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1. Call to save Arash Sadeghi-Appel pour sauver Arash Sadeghi

Arash Sadeghi,31 a defender of human rights, imprisoned in the section 350 of Evin prison, is very sick, but the Iranian authorities put Arash’s life in danger by refusing to transfer him to the hospital.
Arash Sadeghi started a hunger strike in October 2016 to protest against the incarceration of his wife, Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee, a human rights militant imprisoned because she wrote a fiction about stoning – the fiction not even being released yet. Arash Sadeghi ended his hunger strike on Tuesday January 3rd, after 71 days, but hasn’t received any care since. His current status is critical and he needs to go through intensive care. The authorities are playing with the life of Arash by refusing to transfer him to a hospital. Prevent a prisoner to receive proper care is crual and like a torture towards him and his family.
The Iranian authorities must immediately transfer Arash Sadeghi to a hospital to provide the care he needs urgently.
We strongly protest against this situation and call for Arash Sadeghi to be freed and immediately transferred to the hospital.
By signing this letter, we call the international organisations of human rights to take urgent measures to save the life of Arash Sadeghi. If we don’t act today, tomorrow might be too late.

Please sign this petition to help us save Arash Sadeghi.

Links to learn more about Arash Sadeghi :
فراخوان برای نجات جان آرش صادقی
آرش صادقی 31 ساله یک فعال حقوق بشر میباشد که در بند 350 زندان اوین زندانی است. او بشدت بیمار است، اما ماموران زندان اوین با دستور از بالا با جلوگیری از رفتن او به بیمارستان جان او را در خطر انداخته اند. آرش صادقی برای اعتراض به دستگیری همسرش گلرخ ایرایی به یک اعتصاب غذا در اکتبر 2016 دست زد. گلرخ ایرایی یک فعال حقوق بشر است که بخاطر نوشتن یک رمان منتشر نشده در رابطه با سنگسار زندانی می باشد. آرش صادقی به اعتصاب غذای خود در 3 ژانویه بعد از 71 روز پایان داد. اما تا بحال از درمان او جلوگیری کرده اند. امروز او در وضعیت بسیار خطرناکی قرار دارد و باید بصورت اورژانس تحت معالجه درمانهای تخصصی قرار گیرد. با اجازه ندادن انتقال او به بیمارستان، با جان او بازی میکنند. جلوگیری از معالجه یک زندانی، اقدامی جنایتکارانه و مصداق شکنجه در حق او و خانواده اش می باشد.
آرش صادقی باید فورا به بیمارستان منتقل شود تا بصورت اورژانس تحت معالجه قرار گیرد.
ما بشدت به این وضعیت اعتراض داریم و خواهان آزادی و انتقال بی وقفه آرش صادقی به بیمارستان هستیم.

با امضای این فراخوان، از تمام ارگانیزاسیون های حقوق بشری میخواهیم، به اقدام فوری برای نجات جان آرش صادقی دست بزنند. اگر امروز کاری نکنیم فردا دیر خواهد بود .

2. get us longer holidays !!

As a student, i find it imperative that the holidays are longer, Out of a 52 week year we go to school and supposedly learn for 40+ of the 52 week year. that leaves us with 10 weeks to have a life. How am i supposed to have a social life if i am forced to go to prison for 6+ hours a day, for 5 days a week? We have human rights. Release us from the prison, or hell. #canigetanamen #godbless

3. President of the United States - Please Exonerate Orlando Carter

Exonerate Orlando Carter of bank fraud - a crime he did not commit, proven by certified records from PNC Bank

In 2008, the DOJ indicted and convicted Orlando Carter for bank fraud based upon a false claim from National Commercial Capital (kna PNC Bank) that he was liable for a $4 million loan. Rather than verify bank records, FBI agent Kevin Gormley and AUSA Richard Chema presumed the loan was valid.

In 2015, Carter secured certified documents from PNC Bank which prove there was no loan. The government now hinders Carter’s efforts and the federal courts hide behind its "rules”.

Carter has served 8 years of a 15 year sentence. We ask the President of the United States to correct the DOJ's egregious mistake for case 1:08-cr-051, Southern District, Ohio. Without a $4 million loan, Chema prosecuted Carter without grounds or jurisdiction. Carter is innocent. We respectfully request the President of the United States exonerate Orlando Carter.

The complete details of the injustice against Orlando Carter are available by video and explanation in written form at the following link:

The youtube videos are at:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

4. Petition For U.S. To Change Federal Law on Juvenile Life Sentences

This petition is being created to spread awareness of the issue that children under the age of 18 are being sentenced to life in prison.

The federal law should be changed to no longer allow this to happen.

