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1. We Want Justice For Dr Supriya

The conditions that forced Dr Supriya, (a third year paediatrics MD student, of DMC hospital, ludhiana) to commit suicide are no different than any other medical colleges of India. Her suicide note said that she cannot handle the stress any more.

There are many such stories of resident doctors all over India!

"MS , MD and DM students are under huge pressure in many ways:

1. Overworked ( 24 hrs duty, 36 hrs duty , 60 hrs duty with no post duty off day.
They get only 12 hrs to go to hostel to rest . Then again a long hr duty).

2. No vacations no summer or winter vacations. University gives a number of 20 CL per yr, which includes Sunday or gazetted or going to conference . So these becomes negligible. Plus college never gives a total of 20 CL provided by univ. Everything is in the hands of college. Total torture! No help desk for a resident.

3. Most of the residents are 27 plus age and they r not financially independent. As college asks for lakhs of fees per year with a negligible stipend of around 20 k per month , difficult to survive in today's world. So these doctors hv to ask money from parents or in-laws in case of a married doctor girl.

4. On top of it , consultants at each round abuse and scold the resident on duty . As there are always some important works left to be done , which is obvious from the amount of work given with a limited time and no help, seeing the patient burden these days.

5. Colleges can keep salaried non PG residents to help PG residents , but the management save their money and keep residents overworked.

6. On top of it, tortures, insults in front of the hospital staff and patients , threats of not giving degree on time.

7. No maternity benefits.

8. If someone is tired of all this , he/she cannot leave and let go BECAUSE there is a bond of lakhs of rupees.

9. Plus They have pressure to complete dissertation despite round the clock work, and become frustrated, which also reflects in their daily work.

10. Frustrated seniors can throw their tantrums on residents anytime , coz residents cant do anything in the fear of their cancellation of their hard- earned degrees!

These days patient load is increased. How can our seniors think that they have tolerated all these in their times, and so they ll pass it on to next generation.

Plz think seniors, there is a difference now!
Times are more stressful these days. If u ll apply old norms n rules on us , then v all wont survive!

We doctors are getting unhealthy, stressed. Lack of sleep is wrenching n killing . There r many more things too - we also hv families , female docs need to give time to their small babies. Most female residents join duty after 40 days of delivery, so that they are not delayed for a period of 6 months or 1 yr to get degree!

Plus many more probs!
Plz save us!
Plz help us!
We r fed up n tired!
Lets all join and fight!
Lets raise our voice!
So that no more precious lives are lost this way!

2. Justice for Julie RN

The department of health and human services is demanding this kind compasionate nurse return $10,500.00 of her hard earned wages due to her license expiring. All other nurses's, who's licenses expire, are only required to pay a $57.00 late fee which Julie paid.

Please sign our petition to ask the Governor to correct this injustice.

3. Stop Forced Overtime and Increase Worker Protection in Alberta

According to Alberta labour legislation employers have the right to force their employees into working overtime. Numerous studies have proven the importance of having a healthy work-life balance and employees shouldn't be penalized for refusing to work more than 40 hours per week or 8 hours per day.

Other atrocities that should be dealt with include greater rights for contractors and temporary placement employees. It should be made illegal to fire a temporary placement worker just because management feels that they "don't fit in" with the company.

Alberta should strive to remain progressive and modern in today's society and offer these important rights to the common worker.

4. Open family courts to the public to see the truth

There are too many lies and corrupt courts in the world, the courts need to be open so we can see that justice is done properly like the criminal courts, as child abuse should been seen as criminal and not only judge but jury and then they would be a fair hearing part of our human rights as children are taken away from loving familys and this causes more abuse to children.

John Bowbly child psychologist stated it will do more harm than good if a child and mother is separated, research shows children in care are more likely to end up criminals themselves and ASBO.

5. Release Atty. Remigio Saladero, Jr. NOW!!

Atty. Remigio Saladero, Jr.

Atty. Remigio Saladero, Jr. is a labor lawyer for the Pro-Labor Legal Assistance Center (PLACE), a founding member of the National Union of People's Lawyers, regular columnist of the newspaper Pinoy Weekly, a San Beda law graduate, member of the Free Legal Assistance Group (FLAG), and chief legal counsel of the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU). He was one of the top 20 board passers when he took the bar examination in 1984.

