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We, the citizens of the world community do not want or support a nuclear war.

We the world community, do not want a nuclear war today, nor do we want a nuclear war tomorrow.
We want to ensure a habitable and sustainable world for future generations of humans, animals and plants.
It has become clear that the people of planet Earth, the world community, must work together to save our fragile planet from the social and environmental effects of war and other poor decisions made by world leaders while in the pockets of the corporations that control and support them financially and keep them in power.
Let's avert world war 3 and learn to live in harmony with one another!
This petition is to literally give Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un some boxing gloves, put them in a ring, and they can solve their differences in small penis size and inflated egos without jeopardizing the lives of the inhabitants of our planet and future inhabitants to come. They can do this in the boxing ring, on the world stage and the effects of their confrontation will affect only them, not the entire world. Real leaders are peacemakers, not warmongers. There are other ways to resolve world issues without nuclear war. Peace now, leads to peace later. War now, leads to war later. No lasting peace ever resulted from war. It appears, that this conflict is literally a battle of the ego between Trump and Kim.

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