5. Do not extradite Laurie Love to the USA

Lauri Love is a young man with Aspergers Syndrome. Idiot American admin folk want to deport him to face 'hacking' charges in the USA where if convicted he could face 99 years (max sentence for same offense here 20 months!)

The information he gleaned was already hacked on multiple occasions by other computer hackers and there nothing he accessed could be considered Top Secret. The U.S. legal folk are simply embarrassed and want to make a point.

Shame on the judge at Westminster Magistrates for agreeing the extradition. Now we the public should make a noise and let our government who we elect and who work for us know that we do not approve of our children being sent to third world countries to be tried in courts already proven to be as corrupt as any in the World.

We do not want our children sent to spend time in US prisons where it is almost certain they will be raped and sexually assaulted (nobdy in America would deny the stats which suggest over 70% of young men incarserated are sexually assaulted).

Please sign this petition and demand the young man be dealt with here. Extradition laws need reviewing. They are being expanded so that the rules covers almost anything including relatively trivial offenses.. PLEASE SIGN ...........

6. Keep Wentworth Prison on Channel 5 in the UK

HD TV was invented for a reason - to give viewers the ultimate viewing experience.

The Australian TV drama Wentworth Prison and its huge fandom deserve this viewing experience so please do not move it to Channel 5 Star that does not offer this.

Please do not deprive fans of the ultimate viewing experience.

7. Pardon Alladin Mohammed

During a dark period in his life, Alladin Mohammed was incarcerated in 1996 for murder, was sentenced to death, then commuted to life imprisonment in 2008. Having since experienced the Light & Mercy of GOD, he is currently at Carrera Convict Prison, where as a reformed inmate he helps others by teaching them the Discipline of Art.

His conduct & industry has consistently been assessed as Very Good, as he has made every effort to advance himself through rehabilitative initiatives facilitated by the Prison Authorities.

In light of his turnaround & remorseful attitude towards his past offence, he has become even more marketable, has matured socially, spiritually, academically, & is respected by all those who interact with him.

Some of his Achievements & Contributions includes:
1) Certificate in Bible Studies with Billy Graham Evangelists (1999). Obtained whilst on Death Row.
2) Art Diploma from Penn Foster Career School, Pennsylvania (2004-2006). Obtained whilst on Death Row.
3) Bible Study Course with Pastor Baker of Seventh Day Adventists (2008).
4) Awarded 1st Place in the Inmate HIV / Aids Poster Competition hosted by the Ministry of National Security & Penal Reform (28th September 2010).
5) Invited by the Archbishop’s Appeal Committee to donate artwork to help raise funds for Restoration of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (6th June 2011).
6) Awarded 1st Place & the Special Artist Prize in the 2010 Christmas Card Competition held by the Prisons Programmes Department.
7) Attended & sold artworks at 6 public Prison Art Exhibitions (2011-2015).
8) Founded an art studio/class at Carrera Convict Prison called ‘Carrera Island Studios’ (2009), & successfully teaches art to inmates who recognize art as a viable career option (2009-2016).
9) Favorably featured in many media publications, including print & television, regarding his art (2010-2015).
10) Prominently featured in the Archbishop’s Appeal Auction Catalogue 2011.
11) Received a Letter of Appreciation from Archbishop Edward J. Gilbert, for his contribution towards the Restoration of the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception (20th-Oct-2011).
12) Awarded 2nd place in the 2011 Christmas Card Competition held by the Prisons Programmes Department.
13) Awarded 1st place in the 2011 Traditional Mas design competition held by Programmes Department.
14) Certificate from the Announcers’ Broadcast Academy in Broadcast Announcing. Achieved at MSP (2012).
15) Exhibited art work with CCP’s Roving Caravan at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, & Arima Velodrome (July – August 2012).
16) Exhibited art work at The Military Tattoo Village (July – August 2012).
17) Certificate from the National Academy of Business, Arts & Computing, in Computer Competence (2013).
18) Recommended for Early Release by CCP Prison Authorities, RE: 4th year Confidential Report (2012).
19) Member of the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago (2013-2015).
20) Exhibited Artwork with the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago (2013).
21) Awarded the status of 'Honored Inmate' (Red Band) In recognition of his hard work (2014).
22) Attends Raja Yoga classes under the guidance of Bramha Kumaris Kay Narinesingh (2009-2016).