But on October 23, 2008, Atty. Saladero was reported missing. He was forcibly taken into custody; his mobile phone, a computer CPU, and a laptop was nabbed. He was charged with multiple murder and multiple frustrated murder which took place in Mindoro. (Saladero was also falsely charged with arson and conspiracy to commit rebellion together with 18 other activists for allegedly having been involved in burning a cell site of a telecommunication company in Lemery, Batangas last August 2, 2008) And then he was imprisoned in Calapan City, Mindoro Oriental (at the provincial jail). However, Atty. Saladero has already been surfaced.

Atty. Saladero, together with his wife Maricel, has never been to Mindoro prior to his disappearance, and they never went to that cellsite which was allegedly burned last August 2.

Atty. Saladero is a law-abiding citizen, showing concern for our countrymen, especially the poor. He has been a columnist of Pinoy Weekly since 2002, submitting his articles through fax and recently, through electronic mail, his column titled "Husgahan Natin." He is respected by many Filipinos, especially trade unions.

We act as if our families were the only inhabitants of our country. We even pretend that we (and our ancestors) have solved the current issues of our country during the greatest moments of our lives, only to think more of our futures. Are we still afraid of communists taking over the world? Are we still afraid of weapons of mass destruction? Why fear and believe in the prejudicial assumption that all labor lawyers are linked to rebel groups? What is going on with our country??

How can we be Good Samaritans if we can show concern for only our family and friends? Is the progress of our country vested only in a few persons? We might be on the verge of inciting war against our foreign neighbors! We don't want that to happen to our descendants!! We don't want ourselves and our descendants to be called as mindless cowards! We know how extremely serious this situation is.

I would rather sacrifice my life to protect the rights of my countrymen (especially women and migrant workers) rather than just ignoring them! Because the current condition of our country affects our futures as well!! So show concern for human rights, or expect another Holocaust to happen.

6. Petition for Kamal Begi

Kamal Begi, a Brampton Manor student, and his uncle have lost all their appeals and are under a threat of deportation despite having lived in the UK for over 6 years. They were initially granted a leave to remain for one year and then refused indefinite leave to remain.

We were shocked that a boy who has suffered so much trauma in Afghanistan, where his father was murdered and members of his family tortured, where he himself was held at a gun point as a child, a boy whose life would be in danger if he returned, is not being allowed to set up a new home here and is left worried for his well-being and future, pending the decision of the Home Office.

Kamal Begi and his uncle arrived in the UK and claimed asylum in January 2002. He joined Brampton Manor School in East Ham, London in September 2003 and has quickly become a valuable member of our school community. He is now leaving Year 11 having taken his GCSEs and is expected to achieve on or often above target in all his subjects. He is very ambitious and clear on what he wants to achieve in life. He has now been accepted to New Vic College where he plans to take his ‘A’ levels before going to University to study Business. Kamal has become a strong member of our school community and has settled in very well.

We have so far collected over a thousand signatures on paper in school that were handed over to Lyn Brown MP on 24th June 2008 in the House of Commons. We need more people to show their support for Kamal.

7. Parent's Rights are Child's Rights!

The paternal Grandmother of baby boy of 18 months filed for joinder under false grounds and false facts/statements. The Joinder was still Granted!
After, Grandma filed a motion to requests visitations un supervised. The baby doesn't even know them and vice versa to say there is an en dangared pre-existing bond.
I had a brief with points and authorities with case law and state codes/ laws made, was grantedsupervised visits at my home every week for 2 hours at my convinience.

Grandma showed on a day she wasn't supposed to, put my mother and child in dangers way, I then filed a TRO
but the Judge denied it because I wasn't the victim.

Now grandparents get un supervised visits with supervised pick up and drop off and we both have to pay. Grandparents have been getting away with it all, the court doesn't want to hear me out. I have plenty of laws, statues, codes, case laws, evidence, testimonials, witnesses, and it is almost as if I were the invinsible parent. I have been the parent 100 percent of the time, the other parent is not around. There is no pre existing bond or anything that the court should have to go by to allow forced visits.

They have had my child dropped off with vomit on his clothes, un approved medicine stains on his shirt, chocolate, it goes on and on. HELP Your petition counts!

