when required to drive beyond a 60 mile radius of their facility.