 Donates his artistry to many worthy causes, including:
•Fundraisers at various public schools
•Paintings as tokens to young aspiring cricketers (Jul 2010).
•Paintings to Prison Fellowship International (Aug 2010).
•Painting to the Archbishop’s Appeal Committee to help raise funds for Restoration of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (6th June 2011).
•Paintings to Holy Name Convent, Silent Art Auction to help raise funds for construction of a new classroom wing at the school (2012).
•Paints Portraits of retired/deceased prison officers as tokens (2010-2015).
•Decorations at all Seasonal events at CCP (2011-2015).
•Signage at various Prison Institutions (2009-2015):
•Printed or assisted in the printing of over 1,800 inmates’ prison issued uniforms - (Jan 2009–Aug 2013).
•Face Painting services:
Prison Family Day (2010-2015)
Prison Youth Club events (2015)
Sangre Grande Regional Cooperation Family Day (2015).


Contact email:


We were in the military for 25 years. First 5 was in Militia, Reserves. The last 20 were across Canada, and Tours to Bosnia, Golan Heights, A Humanitarian Mission in Turkey, when they had that terrible Earth Quake, and Then onto Afghanistan, all with in I believe 7 years. With them training about 4 months out of those years. THEY COME HOME VERY CHANGED. THEIR SOULS ARE BROKEN. SOME NEVER RECOVER, BUT JUST LIVE DAY TO DAY.





9. Make conjugal visits legal in Australia

The Reason we have started this petition is because our partners are in prison. We would like to continue our relationship including a healthy sexual relationship. I think it would keep these men and women at ease knowing that their partners are being faithful, it’s a fact that most fights in prison are provoked by sexual frustration. We would like all women and men to continue a healthy life style with their partners.

I understand some may say it’s pointless as “their being punished for something they have done" But For those who visit their partners once or twice every week and can’t simply kiss their partner because its “excessive contact” want something done about this? Please help us by signing this petition so the rest of Australia can follow Victoria and make Conjugal visits legal.

So Please sign this petition so we can take this to parliament and prove how it effects not just the prisoners, But the innocent as well.

For those of you who are reading this and don't have a partner in prison, take a moment to think.... what if you were in our shoes...

10. Justice for Kevan Thakrar!

• Kevan Thakrar was wrongly convicted of murder and attempted murder in 2008 under “joint enterprise”, the legal rule which means that anyone who participates in any way can be convicted of a crime, regardless of whether they committed it. Kevan wasn’t present when the murder took place, but he was sentenced to life with a minimum of 35 years in jail. He was aged 20.

• The description of the assailant given by witnesses was nothing like Kevan and other ID evidence was unreliable. There was no DNA, cell-citing or forensics to put Kevan at the scene of the crime. Kevan’s alibi witness was threatened by police to stop him testifying. Hearsay evidence was also used from people in Cyprus who had never met Kevan, never attended the trial, and who retracted their statements afterwards.

• Two trials were abandoned because of jury bias. In the third, a juror knew one of the investigating police officers who gave key controversial testimony in court.

• In March 2010, Kevan was attacked by prison officers and then charged with assaulting them. He was put in solitary confinement (locked in his cell for 23 hours a day) – conditions condemned by UN Special Rapporteurs on Torture as “cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment".

Contact details - Kevan’s mum:

For more information:

11. Say no to the $25 million pounds Prison in Jamaica

On his visit to Jamaica on Tuesday (September 29), Prime Minister David Cameron announced a £25m deal on building a prison in Jamaica so that foreign criminals in the UK can be sent home to serve sentences in the Caribbean.

There are other important things in Jamaica that needs more attention then a prison! We need more hospital equipment, educational supplies and resources.

We also need more in the way of job creation.

We need help in elderly care, we also need financial help in a lot of departments in Jamaica we also have a lots of homeless, motherless, fatherless, and hopeless people.

We don't need a prison in Jamaica!

12. Demand and end to Institutionalized slavery

My name is Rene Neal-De-Stanton. I wrote this petition because I believe that slavery should not be legal in any form in the United States of America. The main reasons for my beliefs are constitutional. Slavery is a violation of human rights.

Since the formal petition can only be 1000 characters long, the rest of the petition can be seen below. If there is anything in this petition you do not agree with, please do not sign it.

"... To resolve the issue, we want a law to be passed by congress that will make all forms of slavery illegal in every state of the United States of America.

We also do not want individual states to be able to decide the laws in their jurisdiction. We believe that this issue is dividing the United States as a whole and that action should be taken quickly."

13. Support Conjugal Visits For Prisoners in the UK

I believe its important that as much as we have the right to be there to support our loved ones in prison emotionally I also believe its as important to physically have the right as well such as conjugal visits.

Conjugal visits are taken place in countries such as Brazil and in some circumstances in a few states in America; based on these it is proven to sustain relationships and regarding the prisoners it is proven to help them as well both to maintain them selves mentally and physically.