8. Keep Paul Cox

Paul Cox has been the store manager at SouthRidge McDonald's for almost three years now. He has come through a lot to get where he is today. After all of his hard work he is being forced to step down to an Assistant Manager.

This man has been there for all of us, so lets not let him down now, let's keep him where he belongs.

9. KMID Versus Grandecom

Guys I am starting a petition. I know you get 100 spams a day but this one is started by me, John May in a request for Midland/Odessa Residents to start a petition demanding something be done with Grandecom and KMID. Here is a scoop on the situation:

As of January 1, 2006 Grandecom will not be allowed to carry KMID's (ABC) signal. KMID all of a sudden decided to demand anywhere from 1-3 cents a day for every subscriber of Grandecom for their use of KMID's signal. Remember this is a FREE signal that Grandecom does NOT charge for. Yes you can pay like 10 dollars a month for local stations but the coverage you get with Cable FAR exceeds the signal you get with an Antenna. They are not making money off KMID's services they are making money for offering you a usable signal.

Just because you use a different Cable Company does not mean you should not sign this petition. This is a petition for the right for smaller companies to compete and for local citizens of Ector and Midland County to be able to receive the same benefits that larger counties receive for free. Cox and Cableone have been trying to scare you away from smaller cable companies for years. Why? Because they are inferior? No. Because they don't want to loose profits AND by having competition they are forced to actually spend money on customer service and listen to customer complaints.

This is the same as TXU trying to scare us away from buying electricity from other companies. I've been with a smaller company since the de-regulation and haven't had any of the problems TXU promised and scared us with.

The way I see it Grandecom AND KMID are both to blame for this. KMID and Grandecom both refuse to give up greed to satisfy customers complaints.

Please sign my petition requesting KMID and Grandecom begin renegotiations and that no stoppage in coverage occurs or if it does we will be forced to have a complete boycott of all services KMID and Grandecom currently offer. Remember if you are not a Grande Com customer this still effects you. This will lead to hire rates with whoever you pay for cable. Why? Whoever stays with KMID will not be forced to pay a premium because they will have the "exclusive" right to offer you a useable signal. Please send this to everyone you know in the effected area. Ask them to forward it on to anyone they know. All responses with signatures can go to I will comprise an alphabetical list of names and forward it to the appropriate people at both KMID and Grandecom.

Remember this email is asking for your support of our local community. This is a request for KMID and Grandecom to disregard their problems and come together without excuses to offer the Permian Basin customers our local stations at a reasonable rate.

If they refuse or continue to just point fingers we will in return boycott all services provided by both companies.

10. Allow Ali to remain in the UK

March 02, 2006

This petition is now closed. Thanks to all who signed.

August 19, 2005

Petition to Tony McNulty, Minister for Immigration, requesting he allows Ali Reza Fakourpoor to remain in the UK.

Home Office reference F1021561

We ask that you allow Ali Reza Fakourpoor, an Iranian man to stay in Britain with his wife Jenifer, who is a British Citizen.

Ali met Jenifer in Glasgow and they married in 2002. An application was submitted but this was refused in February 2005. An appeal is now pending.

The Home Office want to remove Ali to Iran but this would result in the couple's forced separation. There are several insurmountable obstacles that would prevent them living together in Iran. Iran does not recognise dual nationality. It is likely that Jenifer's British passport is confiscated. In order for the Iranian authorities to recognise their marriage Jenifer would be forced to convert to Islam. Jenifer has no knowledge of Iran's language or culture and it is very unlikely she would find employment in her current field.

It is also uncertain what would happen to Ali on his return especially given the current political climate, his political views and previous opposition to the government. We believe that a forced separation would be unjust and inhumane.

In spite of the stress he is under Ali has remained an active and widely respected member of the community. He has learned English and updated his skills in carpentry and furniture making. He is not permitted to work so volunteers at his local Oxfam shop on a weekly basis.


Dear Mr Clarke,

Re: Hossein Siavoshy Home Office Reference S1086061

We ask that you allow Hossein Siavoshy, an Iranian man to stay in Britain with his wife, Jessica, who is a British Citizen.

Hossein met Jessica in London and they married in 2003. An application was submitted but this was refused in February 2004. They are now waiting for their 2nd Judicial review application to be processed.