From these examples I see no harm and no reason why as to why we can not Pass an act to make Conjugal visits legal in the UK.

14. Indiana Elderly Woman, Nettie Luckett, Seeks Change of Sentence!

Nettie Luckett has always deeply cared for her family, having three sons, two daughters, numerous grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

She has always been a law-abiding citizen for over 75 years. She never caused any problems with neighbors, and kept to herself. Neighbors that interacted with her say she was kind and always cared about the children.

Neighbors would often see her tending to her yard, cutting grass, and planting flowers. She was a responsible home-owner and kept her yard clean and presentable. She encouraged neighborhood improvement.

That all changed on August 26, 2011. She now resides at Rockville Correctional Facility for manslaughter for shooting and killing her son-in-law.

There has been great speculation and curiosity about this case. Many draw their own conclusions. She has never spoken about the specifics of her case. She just quietly accepted the consequences.

Although rumors circulated regarding her death, she is not deceased. Now at age 79, she has tried to adjust to the inside as best she can. She is a model prisoner and leads by example. There aren’t any negative reports regarding her behavior. According to the guards at the prison, she is a hard worker, pleasant to be around, never causes any trouble, and very respectful. Family members coming in contact with guards receive positive comments and never hear any negativity. She stays active and has participated in many programs and has been awarded certificates, including suicide companion, locks of love for cancer, parenting classes, employee of the month, change of commitment to be a better person, and is one of a limited number of inmates chosen to participate in the upcoming Kairos retreat, which teaches women how to be caring through extensive discussions of the women of bible.

Letters pour in from inmates. They express their deep feelings for her. They all call her granny. Many seek guidance from her and they write that it helps them stay on the right path and stay committed to rehabilitation. They express how she has had a positive affect on their lives. The inmates that write all agree that she should not been in prison at her age and in her condition.

The inmates, like many on the outside, want to bring her home to spend the remainder of her life with her family.

Help Us! Help Her Get Home by signing our petition!


15. Capital Punishment for Terrorists in Pakistan

Capital Punishment is legal in Pakistan, however the President of Pakistan has put a moratorium on executions since 2009. Since then there have been hundred of prisoners awaiting their death sentence for the brutal crimes they committed.

The legal / justice system of Pakistan is flawed, where the criminals can get away with any sorts of crime they have committed, where the Honorable Justices are afraid of issuing punishments to these barbarians. This therefore encourages them to commit terrorism and get away with it due to incidents like Jail Breaks in Bannu and D.I. Khan while serving their imprisonment.

Government of Pakistan instead of putting these barbarians in the jails, should execute them publically in a similar manner they killed our little children studying in Army Public School Peshawar (16 December 2014) to make an example of them.

We (the Pakistanis) are concerned about Human Rights, however these barbarians should be dealt in a similar manner they killed our children studying, people worshiping in their religious places and people shopping around on the streets et al.

16. Free Farshid Naseri فرشید ناصری

Farshid Naseri , 26, was arrested on November 89 , He spent 18 months in solitary confinement in Sanandaj Intelligence prison. He was charge of supporting the Salafi groups and was sentenced to death, While he denied all charges during the proceedings.

فرشید ناصری ٢٦ ساله از آبان‌ماه ٨٩ که بازداشت شد تا ١٨ ماه را در سلول انفرادی اداره‌ی اطلاعات سنندج سپری نمود
فرشید ناصری اتهام محاربه از طریق هواداری از گروههای سلفی به اعدام محکوم شد. در حالی که ایشان در تمام طول دادرسی اتهام فوق را رد کرده و معتقدعلت بازداشت و صدور حکم اعدام برایش بدلیل تبلیغ شریعت اسلام بوده است.

17. Free Mokhtar Assadi

Mokhtar Asadi Member of the Association of Teachers of Kurdistan Was summoned to serve his sentence of one year in prison.

مختار اسدی عضو انجمن صنفی معلمان کردستان عصر روز پنج‌شنبه جهت گذراندن حکم یک سال حبس خود احضار شد

به گزارش بام،ارگان خبری بنیاد اکبر محمدی به نقل از کمپین دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی و مدنی‌،امروز پنج‌شنبه ۱۵ آذر ۹۳، مختار اسدی عضو انجمن صنفی معلمان کردستان به صورت تلفنی برای اجرای حکم زندان احضار شد.

این معلم کرد سنندجی در سال ۱۳۸۵ در اعتراض بزرگ نمایندگان کانون‌های صنفی معلمان با فراکسیون مجلس توسط پلیس امنیت بازداشت شد و برایش پرونده‌سازی کردند.

در آذرماه ۱۳۹۱ آموزش و پرورش استان کردستان حکم تبعید مختار اسدی، فعال صنفی معلمان را برای پنجمین سال پیاپی تمدید کرده بود که با شکایت نامبرده به دیوان عدالت اداری حکم مذکور لغو شد.

پس از آن مختار اسدی در سال ۸۹ پس از دستگیری‌های سریالی اعضای کانون صنفی معلمان مانند: محمود بهشتی‌لنگرودی، علی‌اکبر باغانی، سیدمحمود باقری و اسماعیل عبدی بازداشت و پس از دادگاهی فرمایشی به بند ۲۰۹ اوین رفت. اسدی پس از ۶۶ روز بازداشت با وثیقه از زندان آزاد شد و قاضی صلواتی در شعبه پانزده دادگاه انقلاب به اتهام تبلیغ علیه نظام برایش حکم یک سال حبس صادر کرد.

18. ابوالقاسم (جواد) فولادوند FREE Abolghasem Fooladvand

According to reports from inside Iran on February 13, political prisoner Javad Fouladvand was sentenced to 18 years in prison because of his membership to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and his contact and contribution to Simay-e Azadi, the Iranian Resistance TV, a round the clock satellite television station broadcasting from Europe. This sentence was handed down on February 8.

His torturers told him that they knew he made a contribution to Simay-e Azadi and collected money for it. They told him he had violated Islamic Republic law and committed Moharebeh, punishable by death.

Other reports indicate that Fouladvand’s family is in a poor financial situation. His youngest child is facing problems continuing his education and his oldest child lost an opportunity to participate in the nationwide test for entering universities. Even if he could take the test, his affiliation with a politically active family would make his admittance highly improbable.

Fouladvand officially asked that his wife would have the authority to sell their taxi or to rent it out as their only property to make ends meet. This transfer of authority was rejected by Judge Salavati as a means to bring added pressure on Fouladvand.
on 08 Feb 2014: Abol-Ghasem (Javad) Fouladvand Sentenced to 18 years in prison + 24 lashes for cooperation with MEK

ابوالقاسم (جواد) فولادوند زندانی سیاسی بند ۳۵۰ زندان اوین از سوی دادگاه انقلاب به ۱۸ سال زندان و ۷۴ ضربه شلاق محکوم شد.

بنا به اطلاع گزارشگران هرانا، ارگان خبری مجموعه فعالان حقوق بشر در ایران، ابوالقاسم (جواد) فولادوند روز شنبه ۱۹ بهمن ماه از بند ۳۵۰ زندان اوین به شعبه ۱۵ دادگاه انقلاب انتقال یافت و حکم ۱۸ سال حبس به وی ابلاغ شد.

فولادوند ۵۱ ساله به اتهام «بغی از طریق عضویت در سازمان مجاهدین خلق» به ۱۵ سال حبس تعزیری و به اتهام «توهین به رهبری» به ۲ سال حبس تعزیری و به دلیل شرکت در اعتراضات سال ۱۳۸۸ و اتهام «اخلال در نظم عمومی» به یکسال حبس تعزیری و ۷۴ ضربه شلاق محکوم شده است.

مجازات بغی از چند ماه پیش و با تصویب قانون جدید مجازات اسلامی به جای مجازات محاربه در مورد محکومان سیاسی اعمال می‌شود.

۱۸ سال حبس تعزیری برای این راننده تاکسی ساکن شهریار در حالی صادر شده است که این زندانی سیاسی مدت یکسال و شش ماه نیز در دههٔ ۶۰ به همین اتهام در زندانهای جمشیدیه و قزل‌حصار به سر برده است.

ابوالقاسم فولادوند خرداد ماه سال جاری به همراه فرزند ۱۷ ساله خود توسط وزارت اطلاعات دستگیر شد.

Interview with brother of political prisoner of ward 350 evin Abol-ghasem Foladvand.

19. Support Texas Prison Inmate Rights

Group dedicated to ending Texas Prison Inmate Civil Rights abuse. This is a place to discuss inmate story’s and human rights violations and abuse by the state of Texas, Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the contractors serving the state in contracted prisons and state jails. Please post your stories of mistreatment, poor living conditions, abuse by guards any civil rights violations.

1. Extreme Heat in non-air-conditioned State Jails and Prisons resulting in death.
2. Meals being cut to save cost.
3. Inhumane treatment by prison employees and guards.
4. Lack of proper medical care if any at all resulting in death.
5. The lack of human basic civil and human rights.
6. Dangerous unsanitary conditions, resulting in illness and even death.

Together our voices can bring change!

20. Stop the death penalty and help prisoners

We would like to stop the death penalty because God said thou shall not kill and we think its not right to do that.