The Home Office wants to remove Hossein to Iran but this would result in the couple's forced separation. There are several in surmountable obstacles that would prevent them living together in Iran. Iran does not recognise dual nationality. It is likely that Jessica's British passport is confiscated. In order for the Iranian authorities to recognise their marriage Jessica would be forced to convert to Islam. Jessica has no knowledge of Iran's language or culture and it is very unlikely that she would be able to find employment in her current field.

It is also uncertain what would happen to Hossein on his return especially given the current political climate, his political views and previous opposition to the government. We believe that a forced, indefinite separation would be unjust and inhumane.

12. Abolish Child Slavery

To stop these wide ranging and maliciously inhuman acts against the world's children. From the Child Soldiers who are forced to rape and kill any female members of their families in countries such as Uganda, and the Lords resistance army, to colombia and the anti-government guerillas.

Another horrible and malicious form of slavery committed against the children of earth is the sex trade. These children live in extreme and absolute poverty and have to find some way to help their family survive, so they stop any form of education whatsoever to become prostitutes. The children are spotted and lyed to about a better opportunity in countries such as England and the United States. From there any number of things can happen from rape to mutilation and if these children ever reach these destination that were promised to them they are forced into sweat shop type labor.

Please help me stop these horrible inhuman acts against the worlds children by getting the attention of the world's governments so that not only are these atrocites stopped but the perpetrators are brought to justice.

13. Maintain Rolling Thunder Drumline tradition of excellence

This year with the passed referendum, the Dover High School band was able to purchase more equipment for the drumline. With this additional purchase, more students were allowed to enter the drumline. Six students passed their audition from Central and were accepted in to the Rolling Thunder Drumline. However, there are 10 students from Central being admitted.

There is a total of 15 new person entering the drumline and 5 outgoing members. This creates the need for an additional 10 instruments. While the referendum will provide those instruments, the allotted space of the drumline room does not. Additionally, the Rolling Thunder Drumline has always performed with a tradition of excellence and standard of precision. By allowing those who failed their auditions for what ever reason to join this elite group of percussionists, we are degrading the abilities as a whole to perform. Shows will not be as glamorous and the reputation of the best drumline around will diminish.

A certain skill level is required for all performance and competition teams and drumline is no exception. The rest of the band was not forced to take on additional students who failed but the premiere section is being forced in to just that. On top of the loss of skill, there is not enough space for all the drums, and perhaps most important to those accepted, there are simply not enough positions in the concert season for 30+ percussionists.

I propose that the four who failed their auditions be removed from the program. If Dover High School started accepting anyone who auditioned whether they passed or not, the reputation of the band would change from superior to embarrassing. Rules should not be changed because of complaints when it is in fact not a fault with the rules but with the preparation of the students.

14. Sack Mrs P Dobbins

Please add your name to this petition if you believe that Mrs Dobbins should be forced to leave her position as IT teacher.

15. Bring back Doctor Bridger

Dr. W.M. Bridger has been wrongly forced into retirement by his peers, much to the dismay of his employees.


I may only be 13, but that does not make my opinion and disgust any more drowned out. A few months ago, my peers and I at school had Citizenship day. This is where we learn about the world and what is being done. The theme was children of war, and only after watching an introduction, I was in tears. It isnt right and must be stopped. The world fights war that children get caught up in. we are only young and dont deserve this. So much pain and suffering occurs in the world. Kids as young as 5 are snatched from their homes, forced to take drugs and taught how to use a gun, so thats rebels may prove a point. I admit i live a great life with all the things a child would need. I just think of myself as lucky, that I dont have to kill my own family, friends and neighbours, have my arms cut off for expressing my opinion, and having to flee my country, to come to a whole new world, where i do not understand anyone, and where all I want is to go home. However, in so many cases, it is not possible. They are only children. Many people who might be reading this might have children of their own and if you do, I beg you, can you imagine your child, whatever age, being kidnapped from you, nenver seen again, forced drugs, and told to shoot everyone. And that is just the males. Females are forced to marry the soldiers. They are sexually assaulted and raped and all they can do is go along with it in fear of their lives and thta of their siblings and family. Thank you and please think about the issues faced here

17. Fish Need Rights, Too!

We've all seen the bettas in their little cups in Wal-Mart or pet chain stores. And we've seen the crowded tanks of goldfish. But what happens after the fish are purchased is sometimes inhumane.

Goldfish are sometimes forced to live in tiny "goldfish bowls" which are NOT suitable for goldfish at all. Goldfish grow to become SIX INCHES or more. These bowls are rarely more than five inches in length, and three inches in width. Goldfish produce more waste than many other fish, and these "goldfish bowls" quickly fill with waste. The tops of these bowls are rather small, and do not allow for a proper filter, thus carbon monoxide and ammonia will build up very quickly and eventually kill the fish.

Bettas tend to have just as worse a time as goldfish. In stores, many employees will tell the customer bettas will do fine in tiny cups their entire lives. Well, I'll tell you this. If you have a happy male betta, he will blow a bubble nest in the water, even if there is no female betta in sight. I have NEVER known a male in a cup to blow a bubble nest. Why? They are kept in very cramped conditions, rarely given water changes, and are forced to live swimming in their own waste. I realize many people keep bettas in their work office, but your office would look one heck of a lot better if you dished out the ten extra dollars and bought your betta a five or ten gallon tank for him to live in. One common myth is that males and females can live happily together. THEY CANNOT. There is the rare case where they can, but if left long together, the male usually kills the female.

There is also the occasional village idiot who comes up with "Betta Fight Rings", much like Pitbull Fight Rings, where they place two males in the same tank and bet on whose betta will win. Many of the time both bettas die, and if one lives, they are usually too tattered and die soon after. I ask you, even if they are "just fish", do they not deserve the best care possible? They are more than just decorations for your living room, or 99¢ you paid to play a game at a fair. I'm sure fish value their life more than just a couple of dollars.

I say to you, don't fish, like dogs, cats, horses, or birds, deserve rights, also? Should they be forced to live in dirty, cramped tanks in pet stores until someone comes along to purchase them. The ASPCA needs to do something about the inadequate conditions some fish are living in in pet stores. To "fish geeks" like myself, these are not just fish. They are a hobby, they have personality and spunk. Fish are like any other animal, and they deserve the same rights.


We, the people (players) of Outwar (, are getting ANGRY with outwar. We have the "No ads" upgrade in the point store; as in, we bought that upgrade throught points. When we go on, we are FORCED to download programs, with viruses, interstitial ad delivery, and other SPAMM.

When we try to unistall the programs,we get even more pop-ups. WE DEMAND, that you (outwar) make the rinoblocker free, so we can stop your ads from annoying us. If you do not reverse the ads, we will take imedite legle action.

19. Abolish Misuse of Grandparent's Rights

We would like to ask for your support for the abolishment of the misuse of grandparent's rights.

PA. state law enables grandparents to partial/shared/full custody in the event of a death of a spouse. This law is enforced with no consideration to how fit the surviving spouse is. The law also never questions the fitness of the grandparents seeking custody and visitation. In these laws we see a clear discrimination in two assumptions, one in that a widowed spouse is assumed not fit enought for the child's well being and the other that a grandparent is automatically deemed fit. The after effect of these rights being violated affect the child's social life due to the forced visitation and also may have life long psychological effects and the court order can stand until the child reaches the age of 18. ***Please note: this is not a petition that's purpose is to end contact with the grandparents and grandchild, only that a fit parent be able to decide when a child should be able to establish contact and that a fit parent and child not suffer the somber effects of a forced visitation schedule.***

Please after your name place a P for Parent/G for Grandparent/N for neither

20. Make PE Optional

Every day, millions of kids across the country are forced to participate in gym class activities that are both possibly dangerous and always embarrassing. I have seen children get up in front of half the school and be forced to try and make a basket, but they miss and get booed off court because they aren't "athletically coordinated." Students should be given the option of what to do during gym class, but not sitting around. Possibly maybe a choice of baseball, volleyball, or dancing. It's not fair for students to be forced to squaredance or anything like that. So, please sign and help us get more options!!

21. Help Stop the Yukon Quest Dogsled Race

This petition has been established for the following reasons. The Yukon Quest dog race is 1000 miles long. Racers put their dogs through the grueling task of running over those 1000 miles in a short a time as possible. The obvious consequence is the comprimised well-being of race dogs. Every year dogs die. More so, major injury causes Dog Mushers (racers) to drop out of the race. Dogs who are hurting often still are forced to race.