When some people are in there an the didn't do the crime then they shouldn't do the time. We are supporting prisoners with

21. Help Keep Timothy Casey, Convicted Murderer in Prison: Say NO to Executive Clemency Hearing

Timothy Casey murdered his wife. He was convicted of 1st degree murder and was sentence to 90 years in ADC.

Timothy is trying to get an executive clemency and have his sentence reduced.


22. Stop the demolition of Melbourne's Pentridge Prison H Division

Pentridge Prison is a part of Melbourne's architectural heritage and a major force in the founding of the Colony of Victoria.

Developer Shayher Group are currently in discussion with Heritage Victoria as they want to demolish H Division - a Heritage listed building, and its surrounding rock breaking yards.

JUST so they can construct a seven storey apartment block with service road.

It is the largest of the nineteenth century prisons built in Victoria, and stands as strong now as it did when construction began in the late 1850's.

The prison is classified by both Heritage Victoria and the National Trust for having historical significance.

As an institution, it held our State's worst, including infamous hit-man Christopher Dale Flannery, Hoddle Street murderer Julian Knight & Russell Street bomber Stan Taylor.

With only weeks left before a decision is made, we must call on Planning Minister Matthew Guy and Heritage Victoria to reject this proposal.

23. Review Outrageous Sentencing

I am starting this petition on behalf of my nephew Rodrigues Darden and his friend Quinton Powell. They both was sentenced to 55 years in prison for robbing and shooting someone.

Let me be clear I'm not trying to justify what they did. Yes they was wrong and yes they deserve prison time. But 55 years is outrageous as many people have received less time for murder. My nephew was 22 years old when sentenced to 55 years and Quintion was only 19. They wanted to give them both life but decided on 55 years. In my eyes that is life.

This is not the only case in Florida where judges are handing out outrageous numbers. Again I say I am not trying to justify what they did but to give them 55 years is just crazy!


24. Free US Citizen Zack Shahin, Imprisoned in Dubai 6 Year Without Upheld Conviction

Zack Shahin, 49, is the former CEO of Dubai-based Deyaar realty. In the span of a few short years, Shahin successfully converted this small cap development business into a multi-billion dollar global competitor in the commercial and residential real estate market. An American citizen, Shahin is married and the father of two.

Before the financial crisis struck global economies, both large and small, Zack Shahin, former CEO of Deyaar Realty, successfully converted this small cap development business into a multi-billion dollar global competitor in the commercial and residential real estate market. However, when markets began to feel the effect of such downturn, the highly successful career of Shahin, a U.S. citizen working in the Middle East, came to an abrupt end following his arrest and detention by Dubai security services on March 23, 2008. Amid allegations of corruption against various directors and officers of Deyaar, Shahin has been wrongly singled out as having participated in draining the company of equity.

He has been imprisoned without trial by the Dubai Government under inhumane conditions for over six years suffering violations of his due process rights under the laws of Dubai. Although various charges have been filed, no resolution of any of them has taken place. Some cases have even been dismissed on the eve before trial, just when Shahin was about to present his defense to the claims against him.

Shahin’s mistreatment has been raised by the highest levels of the U.S. Government, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder, during bilateral discussions with top U.A.E. officials. During Secretary Clinton’s meeting with her U.A.E. counterpart, Foreign Minister Abdullah Bin Zayed, she addressed how Emiratis accused of comparable crimes have been treated far more leniently than Shahin. These U.S. Government concerns have been raised by the U.S. Ambassador and Consul General during multiple meetings and phone calls with U.A.E. law enforcement officials as well. Still, nothing has changed, Shahin’s due process rights continue to be violated, and no end to his suffering is in sight.

Prior to becoming CEO of Deyaar Development, Shahin was retail vice president and head of sales for service and distribution at MashreqBank in United Arab Emirates and Qatar. At MashreqBank, Shahin led the sales, service, distribution and retail operations of both the Retail BankingGroup & Osool Finance Company (subsidiary of the Bank) and was responsible for a total staff of 845, operating 45 branches in the UAE and Qatar. Under Shahin, retail Banking profits grew by 52% in 2001 and 62% in 2002 with absolute revenue in excess of $ 80 million. Shahin previously worked for Pepsi Cola International in United Arab Emirates, most recently as a franchise director. At Pepsico, Shahin was assigned to an under-performing franchise. Under his leadership, share loss was halted and the franchise regained market leadership. Shahins franchise expanded production capacity by 45 percent to meet potential local market and export growth thanks in part to the introduction of an additional canning line.