Dog training results in dogs getting beat/hit. I've seen it first-hand. Many mushers don't "spare the rod". This instills fear to achieve obedience to these loving dog friends. Nobody should hit a dog.

Dogs live all their lives, from puppies, on chains outdoors. Growing up on a chain ensures that dogs will be obedient, mind-troubled race machines. Psychological development is hampered or SEVERED when you are forced to live on a chain. Bottom line.

When race dogs are born. The small and "weak" are often disposed of by hitting their heads on rocks or equivalent. Racers don't want to deal with the expenses of raising an animal that can't be a living race machine.

For these are only some of the reasons why we boycott races like the Yukon Quest, or, as I like to call it THE YUCAN'T REST.


22. Crimes Against Children are Crimes Against Humanity

On Tuesday 11 September 2001 a solemn appeal to universally declare crimes against children as crimes against humanity was adressed from Paris, France to the United Nations General Assembly and World Leaders in New York as a special session on children was scheduled to take place the following week. The first world leaders or organizations to answer the call were Mr Jacques Chirac, President of the French Republic, the UNESCO and the President of the European Parliament. Since then an international campaign in French and English has been following up on the Internet as new initiatives were launched to protect and promote Child Rights and fight crimes against children in the whole world. On 10th December 2002, Celebration Day for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the international campaign "Crimes Against Children are Crimes Against Humanity" shall merge with SOS-JUSTICE & CHILD RIGHTS initiative, JUSTICE FOR THE FUGITIVE MOTHERS IN EUROPE campaign, and GIFT A CHILD YOUR HEART project in order to give birth to the Rajani Foundation For Child Rights. Further on, the petition "Crimes Against Children Are Crimes Against Humanity" shall be held by the Rajani Foundation For Child Rights, a private initiative based in Paris, France.

23. Boycott The Children's Place Retail Stores, Inc.

Based on eyewitness observations, we believe that The Children's Place Retail Stores, Inc. may be selling a greater percentage of goods from Burma than any other company in the United States.

From Earthrights International --

The military regime that took power in Burma in 1988 has perpetrated well-documented human rights abuses against Burmese citizens while crippling the country's economy and degrading the natural environment. Inspired by the success of economic strategies used to end apartheid in South Africa, human rights and environmental groups are calling for corporations and governments to cease doing business with Burma.

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights and other human rights groups have documented countless incidents of arbitrary executions, torture, rape, arbitrary detention, religious discrimination, and oppression of ethnic minorities by the military junta. Soldiers use forced labor from men, women, children, and the elderly to complete construction and agricultural projects; villagers are often forced to work as "porters," carrying ammunition and supplies for the military.

24. Ban H1B visas

This petition is to ban H1B visa status.
H1B permits foreign citizens to work in
the United States while citizens and legal residents are often sent overseas against their will.

25. Our Husband/dad Deserves a New Trial

Our husband/dad was convicted of arson and was sent to prison two years ago. During the trial there was no concrete evidence shown and there was no motive shown. My husband was contracted to tear an old barn down in lieu of six months rent to a property he rented. Two weeks into the contract the barn burnt to the ground. My husband stood to gain nothing from the barn burning, in fact, he lost the contract and was forced to vacate the property. There was no insurance on the barn so that was not even a motive.

Family history: I was attending school and our dream has always been to open a respite care facility for special needs children. We were both working toward that goal. The burning of the barn literally caused our dreams to go up in smoke. My husband had no reason to burn down the barn and he would NEVER do such a horrible thing. We also both have strong convictions of right and wrong and doing such a deed is just wrong. We both love children and with this conviction we have no hope of ever achieving our dream. We were forced to have a public defender who did nothing but sit back and watch my husband and my children's dad get railroaded.

Please, help us get my husband back into court. We have since found a good Christian lawyer who would defend my husband like he deserved to be defended. We just want our husband/dad home. Thank You and God bless you.
Susan Jordan

26. make neopet paintbrushes buyable, and find at least 1 a month!

So far on neopets, paintbrushes are realy rare, and unbyable in a official shop, if this potition passes, they will be forced to make them buyable, and have to make a shop for them to be baught in in each 'continent'
and prices will be forced to be lower, and it will make them more easy to find.