Shahin received a Bachelor of Business Administration in accounting finance from the Lebanese University, and a BAI graduate degree in retail banking from the University of Wisconsin’s Graduate School of Retail Banking.
REUTERS: MARCH 10, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Renewing their call for greater involvement in the case of wrongfully imprisoned U.S. citizen Zach Shahin, attorneys for Shahin cite specific examples of American involvement in placing greater emphasis on foreign citizens' rights, while ignoring the wrongful detention of American citizens.

"While the interests of human rights and freedom of expression are conceded as an important facet of global concern, the greater interest of protecting Americans abroad should not be given a lesser importance in the scheme of American foreign policy," stated Eric J. Akers, attorney for Shahin.

To prove his contention, Akers points to three instances, which involve foreign dissidents, and one involving an American citizen held captive by a country with whom the U.S. seeks to appease.

"It is extraordinary that our government would 'strike a deal' with the Chinese government to bring the blind Chinese dissident Chen Guanqcheng to American soil, after giving him refuge in the American Embassy in Beijing. Yet, it took a hunger strike to finally have the American Embassy in the U.A.E. request bail for Zack Shahin in 2012," added Akers.

Recently, the press has been filled with reports of the release of ex-Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko: "It is again surprising that the media reports on U.S. State Department comments regarding Tymoshenko's release, but where has the State Department commented on Zack's acquittal on one case, and his continued detention for six years without an upheld conviction?" asked Akers.

"It is also interesting that, in January of this year, the U.S. State Department joined Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch in condemning the detention of dissidents in Cuba to keep them away from a summit of hemispheric leaders meeting in Havana, when, again, no mention for the past two years have been made of Zack's case."

"Finally, Kenneth Bae is being held captive by a repressive government, only for the reason that he is not a 'political bargaining chip.' However, and again very important, his imprisonment is highlighted merely because the U.S. State Department is attempting to parley his captivity into a greater goal, which is stabilizing relations with a rogue government. What matters more than the life of Zack Shahin, an American citizen in a 'friendly' country is the non-interference by the U.S. with an unfriendly government. How sad our foreign policy has deteriorated to," added Akers

On Thursday, March 6, Akers renewed his request for assistance in addressing Shahin's situation in letters directed to both President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry. "On behalf of Zack and his family, I respectfully but urgently implore you to bring to bear the considerable power of your offices in securing Zack's release," wrote Akers

About Zack Shahin's Plight Since His March 2008 Arrest and Imprisonment:

On March 2, 2014, Zack Shahin declared a hunger strike to protest the U.S. government's unwillingness to intervene on his behalf and demand that Dubai authorities release him after six years in jail without an upheld conviction

March 23, 2014, will mark the six-year anniversary of Zack Shahin's arrest. Except for the brief period following his release on bail in July 2012 and return that September, he has remained imprisoned without an upheld conviction. In early 2013, Zack was acquitted on the first of four criminal cases against him, all of which stem from the same baseless accusations concerning his tenure as CEO of Deyaar, a Dubai-based real estate company. The prosecutor unsuccessfully appealed this decision and the not-guilty verdict was upheld. In March 2013, Zack and co-defendants were found guilty of embezzlement and received a 15-year sentence. Zack immediately appealed the conviction and the Dubai Court of Appeals overturned the court's decision.

Despite an appeals court overturning Shahin's guilty verdict and a cassation court upholding another not-guilty verdict, after four years of court appearances and continuances, and an obvious strategic maneuver by the Dubai government to deny U.S. citizen Zack Shahin his due process right to a trial, Washington continues to tread lightly.

25. Pardon Request for Charles Jason Lively

On March 15, 2005, Dr. Ebb Whitley died in his Iaeger, West Virginia home. The State indicted Charles Lively and Tommy Owens for murder and arson. The State alleged that Mr. Lively and Mr. Owens beat the victim, then set the house afire.

A medical expert testified that Dr. Whitley did not have any bruises or trauma, and smoke inhalation alone caused his death. The murder hinged on the purported arson. A jury convicted Mr. Lively. In a separate trial, Owens was acquitted of the charges brought against him in relation of Dr. Whitley's alleged murder. The prosecution contended that both men were guilty, or both were innocent.

At trial, Fire Marshall Robbie Bailey claimed the fire was incendiary. But insurer Casto's investigator, Mr. Griffith found no proof of arson and labeled it "undetermined." His company paid the victim. In post-trial phase Mr. Sid Bell, prosecutor retained fire expert Craig Beyler, Ph.D. Dr. Beyler's report found the source of the fire to be electrical. He added that Mr. Bailey had "gotten it wrong and that this fire cannot be incendiary." Without any physical injuries, and without arson Dr. Whitley's death had to be accidental.

In State v. Lively, West Virginia Supreme Court No 34856, Justice Ketchum wrote a scathing dissent. He began, "I dissent because the defendant (Lively) did not receive a fair trial." and, "The State only called two witnesses who had knowledge of defendant Jason Lively's alleged involvement in the murder, one of whom recanted his story on the stand, the other, a jailhouse "snitch" whose story was riddled with inconsistencies." He concluded writing, "A complete review of the trial transcript and my years of trial experience tell me that this defendant did not receive a fair trial. It isn't even close."[Emphasis supplied]

Mr. Lively's case shines a spotlight on the myriad errors than can send an innocent man to prison. Dr. Whitley died by accident. This travesty, this mockery of justice which sent an innocent man to prison needs a remedy. We ask you to grant Charles J. Lively an unconditional pardon so he can return to his family.

26. FREE Anvar Khezri - انور خضری را آزاد کنید

Iranian political prisoner and a Sunni Muslim (a minority in Iran) has been held in a prison in Iran since his arrest. He was arrest on January 31, 2010.

Name: Anvar Khezri
From: Mahabad, Iran
Born: 1362 Persian calendar year (i.e., 1983-1984)

انور خضری
اهل مهاباد
تاریخ دستگیری11988
در سال 88در سناریوی ناجوانمردانه ایشان را دستگیر کردند وتا به حال بلاتکلیف هستند ایشان هماکنون همراه 150نفر از نخبگان وماموستایان وحافظان قران در زندان رجایی شهر کرج هستند

27. FREE Farhad Salemi - فرهاد سلیمی را آزاد کنید

As of August 24, 2013:

Farhad Salemi, a Kurdish Iranian political prisoner and a Sunni Muslim (a minority in Iran) has been held in a prison in Iran for 43 months and counting and no official sentence has been handed down.

Some information on Farhad Salemi:
From the city of Saqqez in Iran
Born 1977 or early 1978 (i.e, 1357 of the Persian calendar year)
Date of arrest: January 29, 2010


ماموستا فرهاد سلیمی
اهل سقز
متولد 1357
تاریخ دستگیری 91188
ایشان از علمای دلسوز اهل سنت منطقه غرب کشور است که اطلاعات چندین بار ایشان را به دادگاه روحانیت کشانده است و نتوانسته ایشان را محکوم کند اما در سال 88در سناریوی ناجوانمردانه ایشان را دستگیر کردند وتا به حال بلاتکلیف هستند ایشان هماکنون همراه 150نفر از نخبگان وماموستایان وحافظان قران در زندان رجایی شهر کرج هستند

28. FREE Khosro Sharafipour - کاک خسرو شرفی پور را آزاد کنید

Iranian political prisoner and a Sunni Muslim (a minority in Iran) has been sentence to eight (8) years in prison by the Iranian government.


29. Do not execute Hamed Ahmadi - حامد احمدی را اعدام نکنید

Iranian Kurdish political prisoner and a Sunni Muslim (a minority in Iran) has been sentence to death by the Iranian government.


30. Morocco: Free Abdessamad Haydour

Morocco: Free Student Imprisoned for ‘Insulting’ King

Despite 2011 Constitutional Guarantees,
Repressive Laws Still in Force

HRW JULY 16, 2013

(Rabat) – Morocco’s authorities should free a student convicted of offending the dignity of the king, Human Rights Watch said today. Two years after adopting a constitution that enshrines freedom of expression, Morocco should abolish the repressive laws that put him in prison.

Abdessamad Haydour, 24, is halfway through a three year sentence for denouncing King Mohammed VI in a video posted on YouTube. He has now served more time behind bars for this offense than any other Moroccan in the last several years, as far as Human Rights Watch has been able to determine.

If Morocco intends to carry out its new constitutional guarantees of free expression, it needs to get rid of laws that send people to jail for offending the head of state, even if what they say seems crude,” said Joe Stork, acting Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch.

Morocco’s constitution, drafted in the wake of 2011 pro-reform demonstrations that toppled presidents in Egypt and Tunisia and reached Moroccan cities, was adopted by a referendum on July 1, 2011. It guarantees “freedom of thought, opinion, and expression in all its forms.” The 2011 constitution also departs from previous constitutions by no longer defining the “person of the king” as “sacred,” although it declares it “inviolable” and “owed respect.”

Government ministers have spoken of the need to revise Morocco’s press law, to harmonize it with the new constitution by eliminating prison terms for nonviolent speech offenses. However, the press law has yet to be revised, and Moroccan courts continue to apply its provisions, and provisions of the penal code, to imprison people for nonviolent offenses of speech against the king, state institutions, and private individuals.